‘Til The Cows Come Home

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Nathan headed out of his house with a big grin. Working the farm always made him happy. It was really the cow shed that did it, which was the main reason he’d had to sell off most of his fields to his neighbors. He just liked being with the “cows” more than on the land. But that was OK, their milk sold for quite a pretty penny, and his father had taught him to make sure he worked at something he loved. Boy, if only his pop could see him now!

He unlocked the padlock to the cowshed that was some distance from his actual farmhouse, but he liked the long walk. It was like a tease, of sorts. Once inside (and after using the sliding lock on the closed barn door), he looked around at his stables in the delight a king has walking through his palace. Master of all he surveys.

Nathan walked over to Chris’ stable first, undoing the latch and pulling open the chest-high gate. “And how’d you sleep last night Chris?”

Chris was a college-aged young brunette with large brown eyes. When Nathan had first seen him in town, he knew he’d be a perfect cow. They didn’t call them ‘sad cow eyes’ for nothing. The young man was naked as he slept on the straw, but he got on all fours when Nathan walked in, and made a mooing noise to greet him.

“Good boy. I gotta go to town today, so I think I’m going to have to hurry this a bit. Let’s get you good and ready!” Nathan pulled out his hardening cock from his pants, stroking it twice before he left it just drop and swing in between his legs. He grabbed a washcloth from the little shelves he’d built for every stable, and turned on the small ground faucet to properly wet them. Once that was done, he walked behind the young man and grinned at his rear. Chris had a small butt plug put in him nightly, and instead of just ending at the larger base, it had a fake cow tail on it. Chris had to wag his butt a little before Nathan pulled it out, and then he stepped back and crouched over the drainage half-pipe where the faucet’s water was running down a deep pipe for sewage (yet Nathan had built it to prevent any smell from coming back up, and left the water running to make sure everything got washed down well).

Chris relieved himself while Nathan gave him a quick sponge bath, but once he was done, he made sure to properly clean off where the waste had left the cow-boy. Chris made a muffled grunt as Nathan roughly wiped the head of his dick, until he was satisfied it was cleaned. He then used a few other washcloths to rub any filth away from his anus. Nathan used the last washcloth to glove his forefinger as he shoved it in the cow-boy’s orifice, but only up to the first knuckle to really clean him.

Once that was done, Nathan grabbed the machines that were easily pulled down from where their supports hung them from the ceiling. One part was a cylindrical illegal bahis tube which he put over the cow-boy’s dick, connected to a long tube that left this small stable and was hooked up to a refrigerated collecting area on the other side of the cow shed. Nathan switched one part of the machine on, staring at Chris’ face.

The cow-boy knew this was coming, having done this daily for the past couple of months. It was always an unpleasant shock though when the machine started sucking on his cock, which would be randomly pulsating, roughly or softly sucking, or vibrating throughout the rest of the day.

Nathan pat his back in a caring manner, then walked up behind him. “Like I said, I don’t have too much time to waste, but you are the favorite right now.” He grabbed a tube of lubricant from the shelf and poured some in his hand, then massaged it over his cock that had been rising this whole time from anticipation.

He started to shove it into the cow-boy’s asshole, slowly and calmly. Chris was still too new for the sudden thrusts of his 7 inch member, and he certainly didn’t want to hurt him. How would he explain that kind of injury to the old country doctor?

Chris stayed where he had been on all fours, his rear pushing back in an attempt to take more of his Master. He didn’t know his own limits, so Nathan had to use a hand on his back to keep him from going to fast. But he was horny, and he could feel a little of the administrations of the cylinder sleeve through the youth’s body, so it wasn’t as if he planned on holding himself back all day.

Nathan made sure not to shove his entire length in this cow-boy, wanting to save that for a special occasion, like his birthday or something. He’d learned the hard way with his other two cows that getting ahead of himself, while fun at the time, was like opening all your Christmas presents up on Christmas Eve. It left nothing to look forward to.

He shoved his cock halfway in and out of his cow-boy, enjoying the pleasured noises Chris was making. He’d learned well to moo instead of speak (unless there was an emergency, which was why there was a phone in each stall, so that the cow-boys could alert Nathan to a fire or other such danger; as they had no way of escaping the cow shed on their own).

Nathan shot his load inside Chris with a final grunt, then pulled out. He quickly inserted the cow tail butt plug to keep the small bit of liquid inside him, knowing Chris loved it. The farmer/rancher didn’t bother putting his dick away yet, as he still had two more cows to check on. He slapped Chris’ butt after he turned off the water faucet, and then latched the swinging door behind him. Chris’ soft moans were music to his ears.

He then went over to the next stable, where his cow-boy was all ready moo-ing illegal bahis siteleri in anticipation. This was Juan’s stable. Juan was a bit older than Chris, a farm hand who’d been going around from farm to farm looking for work. Once he’d been made a cow though, he seemed more than satisfied to just stay here while Nathan sent a monthly check to his family in Mexico. It was a good system all around (Chris’ monthly stipend went to pay off his college loans). After all, Nathan knew that one day his cows may not want to stay, and they needed to be able to return to ‘normal’ civilization without too many problems. He didn’t think any of them wanted to leave any time soon though.

Juan looked a bit frisky as Nathan proceeded with all the preliminaries, letting him relieve himself and afterwards cleaning him up in the same fashion as Chris. He did stroke Juan’s dick a little though, pleased to have his cow-boy rub his head against his leg. “Not today Juan, I’m on a schedule.” Disappointed, Juan pouted as he got into his specified position, and the tube on his hard dick was applied.

Since he had been a cow for longer than Chris, almost a year and a half, Nathan had had to update his equipment for him. The sucking cylinder could still milk him for a good amount of cream, but he found he got better results when he produced a different stimulus for his cow-boy.

He lowered an extension with a thick vibrator, which was formed like a penis, with an exaggerated head and thick veins. After lubricating it, he started placing it inside his cow-boy, smiling as always at the noises he made.

Juan scrapped his feet against the ground, always wanting to get the entire vibrator inside him immediately. Nathan switched on the vibrating function, which would keep it running all day with a random program, and left this stable as well.

His last cow was the first he’d gotten, a drifter named Philip that the sheriff had found drunk on the outskirts of town. It had taken a while to train him properly, but now Philip was a perfect cow. In fact, Nathan considered making him a ‘bull’ soon, though he’d still be milked, he might be put with the other cows to get them to produce more on occasion. But for now, the tried and true methods were best.

Philip was all ready hard, dripping precum from his tip before Nathan had even walked into the stable. He did the morning care and immediately hooked up the collecting sucker, not wanting to waste any. He lubed up his cock which had had enough time to recuperate by now, and started giving his cow-boy a hard fucking.

Philip made deep throated moans as he tried to clench around his master. Nathan let himself go, shoving his cock in all the way, until their balls bumped against each other with each thrust. His hands reached under his cow-boy canlı bahis siteleri to squeeze his large nipples, wondering if he was almost ready or not to have permanent day suckers on those. Of course he couldn’t provide breast milk, but perhaps it would serve as an extra stimulus to get his cow-boy to keep production up.

It took quite a bit of control and determination for Nathan to make his ride last, but after several minutes, he finally released inside his worthy cow. He wiped himself off and readjusted his pants, then lowered the attachment for this beast. It was a dildo rather than a vibrator, but it was set on a piston system, and would keep fucking his cow-boy all day long. Nathan made sure the dildo was smaller than his own dick (and Juan’s dildo), wanting to make anytime he fucked him a special treat. The dildo started randomly at half-speed, going in an out of Philip’s ass like a robotic cock. Philip made pleased noises, raising and lowering his head like a good cow.

Pleased, Nathan then strapped Philip’s thighs and upper arms to some leather straps that were bolted to the floor. He’d found out early on that Philip got much better results if he was restrained. Normally he would reach a point where he would want a break, but being ‘forced’ to take it longer always riled him up. On some days, Nathan would come in and watch, as Philip would start struggling against his bonds with anxious noises, but yet cum more often than usual. Nathan was tempted to make his cow-boy service him again with his mouth, but he really was starting to run behind schedule all ready.

He closed the door, double checked that his cows were all doing well as the machines droned and pistoned as need be, with the melody of his cows’ rhythmic mooing, depending on what their milking machines were doing at the moment.

When that was done, he just did a quick check on the collectors, glad to see some new puddles of white all ready layering the bottom of one jar. He left the cow shed and securely locked the door, then jogged back to the farmhouse. He needed to get to town soon, as the sheriff had left a message that he’d picked up one of the town drunks last night, and was just sick of having to deal with him. In exchange for some of the profits (as was their usual deal), he was willing to let Nathan have him to train as a cow-boy, and would tell anyone who asked that he’d finally run him out of town.

Nathan drove to town with a big grin, waving to neighbors and passerbys on the highway. He really loved what he did, and loved to daydream about how it might be in the future. One day he’d have horses to ride, which were made horny by their lack of being milked regularly. Pigs he’d make wallow around and play with each other. A dog and a cat to fight each other often. Chickens made to sit on upright plugs while remote controlled anal beads vibrated inside them. The choices were endless. And with the new camcorder he’d bought, he was sure he’d increase profits by selling the films as well. It was going to be a beautiful day indeed.

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