The Phantom of Lakefield Manor

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The time this story takes place in is left ambiguous on purpose. I hope you enjoy this old/modern story about an Aunt and her Nephew in a supposedly haunted house.


It was nearly 5 PM when James Seaworth finally decided to put his book down.

“It’s no use,” he said, under his breath, “I just can’t stay focused.”

After a couple of hours traveling by train from London, he was now in a hired car headed directly to his Aunt Rachel’s home. They hadn’t seen each other since her husband’s death, over a year prior. He lived in London, studying and working part time at a well renowned law firm.

Aunt Rachel being his last living relative (although not blood related, as she had been only his uncle’s wife) and a good friend, had kept in touch through letters, but James still hadn’t found the time to visit in her big comfortable house near Bristol, despite missing her dearly. He had finally made plans to go there in a week’s time, which is why he had been surprised when a telegram from his beloved Aunt had arrived at his workplace that morning.


He had immediately notified his superior, who fortunately showed understanding and allowed him to take his summer leave a week earlier than planned. A suitcase with the necessary items for a fortnight in the country had been quickly packed and James had found himself in the first train to Bristol shortly thereafter.

Lakefield Manor was the name of his Aunt’s home, a house she and her husband had bought two years ago, expecting to raise a family. The house had belonged to the last heir to the Lakefield family, a famous explorer who had met his demise in the East Indies. Rumor had it that the mansion was haunted, which is why Uncle Seaworth (who had never believed such nonsense) had acquired the manor for a true bargain. Unfortunately, a motor car accident had taken his life a few months later and his widow was now stuck in a house too big for herself and too hard to sell.

Looking up, James now could see the beautiful house and a familiar figure standing outside, waiting for him.

“It seems that she received my telegram as well,” said James, who had made sure to send a message prior to the train’s departure, so that Aunt Rachel wouldn’t worry.

“James! How you’ve grown in the past year!” exclaimed his aunt when he had gotten out of the hired car. “And so handsome too! Let me get a good look at you!”

James had indeed grown, he had now broad shoulders and was at least a foot taller than Rachel. His dark brown hair contrasted well with his green eyes and handsome jaw. He took a good look at his aunt, who was looking greater than ever. Her short summer dress complimented her figure nicely (auntie had always had a great bosom and nice buttocks, James thought) and her beautiful brown hair and eyes were positively glowing. Despite her husband’s demise, the country air and sun had been doing this woman good. He gave her a hug, almost feeling guilty that he had spilled so much of his semen over revealing photographs of this nice woman that he had stolen and taken with him to London.

“Oh Aunt Rachel, you look as beautiful as ever!” he said, holding her in his arms and trying not to think how excited she made him feel down there. “But tell me, what happened and why have you summoned me a week earlier to Lakefield?”

“You know the rumors, don’t you, James?” she said, with a frown. “They say this manor is haunted by a ghost and now, when I’ve finally found a buyer for the place, two of ataşehir escort bayan my servants start saying that they saw the apparition!”

She quickly told him what had happened in the last week. Two of the servants – the cook and the butler – had woken up the whole household with their screams one night. Both swore on their lives that they had seen a ghost wandering around the mansion and, despite Rachel’s pleas, had left abandoned the manor the next morning.

“If it had only been the cook, people would have believed that it was just the superstition of a middle-aged Irish woman, but the butler is an intelligent and respected man, so immediately the other servants started leaving as well. Now the only other people in the estate, besides me are the gardener, an old man who has lived in that shack on the edge of the property for probably a hundred years now and the young maid, but only because she has nowhere else to go,” she explained. “And with the buyers coming to look at the property in two weeks’ time, we need to get rid of the rumors as soon as possible, otherwise I will never be able to sell this bloody house!”

“Then, you want me to investigate and find a logical explanation for what the servants have seen, is that correct?”

“Precisely! Then we’ll get rid of these rumours once and for all!” she said, with a sparkle in her eyes.

While the young maid, Catelyn, prepared supper, James and Rachel started by taking a look at all the rooms in the manor. They went through the rooms, the patio, the kitchen, the living room and the library, where a picture of the previous owner, the famous explorer, still hung on the wall. The library was absolutely packed with hundreds of books in many different languages and about hundreds of subjects. From science to erotic literature (some of which had been banned by the Crown), everything was there.

“This library and the wine cellar were the rooms the Lakefields were most proud of, which is why your uncle has left them untouched. Speaking of, let’s go down there right now.”

The wine cellar was a sight to behold – many, many bottles of wine from all over the world were neatly shelved and sorted. Many barrels were also present, among sacks of dry leaves, spices and ingredients the famous explorer had brought back from his exotic travels. The smell was intoxicating, in a pleasant way.

Finally, it was time for supper. Catelyn was a shy, but very pretty girl. A true English Rose, with rosy cheeks, fair hair and a curvy body. She couldn’t be older than 19 and that made her one year younger than James himself.

I’ve heard the quiet ones are the best ones, thought James, I wonder if I can find that out for myself in the two weeks to come.

Dinner was served, accompanied by some wine from the explorer’s collection. “Now that I have someone who can appreciate it, let’s have some of it,” proposed Aunt Rachel.

They spent some of the evening catching up, with Aunt Rachel deciding to retire to her bedroom soon, as she was feeling a bit lightheaded after a few glasses of wine.

“We will start the investigation first thing in the morning, though!” she said, walking up the stairs, while James watched her backside, which the summer dress was barely covering now, while licking his lips with desire. He had always been a bit mad for his aunt, and now, after a year apart, those feelings were surfacing again.

With his dick getting hard, he decided to go to the library and have a look through some of the erotic fiction available. He could definitely go for a nice wank before going to sleep.

When he got to the escort kadıöy library, he noticed that one of the books in the erotic section was missing. Had his aunt taken it with her to bed, he wondered. Early night, sure! She was probably reading some hot stories and rubbing herself to sleep.

He stayed a while picking book and started going to his room, when he saw a blouse on the floor of the stairs. Maybe from the wash, he thought, but picking it up, he noticed that it was warm to the touch, as if someone had just taken it off. Walking further, he heard some strange muffled sounds ahead.

“It can’t be… the ghost?” he whispered to himself, while walking carefully in direction of the noises. He picked more clothes as he went, an apron and a skirt being the next things left on the floor. Finally, after turning a corner, he saw some light spilling from a room on the left side. Directly in front of the room, he saw some black undergarments, and after close inspection, he decided they had been in contact with a very warm and moist pussy. He could feel his cock almost exploding, but he managed to control it. He still had a lot he wanted to do with those undergarments before spilling his hot milky cum all over them.

He held it up to his nose, inhaling the sweet scent of the wearer’s private parts, and took a moment to lick up some of the liquid coating the inner lining of the clothing item.

“Hmmm, so this is how a cunt tastes like, hmm the liquid is coating my tongue so well, I need to have more!” he whispered to himself and proceeded to explore the item with his tongue, hoping to taste and swallow all of the tasty goo. In his excitement, licking and smelling the pussy juice, he had almost completely forgotten the open door to his left, when another muffled moan brought him back to reality.

James immediately hid in the cover of darkness and looked inside the room, almost uttering an exclamation at what he saw.

Catelyn, the shy young maid, was on the bed, on knees and elbows, with her back to him. Naked from head to toes, she had a book on the bed, immediately in front of her face, one hand holding it open. With the other hand, she was rubbing her young shaven cunt, which was glistening in the low light. James could see that it was very pink, and deduced that she must’ve been very excited.

Dropping his trousers and pants as noiselessly as possible, he freed his cock and started to pump it, whilst using his other hand to bring the wet panties to his nose in order to sniff again the smell of the cunt that he was now watching being probed by two fingers.

“Oh, it hurts, but it hurts so good!” He heard Catelyn moan. She took the fingers out of her cunt, sniffed them for a second, then licked them slowly clean, and afterwards used them to turn a page in the book.

This surprised James, who was pumping his cock even faster now. “You like how you taste too?”

The shy girl was now positively rubbing her clit, which was making her pussy drip even more over the covers of the bed. Looking up, he noticed that her tight puckered hole was also in plain view, a pink hole, tightening and relaxing with each spasm of the girls pussy. This was so erotic to him that he sensed his orgasm approaching quickly.

Unbeknownst to him, he was also being watched. His aunt, having heard the muffled moans as well, had come to see what was happening. She crouched behind a big heavy piece of furniture. Seeing her handsome nephew rubbing his thick cock so rapidly and sniffing someone’s soiled underwear shocked her at first. She watched him for what seemed like an eternity and suddenly maltepe escort noticed that she had been rubbing her thighs together the whole time, pleasuring herself. Some thoughts about him being family (even though they weren’t really) appeared in her mind, but the urge to pleasure herself while watching such an erotic scene made those thoughts go away quickly. She put her hand inside her night robe and started rubbing her naked, steamy and drenched cunt.

She watched as he moved his hands up and down on his thick cock, occasionally stopping at the tip to make some circular motions and going back to the base, sometimes rubbing his big testicles. They must be absolutely full of potent semen, she thought, which made her rub her slippery cunt ever more.

Catelyn noticed some movement behind her. She felt like she was being watched, but felt incapable of stopping.

Am I going mad, she thought, why am I not stopping? It’s almost as if I want to be watched! Oh yes, I hope they are watching! Watch as I rub it up and down and lick my fingers. Oh, I am so ashamed! They must be seeing my asshole puckering too! I am so dirty! And with this thought in her mind, she had an orgasm, shivering uncontrollably all over and feeling as her pussy spasmed, sending even more moisture, this time a more creamy and less clear liquid, out of her hole.

Watching a lady’s orgasm for the first time sent James over the edge and, putting the young maid’s underwear right in front of his cock, he felt his testicles in his sack come closer to his body and send a huge load of sperm and semen up his cock. The sensation was amazing, it was the best orgasm he’d ever had. He kept spewing load after load of hot, milky cum all over the underwear, thinking what she would do if she found her underwear full of semen later. Would she put it on, making all that load of cum come in contact with her little pink pussy and asshole? He came even more with this thought, that’s when he finally stopped cumming, feeling a bit lightheaded, he heard a noise coming from the darkness in front of him.

Seeing James spewing load after load of cum full of potent sperm swimming in it, Rachael went into a trance. She started counting how many ropes were coming out of his cock – one, two, three, four, five… and all with the same potency as the last. She hoped she would have a chance to taste even a drop, maybe some would drop on the floor and she would lick it up. Yes she would, she couldn’t wait to taste it, her nephew’s sweet nectar, even from the dirty floor, she had to taste it. Distracted for a moment, she leant against the furniture, which made some noise and she watched in horror as James startled. She watched as he, shocked, dropped the panties full of cum on the floor and ran to his room, afraid he would be discovered.

She seized the chance, picked the soiled panties up and went back to her hiding place, while holding them up to her nose. She could smell the scent of James sperm, a smell she absolutely loved, and she started lapping the cum up, first quickly, then slowly, as to savour the taste of cum she missed so much. The taste of the thick, warm liquid and the feeling of it running down the inside of her throat for the first time in a year was too much for her and she sensed herself cumming harder than ever before. She kept rubbing her pussy and drinking the tasty and rich cum from the panties, until her hunger for male seed was satiated and her orgasm was over.

“AAAAH!” A scream was heard throughout the whole manor.

James ran out of his room, having made himself presentable again. Catelyn was standing in the corridor, still naked, pointing at something inside her room. Aunt Rachel also came running, hiding the now empty panties along the way.

That’s when they all saw it. The famous explorer, the man from the picture in the library, now floating inside Catelyn’s room.

To be continued…

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