The In-laws Pay a Visit

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I watched in disbelief as my father-in-law fucked my wife – his own daughter – on the bed a few feet away. I felt the urge to cheer as his enormous cock plunged into her frothy cunt again and again. With her sleek legs drawn back and her feet resting on his ass, I had an unobstructed view of the penetration. I could hardly tear my eyes away from it.

My beautiful mother-in-law was on her knees next to my chair giving me a fabulous blow job to go along with the incestuous fuck show. Her beautiful tits drew my hand the way a magnet attracts iron. As I weighed one of her fruity tits on my palm, I marveled at how closely it resembled her daughter’s tits. I silently thanked her for passing on one of her finest attributes to her daughter. I had spent many happy hours sucking, fucking and fondling those marvelous melons.

I had called my in-laws Mom and Dad ever since they gave me permission to do so on my wedding day, but it didn’t seem appropriate then.

“Mary, maybe you should stop now,” I said. “I’m getting very close and I don’t think it would be proper for me to come in your mouth.”

Her only response was to bob her head faster and to work up a bigger mouthful of spit.

“Give it to her,” my father-in-law said. “She loves getting a nice, juicy mouthful of jizz.”

A few seconds after he gave me permission to cum in his wife’s mouth, I fired a burst of cock-custard against her tonsils. She gagged but quickly recovered and took everything I had to give. My wife’s pretty head was turned in my direction so she could watch me unload in her mother’s mouth. The expression on her face was probably very close to the one on mine. We were both coming!

But I am getting ahead of myself. I met my wife Laura in my senior year of college and we began having sex after a couple of dates. One night when I was fucking her on the back seat of my car, she told me how her father had fucked her as soon as she became a woman. She told me that he had an enormous foot-long cock and that he used it like a master. I didn’t believe a word of it. I thought it was just dirty talk to make me horny, and that’s exactly the effect it had on me. Each time we fucked, she would tell me about one of her sexual experiences with her father. I pretended to believe her, even though I was convinced they were only fantasies.

It wasn’t until Laura and I married soon after graduation that I finally met her parents. They made a lasting impression on me. Both were exceptionally attractive and charming. Mary was a statuesque brunette with an angelic face and dazzling smile. Bruce, her handsome father, could have been a leading man in the movies. Mary began flirting with me even before our first handshake ended. While Mary distracted me, Bruce and Laura disappeared for a half hour. I was more than a little peeved at my new bride for abandoning our guests. Perhaps escort ataşehir if I had known that Bruce was fucking her brains out in an upstairs bedroom, I would have been more understanding. When my beautiful bride returned with a big “I’ve just been fucked” smile on her face, I began to suspect that the stories she had been telling me were not fantasies after at all. But it wasn’t until Mom and Dad came to visit us on a holiday that I knew for certain that the stories were true.

We were in the livingroom one evening having drinks and a chat. I sensed that something was up and that whatever it was, it was big. One by one they slipped away until I was watching TV by myself. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the phone on the coffee table rang. It was Laura calling from the guestroom phone. “Come to the guestroom, darling,” she said.

I suppose I knew what they were up to even before I opened the door and saw them lying naked on the bed. Dad was between his wife and daughter with his enormous cock resting on his belly. Laura reached over, took it by the base, and pointed it straight up to show off its size. The huge member towered a foot above his belly.

“I told you Daddy was hung. Do you believe me now?”

A few minutes later we were going at it. I’ve already told you about part of that and now I’ll tell you the rest. After I finished coming in Mom’s mouth, she swished my sap around for awhile as though she were savoring a fine wine. She finally took it down in two or three gulps.

“Thank you, dear,” she purred. “That was delicious. I can usually judge a man’s virility by tasting his semen, and my guess is that you have a very high sperm count. When are you going to tell my daughter to stop taking the pill so you can pump your seed into her and make me a grandchild?”

“Well, I, for one, am very glad she is still on the pill,” Bruce said. “I’m about to shoot and I would hate to have to pull out.”

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than he came. A loud groan escaped his lips and his body shook from head to toe. Father and daughter were locked together, their limbs intertwined. My adorable wife whimpered like a frightened child as one orgasm after another racked her body. The two finally went limp in each other’s arms.

“Oh, Daddy, thank you,” she said. “You made me come so hard. My sex muscles are going to be so sore tomorrow.”

After chiding me about not giving her a grandchild, Mary immediately went back down on me to keep me hard for what was next on the agenda. She soon gave me an even better hard-on than the one I had had earlier.

“My husband fucked your wife, so it’s only fair that you fuck me,” she said. “But first, I have to clean up after him. It seems I’m always picking up after him.” The snide remark was softened by an impish smile.

Bruce went to his side next to kadıköy escort bayan Laura and began fondling her tits as Mary crawled between her daughter’s wide-spread legs. I was shocked speechless when Mary began to lap at Laura’s freshly-fucked cunt. Laura had never mentioned anything about having sex with her mother. If I had only known, my fantasies would have been much richer. My beautiful wife began to moan as her mother’s tongue scooped up her father’s sperm. I eventually gave in to the compelling urge to masturbate and began stroking my spit-slick cock. From time to time, Mary turned her head and stuffed her husband’s plum-sized head into her mouth. It was clear that she was preparing the two for another fabulous fuck.

Mary went to her back beside her daughter and crooked her finger at me. As I mounted her, she grabbed my head and pulled it down for a passionate kiss. I tasted my father-in-law’s sperm as Mary stuffed her long tongue into my mouth. Someone grabbed my cock and guided it to Mary’s pussy. I looked down to see my wife mating me to her mother. The shocks came one after the other like hurricane-force waves pounding a beach.

“I don’t think you’re going to find my cock very satisfying after what you’ve been getting from your husband,” I said.

“Your cock is almost as thick as his, and that’s the dimension that counts. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. In fact, I’m already starting to come.”

Mary and I began fucking like two rutting animals. The sound of our bellies slapping together echoed off the walls. Father and daughter watched for a few minutes, then Bruce said, “Time to do the beast, young lady.”

Laura promptly got to her elbows and knees and arched her back to make her ass more inviting. Bruce knelt behind and lined his enormous prong up with my wife’s cunt. The four of us were so close that our bodies brushed together. Laura grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head to hers. As we exchanged a sloppy kiss, I could judge her father’s progress by the bursts of warm air from her flared nostrils.

Laura pushed me away and praised her father for his cocksmanship. “Oh, yes, Daddy, your big cock is hitting every nerve in my pussy. No one has ever fucked me as good as you do.”

I didn’t take offense at my wife’s slight. Maybe I wasn’t as good at fucking as her father was, but I knew she thoroughly enjoyed what I gave her. When Mary roughly pushed me off of her, I knew how my wife had come by her feistiness. Both women were somewhat bossy, but I rather liked that. The mother assumed the same position as her daughter and I knelt beside my father-in-law. I was intensely aware that he was watching my cock disappear into his wife’s body. It seemed fitting that we synchronize our movements.

“Now this is what I call quality fucking,” Bruce said with a chuckle.

Although nothing was escort bostancı said, it soon became clear that Bruce and I were competing to see who could deliver the greatest satisfaction. I suppose competition is inevitable when two men are fucking each other’s wives side-by-side. My wife’s crack about her father being her best fucker had stung, and I was determined to prove that my fucking was on a par with his. Mary’s moans and sighs were proof that I was doing something right.

The women exchanged a passionate kiss as they reached orgasm together. When they were finished, Bruce pulled away and went to his back. Mary quickly reached over to hold his fuck-pole straight up for Laura to impale herself on. Laura began gasping as she posted up and down on her father’s enormous phallus. When she leaned forward to offer him her tits for sucking, I got my best view yet of the penetration. Laura’s labia were stretched so thin that they had virtually disappeared.

I began to worry that he might ruin her for me, that her pussy might become too slack to give me pleasure. But then I realized that that didn’t make any sense. He had been fucking her for years and she was plenty tight enough for me.

I suddenly had the urge to suck on Mary’s tits while I was fucking her. “I love being on top,” she said, as I rolled onto my back. She smothered my cock with her pussy, then leaned forward and tucked a nipple in my mouth. I was in ecstasy as I reached around to fondle her cool, soft ass. It was a little bigger than Laura’s, but still very, very nice.

Mary had superb control over her cuntal muscles, and each time she lifted off of me she clamped down. The repetitive milking action soon had me struggling for control. Both women were starting to come. If I could only hold back for another minute or two, I would score a moral victory. I somehow managed it. Mary came in a very lady-like manner just as Laura always did. Heavy panting and “oh, yes” repeated over and over again were the only outward signs that she was having an orgasm. Laura began whispering “uhu” over and over as her father’s cock tormented her G-spot.

As I shot my load into my mother-in-law’s womb, I silently prayed that she was too old to get pregnant. It was one of the strongest orgasms I had had in months, maybe even years. It just went on and on as Mary’s muscles continued milking my cock. I finally went limp. When I recovered somewhat, I glanced over at Laura and Dad and discovered that he had shot his load at the same time I had shot mine. We had experienced a rare four-way orgasm.

The four of us had a fuck party almost every day of their two-week visit. We usually started out with our own spouses and then switched partners. Mary’s appetite for sex bordered on nymphomania and her demands eventually wore me out. At least I outlasted Bruce.

Now I’m going to print out a copy of this story to send to my in-laws. Then I’m going to jack off, and while I’m at it, I’m going to make a mental list of all the nasty things I’m going to do to my mother-in-law when they visit us on our anniversary. I’ll tell you all about it some other time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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