The Deal Ch. 23

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Public Sex

Author’s notes: Even though Craig, Chip and Matt are in high school all characters engaged in sexual activity are over the age of eighteen.


Cindy honked her horn and waved at three teenagers standing together among all the other groups and individuals coming out of the high school.

Matt recognized the sound of the horn, looked over and smiled. He tapped Craig on the shoulder and pointed toward Cindy. After the two spoke for a moment, Matt looked over again at Cindy and waved her over.

Cindy turned off her engine, got out of the car and walked over to the two boys and girl standing on the bricked oval in the middle of the school yard.

Cindy wrapped her arms around Matt and the two kissed. Still holding each other, Cindy pulled back and smiled at Craig saying “Hiya Craig,” before looked questioningly at the red haired girl next to Craig.

The girl smiled and brought out her hand, “You must be Matt’s girlfriend, Cindy; I’m Jenny.”

Cindy smiled at the girl and took the hand shaking it, “Yep, that’s me. Pleased to meet you, Jenny.”

The four heard the slight buzz of a vibration. Jenny pulled out her cell phone from the pocket of her jeans looking at the screen before frowning.

“Crap,” she uttered as she popped the phone back into her pocket. “I’m so sorry. I would love to stay here and hang with you guys but I have to get to practice. Great to meet you Cindy.”

Cindy smiled at the girl, “Nice meeting you too.”

Jenny looked at Craig, “Call me later?”

Craig beamed, “Definitely.”

“See ya” the girl called as she ran off toward the side of the school, stopping to give one final wave before disappearing around the corner.

Cindy hugged Matt tighter as she smirked at Craig, “Sooooooooooo…Jenny?”

Craig blushed slightly, “We found out we’re both going to Lehigh Valley in the fall. We’ve been getting together between classes. She’s pretty cool.”

Cindy’s smirk widen into a smile, “I’m so glad for you. She seems pretty nice, definitely cute.”

Cindy looked around, “Where’s Chip?”

Matt pointed back to the school, “After school Math review session.”

“Good for him. Do we hang out and wait for him?”

Matt shook his head, “Nope, his mom’s coming for him when she’s finished work.”

Cindy tucked her arms through the elbows of the two boys and steered them towards her car. “Any plans, boys?”

Matt looked at her, “Just some studying at our place for a bit.

Craig chimed in, “Yeah, I promised I’d help my sister Cindy with her English homework right after her practice.”

Cindy released the boys as she went around the car while Matt got into the front seat as Craig slid into the back seat.

Soon the group was back at the Hughes’ house with Matt and Craig heading into his room with a stack of books while Cindy went into her bedroom next door.

Matt was sitting at his desk while Craig was sprawled on the bed both with books open when they heard Cindy’s voice.

A nude Cindy was standing in the doorway resting her arm on the door jamb, “I’m getting myself a soda, do either of you want one?”

Both boys looked up. Matt smiled at the sight of her naked form as Craig did an obvious double take which caused Matt to laugh.

Matt spoke first, “I’ll take one, thanks Cindy.”

Cindy looked at the gaping boy on the bed, “Well, slack-jawed one?”

Craig turned a slight shade of red and stammered, “I’m sorry, you surprised me. Do you often run around naked?”

Cindy chuckled, “I stopped wearing clothes when I first moved in here, and I’m quite used to it now. I just wore stuff when you or Chip was around, but after last Saturday night I figured ‘why bother.’ I honestly prefer to be nude like mom. So, do you want a soda? And if I’m making you uncomfortable I can put some clothes on.”

Craig nodded and shook his head and stammered again, “Yes please for the soda and no please don’t get dressed just for me.”

Cindy giggled and padded down the hall.

Craig looked at the grinning Matt, “You mean you live in a house with TWO gorgeous women nude all the time? How do you get anything done and not embarrass yourself constantly?”

Matt chuckled, “Oh, there are times, but honestly I’m used to it. Not that I don’t really appreciate it. It is a great life.”

Cindy came back into the room and handed Craig a can of soda before turning to face her boyfriend, placing a can of soda on his desk then leaning down to kiss him. She turned and strolled back out of the room.

After a couple of minutes Craig loudly dropped his head onto his open book groaning, “I’ve read the same paragraph five times now. How am I supposed to focus on this when all I can see is Cindy’s naked ass?”

Matt laughed, “Welcome to my world; I wouldn’t have it any other way though.”

Craig popped open his soda, “I agree. There’re a lot of worse things I could have stuck in my head.”

The two toasted each other with their cans, and Craig was able to get back to his work.

At four o’clock, Craig eryaman escort collected his stuff and as he headed towards the front door he yelled a goodbye to Cindy who yelled “See ya” back.

Matt got up and stretched before going out to the hall knocking on Cindy’s door. He turned the knob to Cindy’s “come in.”

Matt watched as Cindy put her paperback down and stretched in the bed. When she settled back he walked over and sat next to her, leaning into her, kissing her deeply.

“Do you have more studying to do?” Cindy spoke as she shifted up so she was seated with her back against the pillows by the wall.

Matt shook his head, “I’m all done. Why? Is there something that you’d like to do?”

Matt was surprised to see Cindy turn a bit red and duck her head down, something he was used to seeing her do when she was embarrassed.

He grinned, “What? What is it?”

Cindy peeked back up, “Okay, I know Craig got a little worked up seeing me naked and that got me going too. Since you both were busy studying I wanted to use your mom’s vibrator but didn’t want to go poking in her room.”

Matt laughed and started to stand up, “Okay, so you want me to go get it for you now?”

Cindy shook her head and grabbed him before he got up, “I want you to go with me so I can buy my own.”

Matt sat back down and howled in laughter.

Cindy smirked at the laughing boy and punched him in the arm, “It’s not funny; I’d be scared to go into a place like that by myself.”

“Do you have a particular place in mind?” Matt was still chuckling at the thought.

“You mean there’s more than one adult store here? I only know of the one over by the bowling alley and the plaza with the grocery store past all the other shopping plazas.”

Matt nodded his head, “Yeah, that’s the adult shop, but there are also a bunch of smoke shop type places that have that kind of stuff in them as well.”

Cindy shifted over to the edge of the bed next to Matt, “Oh, and how do you know about that?” she asked him smirking.

Matt laughed again, “Oh nothing as perverted as that I’m afraid. A couple of years ago Craig, Chip and I were on an incense kick and hunted all over town looking for places that sold it, and we found a bunch that had all kinds of stuff in them, some in separate rooms and some in separate sections. It was hysterical, at least to horny adolescent teenagers.”

Cindy laughed as well, “I bet. So, up for a trip?”

Matt stood up and held out his hand to pull Cindy up onto her feet as well. He watched as she reached for the clothes piled on her desk.

Matt grinned, “I dare to leave off your underwear.”

Cindy paused as she was lifting her bra and turned to look at her grinning boyfriend. She smirked back and dropped the bra back on the desk, “Well, in that case I think I’ll wear a skirt instead of my jeans.”

She bent over and rummaged in her dresser for a minute while Matt enjoyed the view.

Matt watched her pull out the yellow skirt he recognized from when she had stripped out of it during Saturday night’s performance. As she pulled the garment up her long legs she caught Matt watching her, “Good thing mom did the wash yesterday.”

Matt replied back, “But you didn’t have it on for that long; did it really need to be washed?”

Cindy grinned back and stuck her tongue out at Matt. She reached into the closet and pulled out the same white oxford shirt from her performance as well.

Matt spoke as she pulled it onto her shoulders, “I don’t suppose I can get you to leave it unbuttoned?”

Cindy looked down at the long expanse of pale flesh from her throat to the top of her skirt and the soft curves of the sides of her breasts appearing between the sides of the shirt. “You really like others to see me nude huh? I’m nervous enough just walking into the place, no way am I going in practically topless. You okay, financially?”

Matt looked at her quizzically, “Yeah, I just got paid Friday, why? You want me to treat at the store?”

Cindy grinned, “No, I’m making you a deal; I’ll leave this unbuttoned in the car to and from the store, but you have to take me and mom out to dinner tonight.”

“Do I get to pick the place?” Matt asked.

Cindy grabbed her shirt and pulled it open, completely exposing her breasts that wobbled with the motion, her nipples two very dark spots on the globes of pale well shaped flesh. “Puh-lease, I think these are worth MacKenzie’s, don’t you?”

Matt smiled and stepped in to cup her still jiggling breasts, “Depends if I get to see them at all during the trip.”

Cindy looked down at the hands holding her breasts, “Hey, you also pay any bail money if I get arrested for public indecency.”

“Deal,” Matt laughed before he leaned in to kiss her.

Soon the two were walking around either side of the front of Cindy’s car parked in the driveway.

Cindy looked around the neighborhood briefly.

“Hey Matt,” she called then pulled her shirt wide open as Matt looked up at her.

Giggling, escort eryaman she let the sides flap as she opened her door and climbed into the car.

Once Matt was in and buckled, Cindy looked at him as she situated herself and the unbuttoned shirt with her seatbelt, “Good thing it’s not that cold any more or these would be few and short flashes.”

Matt grinned, “Still cold enough to give interesting bumps on your shirt.”

Cindy looked down, “Thank God for pockets or you’d be going into the store by yourself.”

Cindy looked through her rear view mirrors then started up the car. She checked all around again and then pulled the side of her shirt that was closest to Matt off her breast. Letting the shirt stay open, she backed out of the driveway.

Matt looked at her bare breast as they drove down the street, “Wow, you really are in the mood for MacKenzie’s aren’t you?”

Cindy grinned, “Just meeting my end of the deal; that’s all. But you bet I’m going to enjoy dinner tonight.”

Matt noticed that as they met with more traffic, Cindy did pull the shirt back to cover her breast but still left it open showing more skin than Matt expected her to show.

After passing the mall and several shopping plazas, the buildings spread a little more apart until right after passing a bar and then a bowling alley Cindy pulled into a square, one-storey building without any windows. The large sign by the street identified the place as Dreamland. Cindy parked close to the glass entrance. She turned off her car and released her seatbelt.

Matt released and looked at Cindy, “Ready?”

Cindy smiled then looked all around the empty parking lot and street. She pulled the shirt completely off her body and twisted towards Matt squishing her right breast into his side as she kissed him deeply.

Grinning, she sat back and pulled the shirt back up and buttoned it up except for the top three buttons. “Now I’m ready.”

Matt got out of the car and looked across the roof at his still grinning girlfriend. “I believe you just might give mom a run for her money on being free spirited.”

Cindy walked to the front of her car and waited for Matt to get to her. She quickly grabbed the sides of her skirt and swirled them up, briefly exposing her sex and black pubic hair in the vee of her thighs to him before letting the skirt slide back into place, “What makes you say that?” she asked innocently before sauntering to the door.

Matt shook his head and followed the prancing girl into the shop.

Neither knew what to expect but the brightly lit, neat store with well-organized racks, kiosks and bookcases of pink, red, white and many other brightly colored packages wasn’t it.

Cindy put her hand on Matt’s arm, “Wow.”

A very attractive middle aged woman eyed them from behind a counter with a register on it. “Hey kids; I’m sorry but I need to see some ID before I let you in the store.”

Both Matt and Cindy went up to the counter. Matt pulled his wallet out of his jeans while Cindy fished in her purse. Both were nervous as they didn’t know if the age was eighteen or twenty-one.

The woman nodded at the proffered IDs, “Cool, thanks. Can I help you find anything?”

Cindy smiled, “No thanks; just going to look around if that’s all right.”

The woman smiled, “That’s what keeps us in business, well that is if you find things you want to buy of course.”

Matt nodded, “Oh, I think we’ll be making a purchase.”

The two strolled around the store occasionally picking up packages and either smiling or shaking their heads.

Cindy giggled, “Hey look Matt, a whole aisle of anal products.”

Cindy looked around at the security cameras and the woman up front. She turned away from Matt. “Hey Matt.” As he turned she briefly flipped up the back of her skirt exposing her ass to him. “See anything that you want to use on this?”

Matt snorted at the sight, before his eyes lit up as he looked at the various items all dealing with his favorite fetish. He picked up a small pegged package showing it to Cindy who was busy straightening out her skirt innocently,

Cindy stared at it for a minute before responding “An anal training dildo? That thing’s smaller than your mom’s finger which has already been there.”

She giggled and pranced away. Matt shook his head and put the small dildo back. He noticed a bottle of the same lotion that he had used at Chip’s house yesterday and grabbed one.

Matt walked over to another shelving unit. “Hey look at this.”

Cindy came back over and looked at the plastic pegged package Matt was holding. “Nipple clamps?”

Matt smiled, “Yeah, with your sensitive nipples I can imagine how that would feel.”

Cindy held the package reading the front and the back, “I wonder if these hurt? I wouldn’t like that at all.”

“I’m sorry to overhear you but the clamps with teeth are for those who want some pain with it; the ones with the smooth ends and the twist grips cause very little pain.” The woman eryaman escort bayan from the counter leaned over looking at them.

Cindy smiled at her, “How much is a ‘little pain’?”

“A bit when you put them on but mostly when you take them off and the blood rushes back especially the longer you wear them. Honestly they can give you quite a pleasant feeling especially for girls like you with sensitive nipples.”

Cindy blushed a bit. Matt watched as she put the package back on the peg hook as she looked at other items, Matt smiled to see her lightly rub her hand across the pocket of her shirt and the nipple under it. The two found a selection of twist grip nipple clamps. Matt looked at Cindy, “Honestly, if they don’t hurt I think you would look so hot with that chain dangling between your breasts.”

Cindy smiled shyly and rubbed her pocket again. Matt took the package from the rack. “Tell you what, this will be my treat.”

Cindy smirked, “Your treat all right, every time I wear them.”

Cindy looked again at the woman, “If they hurt too much, can we bring them back?”

“No cash returns, just store credit. For sanitary reasons, some items like underwear and dildos aren’t returnable.” The woman recited back to them.

“Makes sense. Uh… speaking of that, where do you have dildos?” Cindy asked.

Matt and Cindy followed the pointing finger to a large section that filled the entire side of the back store wall.

“Oh my God, are you kidding me?” Cindy stood with her mouth open. “Look at all the sizes and colors and…and…and… that one’s even two headed.”

Matt shook his head surprised at the wide variety before them. “Smooth, ribbed, bumpy, realistic. Are you kidding me, how could someone possibly fit that one.”

The two were amazed at the assortment before their eyes.

They could hear the woman chuckling at the counter.

Cindy picked up a large box on a top shelf. “Strap on? Oohhhh, I could fuck mom with this. We could fuck her at the same time!” Cindy whispered to Matt.

Matt smiled at the idea.

Cindy smirked, “Apparently from looking at the photos on the box, I could even use this on you to get “that true anal experience’.” She read from the back of the box.

Matt squirmed a bit at that idea shaking his head.

Cindy looked at the price tag and tucked the box under her arm. “Now to find one for me.”

She looked at Matt, “I feel like Goldilocks – this one’s too big; This one’s waayyyy too big; this one’s too small…ooohhhh,” Cindy smiled reaching out to a blister packed purple colored realistic penis. “And this one is just right. I love the color.”

After gawking at the more bizarre models for another moment, Cindy and Matt walked back over to the counter. Matt bought the nipple clamps and lotion while Cindy purchased the two dildos.

While counting their change back the woman looked at the two, “Thanks for stopping in. You are a cute couple and look like good kids. Have fun and visit us any time.”

Smiling, the two thanked the woman promising to come back again soon and headed out to the car.

Both sat in the car grinning at each other.

“I don’t know about you but I saw a lot of neat stuff in there and so much truly bizarre stuff I wouldn’t want anywhere near me as well,” Cindy laughed.

Matt just nodded.

Cindy checked her mirrors and reached for her seat belt before stopping.

“Oops. I almost forgot.” Cindy let the seat belt snap back. She reached in front of her and quietly unbuttoned the front of her blouse. Once all the buttons were opened she waved it wide open showing Matt her breasts. She stopped with the blouse open and looked down at her nipples.

“Can you open the nipple clamps?” Cindy asked Matt.

Matt grinned and pulled the blister pack out of the white bag and pulled across the top ripping it open. With a jingle the chain and clamps fell onto his lap. He picked them up and handed them to Cindy.

Cindy held them up and studied them for a moment. She grabbed the packaging from Matt and read it over again. Satisfied, she pulled and tugged on her nipple before bringing the clamp over it. She wiggled it in place and twisted the small knob on the side. Her breath hissed, “Oh fuck.”

She pulled open the other side of her blouse and attached the other clamp to her right nipple. She brought her hands forward and the shirt settled over her chest. The silver chain gleaming as it dangled on her skin between the openings of her shirt.

She shook her breasts, “oohhh that feels nice, just an edge of soreness but soooooo tingly. I love it.”

Cindy reached over and pulled the seat belt into place. She looked into the rear view mirrors and started the car then carefully turned around in the parking lot and pulled out into the street. The whole ride Matt could not take his eyes off the silver chain hanging in the gap of Cindy’s shirt.

Once they were halfway down their own street Cindy looked around carefully before pulling her shirt off her shoulders, completely exposing her front and the clamped nipples and chain.

Matt just stared silently at the swaying chain.

Soon Cindy was in the driveway and turning the car off. She turned and looked at Matt as she unfastened her seat belt. “Thank you; that was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to go there again.”

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