The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 06

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Kristanna sat on the sofa at Margaret’s living room, wearing her usual nun habit. However, she didn’t bother to have the veil covering her hair. It was right after lunchtime and Kristanna had been obsessing about figuring out her new smartphone. She had spent most of the morning messing around with apps, taking a few selfies, and understanding the device she had just gotten as a gift from Vanessa.

It had been three days since the event at the club and Kristanna never bothered to go back to the church after that. She simply called to inform Father Falon that she was on a trip with Margaret. She had expected to hear some kind of sermon, a scolding involving allegations such as “you are neglecting your duties to the church” or similar. But surprisingly, she got none of that from the priest. Instead, he said she should take her time and he would be alright on his own for a while. It was unexpected, to say the least, but it was easy and convenient to accept for Kristanna. After all, she was strongly considering giving up the nun cover at this point as it was becoming increasingly hard to maintain.

Rumors had been traveling through the gossip channels of North Jefferson’s downtown elite community. They talked about Margaret’s relationship with her daughter and the way their body had changed in the past couple of months. People remarked on their relationship with sister Morgan, questioned its nature. It seemed like it was a matter of time until they connected the dots, the changes to Margaret and Vanessa had already reached a point that revealed their supernatural nature, unsettling to most. And as it always is with people, whatever they can’t understand they immediately demonize. An ironic way of putting it, as in this situation the cause was an actual demon.

Vanessa didn’t have a care in the world for what others were saying. As far as she was concerned they could talk as much as they wanted, she was too busy having fun at every opportunity. The blond felt like she was born to have a cock, nothing else mattered. Even Margaret was slowly making peace with her new self. After the event in the club she was no longer insecure or afraid to go out in public. The influence of her uninhibited daughter and confident demoness friend had finally gotten to her.

Kristanna would have cared about the gossip if this had happened before when she was still working on earning Margaret’s trust. But now their relationship was solid, Margaret was accepting her new body and incorporating Kristanna’s corruption in her daily life. Maybe it was time for the demoness to move on from Father Falon’s church, after all. Kristanna even considered the possibility of leaving North Jefferson altogether, knowing that at this point Vanessa and Margaret were so addicted to her cum and its effects that they would follow her anywhere.

Taking into account the circumstances, Kristanna was mostly done with trying to keep the appearances. She was at peace with staying at Margaret’s home for now, relaxing and fucking in equal proportion. They also tried new outfits and toys they got from Sorcha’s. They probably already had more toys and sex equipment than Mother Grace kept in her dungeon at the Camp of Blessing. Custom gear, made to fit their size and extreme appetites. Leather gear, vibrators as big as Kristanna’s cock, with horse shapes, bumps, ridges as well as other unusual features. Vanessa’s free pass to Sorcha’s store was coming in handy. Even though she never really revealed to Kristanna or Margaret how she got it, which would certainly make for an interesting occasion eventually.

Margaret walked into the living room, her smile evident. Kristanna just watched as her huge tits and ass shook beautifully, bouncing with her gait. The bulge on her skirt was very much visible, no clothes could hide the majestic cock and balls. Equally in evidence were her huge, fat nipples, almost as if trying to break through the button shirt that could barely contain the weight of her beach-ball-sized tits.

Despite her oversexualized figure, Margaret seemed at peace. No longer she felt nervous and formal about every aspect of her life. She was free to be herself, the elegant, confident woman she had always been. Her tits, hips, ass, and cock were always going to give her an erotic look, no matter the outfit. They were the first thing one saw when looking at her, so what was the point in hiding? Margaret embraced it all. She felt like a different person and it showed.

“So, what is this little meeting about? And where is Vanessa?”, inquired the demoness, never taking her eyes out of her phone.

“My daughter is testing out a few new toys upstairs”, Margaret responded as a wild orgasmic scream echoed through the house followed by wet splashing noises, and then a few more screams. Kristanna giggled while listening, imagining how the girl was repainting the walls of her room with cum, “Well, I guess the toys work!” she remarked.

Margaret nodded in response, “She has been ordering all she can from that Sorcha’s store, etlik escort a lot of custom made stuff. She got some kind of free pass there, can you believe it?”

“Yeah, how did she do that anyway? I saw them meeting at the club. Is she a close friend of the owner?”

Margaret shrugged, “Something like that, I suppose. We can ask her later, I have other things I’m very excited to talk about now!”

Kristanna could see that Margaret could barely contain herself, beaming with excitement as she grabbed some folders and papers from the shelf nearby. Margaret sat down, opened one of the folders flipping through it briefly. Then she placed it open on the table. It was some sort of x-ray exam image, something that Kristanna couldn’t grasp at first sight.

“This is my breast cancer exam. I’m healed!” Margaret clarified with genuine excitement, bouncing on her seat.

Kristanna gasped, not sure of what to say, flooded by a feeling of happiness that mixed with confusion. She grabbed the papers and began to read to find some sort of confirmation, not that she would even know where to look, “No way! Really? It healed just like that?”

Margaret nodded repeatedly with joy, “YES! The doctor said what has been happening to my body recently is the most extreme hormonal and physical shift she has ever seen and documented. She doesn’t understand what you’ve done to me. Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything about us. I also didn’t authorize her to do anything with my exams and took every copy. She has been paid handsomely to stay quiet. She told me there is no trace of the cancer anymore, all gone, just like that!”

“Wow, that is amazing news, Margaret! I am very happy for you!” Kristanna could barely believe what she heard, how was this possible?

“Thank you. But you know this was your doing, right? I mean, you changed me forever, and it also healed me. My breasts have never been this “healthy” if you know what I mean”, Margaret cupped both her tits and jiggled them softly.

Kristanna laughed, she grabbed Margaret’s hand with affection. She had long known that her cum could alter people’s bodies turning them in a corrupted, hypersexualized version of themselves. But not that it was also capable of healing serious illnesses such as cancer. However, when the demoness reflected on the subject, it all made sense. Her cum was capable of erasing wrinkles, making people’s skin and hair look better. It changed their muscles, body mass, fat, bone structure making them taller. Hell, it even altered their anatomy to the point of giving them new reproductive organs! Back at the Camp of Blessing, Kristanna recalled when Mother Grace had her nipples replaced with penises. Sister Denise had grown a huge horse cock. If such extreme changes could take place, why would it not be possible for her cum to heal a tumor?

“Margaret, I didn’t know my cum could do this until now. But I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done for someone. I am so glad you are healed!” Margaret smiled and caressed Kristanna’s hand between hers, beaming with happiness, “Nobody’s happier than me! And I thought that since you gave me something priceless, which is my life back, I should also give you something in return”.

Margaret grabbed yet another folder and placed it on the table. These were legal documents, some sort of contract or deal, “At the club, you told me you wanted to move forward, build your life again. These documents transfer to you ownership of a sizeable portion of everything I own. Land, assets, and stocks. I am making you my full-time partner in business. And don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything too complex to manage this. We will go through creating your proper documentation, IDs, accounts, and opening all we need so you can manage your wealth. My office will take care of things for both of us, keep you informed and consult you. This contract is a draft of what is to come, take your time to read through before you sign anything, for safety. If you agree we will have this concluded by the end of the week.”

Kristanna was in disbelief. Her plan had finally come to fruition, the reason why she had even approached Margaret in the first place. Not only she had what she desired, but she also had a great friend. The deeply Christian Margaret she had known had slowly been fucked out of this new, amazing woman that Margaret had become. Comfortable with herself, open, light-hearted, and generous. She grabbed the folder nodding at Margaret, “Thank you so much, I don’t know what to say… but I think there is a problem, there is something I haven’t told you”

Margaret just sat and listened as Kristanna found the words to explain this properly, “It’s about my identity… I don’t think you will find much on Kristanna Morgan out there. You see, I come from a troubled household, I was adopted by a family before going to the Camp of Blessing, and when I left I didn’t want to go back to them. I left everything and everyone behind to come to North Jefferson. The nuns helped etlik escort bayan me and made some documentation for me as Kristanna Morgan in the church, but I don’t exist outside of that. That’s why I couldn’t get a cellphone or buy things, I don’t have documents or anything to my name…”

As the demoness looked up, Margaret had a soft smile on her lips, “I know, dear. Do you think I was born yesterday? My office looked into this and they said exactly what you just told me. I appreciate the fact you are honest with me, and I know you had your reasons to start your life again. Many people would not have that kind of courage or commitment. We will get your documents properly set up. I know some people on the “not-so-legal” side of the aisle. A perk of dealing with my husband’s allies for so long in politics is that people owe you a favor or two. You have nothing to worry about, from now on Kristanna Morgan will exist with all the necessary documents!”

Kristanna shook her head in disbelief, “You’re unbelievable, Margaret. I don’t know what to say…”

The businesswoman waved dismissively, “Say nothing! I am the one who should be thanking you! You gave me the best second chance I could ever get! A new life, a new body, youth, my daughter back! All things I had lost hope to ever have. I lived a life I was already regretting, and you gave me a new start. You said at the club you wanted to move forward, this is the only thing of value I could think of providing. And all of this doesn’t even compare to what you did for me! You were a miracle in my life, I’m doing what I can to be the same in yours. I have way more money than I need anyway!”

They laughed together until they were interrupted by more visceral screams from Vanessa coming from upstairs, followed by continuous splashing noises. Vanessa sounded like she was being tortured, either that or she was having the best time of her life. Probably the latter. It sounded like there was some sort of indoor storm happening upstairs, washing over everything as it went on for half a minute. She must have been cumming like a true champion. They stopped laughing, just listening to that depraved symphony of screams and splashing. But Vanessa’s screams just got louder and with a higher pitch. It didn’t sound like she was going to stop cumming anytime soon. “What toys did she get anyway?” Kristanna asked, raising her voice over Vanessa’s screams.

“I don’t know exactly, but don’t you wanna find out? I want to celebrate!” Margaret began to unbutton her shirt as she stood up and walked upstairs. Kristanna followed, removing her habit.


“Are you sure we can trust these people, Father Fallon?”

Vincent Jones had asked this three times in the past fifteen minutes, he hadn’t got where he did by being trusting. He couldn’t help but feel nervous about this situation. Having approached the priest right after getting the video from his private investigator, Vincent felt like he had no one else to go to. The footage was bizarre, unsettling. Nothing Vincent had ever dealt with in his career. Surprisingly, Father Falon seemed to have contacts that could assist.

The priest nodded back at Vincent as he responded, patient as always, “We can trust them, Vincent. They were a part of the church many years ago, exorcists who specialize in this type of intervention. They are the only ones who can help Kristanna. Besides, what choice do we have? The video you showed me… how can we deal with that kind of… thing? We need help, they will most certainly know what to do.”

Father Fallon and Vincent sat outside the church, waiting by the bench for a few more minutes before a blue car pulled over. It looked like it was from the 90s, the paint was pale, the noise it made showed its age. Two people sat in the front seats, they looked at the church for a moment and began to talk to each other inside the car. Both the priest and Vincent stood up, they couldn’t hear the conversation so they simply tried to identify the people inside. They could only see a man and a woman, the man was at the driver’s seat.

The car’s door opened and a blonde man stepped out. He looked young, in his thirties at most, short blonde haircut in the military-style, square jaw. Most would say he was handsome, he was certainly in shape. Even under his loose jacket and casual clothes he was a prime example of a male. The man looked tense, checking the surroundings as he approached the gate to the front garden. Father Fallon raised his hand in a wave and began walking towards him, ‘Welcome! I’m so glad you came! I’m Father Fallon, I sent you the message with the video”.

The man stared up and down at Father Fallon then looked over to Vincent who was slowly approaching, “And who is he?”

“Vincent Jones, I’m the one who managed to record the video. Well, not personally, my associate recorded it.” Vincent sounded like he was bragging about it, the arrogant escort etlik tone seemed to put the blond man off.

‘Who else knows about this besides you two and your associate?”

“No one else, just us”, Father Fallon promptly responded, “I contacted you as soon as Vincent came to me with the video. Is your friend joining us?” The priest inquired, looking over the man’s shoulder and into the passenger’s seat of the car. The woman just sat there, she had silver hair, arms crossed.

The blond man looked skeptic, his expression did not change, he was very hard to read. He briefly looked back at the car, then turned to Father Fallon again, “Don’t worry about her, you deal with me. How long have you had a demon working in your church, father?”

He was direct, that was certain. Those words stung the priest’s pride, was the man implying he was somehow supposed to have known? He knew deep inside that he had ignored a lot of his intuitions about Kristanna. But he was no exorcist. “I… well she has been working with me for about six months now. I must emphasize that she came with great recommendations from a reputable school nearby! Mother Grace has run the Camp of Blessing for many years now, she indicated Kristanna to be my assistant with endless praise! How would I know?”

The blonde man squinted, “She came from a school and now you found out she is a lust demon? This school is probably compromised too. But we need to address one issue at a time.”

Father Fallon had fear in his voice, “You think something happened to Mother Grace and the nuns at her school?”

The man let out a frustrated sigh, it was clear he didn’t want to be there nor he had the patience to explain things to the priest. The door of the car opened and the woman stepped out. Similar to the blonde man, she was also fit and athletic. Her long silver hair was tied in a ponytail. She wore just casual clothes, jeans, boots and a jacket, like her colleague. She approached quickly ignoring Father Fallon and Vincent as she addressed the blond man, “Did he just say an entire school? You think it’s a succubus?”

The man shook his head, “She looks sloppy, showing her true self in public like this, allowing herself to be recorded. Taking risks by working as a nun in a church. This looks like someone younger, more reckless. Possibly not aware of our organization. I’d guess it’s a Cambion that we missed somehow.”

The silver-haired woman nodded, grabbing her cellphone and watching the video one more time with a serious expression. Vincent was confused, he hated not being in control, “So, you are dealing with her, right? You know how to capture her?”

“Capture? This creature belongs in hell.” The woman casually responded without ever taking her eyes off of her phone. Father Fallon gasped, he thought Kristanna had been possessed and needed help. But with the way they talked seemed like they were going to hunt her down. Whatever the case, they knew best how to deal with the situation. The priest felt he had already failed his church and his God, he wasn’t going to get in the way of the people who came to help.

The blonde man seemed to dislike his colleague blunt response, turning to Vincent and the priest to add to her answer, “You have to tell us everything you know. Where she is, who she is close to. Friends she might have made, places where she went. Her taint could have reached many people. We must rescue them from her influence and send her back to where she came from. We will need to do some surveillance before we act, succubi can be… messy.”

Both Vincent and Father Fallon nodded, “I never got your name?” Vincent asked politely. The blond man simply stared back at him, there was just uncomfortable silence for several seconds. Father Fallon moved on and began to tell Kristanna’s journey since she first arrived in North Jefferson’s church. The blonde man pulled up a small notebook and started taking notes.


Living with Margaret and Vanessa was proving to be extremely enjoyable. It felt more like a family than any of the “real” families Kristanna had been a part of. This felt like it was just the beginning, a small sample of what her life could be. Unrestrained pleasure, a life filled with extreme and depraved sex whenever, wherever with whomever she desired. Never having to hide who she was. Money wasn’t a problem, each day was just a matter of finding out how to have the most fun.

The trio of well-endowed women went on a sexual rampage. Buying things from Sorcha, equipping Margaret’s house with all sorts of sex toys. They managed to leave the house a few times, and every time they were seen in public stares of disbelief followed.

When they visited Margaret’s office to sort Kristanna’s documentation and financial assets, her team had barely been able to recognize their boss. Everyone tried to act normal, pretend as if nothing had changed, but they couldn’t help it, of course everything had changed. Not only her body, but the way Margaret carried herself and treated others was completely different. However, the people at the office made too much money on Margaret’s assets to question her openly. Her appearance was none of their business, so they mostly kept their opinions to themselves.

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