The Bradford Family Saga Part 3

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Marsha was groggy and disoriented when she woke up. Blankly, she looked at her naked body beneath the wrinkled robe that covered her, and then it all came back to her. She and her mother had sucked each other’s cunt! And they had climaxed in each other’s hot mouth! And what climaxes! The tangy aroma of pussycream was still in her nostrils; the tacky smears of her mother’s love-juices still stuck to her nose and cheeks. Now she knew the wonders of a another woman’s loving tongue, and why some women believed it was the greatest; only a woman truly knew the secret of another females’ body. She didn’t feel dirty or perverted, the way people said you would. She felt free! Free from convention and the gnawing desires that she couldn’t name.

She sat up and looked around the room. The TV triggered another memory. That incredible story! No wonder, she thought, I’m the way I am; the whole family has the same burning desires. Maybe everyone does, but my family had the courage to follow their feelings, she thought. Stretching her stiff body she ran a hand through her thick blonde hair and chuckled, knowing she sounded stupid, and not caring. She was wonderfully alive and a whole new world spread out before her. She felt like an explorer; an explorer with a whole world of sexual pleasures spread out before her, just waiting for her to chart a course. And she owed it all to her mother, and the original explorers of her loving family. Her head snapped around to the TV and the images of her family came back to her. She blushed as she tried to envision herself among them. Could she really fuck her own father – stepfather! – and uncle? Would they even want her?

She put on her robe and tiptoed up the carpeted stairway, feeling her way through the darkness, not wanting to make the slightest noise. A world of sexual adventure waited for her, but she was unsure of her first step. How would she start? It was something she had to ask her mother about. When she reached the top of the stairs she heard a small muffled moan. It sounded familiar and she strained her ears trying to place it. It came again as she started up the hallway; a sensual sound, followed by a rhythmic whoosh, like air being pumped in and out of a balloon. Her body quivered in response to the unnamed stimuli. Quietly, she padded barefoot down to Peter’s room. The sounds were coming from inside.

Bewildered, she put her ear to the door. She heard muted grunts and groans; a familiar female sigh was almost loud. Dismayed, she dropped to the floor and tried to look through the keyhole. In the half-light, she could only see moving shadows, but passion-filled voices came to her. Her mouth gaped as the words came to her.

“Ohhhh, Peter! Fuck my pussy! Harder! Make me cum! Oh, God … yesssss!”

“Yeah! Oh, Momma! Squeeze my prick!”

They were fucking! Peter! Carol! Her mother! Her mind ran a gauntlet of emotions: envy, jealousy, love, lust, then, the mist cleared as the rightness of it all came to her. The initiation of the young! This was the way it was meant to be. She was sure of it.

Hands against the door, Marsha’s body heated up and her cunt contracted. She shivered as a stream of sizzling pussycream filled her cunt. Squeezing her thighs together, a thrill shot up her spine as she envisioned her handsome brother and beautiful mother fucking each other, their bodies moving up and down as one; his heavy cock plunging in and out of her juicy blonde muff. In her mind she could see Carol’s cunt surrounding Peter’s cock, her legs wrapped tightly across his back; her hands gripping the cheeks of his ass, kneading them, urging them forward.

The mental movie, stimulated by the sounds of their passion, rolled through her mind, flashing vivid, sexual, images of the people she loved on her brain. Marsha squeezed her still-sore tits, until the nipples stood stiff, then she roughly stuck her middle finger up her sopping cunt, twisting it back and forth as it scraped along the fiery walls of her pussy. A wave of dizziness swept over her and she slumped to the floor, her legs akimbo. A kaleidoscope of brilliant colors erupted before her eyes. Her finger rammed up her cunt without mercy. She clamped her jaw tightly as a hot orgasm rippled over her.

Her mother’s voice, in the throes of her own orgasm, came to her, enflaming her; driving her on to greater heights. She squeezed her eyes shut and raced her finger over the silky-slick, pink bud of her clitoris. Cum! Cum! she begged. Oh, God, how she wanted them! Peter’s cock filling her up; Carol’s lips on her naked cunt, sucking her clit. She wanted to suck on his cock, feel his cum splash in her mouth. She wanted to taste the tangy flavor of her mother’s cuntjuice.

Marsha’s thumb massaged her clit and two fingers explored the sticky wetness of her pleasure-raw pussy. Clamping her thighs around her twisting right hand, she rocked her hips back and forth, fucking herself on her stiff, sticky, fingers. Another cum eluded her. She rolled the hardened nipples of her tits around in the palm illegal bahis of her left hand, then pushed the large globes to her mouth. Her tongue sent tingling sensations across the sensitive flesh, causing her cunt to contract and imprison her demanding fingers.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh, how I need a cock in me!” she hissed into the darkness. Her eyes focused on the door of her parent’s room, just yards away, and a vision of her father’s long, slender cock, slimy with cum, lit up her mind like a neon sign. She licked her lips. So close! So far! Could she do it? In her mind, the door seem to surge back and forth, taunting her. She hesitated. The sound of her mother cumming, reaching an unscaled peak, came to her.

Yes! Yes, she could!

Marsha pulled her fingers from her pulsing cunt; silvery strands of cum-juice clinging to them. She licked them clean, savoring the tart cunt flavor on her tongue. She smiled at the door hiding her brother and mother from the night, then silently, like a cat, she crossed the hall, to her father’s door and slowly opened it.

* * *

Mike Bradford was sprawled across the king-sized bed, his body partially uncovered. Even in the half-light, Marsha could tell that he was naked beneath the sheet. A tingling sense of anticipation clutched at her heaving chest as she leaned against the bedroom door. Anticipation gave way to sexual excitement as her father rolled over, exposing his cock and balls. They dangled snake-like between his legs. Marsha clutched her stomach as her cunt began to flow anew. She was amazed at the amount of juice she was producing. Mike’s legs opened wide. She smiled and licked her lips hungrily. She knew precisely what she was going to do.

She shrugged out of her robe, and let it fall to the floor. The bed sagged – just a bit – under her weight. When she folded her body against his, he responded by moving closer. Her full, super-sensitive tits rubbed up against his warm skin, and sent a tingling up her spine. His hand brushed her tangle of blonde cunt-hair, and she shivered.

Gently rubbing the tips of her fingers along his arms and legs, she felt the heat of his body, the light mist of perspiration on his flesh. He murmured in his sleep as her trembling fingers, gently, touched his flaccid shaft, barely stroking it.

No, don’t wake up, Daddy dear, she thought, not yet. Not until I want you too. Her warm hand cupped his heavy balls. She rolled them in the palm of her hand and played with the thick strands of hair before putting them down and fondling his cock. Mike’s prick jerked in her hand, the heat activating it, giving it life. Her thumb rubbed across the sensitive knob, and his shaft stiffened. Holding her prize firmly in her right hand, she got on her hands and knees and straddled her father’s sleeping form. She positioned her corn-silk pussy just inches from his nose and mouth, knowing that the heavy, sex-flavor aroma of her cunt would soon fill his nostrils, and his brain. In the darkness, she heard him stiff and loudly lick his lips. She smiled.

Gently, ever-so-gently, Marsha rubbed her cunt-fur over his face. She felt him twitch as the pubic strands tickled his mouth and nose. Her hand kneaded his slender rod, working it to full length and hardness. Wide-eyed, she watched it grow from her ministrations and marveled as the lean, marble-hard prick reached full erection.

Mike groaned and his breathing became deeper, more rapid, matching Marsha’s as the tension built up in her. His cock twitched in her sweaty hand, and she stared at the pisshole, seeing it as a one-eyed monster. Panting, she flicked her tongue over it, washing the crown with her saliva. The taste was musky, with a hint of salt.


With a smile of triumph, Marsha lowered her blonde head and his shaft sank into the warm moistness of her mouth. She heard a gravel-like groan from her father, and felt his hips begin to slowly rotate, moving his awakened prick around in the hotness of her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” he mewed softly.

Marsha felt his body becoming active as sleep began to leave him. His hands found her asscheeks and she thrilled as he started to knead them, his fingers strong, but gentle. This was the moment she had been waiting for. Lowering her muff over his face, she ground her cunt into his open mouth. Hungrily, she sucked his prick deep into the cavern of her mouth as his tongue darted up her slick pussy.

She was sucking her father’s cock! He was licking her wide-open pussy, lapping her flowing juice like a hungry cat.

Was he really awake? Did he realize whose pussy he was eating? Could he tell the difference? The questions jumbled in her mind as his pleasure-giving tongue sent shivers of electricity racing to her brain. She felt his lips clamp on her clit, giving it a sucking kiss. A blinding shockwave coursed through her body and she almost lost his cock. It popped, wetly, from her mouth, but snapped back into her face like a hinged door. Quickly, she sucked it back to its warm cradle, licking it like a lost treasure; illegal bahis siteleri unable to stop herself from sighing out-loud.

Her father’s squirming tongue explored the wet, upper walls of her steaming pussy and she shuddered. Even her mother’s nimble tongue hadn’t gotten this far up her cunt! Her mouth tightened on his dickhead and her hand pumped his rock-hard shaft as her body jerked from the sharp pins and needles effect of his cunt-licking.

Marsha was in a sexual heaven that had no dimension. Her fevered brain was receiving sensations that only a true loved one could give to another. This was the ultimate pure pleasure! Her breathing was rapid, and she let out little gasps as she squirmed her cunt down on his face, mashing his nose in the tangle of soft, wet, hair, trying to bury him inside her.

Mike’s hands reached for her tits; found them and kneaded the red hot flesh. His mind registered their size and fullness, but he wasn’t conscious of it. He jammed his long tongue in her throbbing cunt and started slurping; lapping up the pussy-nectar that dribbled into his mouth, the tart flavor spurring him on. His tongue slipped between her asscheeks, licking the length of them. The serpentine tongue probed her asshole and entered it.

Marsha gasped and her head swam. A searing white light went off behind her eyes, blinding her. The shock, the excitement, the pleasure was almost too much to bear. She nearly fainted. She couldn’t believe this was happening, nor could she believe the pleasure the asshole reaming was giving her. Wiggling backwards, she rubbed her ass in her father’s face; panting with each flick of his piercing tongue against the sensitive walls of her asshole. Her mouth never left his cock and her hand never stopped pumping his hard shaft.

His tongue was back, twirling rapidly, over her pulsing clit. She was hardly aware of his long, slender finger slipping into her well lubricated ass; not until it started to twist around inside the sensitive cavity. Her body went rigid and her eyes overflowed with tears of ecstasy. Unable to control herself, she clamped her thighs around her father’s head; the feel of his face between her legs made her explode instantly.

It was a gut-wrenching, volcanic eruption that spurted, lava-like cum-juice into Mike’s waiting mouth. She ground her crotch down, hard, on his face, moaning with abandon as the rhythmic jolts of her orgasm flashed through her body. Every nerve tingled. Every pore seemed to burst with passion and pleasure. Her hands tore at the bedsheets, twisting them in violent spasms. She buried her face in his crotch, sucking his cock deep down her throat, making her gasp for air; the bristle-like hair scouring her hot-flushed cheeks.

Half of his heavy load shot directly down her throat, without her ever tasting it. Jerking her head up she let the spewing cock spray her face; nose, eyes, hair. Then she sucked the throbbing knob-head, milking it; reveling in the musky taste of his thick jism.

Marsha rubbed his dripping cockhead all over her face; her tongue licking the steely shaft, kissing the purple crown. She lapped at the slimy strands of cum dangling from the twitching cock and dribbling down her face; the pungent smell made her pussy twitch. Panting in total exhaustion, she heard his deep groan of satisfaction. Her head drooped and she pressed his turgid prick to her soft lips while his tongue gently laved her steaming cunt.

Time stood still. Seconds. Minutes. Marsha had no awareness of their passing. Her breathing slowed, but her desire remained. She wanted more! She wanted this cock in her demanding pussy. Her hands fondled Mike’s spongy prick, rubbing it over the tips of her tits, coaxing it back to life. Her tongue tickled it and her mouth caressed it. It twitched and jumped, then, finally, responding to the her urgent demands, stood erect and hard.

Jumping up, her back still facing her groggy father, she squatted over his upright prong. Then, her mind whirling with lust, she lowered herself onto his long, slender shaft. She felt the hard tip push against her puffy cuntlips; part them and slide up her juicy cunt-channel.

“Ahhhhhhh!” she sighed. “Oh, yessss!” she said loudly as she started to hump herself on his rigid prick.

Mike’s hard cock filled her up and shimmering waves of heat flooded her body. Her hips began a rapid twisting motion, forcing his cock deeper and deeper, until their pubic hairs tangled together as she squirmed her passion. Her body glistened with a thin sheen of perspiration as she began to furiously fuck herself on her father’s beautiful prick.

Through eyes, slitted with passion, Mike gazed at the beautiful blonde woman who relentlessly rode his cock. Her pussy grasped at his shaft, painfully forcing his foreskin back and forth. Unbelievable pleasures rippled through his loins.

She leaned backwards, her arms straddling his humping body; her long blonde hair whipping across his face and chest. He reached up and grabbed her big, bouncing tits. He could feel canlı bahis siteleri his cock go deep, then back to the very brink of her hot pussy. His clouded mind tried to clear itself.

Something was not right.

A picture of his wife, Carol, came to his mind: blonde, well-formed, full tits, and rounded ass.

What was wrong?

He massaged the exquisite mounds, rolling the nipples between his fingers. They were bigger than Carol’s! His mind registered the slender frame, the long, shapely legs, and the long blonde hair whipping from side to side. A cold sense of dread gripped his brain and his mind exploded in recognition.


“Oh, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!”

Instantly awake, he tried to dislodge her from his cock, but her vise-like cunt clamped tightly around his throbbing shaft, holding him prisoner. His frantic movements made her fall beside him, but his prick couldn’t escape.

They were sidesaddle now, her leg over his hips, hard against his ass. She grabbed his hand and forced the hot flesh of her tit into his palm.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy … squeeze my tits! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck!” Her voice was urgent and demanding. “Oh, it feels so good! Don’t stop, Daddy!”

“Marsha! … No! … Can’t do this … wrong!”

Mike’s mind reeled with the magnitude of his sin, but cock still humped her clasping pussy, his hips moving in automatic response to the sexual excitement generating from his daughter’s body.

“Oh, God,” he moaned, feeling his will to resist begin to melt. He was fucking his daughter! His big, beautiful daughter! God forgive me, his tortured brain screamed, it feels wonderful!

His resolve faded and his mind and body surrendered to Marsha’s hot, demanding body.

“Oh, baby,” he sobbed, “your pussy feels to good. So tight! Fuck me, babe! Fuck your daddy’s hot cock!

Marsha grabbed his other hand and pressed it to her thick, hairy mound, making him feel his own prick in her cunt. His brain exploded with lust!

She rolled to her hands and knees, her powerful cunt muscles taking her father with her. Doggie-style, he fucked his passionate daughter with frenzied strokes.

“Yeah! Yeahhhhh! Oh, yes!” she cried as his rock-hard prick churned in her wet pussy, his hips smacking against her wiggling asscheeks. Through her wide-open legs she watched in rapt fascination as his long, slender cock pistoned in and out of her body. She dug her fingers into the bedsheets as the waves of pleasure engulfed her. Cool air assailed the hot walls of her inner cunt. Her father had pulled out of her. A sense of emptiness filled her mind.

“Oh, no! Please!” she moaned.

A sharp, sudden, pain snapped her eyes open. Mouth agape, face contorted, she felt his prick push its way past the tight ring of her puckered asshole. Marsha tried to scream but words wouldn’t come. Slowly, the slender cockhead disappeared up her ass.

“Agggggghhhh! Oh, take it out … Daddyyyy! … it’s too big!” she wailed.

She thrashed her head around and moaned loudly at the rough intrusion. Her toes curled and her hands tore at the sheets, bunching them up. Then, miraculously, the stinging pain began to subside. Her head drooped, and with a whoosh, a deep breath escaped her lips.

“Oh, hot ass! I love tight ass!”

Mike Bradford’s gravely voice, choked with passion, came from another world.

“Com’on, baby! You love it! Just like your mother! She takes it all the way up … loves cock in her ass! … Just like your mother!”

The words and the slow stroke of his cock in her ass, turned Marsha on. Her mother liked to get fucked in the ass! And she was just like her mother! The thought excited her and each stroke of Mike’s throbbing cock enflamed her passion and lust. Her body began to writhe, to undulate, and her ass churned as her father finally rammed his cock all the way in.

“Eeeeeech!” she yelped, but the pleasure of having a prick in her virgin ass was driving the pain away. Her pussy was creaming with erotic thoughts; her mind a camera and she saw herself being assfucked by her father. She felt totally wanton, totally perverted, and totally loved.


Carol’s blonde cunt squished from the amount of cum- juice in it, hers and Peter’s. She had lost count of the times her son had made her climax, but her body was sticky with the proof of his vitality and stamina. And he was fucking her again! This time doggie-style; his cock still hard, even after several cums, pounded her tender pussy, forcing her face into the soft pillows with each powerful thrust.

As the night wore on, they had not made love, they made war! Foreplay and preamble were forgotten. Carol had just wanted his big cock in her. She wanted it to stretch her; fill her demanding body and make her wallow in the joys of her sordid pleasures. This taboo, the breaking of this final barrier, was the most erotic thing in her lust-filled world; his spurting cock an affirmation of her chosen way of life.

Peter must have felt the same, she thought, only he was using her body to exorcise the years of frustrating fantasies about his sister, Marsha. He was relentless, almost ruthless in his fucking. Carol didn’t care. Her forbidden passion and lust matched her son’s; her need, just as powerful.

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