The Addams Family Chronicles Ch. 04

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After weeks of planning, the day had arrived at last. The final hours before the guests arrived passed in a haze of activity. Lurch and Thing dashed about the magnificent ballroom, ensuring that there were enough tables and chairs and decorations, laying place settings and helping the band set up. Morticia and Wednesday once more went over her role as maid of honor and rehearsed the order of events. Pugsley went over his checklist of materials he’d need for his task in the evening, rope, map, chloroform, ball gag and blindfold. Gomez and Fester sat in the study, sipping cognac and going over his Gomez’s vows.

In the kitchens Grandma was busily attending to her own final preparations. On all the stovetops huge vats simmered and all the ovens were firing, as food for hundreds was cooked. Hester was huddled by a roaring fire in the hearth, sweating intensely as she added carefully measured ingredients into a simmering concoction within a cast iron cauldron. She’d already poured in a bottle of ancient, vinegary wine that hissed and bubbled pungently. To this she added four vials of semen; thirteen freshly plucked black pubic hairs after that, half a draught of laudanum and several liberal doses of Spanish fly mixture.

She watched the mixture simmer and hiss, it turned black then dark green and she nodded, turning back to her book. She muttered an incantation quietly as she began to stir the mixture. After a few minutes of this she paused and turned to her shelf and found the powder of the crushed horn of an endangered white Rhino. She poured it into the cauldron and the result was immediate. There was poof as a plume of green smoke escaped into the air. Grandma ginned and muttered a little more as the potion bubbled more.

From the next room Morticia’s voice called “Mama, it’s nearly sunset, the guest’s will be arriving shortly. Come and greet them with us.”

Hester nodded to herself. “Coming!”

She rose, her joints creaking as she did, and shambled out of the kitchens and into the foyer were the family was assembling. The door was open, Lurch standing beside it stoically and the family lined up at the foot of the stairs. The sun had begun to dip below the horizon as the cars began their slow procession up the long drive way. The gate swung open, revealing a line of antique cars. Rolls Royces, Tuckers, Packards, as far as he eye could see. They pulled to a halt in front of the house and one by one the guests immerged.

There were Addams, Frumps, Dravenwoods, Finches and so many more. Here was the hair covered Itt and his charming wife Margaret. There was the humpbacked Lumpy Addams and the completely bald Dementia Frump. The lovely conjoined twins Flora and Fauna Amor. The Family greeted them all warmly, with handshakes and hugs as the guests coalesced and mingled.

Leaning over to Gomez, Morticia whispered “Look, my Cousin Margery. She’s brought her new husband.”

“Mmm! Which is he, the third?”

“The fourth. The third is still missing.”

A tall, thin woman approached, towing a small, slender man with her. She was dark haired and she was dressed in a gothic style green dress with a plunging neckline and a high collar. She reached the family and offered them a ghost of a smile. “Cousin, so good to see you.” Margery said coolly.

Morticia smiled pleasantly. “Margery, wonderful you could make it.”

Margery cocked an eyebrow, “Indeed. This is Wilhelm my current husband.”

“Hello, it’s a plea-“

“Silence!” Margery snapped. “And you recall my children, the twins, Lech and Lilin.” She pointed to the teenagers.

The pair glanced icily over the family. They looked about her age and could not have looked less alike. Lech was tall and slender, dressed in a prim black suit, a black tie and a white shirt with a stiff high collar, his dark hair rigidly parted in the center. Lilin was shorter, chubby, wearing a short sleeve stripped shirt and a pleated, knee-length, green skirt, her shoulder length hair was dirty blonde and stuck out in a disarray. The only thing similar about them was their matching expressions of apathy as they regarded the group. As they reached Wednesday however they both stopped.

Wednesday felt their eyes probing her as she stared back. They glanced over at each other and offered one another identical smiles. She felt her stomach flutter, a shiver run up her spine and her nipples stiffen, and it took all her strength to maintain her composure. The twins looked back at her and grinned again, looking her up and down. A moment later they were being ushered away and into the crowd. She watched them go, feeling her heart beating harder.

“Aunt Morticia!” A voice called. Wednesday looked back and saw a smiling young woman in her twenties walking towards them. She was tall, with a short bob of auburn hair, dressed in a dark, crimson dress that pulled tight over a prominent bump in her stomach.

“Lucinda! Marvelous to see you dear.” Morticia said affectionately. She looked down at the girl’s belly. “Oh, sweet darkness, you’re with child! izmir escort bayan That’s wonderful.”

Lucinda patted her bump and smiled, “Yes. I’m so excited. I’ve heard the pain of childbirth is excruciating. Torture beyond what I can imagine.”

Morticia reached out and rested her hand on her Niece’s stomach. “Oh darling, it is.”

Lucinda tittered girlishly. “I can hardly wait for little Lucius to come.”

“The father?”

Lucinda shrugged, “I have no idea. It’s either the celibate priest I seduced, Mad dog Sam the slayer from the asylum, or One of the congregates of the Church of the Dark Ones.”

Morticia gestured over at her husband. “You remember Gomez.”

Gomez stooped into a bow and took her hand to his lips, “Lucinda? Impossible! This ravishing beauty can’t possibly be the little Lucinda I remember.”

“Hehe, still the charmer I see.” She said her hellos to Fester, Hester and the children. Pugsley had been staring at her since she waked over, drinking in the shape of her body. He found himself fascinated by the fullness of her breasts and roundness of her stomach. His mind conjured a series of perverse images. He shuffled his feet, feeling a stirring between his legs. He grinned peevishly as the impure thoughts bubbled in his brain.

When he was able at last able to pull his eyes off of her body and back up to her face he found her looking directly at him. There was a mischievously grin on her full lips and a twinkle in her eyes. “My, my,” Lucinda said quietly. “Everyone has certainly grown up a lot.” She raised her eyebrows and Pugsley looked away hurriedly, feeling himself starting to blush.

At that moment there was a resounding “DONG” and a hush fell over the assembly. The doors to the ballroom slowly creaked open as if on they’re on. Gomez strode purposefully through the crowd and stood before the opening. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our home. We cannot tell you what a genuine pleasure it is to have you all here to celebrate Morticia and my renewal of our dark vows. Without further ado, let the festivities begin!”


The party was in full swing. The band played shrill, haunting melodies as the guests began the first course of dinner. A few had had already trotted onto the dance and waltzed rhythmically. At the main table, Morticia was helping Pubert kill his soup as Gomez alternated between pecking at his plate and nibbling on her ear. Wednesday sipped her punch, feeling it burn corrosively down her throat. Her eyes kept being drawn over to the table where Lech and Lilin sat. She kept catching glimpses of them through the crowd, and she was certain she could see them looking back over at her.

“Fester Addams!” She heard two voices call out in stereo. Looking up the table she say the conjoined Amor twins Flora and Fauna standing in front of her Uncle. “Would you care to dance?” Fauna asked girlishly.

“Oh, with me first!” Flora shot back testily.

“Oh please me first!”

“Ladies, please! I would be honored to dance with the both of you.” Fester said rising to his feet. She looked back across the floor taking another sip of the pungent concoction and saw the two seats empty. She scanned the room and caught a glimpse of the pair slipping out the door. Wednesday set her cup down and considered. She thought about the way their eyes had seemed to undress her. The cool, viscous smirk they had shared with each other. Her heart skipped up its rhythm.

“Mother, may I be excused?” She asked, still looking at the door.

Morticia followed her daughter’s gaze and smiled. “Well, I suppose. Just be sure to get changed in time for the ceremony.”

“Yes Mother.” Wednesday stood and moved lithely across the room, watching the twins disappearing down the hall. A pair of revelers danced into her path and she halted, scowling. She cleared her throat and the dancers turned to look at her. “Move,” she commanded impatiently. They jerked away quickly and she continued past them into hall. She cocked her head and listened for the sound of their footfalls. Once she was able to tell which way they were heading, she crossed the hall to the far wall.

She reached the bookcase, found the right book and pulled. The bookcase swung back smoothly, revealing the passage beyond. She entered and let the case swing silently back into place behind her. She navigated the dim, grimy passageway by memory, the walls tight around her. She kept her ear pressed to the partition listening for the sound of voices.

After a series of turns she at last reached her destination. In the room behind the wall she could hear muffled conversation. Her hand searched in the dark and found the hidden panel. She slid it stealthily out, and fixed her eye to the exposed peephole.

She was looking into the lounge. The walls were lined with small tables displaying busts, bottles of liquor and boxes of cigars. In the very back of the room was a huge oil painting, depicting hungry hounds stalking a wounded fox. Directly in front of that was a pool table, escort izmir littered with balls, a cue leaning against it. Lech was standing beside it, pouring a snifter of cognac. Lilin was spread out over a plush, green velvet sofa, head on the armrest, legs crossed in front of her.

The girl sighed, “hmmm, bored. I wish we were back home, in my bed, with your magnificent cock inside me.” Wednesday’s eyes widened and she pressed herself in closer.

“It’s not a total loss dear sister.” Lech said, taking a swallow of the spirits.


He began to walk up behind the couch. “The girl. Wednesday.” He set the glass down on the end table. Wednesday felt herself quiver at the mention of her name.

Lilin turned her head and smiled devilishly up at her brother. “What about her?”

“Oh don’t be coy you little slut. I saw you looking at her. Undressing her with your eyes. “

“Hehe, well I’m not the only one.” She reached up, snaked her hand up his thigh and rested it on his crotch. “Hmm, I’d say somebody else certainly noticed her. Those pigtails and that scowl. Imagine the sounds she makes!” She squeezed his bulging trousers.

Lech took hold of her wrist and pulled her up. “Hmm, Lilin… you are incorrigible.” He slid his hands over her shoulders and began to massage her. Lilin reached up grabbed hold of his tie and tugged him towards her. His face buried into hers and her hands slipped into his hair. He leaned further over the back of the sofa and then tumbled over and into her lap. Lilin giggled and kissed him back hungrily.

Her heart was shaking her teeth. She could feel her nipples stiffen against the fabric of her dress and her panties moisten. Not thinking about it, Wednesday’s hand slid along the wall and found the latch. She tugged it and pushed the wall. The hidden door slid open.

Stepping out of the passage, she moved towards the twins. Lech was kissing Lilin’s neck, as she held his hair between her fingers. With each step forward Wednesday was more aware of her arousal. A throbbing ache wracked her body, emanating from her dripping loins into the pit of her stomach. Her face felt hot. The floor creaked minutely beneath her foot and Lilin’s eyes parted. A slow smile crept over her face. “Well, speak of the devil. Lech, we have company.”

Lech broke his lips away from her neck and turned his head. His smile matched hers exactly. Wednesday stood silently as he shifted and sat down on the coach beside his sister. “Wednesday. So glad you could join us.” He said, slinging his arm over Lilin’s shoulders. His fingers went to the rim of her striped shirt. “Tell me something. Do you like my sister’s tits as much as I do?”

He pulled the shirt up and slowly revealed Lilin’s full, D-cup sized breasts. Lilin looked down, regarding herself and then back up at Wednesday, still grinning. Her skin was white and glossy, her stomach plump, her breasts topped by erect mauve nipples. Wednesday felt her clit throb harder. Her own nipples pressed tenderly against the fabric of her dress. Her eyes got wide.

She took another step forward. She felt something alien. A painful tug on her face, as she watched Lech wrapped his hands around Lilin’s tits. It took some time to recognize it, as it was so unfamiliar. Then it occurred to her, she was smiling. Lilin raised her hand and wiggled her finger, beckoning.

She moved forward faster as Lech tugged her shirt the rest of the way off. Wednesday reached the coach and slowly fell to her knees. Lilin spread her legs. Wednesday let her fingers fall on Lilin’s stomach and slid them upwards. “Huh! Hehe, mmm, her hands are cold.” Lilin giggled as Wednesday’s hands glided onto her breasts.

“Mmm, you do like them. Let’s see just how much…” Lech said getting to his feet. Wednesday leaned in and took Lilin’s nipple into her lips. The girl cooed pleasantly as she rolled her tongue on her areola and gently rubbed her teeth against it. As she did she felt Lech’s hands on her shoulders. They worked their way down over her breasts and sides and then slithered under her dress. They slid over the curves of her buttocks and then around to the front and began to unbutton her pants with ease.

Wednesday rose to accommodate him and turned her attention to Lilin’s other breast, nibbling and suckling. “Mmh! Oh, you do that good!”

Lech meanwhile was beginning to tug her trousers over her thighs. He reached between her legs and pressed his hand against the wet fabric of her panties. Wednesday shuddered at the feel of his fingers pushing against her cleft. She dug her teeth in harder. “Ehm!” Lilin squeaked.

“Mmm, she’s dripping sister.”

“Hmmm, oh really? Think she wants to see my pussy brother?” Lilin asked. She took hold of Wednesday’s wrists and began to guide her hands up her thighs and under her skirt. Wednesday stared her in the eye as she grabbed hold of the rim of her underwear. Lech was pulling off her shoes and bringing her pants the rest of the way down her legs. She could feel goose bumps breaking out over her body izmir escort as she pulled the panties down over the girl’s legs. Her pussy slipped into view.

A pink slit, flanked by puffed lips glistening with moisture, covered in blonde hair as unkempt as that on her head. She discarded the gray underwear to the side and stared at Lilin’s cunt hungrily. Her pants were bunched up beside her and Lech had his hands running up her bare thighs. She could feel the patch of wetness spreading as he slid his fingers into her underwear. They fell off over her round, raised butt cheeks. He tugged back on her shoulders and wrapped his arms around her waist. Hs face was cheek to cheek with hers and Wednesday could feel his breath on her neck. “Wednesday, cousin, do you want to be my sister and my toy?” He asked as he started to pull at her dress, the top bottom popping off. Lilin spread her legs further and hicked up her skirt.

“Will you be gentle?”



He pulled harder on her dress, ripping the buttons ripped off one by one. Her breasts fell into view as Lech peeled it off of her. He laid his hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward firmly. Wednesday put her hands on Lilin’s thighs and buried her face in her pussy. Her open mouth flooded with the salty sweet taste of her as she snaked her tongue upwards from bottoms. Lilin giggled and squealed her approval.

“Eeeh! Hehehe! Mmm, she’s eager Lech!” She said, pushing Wednesday deeper in. Wednesday ran her hands up her thighs and stomach and fondled her amble tits. Lech was rising to his feet and kicking off his shoes. Wednesday’s tongue circled the Lilin’s swollen clitoris. Her lips wrapped around it and began to suckle, digging her fingers in harder to the girl’s meaty legs. Her soft pubes tickled her cheeks and she felt warm, gushing juices coating her mouth and chin.

“Mmm! Mmm, hmm!” She grunted, pushing her tongue down on the sweet nub. Her fingers pinched at Lilin’s nipples and she held her head more firmly.

“OH! Mmmh! Oh, fuck yes!” Lilin groaned, her head rolling backwards.

“She’s good?” Lech asked. He’d shed everything but his boxer shorts from his thin frame.

“Oh Gods brother! Her tongue is a delight! Hehe! Uuuh…”

“Do you think her pussy is as sweet as yours sister?” He asked completely nude now.

“Hmmm, taste it and see.”

He walked across the floor towards them, and took hold of Wednesday’s hand. “Here. Lilin’s get onto the floor.” He instructed. Wednesday backed away reluctantly and watched as Lilin slid her mass off the couch and onto the rug. She lay down on one side and raised her leg. Impatiently Wednesday lowered herself down, putting her head on Lilin’s thigh and burying her face back in her delicious, hairy snatch.

As she did she felt her leg being raised up. Lech was between her thighs, hot breath on her mound. His tongue squirmed between her labia and her body quaked in answer. Up above Lech’s cock, eight inches and curves slightly at the tip, jutting from a nest of dark pubic hair, rested in Lilin’s face. She wrapped her lips around it, completing the triangle.

Wednesday’s mind and body were aflame. She felt possessed. It was as if some beautiful, dark demon of lust was inside her now, blotting out anything and everything but the desire to satiate her most base and debauched wishes. It was glorious. She truly felt like an Addams at this moment, as her tongue slithered and snaked in her cousin’s vag while her other cousin suckled on her clit. The wet sounds of tongues, grunts and squeals made a wondrous symphony.

Abruptly Lech broke the connection and crawled to his knees. “Huh-huh, get to your back.” He panted, grabbing hold of Wednesday’s hips. She turned over willing, spreading her legs wide and watching him creep towards her, his eyes alight with zeal. Lilin hefted herself on her ass and watched.

Wednesday gazed up at Lech as she felt the tip of his member teasing against her slit. She ground her teeth defiantly at him, wanting him inside her desperately. “Make it hurt.” She ordered plainly. Lech grinned wolfishly at her and then without any further warning slid himself in. His full, thick, hard shaft filled her. The curved tip ran along the upper wall of her passage and pushed deep into her and his full, low testicles slammed against her crack. Wednesday’s back arched and she gasped. “Oh!”

Lech grunted, pulled out to the very edge and then hefted himself back into her, harder this time. Wednesday’s body spasmed and her eyes closed. “Oh Fuuuuck! Gods! Yes!”

“Yeah! Yeah! You like this? Like this you slut?! You are so wet!” Lech muttered, shoving her legs up and back, pushing even deeper into her. His nails dug into her flesh. There was a steady “thwap! thwap! thwap! THWAP!” of his balls hitting her over and over as he speared her. She reached up and took hold of her knees, pulling them further back, wanting him inside her deeper, watching to be stretched and penetrated.

“I do! Uuuh! I love it! Harder! Mmm! Harder! Fuck me like a dirty whore!” She moaned. She felt a monstrous rush welling up inside her. Building in the pit of her stomach ready to explode. Her brow furrowed and her mouth hung on in a silent scream. “Oh gods! I’m cumming! Aaaah! Keep going!”

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