The 80s Mom

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Disclaimer: Everyone is of legal age in this story.


I always thought I came from an average family with only one exception, my mother Janet. She was born in 1968 after her father returned home from Vietnam; my dad was born in the same year. They became high school sweethearts in the 80’s and if you look at pictures of them you would laugh.

Well at least you would laugh at my dad, his hair in a shoulder length mullet that a half of can of hairspray would be needed to style it for him. He had his ear pierced and he wore tee shirts representing his favorite bands. He also wore these stupid metal and leather stud bracelets on his wrists. My mother on the other hand she too had big hair, yet her killer body filling out tight spandex pants, tight tee shirts, halter tops or tight short denim or leather skirts.

They grew up, my father went on to do four years of college and then four more years of law school to get a job with a successful law firm to earn a decent living. He left the fun partying days of youth behind to playing golf on the weekend and working on making partner someday soon.

My mother on the other hand only did two years of college and got pregnant with me, she ended up leaving school always vowing to return. When I was old enough to start school she ended up getting a job as an office manager for a large company in the area. She manages all of the clerks, sectaries, receptionists for this company and takes care of ordering office supplies.

Mom always dresses professionally for her job, her beautiful thirty eight d breasts fill every blouse or sweater she wears nicely. When she wears pants her round bottom also fills them out nicely as well, when she wears skirts her shapely legs always receive and extra look from male admirers.

Speaking of admirers my mother besides my father and me also has my two best buddies Derek and Steve. They always try to find a way to get us to end up at my house so they can sit around and ogle her whenever possible. Now that she is turning forty this year she kind of enjoys the flirting as if it makes her feel young again.

One day totally by accident I found out how my mother still gets hot when she watches the 80’s hair bands she used listen too back in her younger days. Our cable system finally added VH1 classic and my parents found out they had a show called Metal Mania. They dvr the show all the time and watch the videos whenever they get a chance too, usually my mother watches alone due to the fact dad is always bringing work home.

Well basketball practice got canceled and I caught a ride home with Derek, I entered the house I could hear the music coming from the living room. I quietly took my boots off and hung my coat up, and then I walked down the hall to the living room. My mother did not hear me walk in, she was lying on the couch watching a video, and the lead guitar player was into his solo already.

I gasped when I saw that her blouse was open, her bra unhooked to reveal her large firm tits. Her nipples standing straight up their dark brownish red color, you could see marks from where her fingers were squeezing them. She had one hand down her pants and she was humping her hips up towards her fingers as she masturbated. Her soft moans and pants filled the living room as she arched herself up real high, her whole body tensed in orgasm.

I gave her a few minutes to recover; my poor cock was straining against my jeans wanting out in the worst way. I made noise and she quickly got redressed, then I came into the living room.

“Hey Mom, practice got canceled today” I said to her trying to hid my erection.

“Well I guess I should wash up and get dinner started a little earlier.” She said getting off the couch and slipping by me to the kitchen.

I flew up the stairs and shut my door, throwing my book bag down on the bed I quickly pulled my cock from my jeans. I stroked it in record time shooting my cum almost three feet as it exploded from the head of my cock.

The rest of the night I could not help but to check my mother out, she would just smile and shake her head whenever she caught me. The next day Derek picked me up for school and I told him what I saw, he was completely turned on by the tale I told him.

“Wow you know we got to figure out a way for this to work out in our favor.” He said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We need to figure out how to get your mother alone and get her all worked up listening to the music she likes.” He explained to me. “Then maybe the three will get a show from her or more.”

“Sounds cool to me, I would love to watch my mother do that again.” I said as we pulled into the parking lot and met Steve waiting for us.

After telling him about what I saw when I got home and how we were going to figure out a way for us all to see a show from my mother. When I got home neither of my parents were home, so we did some research from the computer in my room. We studied up on all of the hair bands from the 80’s and youtubed bursa escort some of their videos.

Most of them made us laugh at either the clothes or the hair styles they had, but we noticed that they all attracted hot chicks. My mother was the first to arrive home and we could hear her coming up the stairs.

“Hey there Mrs. Martin, how are you today.” Both Steve and Derek said upon seeing her.

“Hi guys, what you are up too today.” She said peeking into my room.

“Oh, we are just doing some research on music of the 1980’s for a school project.” I said.

“Well let me know if you need any help, I know lot’s about that decade and its music.” She said with a smile.

“Yes Mrs. Martin we sure will.” Steve said.

My mother excused herself and changed out of her work clothes, and then she went and got dinner ready. We were shocked when we came down to the kitchen to see her frying pork chops in a faded Whitesnake concert tee and a tight pair of tattered blue jeans.

“I’m surprised these jeans fit.” She said as she added more paprika.

“They look like they fit you very well.” Derek replied nervously.

“Well we will see you tomorrow Scott.” Steve said as he walked out.

“Bye guys don’t be strangers and if you need any help with your project let me know.” My shouted as they both left the house.

I did a lot of thinking and plotting the rest of the week and then an idea finally hit me when I was seeing if anything good was coming up on the weekend. I noticed that Metal Mania was a three hour show on Saturday night and my mother usually taped it. My father plays golf in an indoor virtual golf league on Sunday morning so he can keep his game up during the winter. I got the idea of inviting the guys over on Sunday morning to work on our project and getting my mom to help.

When she got home I approached her with the idea and she gladly agreed, I told her the guys were going to come over while dad was at his indoor golf league. She laughed and said that she probably knew more than he did about the music anyways.

Friday I explained to the guys my plan and they could hardly wait for Sunday to come around. I noticed on Saturday mom spent a lot of time in her room going through her closet, she pulled out a lot of her clothes and compact discs she put away. By the time Sunday rolled around the guys got to my house shortly after Dad left to play golf. They brought notebooks and pens as if they were going to actually take notes.

My mother surprised us coming down in a tight pair of spandex pants, a ton of make up on and her hair style as high as she could get it. The skimpy little halter top left little to the imagination as we could see she ample cleavage showing.

The guys were pretty excited to see my mother dressed they way she was and could not wait to get the project started. We were about a half hour into the show and my mother was giving quite a show as she stood up in front of the television telling us who was a great lead singer or which guitar player played the best. We could tell by the way her tits jiggled in the halter top and the way her nipples were starting to protrude she did not have a bra on.

After two an hour of the show they played a video for Motley Crue and we found out this was my mother’s favorite band. There was even a scene where a girl raised her shirt to show her tits to the band. Obviously it was blurred out so nobody could see anything, which is when Steve asked a great question.

“Mrs. Martin have you ever flashed the band at a concert?” He asked.

‘Holy Shit!’ I thought.

“Why yes back in my younger days I flashed many great bands my breasts.” She laughed and then turned back to the screen with a dreamy look in her face.

“How was it, was it quick or did you hold you shirt up so they could get a good look?” Derek boldly asked.

“Nice and slow, I wanted them to get a good look.” She said in an almost inaudible whisper.

“It sure would be real cool if you show us how it’s done?” Steve asked not thinking she would actually do it.

Then without warning she turned up the volume so the sound of the video was blaring in the whole room. She started swaying back en forth lip syncing the words when without warning she slowly reached down with both hands to the hem of her shirt. She slowly pulled it up to her chin and revealed to the three of us her fine looking breasts. She held this pose for at least a full minute before putting the shirt down and she flashed us a smile.

“That is how it is done.” She said. “I think that is enough of a lesson today.”

She left the room and the three of us sat on the couch exchanging glances at first and then high fives. The guys stuck around for a little while longer with the wheels in motion for further study time with my mother.

The rest of the day was a normal routine, my mother changed and my father came home from golf. We had a nice Sunday dinner as a family and I went upstairs to finish my homework. My bursa escort bayan mother not one time mentioned what she had done, not once even telling me to tell my friends to keep it a secret or that she got carried away.

At school on Monday, Steve approached me with a new idea and he needed to know if my mother was going to be home alone at all. I told him I would have to find out and let him know, he would not let either myself or Derek know the plan. The week was almost over before I found out that Dad had to go overnight on Saturday to catch a college basketball game with his old buddies from his fraternity. I told Steve over the phone that my mother would be alone on Saturday and whatever he had planned he could try it.

He informed me that I was to leave but I could sneak back in with Derek and watch what he had planned. I told him not to do anything stupid to ruin what we have going with my mother, we need to take it slow. He told me not to worry and just stick to his plan on Saturday. Saturday arrived and I came downstairs after I got the call from Steve, I told my mother I was leaving to go play a pick up game with Derek at the school.

When I got outside he and Derek were waiting for me, he told me we were going to wait five minutes and then he was going to the house alone. Then wait a few more minutes for Derek and me to sneak in the back. It seemed like we waited an eternity and he finally went up to the door and rang the bell.

“Hey Mrs. Martin, I was wondering if you could help me with a little research?” Steve asked.

“What kind of research and aren’t you working on this project with Scott and Derek?” She asked wondering why he was not here with us.

“Well each of us is going to work on a different chapter, mine happens to great power ballads.” He explained. “I have this really great DVD I picked up to help us.”

“Alright I guess I can help you out.” She said ushering him in.

It was Saturday, my mom had on a pair of jeans and an old button up shirt of my dad’s, no make up and her hair not even done up and she still looked hot. We waited almost ten minutes before quietly sneaking in the backdoor and creeping into the living room entry.

My mother and Steve were sitting on the couch watching the DVD; they were actually sitting right next to each other. They were watching the DVD and my mother was really getting into the music.

“Oh these songs bring back memories.” She said softly.

“Want to relive some of those memories?” Steve asked without waiting for an answer.

He leaned in and kissed my mother on the mouth; he pulled her closer to him and held her tightly. She did not squirm or try to pull away from him; as a matter of fact she had started to return his kiss with equal passion.

While they were kissing he took every opportunity to explore her clothed body with his hands. He played with her tits through her shirt; he rubbed her ass through her jeans and rubbed her pussy as well. Steve then slowly undid her shirt and got it completely undone; her breasts were now on full display to him. He stopped kissing her and paid his full attention to them, he licked, sucked and squeezed them making my mother moan aloud in the process.

She pulled him off of her tits so they could start kissing again, Steve then reached down and undid her jeans. He slides his hand down inside her jeans; he begins to frig her wet pussy. You can hear it making sloshing sound with every thrust of his fingers, my mother is now moaning softly. My mother stopped kissing him and began to moan, her breathing became louder. Soon she was cumming all over Steve’s hand as she came down from her orgasm she reached down and undid Steve’s jeans.

“Oh shit.” He said as his cock came into view.

“Don’t worry that happens to young guys.” She said kissing him reassuringly on the cheek.

Poor Steve, as soon as my mother pulled his cock from his jeans he spewed all over himself. He got up and ran out of the house embarrassed, my mother sighed, and was fixing herself. She got off the couch and went to the bathroom that is when Derek and I made our exit. We tried to catch up to Steve but he was too embarrassed to talk to us, Derek told me it was his turn next and he was going to get a lot further than Steven did.

Now all the way home I wondering what Derek had up his sleeve, my mother mentioned that Steve stopped by looking to do more research but said nothing more of it. When the weekend was over and we were backing in school we both hounded Derek for details of what he was planning. Finally on Friday he let us know what he was up too, he asked if he could spend the night at my house. He rented a few DVD’s from the 80’s featuring hard rock music on them.

I told him it would be cool if he came over and we were going to watch them in the living room. He arrived after supper and we went to the living room to watch the first movie, halfway through the second movie my dad went up to bed. Around half way through the second one escort bursa my mother excused her self. She surprised us both when she came down wearing a long white night gown. The night gown had a long slit up one side that revealed a lot of leg when she sat back down and crossed her legs. The top half showed a lot of cleavage which we could tell she did not have a bra on due to her nipples protruding.

At the end of the second movie and the beginning of the third Derek excused himself to use the bathroom. He was gone a long period of time, when he came back he plopped down on the floor next to me. Without my mother seeing anything he handed me a note, on it read ‘Wait fifteen minutes and then tell your mom you are going to bed.’

I did as my friend wanted, I watched fifteen more minutes of the movie and then I went to bed. My mom said she was going to be up right after this movie was over, her and Derek watched the movie together.

“Derek why don’t you get off that hard floor and then you can sit up her next to me on the couch?” She asked him.

“Sure that sounds great.” He said plopping down close to her.

They watched the movie and I watched sitting on the stairs, the darkness of the stairway was concealing me from them seeing. Derek was making jokes and innuendoes, making my mother laugh and act all giddy. Then he started paying her compliments and she started to get flushed.

“Mrs. Martin you sure are pretty.” Was the first one he told my mom? “Mrs. Martin that sure is a nice nightgown, Mrs. Martin you sure do have nice legs, Mrs. Martin you sure do have a fantastic body.”

My mother laughed and thanked him for all of his compliments, she told him to stop being so silly. Derek took the opportunity he had to continue trying to seduce my mother; he gently put a hand on her leg. He played with the material of the night gown at first commenting on how silky it felt. Then his hand slid over and found her bare leg, he moved the night gown so he could get a better look.

“Derek you know my husband and my son are just upstairs sleeping.” She said to him not moving his hand.

“I’m sorry it’s just that your legs are so beautiful.” He said to her and then he boldly leaned down and kissed her leg just above the knee.

“Oh my you are so bad.” My mother giggled as he slid off the couch and kissed his way down her shin.

“I think you like bad boys, just like the guys from the music that makes you so hot, huh Mrs. Martin.” He said slowly running his tongue back up her leg.

My mother reached over and grabbed the DVD player remote and shut the movie off and then clicked favorites to VH-1 classic. Metal mania was on and she turned it up enough to be loud in the living room and not loud enough to disturb us who are supposed to be sleeping upstairs. Now I have my cock out and I’m slowly stroking it as I watch the action going on in the living room.

“Now this band is hot.” She said as Derek pulled her legs apart with no resistance from her and slid her down a little bit off the couch.

“You are so hot aren’t you Mrs. Martin?” He said now kissing her inner thighs.

“Yes Derek, if you keep kissing your way up higher you are going to find out how hot I am right now.” She said softly.

He hiked her nightgown up to her waist and he sat back for a moment and gasped when he saw that my mother’s pussy was cleanly shaven. She was not wearing any panties and he reached down with trembling hands to push her pussy lips apart. He slowly leaned in and was getting ready to lick her beautiful pussy; my mother reached down and grabbed his head to urge him down faster.

Derek ran his tongue up her wet slit making my mother moan aloud; when he finally found her clit she thrust her pelvis up to his mouth. Derek knew this is where she wanted his mouth to work, so he clamped on sucking and licking her sensitive clit. He easily slid a couple of fingers up into her pussy and slowly finger fucked her while eating her out.

My mother had pulled the straps down now off of her chest and was playing with her tits. She was squeezing them hard and pulling on her nipples as she humped her pussy against my friend’s mouth.

“Oh yes Derek, yes lick my clitty, lick it well, oh yes baby don’t stop, make me cum, oh shit make me cum.” She said aloud as she was now humping his face harder and moaning louder.

“OOOOHHHHH! I’m cumming, yes that’s it lick up all my pussy juice, oh yes suck up that good juice.” She groaned.

Derek stayed on his knees between my mother’s legs lapping up all of the juices coming out of her pussy. He kept doing this until my mother seemed to be completely satisfied and then he stood up. Derek pulled his cock out of his jeans; his cock looked to be about six inches and average thickness as it bobbed crudely in front of my mother. He got his jeans off completely and he was going to stick into her pussy before my mother reached up with both hands to stop him.

“I can’t let you fuck me Derek.” She said to him.

“What do you mean you can’t let me fuck you, I just ate your pussy, and I’m so hard it hurts.” He pleaded.

“Don’t worry big guy, I will still take care of you.” She said and she sat up so she was face level with his cock.

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