Thanks Mom

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I went to the doctor for a simple check up but it turned into so much more. A simple injection changed my life.

I lived alone in an apartment close to my parent house. I had moved out on my eighteenth birthday to experience freedom and have a good time, maybe even get lucky and have a place to take a girl. During a routine check up at the doctors, the nurse said I was due for a tetnus shot. I told the nurse that I did not need the tetanus injection but she went right ahead and did it anyway. It was only an hour before I was covered in whelps. I went back to the doctor for an antidote, got a shot and went home to wait it out.

I was lying on my bed completely nude when I heard a knock on the door. It was my Mom wanting to know how I was feeling.

I called out for her to come in and she did. She walked in and I called out that I was in my bedroom.

When she got to the door, I was laying spread eagle, naked as the day I was born, trying my best not to touch any swollen places for fear of the itching. Mom walked in and froze, then decided to just stand bursa escort in the doorway. She began asking how I was doing and if I needed anything. I took notice that she did not shy away from the fact that I was totally naked in the bed.

I told her I was itching but otherwise I was doing well. Her eyes never looked away.

We chatted for a short time and then she walked over to my bedside. She sat down beside me and she reached out to touch the many blisters that were covering my naked body. Her hands were very warm and her touch was very comforting.

I suddenly felt a familiar tingling between my legs. I knew my cock was about to begin swelling. I was a bit ashamed but made no attempt to cover the fact that I was getting aroused.

Mom took notice of the fact that my cock was extending and I saw a smile spread across her face. Her reaction just made me get hard much more quickly. Soon I was at full mast.

She blushed, her face turning slightly pink and said, “You must have got that from your grandfather, certainly not your dad.” I realized she actually seemed bursa escort bayan to be enjoying what was happening. “I have not seen one this big since before your father and I got married,”

We sat in silence for a while and my cock just kept swelling. I began to think I was going to pop one off without even being touched. Mom suddenly reached for my straining member. Her hand was warm and she gripped me tightly.

“Would you like some help with this” she asked as her closed hand moved up and down my blood engorged cock. I could barely acknowledge her as I was in seventh heaven. I nodded and grunted to make an attempt at communicating my growing need to ejaculate.

I could hardly get my head around the fact that my mother was slowly stroking my rock hard cock. I was in shock but not enough to not enjoy the feelings I was experiencing at the hands of an experienced cock master. She moved her hands up and down slowly and never took her eyes off her baby boys’ erection.

After a few excruciating strokes I watched in awe as my own mother slowly and deliberately escort bursa bent over and took my already pulsing cock into her mouth. The warmth was exquisite. I felt my cock sliding farther into my mother’s hot mouth. She did not stop pushing me inside her until my balls were resting on her chin.

I placed my hands on her head as I felt myself starting to cum. I could feel my cock totally engulfed in her hot, tight throat. The feeling of being deep throated by my own mother was too much for me. I held her head down as streams of cum began spurting out of me as I jerked spasmodically. I was all the way inside her and rubbing the insides of her throat, I was pumping hard, trying to drive myself to even deeper depths.

I thought she would gag on the large amount of fluid being pumped into her mouth but instead she just opened her throat and it was all gone. When my body quit convulsing and the pump ran dry, she slowly pulled me out and began licking and cleaning my slightly softer cock.

She stood up and began walking towards the door then she turned and said, “I will come back in an hour or so with some lotion to rub on those blisters if you would like me too.”

My cock immediately got hard again. “I will take that as a yes.” She smiled and winked at me as she turned to leave. “See you soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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