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So this is a true story, but I have sort of glossed over a few details here and there, just to make it flow a bit better and of course to get to the good bits a bit a quicker.

Anyway a little bit about me. Mihral is not really my name it’s an old joke that I thought I would use to keep myself anonymous. I’m married to Ben, well that is the name I’m using, and we are happy together. I’m past 40 now but I don’t look it and sexually I am entering my prime. I have a good slim figure but curves in all the right places, I like to think I look good and I am pretty sure a lot of guys agree.

Now when I met Ben I was no shy innocent virgin, and nor was he. I’d had a few lovers, perhaps more than my fair share, and I know the same was true of Ben. However I’ve been faithful to him since we have been together and I know he has been faithful me.

Still that isn’t to say I’ve gone blind. I have fantasised about other men, although normally ones who were unobtainable, movie stars, singers, underwear models. Although there was time I developed a thing for one of the trainers at the gym, and I would have been unfaithful with him in a heartbeat. However he was also unobtainable, at least to me, he was gay and the only way I’d have got him to bed is if I’d managed to morph into something from a Tom of Finland comic.

Also our sex life isn’t boring. We have tried most things and found a lot that we both enjoy. Even the things that we only did the once were mostly fun if ultimately unsatisfying. I also know that like me Ben hasn’t gone blind either and that he enjoys porn. I’m happy for him to enjoy it alone but watching porn together can be a good way to start some experimentation in bed.

Or indeed out of bed. Which after a bit of rambling gets me to the point of all this. One evening Ben and I decided on an early night and watched a video in bed. We have the TV set up so it can show stuff from websites after selecting it on the ipad. Pretty new technology for me, but probably old news to many readers, and who knows how far in the future you are reading this?

So anyway I picked a video to watch by random. I went to a website and literally clicked on one of the featured video thumbnails I thought looked good.

The video was a cuckolding scene. Pretty normal sort of thing couple chat about why they are doing the video then the guy watches his wife fuck another man. This one was perhaps a bit more interesting. For a start the wife stripped for the second guy and there seemed to be some real tension right up to the point that she was penetrated for the first time.

Now I know they are all actors, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the ‘wife’ in other videos. Plus after the build up to penetration it was just a normal porn star sex scene. Actually it was a quite disappointing porn star sex scene. The first part had been more than enough to get me pretty hot and moist, and Ben for his part was anything but disappointing.

Over the next week or so I did find myself thinking about that video. Putting myself in that position. I didn’t actually think that it would be something Ben would be into. He had been okay with me being a little flirty while dancing with someone else, and deeply kissing a very young work colleague under the mistletoe once, but that would probably be his limit.

The stripping was something that interested me. Now in the past I did do a seductive strip for an ex boyfriend. Or at least I had tried too; he shot his load before I even got my skirt off. There is a reason he became an ex pretty soon after. I’d never really stripped for Ben, I’d undressed but that is different. Just not something we’d done.

Now it was stripping, for Ben, that was on my mind when I bought up the topic of that video one evening. There was no misunderstanding about that or anything like that. It’s just that it seems he had thought about that video as well. His suggestion was that he would like to watch me strip for someone else, but just strip, nothing more.

I can’t say I was keen, for a start I wasn’t all that sure that I would be able to put on a show. Plus getting some guy over to watch me strip then asking him to leave. It didn’t sound like it would be a good idea. Still we talked it through and reached a compromise. I would strip for a guy over video chat and Ben would watch the feed in another room.

This is where I gloss over a few details. Getting to the point that Ben and I agreed on what we would do with this wasn’t simple. It wasn’t an argument and neither of us, especially me, felt like the other was pressuring them into something, it just wasn’t a quick discussion. However I don’t think that many people would be interested in a blow-by-blow description of it, just take my word for it, it was a process.

My main concern was that I wanted to feel somewhat in control. Using the internet as a buffer gave me that. If I wasn’t happy I could switch ataşehir escort bayan off. The other area I insisted on controlling was the guy. My argument was if I’m going to flirt with and strip for someone then it has to be someone I find attractive. However we both agreed that it would be a stranger, rather than someone we actually knew. In fact I decided that I would pick someone so far away that the likelihood of us ever meeting was remote.

Ben’s main concern was the flirting. I think he thought it would just be a striptease. I wouldn’t say anything and wouldn’t interact with the viewer. I said that just wouldn’t be any different than him videoing me to show someone else. No I had to flirt and interact and if it went that way I would talk dirty. We were both slightly uneasy about the whole thing, but it was good sort of uneasy. The sort of uneasiness before doing something exciting and the not knowing if it would be good or bad.

The next problem was finding the lucky man who would get to watch my strip. The answer seems obvious, place an ad on-line, but it actually took us more than a day to think of that.

Finding somewhere to place an ad and working out what to say wasn’t that simple. After some searching I found an adult dating website I liked the look of and one that seemed to cater more for people looking for cybersex rather than meets. I wrote a little piece saying basically that I wanted someone to watch me strip, I didn’t mention that my husband would be watching, and then decided it needed a photo.

My first thought was to use a selfie; I took one with my phone and asked Ben what he thought. He suggested that I should probably go for a sexy photo. I again had a little twinge of uneasiness, it wasn’t that I uncomfortable with my body or what we were doing but I also kept feeling that what had started out small was getting bigger. My idea was to strip for my husband yet now I was actively searching for another man to watch me strip and trying to lure them in with a sexy snapshot.

I changed my mind a little when I went into the bedroom to change. I got out of my clothes, which were comfortable sitting around the house things, and put on what I thought would entice someone; a sheer black mini dress with lace in just the right places to preserve something of my modesty.

I topped it off with a pair of black stockings and some transparent plastic heels.

Once I was dressed it was Ben’s turn to have some unease. He wasn’t too happy that I was not wearing underwear; I did remind him that when I stripped I would be going all the way so I might as well start as I meant to go on. I also insisted that we take the photos in the kitchen, the only room that had enough light to really show off my body through the dress.

Part of me hoped that Ben’s discomfort over the outfit and the amount I was willing to show in a photo might put an end to the whole thing, but I think we both got over that hurdle and agreed on which photo to use. I uploaded it with the advert and after asking Ben one last time if he was sure I clicked on ‘publish’.

Once the advert was up, I had to wait about a day for it to be approved; I decided that nothing would stop me. I would pick a guy, set a time and then I would perform a sexy strip for him while Ben watched in the other room. When I had asked Ben if he was sure about me posting the ad it was his last chance to back out. I still felt strange about it, but I knew that I was going to go though with it.

That said I was a little frustrated by the response to my advert. I had a lot of people clicking ‘favourite’ but few actually sending me a message. Those that did were not really what I was hoping for. Now Ben had basically said that we put the ad up and I would pick someone from any of the responses. He didn’t explicitly say I couldn’t search the site and elicit a response.

So that is what I did, I put in what I thought would bring up a nice selection in to the search options and then used the site to send three men whose profiles I liked the look of an ‘I’m interested’ not an actual message, but the best I could do with a free account and I hoped it would be enough to get them to look at my ad.

The next day I checked and although all three had viewed my ad only one had replied. I’ll call him Mark; he was 22 and had a very nice topless photo of himself on his profile. He was quite slim but looked like he worked out and had a bit of a six-pack. On the profile he listed his hobbies as climbing and skiing and he looked like an outdoor kind of guy. His message was brief and too the point, saying that he really enjoyed watching women undress and having seen my photo that he would really like to see me strip for him.

Before I replied I showed Ben his profile and said that if it all worked out this was the guy. I’m not sure Ben was too happy that I had picked someone so much younger, escort kadıöy and someone in better shape, although he did say that I should do the arrangements and set it up.

Now that I had decided that whatever happened I would proceed I didn’t waste much time. Mark responded on the Thursday and I arranged my little show for the Saturday evening. I did have to take into account a time zone difference, as I said before I didn’t want someone who might turn up at my door, but that was easy enough and it all went smoothly apart from my building apprehension, a part of me wasn’t sure what I would actually do when we started the video call. I knew it would go one of two ways, I’d either get into it and flirt like mad or I’d freeze.

Well maybe three ways Ben might decide to literally pull the plug halfway through.

The first thing I had to do was learn how to use the camera. We set up a small video camera, as that was better than the webcam. It was placed above the TV so I could look at it and see the screen. It had an auto focus so as long as that was switched on it would be in focus. Although I wanted to be standing I also decided that I needed to be able to move the camera so that if I wanted I could lay seductively on the bed. As for the rest, I just decided I’d go with the flow. I didn’t spend any time looking at stripper videos trying to learn some moves. Honest.

When Saturday arrived I did start to feel very nervous. I was suddenly aware that I was putting myself in a position of vulnerability. Admittedly everything was going to happen at a distance via technology, but at the same time I was going to be exposing my body seductively, intimately, to a stranger. As I have said before I was no chased maiden before I married Ben but I didn’t just jump into bed with just anyone at the drop of a hat ether. Plus after ten years of only being sexual with Ben this was going to be different.

As the time drew closer I could see that Ben was preoccupied as well. When I asked if he was excited he said yes, but he wasn’t sure how he would feel once I started to undress, he then added with a smile he was worried about how far I might take it. I felt a strange feeling of tension and electricity was in the air. It was probably a product of my mixed feelings both of excitement and apprehension but I was sure that Ben was feeling it as well, even more when I told him I was going to have a shower and start to get ready.

I actually started to relax a little as I showered and did my hair, and then started to feel apprehension building once more when I took care of some intimate grooming, I like to keep myself neat and tidy down below but not clean shaven, and it was an odd thought to think that I was trimming my bush for someone other than Ben. I also took more time than normal over my make up although tried not to make it look too over the top. When I was done I asked Ben what he thought, he said I looked very hot and then asked what I was going to wear as I was still wearing a robe. I smiled and said he’d see what I was wearing on the screen.

I went to the bedroom, lost the robe, and put on a matching black lace bra and panties set along with some hold up stockings. I didn’t want anything that would be too fiddly so I chose a bra that was easy to unclip, the panties were more a brief than a thong so not too revelling; until they came off of course. I topped the outfit off with a short black miniskirt that was so short the stocking tops could be seen and a simple white blouse. The blouse was actually too small so I could only fasten three of the buttons not that it would be staying on for long. I decided against shoes, as my feet wouldn’t be in the camera shot.

As the time drew closer I started to feel my mouth going dry and I was just about to get myself some water when there was a ringing sound from the pad. ‘Incoming video call’ the screen said, I checked everything was hooked up and pressed ‘accept’ and there on my screen was Mark. I quickly set the view mode to 50-50 so Ben could get a good view of both of us and transferred it to the TV. That way I could see everything on a large screen in the bedroom as well as interact via the camera and Ben could watch everything in the other room.

Once the call was up on the TV I got my first good look at Mark. He was sitting on an office chair at a desk. In front of him I could make out a keyboard and mouse also a small bottle of what I guessed was hand cream. He was wearing just a tee shirt although I could only see his top half. He could see all of me down to my knees standing in front of the camera, and he was going to get to see a heck of a lot more.

There were a few moments when I had to play with the volume to be able hear Mark, but then we were able to talk. It was strangely awkward but I was able to flirt a little bit. Although perhaps there was a bit too much tease and not enough strip for maltepe escort Mark right away. I decided to cut the chat and just get on with it. For a moment I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and then I looked directly into the camera and moved my hands up to the buttons on my blouse.

There was a moment of hesitation but then something inside of me clicked in. I slowly undid the first button, glancing at the camera trying to look coy I then opened the other two before slipping the blouse off and letting it drop to the floor. Mark smiled and I noticed that he had pushed his chair back a little; I could see he was also wearing a pair of blue jeans and one of his hands was massaging his bulge through them.

Next I slowly undid the zip of my mini skirt. This was on my hip and didn’t offer up much resistance. I slowly bent forward as I lowered the skirt to the floor. Both trying to maintain eye contact with the camera and also trying to give Mark a good view of my cleavage. I stepped out of the skirt with my right foot and kicked it away with my left as I stood up. I could see the bulge in Mark’s jeans very clearly now. Plus I could also feel his eyes on me even through the screen.

I was now standing in just my bra, panties and stockings. I attempted to put a little more tease into my strip and ran my hands over my body trying to look seductive. I was obviously doing something right as I noticed Mark pop the button on his jeans and unzip the fly sliding his hand inside. I leaned forward squeezing my breasts together with my arms and whispered that if he wanted to show his appreciation I wouldn’t object.

Mark took the invitation and slid his jeans and shorts down exposing his hard circumcised cock. I wondered what was Ben thinking as he watched maybe already I had gone further than he thought. I wasn’t sure that he had considered someone pleasuring himself while I stripped.

Continuing I decided to tease Mark; as I was standing the bed was to my left so Mark got a very restricted view as I put my right leg up onto the bed to start rolling down the stocking. Once that was off I repeated the moves with the left leg. Only this time I started by gently stroking my pussy through my panties with my right hand for a moment before sliding it down my thigh to the top of my stocking.

I was surprised at how things were going. I was more comfortable than I thought I would be and I was taking things beyond simply removing my clothes. I wasn’t shying away from Mark either I was trying to look through the camera and meet his eyes; I knew that Ben was watching as well but I was performing for Mark not him.

As I reached around to open the clasp on my bra I looked directly into the camera. I saw Mark lean forward and put some lotion on his right hand. I turned my back on the camera. I slowly removed the bra and held it out before dropping it to the floor. I crossed my arms over my breasts and turned back round, as I slowly lowered my arms to reveal my breasts I glanced at the screen Mark now had his hand wrapped around his cock and was stroking pretty quickly.

I gently slipped my fingers under the waistband of my panties and turned to the side as I slid them down. Again trying to hide as much of myself as I did this. Once they were on the floor I was completely nude. Strangely and for the first time I felt full of confidence. I managed to stand in such a way, side on with my right leg crossed in front of my left that meant that although I was naked my pussy was still hidden. I slowly turned to the camera with my hand obscuring my bush and stepped forward till the image was above my waist.

Mark was about to complain his stroking had slowed quite a bit. Before he could I moved the camera so that it was pointing to the bed then lay down, still teasing him by not letting see quite everything at first before opening my legs.

I’d arranged the pillows so I could look directly into the camera and now I had a better view of the screen. I could see Mark stroking himself and looking at me, I could feel his eyes. I could also see my own naked body, the naked body that was so arousing Mark. Not taking my eyes from the camera I slowly moved my left hand down my body until it was resting on top of my pussy. Then I gently pushed my middle and ring fingers inside.

As I did this I could clearly see the gold of my wedding band flash on the scren but I wasn’t thinking about Ben. I was connected to Mark. I slowly pushed the fingers in deeper and was able to gently tease my clit with the tip of my thumb. For a few moments I felt that the screens were gone that I was looking directly into Marks eyes. Then I heard him take a sharp intake of breath. I watched as he came, a lot.

Mark looked a little sheepish after he came and quickly ended the video call. I also turned off the system just as the bedroom door opened. I looked up at Ben, his face was a little red and I could see a bulge in his trousers. Before he could say anything I asked if he had enjoyed the show. He said that it had gone a heck of a lot further than he was prepared for, and that he felt like it was all happening out of his control, but he was extremely turned on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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