Tea Time for Binny

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I think I had always been in love with Aunt Trina, she with the hair so black and eyes so piercing. She had always been beautiful. Only two years older than I, we got to be close as kids even though I was the bratty nephew. Sometimes people thought we were brother and sister, we were that close. She was fun to be with, and we never, ever fought. We chased each other around the block on our bikes for fun. I could never beat her, not with those long legs of hers, but man how I tried! Sometimes I could almost catch her, get within a couple of yards of those pumping legs and that beautiful long, flowing, hair, and then she would turn and look at me, a huge smile on her mischievous face and those legs would peddle harder leaving me far behind to wonder where she got all that energy.

We attended the same high school, my mom’s sister and I. Sometimes Aunt Trina would see me in the hallways between classes, grab me from the flow of traffic and give me a big hug, planting a quick kiss on my lips and then taking me by the hand, we went to class together. Her forth-period classroom was right next to mine. She would hug me again before ducking into her assigned room leaving me to go on the extra twenty feet to mine. I loved it when she hugged me, she felt so good in my arms, her long hair smelled sweet, and her well-developed body firm in the right places, which was every place! Every now and again I noticed one or two of the senior boys looking like they wanted to rip me apart for being with her. That’s when I made it a point to sing out, “Bye Aunt Trina!” That seemed to satisfy them. Kept me from getting my sophomore ass kicked for dating a hot senior girl. That sort of thing wasn’t supposed to happen back then. Sophomore boys could date freshmen girls, or maybe the occasional junior, but that’s about it. Never a senior, those were for seniors only, or for the college guys. That’s the way it was. Of course that rule has changed now, even the teachers date the students these days, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, Aunt Trina graduated high school, I got my drivers license, and we got together every once in a while for a movie or a concert somewhere. We talked about everything, including girlfriends and boyfriends and how far we went with them. She gave me advice on what to do to get a girl to like me, how to treat her once I had her, everything a horney high school kid needs to win over that hot, sexy cheerleader. I had the inside track from Aunt Trina. The best thing was that after our talks, Trina always kissed me goodnight. I never knew why she did it, but I never once complained. Yah, we talked about sex, at least a little anyway. Nothing too detailed, mind you, but we both got the idea, and there was always just the hint of sexual tension there between us. Not something you could put a finger on, so to speak, but you know, a little heat where there wasn’t any just minutes before. The most disturbing thing she told me was that she wasn’t really my aunt, not a blood aunt anyway. It seems my granddad married a woman several years younger than he after grandma died, and she had a daughter from her earlier marriage, Trina. It was something I never knew about, but Trina did, and she had no problem telling me about it. Somehow that made it easier for me to be in love with her. Still, I didn’t dare tell Aunt Trina. It just didn’t seem right that I should be in love with her, even knowing the truth like I did.

That following year, Aunt Trina went to college. Not the local state college, one on the other side of the damn country. I lost my best buddy. It’s not like I was lost without her, but I did feel like I was more alone when I wanted to confide in someone about, well, personal stuff. With no brothers or sisters to talk to, I felt more alone than ever before. I dated, even managed to date the hot cheerleader from the sophomore class as a junior. She was hot too, long, thick blond hair, big beautiful blue eyes, fantastic legs, and the most perfect round breasts I had ever had the pleasure to fondle through a sweater. That was as far as she would ever let me go with her. She planned to stay a virgin until her wedding night. I agreed to that, because I wanted to keep seeing her, but I gotta tell you, I had the worst case of “blue balls” in the history of that school. I also had the hottest girl in school too, so that sort of made up for it. The long and short of it was that I was still a virgin too. All the way through high school. Surprised? Yah, me too. It seemed that all my friends were getting laid, and to hear them talk, with every girl in the school. Including my All American Cheerleader Girl, which I knew was crap since we were still dating and I knew she wasn’t “putting out” for anybody. Still, there was a bit of truth in all that bragging, I knew that for a fact since my buddy Jerry and his girlfriend got caught doing the horizontal hula under the bleachers after one memorable football game. She got pregnant from that little bit of fun and they got married to make an “honest woman” bursa escort out of her. The baby died a few days after birth and they ended up hating each other. Their marriage wound up in the crapper after a year and a half. That was kind of sad because they really were meant for each other, and made a great couple.

None of that seemed to matter to me though. Since I’d never had it, I didn’t know for sure what I was missing. And did I tell you I was still talking with Aunt Trina? Not like every day, but still pretty regularly, on the phone, until we discovered the computer. Then it was more. The e-mails fairly flew back and forth, especially after I took up with the smokin’ hot cheerleader. I had a job after school and on weekends that was pretty flexible so I could still date some, and go out for sports. It paid well, for the time, so I was doing okay. Despite the All American Cheerleader Girl, I still missed Aunt Trina.

Graduation came, and Cheerleader Girl went off to some exclusive girl’s college in the east. Two weeks later I got the inevitable “We can always be friends…” letter. I decided to go into the military, spent three years in the Army learning how to find the best whores, how to drink like a fish, and raise general hell. Did two years of college, between whores, as well. Oh, and some military stuff that nobody paid much attention to. Yup, you caught that, didn’t you? I finally got laid by an almost cute girl from Mexico working some of the better hotels in San Antonio, Texas. My buddies even paid for it once they found out I was a virgin. They laughed for a week when they found out, and then took me to town and “rented” the most decent looking clean prostitute they could find for me. It was like an instantly addictive drug. My reason for being suddenly changed. Finding that sweet pussy became my goal. It was what I thought of on a pretty consistent basis from morning to night. Not that it did me much good, usually. The really decent looking W.A.C.s on post typically dated officers, even though they weren’t supposed to, so that left the talent from town for the most part. We went through quite a few while I was there, but it was usually only on weekends so we were limited that way.

My tour in the military ended without me getting killed or otherwise being physically or mentally fucked up in any major way. With nothing better to do, and an Army taught skill that seemed marketable, I went back home. After dropping my bags in my old room, hugging Mom and Dad, and ceremonially burning one of my leftover uniforms, I went to find Aunt Trina. It was a nice, warm, summer day and so I decided to just walk there. Kind of a holdover from Army training , I guess, but at least I didn’t have a forty pound pack on my back. Since we still kept in touch, I knew she had a boyfriend she was kind of serious about and I knew she didn’t live with him. She lived in a nice condominium on the other side of town, and without even calling to tell her I was home yet, I rang her doorbell. It was just past noon when I got there, and I don’t know if she was waiting for her boyfriend or what, but when she opened the door she was wearing the sheerest, pale blue, baby-doll nighty I have ever had the extreme pleasure of seeing on a woman before or since. Trina stepped back just a half of a step, realized it was me, half shouted “Davie, you’re home!” grabbed my arm and all but dragged me inside, and kicked the door shut. She threw her arms around me and kissed me like she never had before, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. There was no way I was going to let this opportunity go to waste, so I wrapped my arms around her low, easing my arms up her back as we kissed, pulling that nighty almost to her chest. It wasn’t much below her hips when it was where it was supposed to be. I knew she didn’t care about that since her hips ground into mine as we kissed, and those magnificent breasts pressed into my chest like two bullets. My cock was a hard pole by this time and I could feel her moan as it ground into her stomach. It seemed she liked what she felt. Actually, that’s what she told me when she was done sucking the tonsils out of my throat.

“Nice, Davie,” she said, moving her hand to my crotch, stroking that beast in my pants. “I think we need to put that tool you got there to work.” Then she began to unbutton my shirt, running her soft hands over my chest.

My hands weren’t just sitting at my sides like a proper nephew either, they were up and under that pretty nighty, happily feeling those firm, beautiful breasts, rolling her hard nipples and feeling her chest thrust out to my touch. Just about the time I was really getting into the feel of those beautiful breasts, Trina started yanking that shirt down my arms. Once she got that off of me, she went for the pants, and her mouth went back to cover mine. How she managed to grind those firm hips into mine and still unfasten my jeans, I don’t know. But she did, and had her tongue down my throat again too. Trina was the sexiest woman I had ever bursa escort bayan been with, outside of the All American Cheerleader Girl, but like I said before, Cheerleader Girl didn’t ever, and wasn’t now, getting naked with me, so that made Trina number one on the very short list of sexiest women.

Just as she got my jeans unfastened I took the opportunity to slide that filmy nighty off of her. As knockout gorgeous as she was with that sexy nighty on, she was stop your heart, drop you dead beautiful without it. Once I caught my breath, I told her so, and she actually blushed a little. Trina never blushed.

“So why didn’t we do this years ago when I first wanted to get my hands on you?” I asked as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my jeans.

“Because you never asked, dear nephew, and because at fifteen years old you wouldn’t have been able to keep your big mouth shut about it and my shady, at best, reputation would have been totally shot to hell.”

“You’re probably right there,” I replied. “I may not be able to now either.” I said that just as she pulled down the jeans and followed them to her knees in front of me.

“Now, I don’t much care, but then it made a difference to me,” she said, and then took my waving cock into her incredibly soft, sucking mouth. I wrapped my hands full of that luxurious hair of hers that she had dyed auburn, and began force-feeding my pole into her throat. Instead of gagging on me, or backing away and punching me in the nuts, Trina took it happily, groaning with pleasure, while her tongue licked at my balls. Now, I have to admit to being fairly well endowed, not hung like the proverbial porn star horse, but not like a six year old either. “Old Bob” is about eight inches, give or take a smidgen, and I’ve never been with a woman who was ever able to take the whole darn thing into her throat. A couple of them tried, but none ever did, until Aunt Trina. I can’t begin to describe how fucking sweet it was watching my cock slide in and out of that mouth, listening to her groan with pleasure as it eased down her throat, slurping like she wanted more. I knew it wasn’t going to take much of that kind of attention to make me explode like Old Faithful, so I tried backing out of her. Besides, I really wanted to bury myself in her oh so sweet vagina, wrap my arms around that tight body, and feel those hard nipples stabbing me in the chest. Trina wasn’t having any of that. She gripped my ass cheeks tight with her fingernails, and very gently bit the bottom of my skewering pole, shaking her head no. What the hell, I just went back to head fucking her. She liked that, it seemed, ’cause she stopped biting and let me stroke those beautiful lips. Long, deep, strokes.

Like I said before, I knew it wasn’t going to take long, and it didn’t. I remember grunting out the name of some ancient Roman deity, gripping her hair tighter and pulling that fantastic sucking mouth into my hips while my cock swelled and began pumping her throat full of cum. Some women I’d been with didn’t seem to like swallowing cum, didn’t like the taste, or the feel of it, or whatever, but that wasn’t Trina. Her dark eyes closed in ecstasy, her fingernails raking the back of my legs and she seemed to suck even harder on my rod as it pumped the sticky fluid into her belly. Even after I stopped, she continued to suck me as though to be sure she got it all.

“Now that’s what I call a welcome home,” she said, scraping a drop of cum that had trickled down her chin with her finger, licking it off eagerly. “You know, I really did miss having you around, Davie. I’ve been wanting to do this to you since just after I went to college.”

“I guess that’s fair,” I said, “I’ve wanted to do this with you since I was twelve and walked around with a perpetual hard-on for you.”

“Ohhhh, you’re so sweet!”

Yah, sweet,” I said, scooping her off the floor and into my arms. “Which way to the bedroom?”

“Not so fast, big boy! I expect you to fuck your way to the bedroom. On every piece of furniture, and on every floor until we get there. The hallway is done. The living room is next with a couch, and two chairs, plus the floor. Get the idea? You’re going to be here a while.”

I didn’t argue with her. In fact, I found the couch right away, set her down and bent her over it. She spread her legs wide and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“Pick a hole and fill it,” she said. “I’m up for anything you feel like doing, unless it calls for whips or something like that, ’cause I really don’t like being beat up.”

I had my hands on her hips by now, sliding my rapidly inflating cock up and down the smooth valley of her tight ass. She reached back and grabbed it, rubbed the tip up and down just inside her dripping pussy, then pointing the head at the entrance to her puckered anus, urging it in, pulling at the shaft. I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I pride myself on being a quick learner, and being able to figure things out for myself. I leaned forward and escort bursa gently pushed the tip of my prick into her sweet ass, feeling the exquisite tightness of her bottom hole as it squeezed my aching prick. I could feel her flesh give way to me as I urged my cock deeper and deeper into her well, never stopping, feeling her squirm beneath me.

“Oh, Davie,” she moaned, “That hurts so fucking good! Please don’t stop, don’t ever fucking stop!” She began to raise and lower herself on the balls of her feet, trying to drive me deeper into her, but I wouldn’t let her. I matched Trina’s movements, only letting my cock slide into her a little at a time, making her beg for it, making her want it more. I grabbed the shaft of my prick just so she wouldn’t suddenly jerk back at me and ram the whole thing into her. I tried twirling it around a little inside her and decide that wasn’t a good idea. It felt too good, and I wanted this to last a very long time, like maybe ’till the end of the week! So, with her squirming, groaning, and squealing, I continued to slowly feed my pulsing cock into that oh so sweet ass until after about five or ten minutes I felt my balls touch her dripping cunt lips. She felt it too; I know she did because she ground her ass into my hips, damn near raising me off the floor, trying to get every last bit of cock into her.

That’s when I began pulling back out of her, very quickly, and then shoved back into her, hard, ramming her beautiful hips into the back of the couch. Then I did it again, and again, all the while she’s begging me to fuck her harder, deeper, telling me she wants to feel my cock in her throat. Trina clutched at the cushions of the couch and I thought she was going to rip the upholstery, all the while grinding her hairless cunt against the fabric. I gripped a swinging breast with one hand and reached down her hard belly, rubbing her clit with the other. I knew she had climaxed so many times she had lost count. I knew it because she kept telling me she was cuming every time she did, and she said it a lot. Well, not so much telling me as screaming out the fact every few seconds. I didn’t know who her neighbors were, but I was pretty sure they knew she was cuming too. Somehow that didn’t seem to matter very much at the time. Anyway, I prided myself on always trying to be a good nephew, so when Aunt Trina begs me to fuck her harder, I tried to give it my all, but a guy can only take so much of even the finest ass fucking at that pace, and after only a half hour of steady bottom banging I could feel my cock begin to swell for the second time and another load of sperm laden liquid began to spew into her bowels while I gripped her body tightly against mine.

We both collapsed onto the floor, panting like marathon runners after a race, my cock still buried in that fantastic ass while her hole clutched, pulsing, at my staff. It’s like she couldn’t get enough of it.

“Does this count as the floor fuck?” I asked, still panting.

“No. Chair next.”


“No. Fuck me or I tell your mother you’re doing her little sister.”


“We’ve got twelve years of fucking to make up for, and you aren’t leaving my pussy to itch for you until we do.”

Like I said before, I don’t argue with Trina. I pulled out of that butter soft ass and rolled her over, picked her up again and carried her to the chair. Then out of pure meanness, put her shoulders onto the floor, back to the chair, and her bottom on the cushions, legs spread wide in the air. That’s when I discovered that despite what Auntie wanted, there was no way she was going to get it without a rest of some kind. She saw my limp prick and started to giggle. What the hell, so did I. It really was kind of silly, her in that really nasty position, and me with a limp dick. Trina slid off the chair and lay next to me while I sat on the floor, both of us giggling like kids


“I think we beat the poor thing to death,” she said, grinning.

“Maybe we can coax it back to life in a little while,” I said, wrapping my arms around her tightly. She squirmed in my arms, her hips grinding into mine as she lay on top of me stroking my longish hair. Instinctively, I brought her head close to mine and eased my tongue into her fabulous mouth. She moaned quietly as we kissed, sending shivers throughout my body, and it seemed, throughout hers as well.

“I can’t believe how much in love with you I am,” said Trina softly.

I looked at her as though she had just kicked my nuts out. I never knew she felt that way about me. I had always thought it was pretty one-sided on my part that she had some guy she was serious about and I was just a diversion for her to play with. This could change everything, and that was a problem. As a play-toy, I figured I could get away with whatever I wanted and there would be no consequences, unless of course I went too far at some point and pissed her off. Then the fun would be over and I would just have to find another warm pussy to play with. While inconvenient, it wouldn’t be the first time that had happened. The problem was, of course, she had said she was in love with me. Maybe it was just the passion of the moment, and maybe not. The trick was to find out without embarrassing her.

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