Tales from Smasher’s Bar and Grille Ch. 1

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Cal was one-third of the way to drunk and three-quarters of the way to horny. The neon lights behind the bar reflected in the mirror, casting a green, red and yellow blend of blinking light onto his face.

Smasher’s, it flashed, showing a neon silhouette of a beer can, then it would blink to a second message, Get Smashed, and would show the silhouette of the beer can now crushed flat.

Cal thought it was a pretty creative name, and admired Tommy “Smasher” Johnson for coming up with the catchy turn of phrase. “Smasher” was a former football player, having warmed the benches of several NFL teams from Miami to New Orleans to Chicago, before finishing his career in Detroit, whose suburbs he settled down in.

Smasher was a huge man, sans neck, who had picked up his nickname and reputation as a powerful player who didn’t have much staying power. He would be there for the big plays, but then he would have to sit out for several. Injury prone and easily winded, Smasher had saved his earnings from the NFL to open this popular suburban night spot.

Cal, a jaded sports writer, had ridden his own series of ups and downs before being relegated to doing a series of “Where are they now” stories for one of the national sports magazines. He had decided to do a piece on Smasher when he found out the athlete owned a bar. He was sick of the pro football players and baseball players that worked for insurance agencies or had their own internet businesses selling their feeble autographs. Smasher had lit onto his off-field passtime: Drinking and cooking rich barbecue food.

Cal finished his fourth “Smasher’s Dasher,” an alcoholic concoction that supposedly included protein and ginseng. It was supposed to be the healthiest alcoholic form of aphrodisiac in the U.S. Cal didn’t know…it didn’t seem to be doing anything for him, aside from get him “Smashed.” He considered ordering a drink with gingko biloba to help clear his head.

“Hey handsome,” a voice whispered in his ear.

Startled, Cal spun to his left, but nobody was there…at least not close enough to be whispering in his ear. There were hundreds of “Smasher’s Best Friends” present, but he was more or less alone at the bar.

“I’m over here,” the husky voice intoned, in his right ear this time.

He spun right, hoping he didn’t look like a complete boob. Nope…nobody. Although his rapid movements did attract the attention of a young man with his wife. Yep, he looked like a boob.

“I’m nearby, sweety,” the estranged voice said. “Come find me…I’ll make it worth your while…I have a drink waiting for you.” Cal was up and drifting around the smoke-filled tavern before he realized he was even moving. He looked at the eyes of all the women who were alone. There were a lot of them.

The sexy blonde in the tight red dress. Her ice-blue eyes looked him over, and she licked her lips. Her hand moved toward her breast, drawing his attention that way. He wondered if it was her.

“No, honey…I’m over this way.”

Cal immediately broke eye contact with the bewitching blonde and continued his search. Several women caught his eye, all of them looked inviting to him, even the one who looked like a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk dyke seemed interested ataşehir escort in him. One, sad-looking woman seemed to almost speak to him, but then the persistent voice drew him elsewhere. He didn’t notice that the sad-looking woman vanished as soon as his attention was drawn away.

Finally, he found the owner of the enchanting voice that had been teasing him, and he realized it was worth the wait.

The raven-haired beauty had almost porcelain-white skin, and wore a velvety crimson dress…whose color seemed to shimmer between black and a bright red. The dress was cut in a low V-neck, exposing her ample milky-white breasts and considerable cleavage. With even the most subtle movement, the dress’s colors would shift, exposing that she wore no bra, as the shiny fabric was pulled taut across her large, protruding nipples.

She had deep brown eyes that bored a hole through Cal’s soul. Her dark hair was kept in sweeping curls, which seemed to enshroud her perfectly shaped face, enticing him to look at her eyes, and her beautiful pouty lips. She wore gold hoop earrings with crystal studs, and wore several gold and silver bangles around her wrist. The dress was slit on the side almost up to her rib cage. Her waist was adorned with a shiny black sash, which was held together by an enticing ruby and gold brooch.

“You’ve found me,” she purred.

“Now that I’ve found you…” he stammered, “…what do I do with you?”

“You take me across the street to your motel room and show me a good time,” she cooed at him.

He felt weak at the knees. He closed his eyes for a second, and suddenly the raucous hip-hop music from the jukebox disappeared. His eyes fluttered open and he found himself in his motel room. The woman was with him, reaching her hands into his blazer and dress shirt underneath, rubbing her warm palms and fingers against his chest. Her long, dark fingernails scratched across the surface of his chest, almost painfully.

Suddenly, she tore open his shirt, gouging cuts across his chest in the process.

“OW! HEY!” he protested, but the woman became a flurry of activity, waving her arms around in chaotic patterns. Although she didn’t touch him, he felt her hands push him backwards onto his bed.

He tried to resist, but the force of energy became impossible to overcome. He flailed against the unseen power, but wound up pinned to the bed, his clenched fists limp at the sides of his head. His wrists felt as though incredible weights were pressing against them…not painfully, but forcefully enough that he could not move.

The room seemed to get brighter as the beautiful attacker unbuttoned and unzipped his faded blue jeans, pulling them down to his knees. She crossed her arms in front of her in a bizarre move, her hands clawed. His underwear shredded and flew across the room. He couldn’t hear anything over the roar of energy coursing through the room, coupled with the pounding of his heart.

“Now,” she purred in an overpowering whisper, “Now you show me a good time.”

With a snap of her wrists, Cal became completely immobile, except for his suddenly very aroused cock, which sprang to attention like the faithful trooper it was. Always willing to take kadıköy escort bayan the risks, his libido.

The enchanting captor stood at his side with a wry grin on her crimson lips. Her dress, which had been so enticing, literally seemed to melt from her body, revealing the most beautiful set of breasts Cal had ever seen. On the right side of her muscular body was a tattoo. The image of a snake was draped across her torso, its tail touching her lovely heart-shaped pubic region. The tattoo seemed to slither all the way up to her right breast, where the snake’s head rested.

She seemed to float in the air until she was seated, straddling his body. Her powerful arm reached down and pulled his limp head up to her right breast.

“Kiss the snake’s tongue, lover,” she said.

The snake’s tongue ended in fork, right by the areola of her enormous breast. He kissed her nipple, and felt an almost electric energy tingling on his lips. He kissed it again.

“Ooooo…suck my breast…taste my nectar…enjoy …”

He began to suck her breast, and was greeted with a thick, sweet tasting substance. Not breast milk…he had tasted that once before when he screwed a young single mother…this was different…exotic…fruity.

As the warm, sticky fluid filled his mouth, he found himself getting dizzy. But at the same time, he couldn’t stop…in fact, he needed it more. He sucked until he almost lost consciousness. Then, a finger came between his lips and the tender nipple.

“That’s all for now,” she said. “Now you will make me cum,” she purred into his ear. She squirmed up his body and muscular legs wrapped around his head, grinding her luscious twat into his face. Her pussy had a similar sweet taste to it, and he found himself lapping at her juices with reckless abandon, completely ignorant of his surroundings. There was just him, and this beautiful enchantress’ hot, juicy, sweet cunt.

She began to get in rhythm with his tongue, grinding her pubic mound into his face. She rode Cal’s face and began to shudder. He stuck his tongue as deeply into her twat as he could reach, straining his neck and jaw to lap every last drop of her pussy juice. Suddenly her body stiffened as she mashed her clitoris into his lips. She began to buck wildly, shuddering and rocking as she buried him in her fount.

A moan began to slip from her mouth, filling his head with the fullnes of her ecstasy. He not only heard her building up sexual energy, he thought it. She had taken him over, body and soul. She came, arching her back, nearly suffocating him in the depths of her puss. As her sexual release began in the most incredible orgasm he have ever given someone, a tidal wave of her pussy juice came to his mouth, nearly drowning him in her sweet, intoxicating juices.

She lifted herself from his face and then, with a snap of her fingers, he found his cock even more fully erect than before. It veritably bulged, longer and thicker than he had ever seen it. From across the room, she began to gently caress the air, as though she had his cock in her hand.

“What…what…what are you, a witch?” he asked.

She laughed a rich, hearty laugh.

“Witch? Honey, I’m far more powerful than a escort maltepe simple witch,” she said, clenching her fist. He felt his cock in the metaphysical squeeze of her hand. “No, my handsome fool, I operate on a far higher plane than those simple-minded tree huggers.”

“I am an enchantress, a sorceress, a wizardess…a GODDESS,” she cooed, increasing the tension on his rock-hard rock.

“I have the power to manipulate matter, create whole new realities,” she said. “You can have that too, lover! You’ve tasted my nectar, drank from the wines of a goddess…tell me…did you feel my power?”

She released the incredible tension on his cock, and began to gently caress it, still from across the room.

“I can make you come on cue,” she said. “I can fire all your synapses and make your head explode in ecstasy.”

“But…” she said, edging closer.

“I much prefer more…” His cock bulged and bulged, straining as though it were a creature of its own.

“…Traditional routes.” she said, wrapping her pouty lips around the head of his cock, taking the entire length of it into her mouth. He felt his sexual energy riding a tidal wave, ready to burst from his enlarged member, but then he was back at the beginning of his orgasmic roller coaster, again building up force and energy. And again he started over. He realized that he would have already had an orgasm, coating the back of this woman’s throat with an unstoppable gush of semen, but she was manipulating his senses.

His body began to quake and shudder. He rocked back and forth, but still was immobilized by the sorceress’ power.

And suddenly she stopped sucking and climbed on top of his throbbing meat, inching her golden pussy over his hulking slab of cock, absorbing his multiple layers of orgasmic pressure, taking his soul, spirit and body into her own, forming a permanent link between the two…

And then, her eyes wide, she came…

…and he came…

In the most mind-blowing, energy-filled orgasm of his life, Cal felt as though he was falling from the top of the Empire State Building. Wind and air rushed past his ears, the piercing wail of his lover’s second orgasm penetrated his very being. He knew that if he died in that moment, he would have had a taste of heaven and his life would have been fulfilled in the deepest sense of pleasure and ecstasy. Gravity finally began to stop pulling so hard at him…he felt his falling body gently land in a cushion of soft, warm air.

* * * * *

The ringing of the phone woke Cal up. Golden sunlight bathed the rustic motel room in an eerie way, as dust particles danced in the beams of light, chaotically fulfilling their own patterns in the cosmic order.

Cal, unable to move to answer the phone, realized that his stomach was covered with dried and drying splotches of his semen and the enchantress’ sticky, sweet nectar. The woman was nowhere to be found. His face, too, was sticky with her pussy juice, in fact his entire neck and head had been bathed in her “wine of the gods” when she had come on him.

The door rattled. He wondered if she had come back to release him from her spell.

“Oh…oh…sorry…” came the voice of the frail motel manager. “When you didn’t answer the phone, I worried.”

“It’s uh…ok…I can’t seem to move.”

“Oh…you had the sorceress goddess woman…” the manager said with a smile. “Just thank God you didn’t get the vampire…I hate finding her handiwork in my rooms!”

To Be Continued…

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