Tabootopia – A Nation of Incest Ch. 10

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Copyright © 2013, Surt, ALL Rights Reserved.

Knowledge of prior Tabootopia chapters is not essential for this story but it is recommended. Anyone involved in anything sexual is at least eighteen-years-old. Feedback is always appreciated and replied to. Thanks for reading and enjoy! 🙂 The Celebrity Templates are:

Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin
Erin Sanders is Kelly Vanderbosch


Nope he’s not going to do it. Nope he’s not going to do it. Nope he’s not going to… or is he? Is he? His fingers are getting a little shaky, it looks like he is… he is. Now his hands are lowering. So is he, is he going to do it? Is he going– gasp! His fingers have reached the glossy cover. He is going to do it, he is actually going to… okay, now his fingers are going to the bottom of the cover, and now he’s holding the cover with his forefingers, pinching it, ready to flip, ready to turn –

“Oh fuck.” He pulled back his hands and raised them high in the air. “Fuck no,” he whispered. “Fuck no.”

Leicester, England. 10:45pm. Our subject: ‘Liquid’ Larry Holmes; Eighteen-year-old Caucasian male with medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, and a slightly doughy build. He was by his desk, on his swivel chair, and looking at the most vile piece of pornography in human history.

The Argos catalogue.

Not the goods and appliances one, the clothes one. Larry looked down at it with true terror, beads of sweat going down his pinkish skin, sheer horror in his eyes as he looked at the red bubble letters: ARGOS.

The catalogue itself wasn’t particularly sinister, this was just a normal catalogue, but to Larry, it was Hell’s induction manual. To him, it was the most sinful and downright sinister book in the world. The reason why he felt this way, so terrified to even touch the cover of this book, was the fact that someone he knew was inside it, modelling. That person was his mother and he was to find her in pages 354-378.

The lingerie section.

And curiosity had got the better of young Larry. He’d snuck the advanced copy to his bedroom, not knowing why he’d done it, yet feeling sick with himself that he had. Curiosity, he told himself, curiosity was the reason why he had taken the catalogue. Curiosity was all it was. Yes, curiosity explained why his heart rate had shot to the moon and why his cock was growing at the rate of the universe.

To be fair, Larry’s mother was genuinely hot… which isn’t much justification for his actions. Either way, Patricia Holmes had been labelled a Yummy Mummy on more than one occasion, and she justified the title. Smooth fair skin, curled blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and a saucy smile: that would be the polite description. The lewder man would comment on how nice and large her D-cup breasts were, and how much better her backside is now in her 40s, having grown in diameter and filled out into an eye-wateringly sexy onion shape.

Patricia was a model in her younger years. Nothing major, just stuff for catalogues and shopping channels. Always fully clothed too, in shirts, jeans, coats, those sorts of things. She’d stopped modelling by the time her son came along and from then on referred to her modelling as one of those things she used to do. Then, from completely out of the blue, 18 years removed from her appearance in the Next shopping catalogue, Patricia got an offer.

“I’m going to be doing this in my knickers!” she announced with a huge smile.

Her husband, daughter and son turned from their spots in front of the television and looked at her with shock in their eyes. Larry’s cheeks went red in an instant. He opened his mouth and just made a ‘bah’ sound.

Larry’s raven-haired, pierced-lip sister, Joyce, jumped in and expressed her displeasure. “Are you being serious?” she asked with a hiss.

With her smile still glued to her face, Patricia shook her head. “Yep, it’s happening. I got a call and had the interview today. This American bloke who works for Argos told me I was perfect! Isn’t it amazing? Me, modelling after some twenty-odd years of being a mum!”

Joyce responded with typical teen angst. “Well, I might as well swallow a whole packet of Panadol, ’cause my life is done.”

Patricia frowned. “Oh come on, aren’t you happy for me?”

“YOU!? What about ME!?” shouted Joyce. “What will my friends say when they see it?”

“K-kids don’t look at the Argos clothes catalogue,” muttered a still-shaken Larry.

His sister turned to him. “What?”

“People our age don’t buy clothes from Argos… women Mum’s age or older buy things from it… I don’t think anyone you know will see it.”

Joyce’s rage subsided. “Fine.”

“So you’re fine with it?” asked Patricia.

“Whatever,” she whispered.

Patricia turned to her plumber husband. “Are you all right with it, George?”

The pot-bellied thin-haired man looked away from The One Show, looked at his wife and paused for contemplation. “… Uhh… Will you be showing tits and arse?”

The mention of his mother’s T&A made pendik escort Larry blush. His mother saw it as a valid question.

“No, just underwear,” she said. “Oh, might be in a thong though. No arse shown, I think.”

Larry was looking at the red shag carpet and felt his cheeks burn. His mother had just said ‘thong’. Thong!

Larry’s dad was much less dramatic about the whole thing. “…Yeah, all right.”

Patricia smiled and squeezed her man’s hand. “Thanks, love.”

“Hmm, hmm.”

Patricia turned to her son. “Larry, you okay with me doing this?”

Mum in her underwear, Mum in bras, panties and thongs. He repeated that to himself: Mum in her underwear, Mum in bras, panties… and thongs. He was feeling something rise within him, something whirling in strong and hard. He had to answer soon or he didn’t know what he’d say.

“Fine,” he said with a squeak. He coughed and shrugged. “Fine, yeah, sure.”

“Thank you, Larry.” She smiled.

Three months later and Larry was staring at the Autumn/Winter catalogue, and a part deep inside him, a part he didn’t have much contact with before, was urging him to look, urging him to have one, small, sneaky, innocent look. He resisted, held his breath, sweated, and felt his chest get tighter and tighter. He felt like he was stuck in place, unable to leave, forced into confronting the 700-page goliath. What to do, what to do, what to do. He wished his mother had never posed in her lingerie, wished she’d never put him in this situation. Then a light bulb went off in his head and a friendly voice came by to say: ‘Hey, why not pretend it never happened? If you put it back downstairs and never looked, it will be like this never happened.’ Larry agreed with this logic. Putting the catalogue away would be the end of this situation. It’s not like his mom, sister or dad would ever wave the pictures in his face; he knows none of them would want Larry to see his own mother in her ‘knickers’. Larry was starting to picture his plan: he’d put the catalogue downstairs, his mother would put it away in her bedroom, put it somewhere safe, and all this turmoil would be over. Larry liked that plan and agreed with it.

Larry put out his hands and held the catalogue. He stood up, got ready to turn – and then a thought came to him.

‘She made you do this.’

He stood still. He didn’t know where that thought had come from. It had literally come from the ether, out of the blue, and it made him shake. Larry looked at the catalogue, looked at the cover, and was swaying towards what the voice had said. It was her fault; she did make him do this. His mother didn’t need to pose in her knickers. It was her fault, Larry wasn’t to blame. All sons in his position would be as curious as him. Gosh, how could he not be? He had a ‘Yummy Mummy.’

Larry nodded, and without instructing his body to do so, he had sat back down on the chair. He put the catalogue back on the desk. A new thought was now entering. He let himself hear it.

‘Flip through it really quickly, just so you’ll know.’

‘Just so you’ll know.’ It was a good way to put it. Just so he will know and all curiosity would be gone from his mind. I mean, really, he couldn’t focus on anything else until he did this. It was for his good more than anything. It had to be done, really.

Larry took a deep, deep breath. “Whoosh… Fuck it.”

Larry flipped open the catalogue. He landed on the bikini section. He put his right hand on the catalogue and flipped through it as if oil had been put in his hand. He saw bikinis, sarongs, beachwear, kaftans, girls bikinis, girls Speedos, women’s Speedos, lingerie section, Brazilian models, thongs, pink bows, pushup bras, Triumph, Michelle Mone, blue bras, purple panties, teddies, slip-ons, camis, cotton…


Larry stopped and looked. There she was, a full page spread, his own mother, in the ‘comfort’ section, wearing a plain white bra and white panties. It was her, her pretty smile and curly blonde hair confirming it. Prettier, he thought, examining the face, seeing they’d put a nice shade on her cheeks. He focused on the face for a bit, but of course, he found his eyes going south, down to his mother’s breasts, to her panties, to her long lean legs, her bare feet, and finally, her red toenails. Her toenails were always red.

Larry scratched his crotch. He didn’t know what to think. This was his mother, she was in her underwear. And she was looking…

“Fit! My mum is fit!”

She was ‘fit’, fitter than he ever imagined. All those times his mother went swimming, to yoga class, to the gym, all that had actual results – sexy results. Larry was stunned to see how flat his mother’s stomach was, how toned her legs were, how firm her breasts looked, how nice she looked without clothing. Better, in fact, she looked better without clothing. He smiled, nodded, and by the power of his erection, he shut down the rational part of his brain, zipped down his jeans and let his other side take control…

“… Ah!” a bald suntanned escort pendik man placed his coffee cup away from his lips. “This?” he pointed, “is a plan coming together.”

The man leaned back in his chair, placed his cup on the nearby table, and watched the action unfold on the monitor.

The teen operating the circuit board, a slim black British male, turned and smiled. “I gotta shake your hand on this.” He swivelled his chair and exchanged a hardy handshake with the man.

“Thank you,” the man replied with a smooth low tempo voice and a warm smile.

“Man, you got the mother to do the Argos, all so her son could do…” He turned to the series of monitors. “Damn, you’re the best at this, Ned.”

“Oh, I’m nothing special,” Ned said with a mild chuckle.

The two of them were in a surveillance van, watching one of six monitors, the one located in Larry Holmes’ bedroom.

Ned shuffled closer, put his hand on the teen’s shoulder and talked business. “Darren, you’ll be doing the pickup. All four, as we’ve confirmed –” Ned slapped his forehead. “Oh, shoot, I’m sorry, four with the possibility of five.” He pointed to the radio. “I found one that could be a candidate.”

“Got it.” the teen nodded. “Who is the fifth?”

Ned brushed his hand past the van window’s curtain. “She’ll walk by in, oh, seven minutes.”


Darren watched the monitors while Ned sat silently by the window, watching, waiting.

“… I’m going to America tomorrow,” said Ned.

“Oh?” said Darren. “Pickup? Recruitment?”

“Pickup. We’ve had our eyes on this family for a while.” Without looking away from the window, Ned pointed at the table. “Family name is Cestin. File is right there.”

Darren picked it up. He lit up. “Wooo, wow, this is something else!”

Ned nodded. “Sure is. It’s my last assignment. Can’t wait for retirement.”

Darren looked back at the furiously masturbating teen. “Good, good, more time in the Homeland.”

“Yes indeed… Oh, there she is.” Ned opened the door. “See you soon, Darren.


In a cotton shirt and cargo pants, Ned felt the chilly English weather going into his bones. Yet he knew he wouldn’t remain cold for long, knowing his home was sunny all year-round. Ned had thoughts of home on his mind when he found his target and rushed over to her.

“Excuse me, Miss.”

A supremely busty white woman in heels and in a dress far too tight for her turned and gave Ned a smile. “Lost, babe?” She had dyed red hair and long fake eyelashes.

Dark Ned immediately stepped in. He had a long list of names he wanted to call her, including but not limited to ‘fucking cocksucking bitch-faced dumb cunty whore.’ But tonight, he forego long, outlandish theatrics. He didn’t need them.

“Sex.” He grunted and nudged his head in the direction of an alleyway.

The woman looked at the alley and then at him. “…Yeah, all right.”

He nodded, grabbed her by the arm and led the way. Seconds later and the woman was moaning, groaning and wailing in ways that were loosely human.

Darren shuddered, sipped his coffee and whispered, “Oh she is so in.”


Tabootopia: A Nation of Incest. One Nation Underneath Each Other. The Sinner’s Paradise. The Forbidden Heaven. It’s all these things and more. So why was it a nation of incest? Answer: because everyone is family and everyone is fucking. Yes, there was a copious amount of sex in Tabootopia. Tons, in fact, of all kinds. Mom-son, father-daughter, brother-sister, sister-sister, all the races, big and small, small and big, everything, literally every type of sex has been done in Tabootopia. But the really dirty secret was that Tabootopia was not about the sex. Tabootopia was about the people. The people made Tabootopia. Every single one of them, all friendly, all good people at heart. Hey, she may punch you in the neck during intercourse, but she still likes you. Five teens learnt the value of the Tabootopia people during their journey and had this message repeated to them when they made this, their final checkpoint before they reached their ultimate destination.

To recap: Five teenagers from Tabootopia’s suburbs, Our Haven, made the journey through the farm and industrial land of Tabootopia, Gaudium, and managed to get past the darkness and weirdness of Tabootopia’s lost land, Sector Three. These five are: Regina Cestin, a frowny well-chested American teen girl; Tammie Kwon, a tall statuesque Korean-American, who is also Regina’s girlfriend; Daniel Nova, a mocha plain American teen who loves all things taboo-related since he was 8; Kelly Vanderbosch, Daniel’s girlfriend, a cute, petite, creamy-skinned teen; and finally, Björn, a slim Swede who loves taboo-themed pornography, hates romance and loves American cop shows.

Last we saw of them, The International Lovers of Sex, Style and Sleep had exited Sector Three and found themselves truly amazed at what was in front of their eyes…


The teens had never felt such brightness. A searing white pendik escort bayan brightness, a light so big and bright that it felt like it was almost baking them. They quickly looked away from the light and looked out at another wonderful sight: a clear blue ocean. They watched the swaying ocean and only then noticed that the ground was heavy while also soft. After a minute, Tammie looked down and saw sand on her shoes.

“What is this?” asked Tammie.

“I knew it: we’re dead,” said Daniel. “I predicted this: we died back on Earth and made this world with our fantasies. This is the end point.”

Kelly was horrified. “Oh no, really? Awww, I don’t wanna go into the light.”

Björn was not happy. “Ahh, nothing can beat this… heaven can, umm, suck it.”

Regina shook her head. “We’re not dead, we’re, umm, we’re…”

Before anyone could think of what they were, a loud pop was heard from the left. They turned and saw two young women in blue shirts and shorts. One was blonde and busty, the other dark, tall and frizzy-haired.

“Con… gratulations! Woo!” The girls cheered in unison. They held poppers in their hands and released the confetti into the air.

Daniel squinted. “Huh? What the –?”

“Congrats, you!” said the blonde.

The group turned and stepped away from the glare of the sun. They saw a paved path beyond them, and right in front, these two girls and their fantastically tight t-shirts. The shirts had a few very important words on them: New Babylon University.

Ms Frizzy stepped forward and did a little bang-bang with her fingers. “You guys passed the induction: you’re officially in New Babylon University!”

The Inter-Lovers erupted into a cheer. Björn jumped up and down, Tammie and Regina held hands and bumped boobs, and a delighted Kelly jumped into a jubilant Daniel’s arms.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” said Daniel as he pumped his fist into the air.

Another NBU helper ran up the pathway and tossed a clipboard to Blondie. She grabbed it, turned, and looked at the crew.

“Now I know some of you already.” She took her pen out of her pocket and put it next to her lips. “Tammie Kwon and Regina Cestin.”

“We met?” asked Regina.

“Oh no,” she said with a flirty leg twirl. “It’s just that I’ve seen you girls on the television, some very hot stuff.” She cleared her throat. “Ahem, okay let’s just get this business done: Daniel, check; Kelly, check; Björn, check. Okay, follow me.”

The teens followed on, all buzzing with victory.

“Where are we?” asked Regina.

They went past the small paved path and just right then Blondie stepped to the side and waved her arm across: “Why it’s your reward: Eden Resort!”

Eden Resort: A sunny sandy beach that overlooked a pristine blue ocean. Or in other words: Tabootopia on sand. People of all ages and sizes were walking around on the beach, many in beachwear and many just naked. A quick scan showed around two dozen visitors, a good number, the area sparse, open, leaving the people to get on with their atypical misdeeds. Oh yes, sex on the beach, hot, wild and sweaty, couples getting it on, and families having the best vacations ever…

Daniel spotted something he found quite amazing: “Wow!”Look, lookit!” he paused to grab his breath. “That mom is in a thong! Right next to her son! There are at least… five moms in thongs with their sons. Oh my God: there are tons of nearly naked moms with their sons! Some are naked!” He gasped. “That Chinese mom is having sex with her husband while her sons are making a sandcastle!” Previously cool and calm Daniel was losing the pitch in his voice, his tone going from high to low. “God, all moms and they’re being naked with their sons and daughters and all are naked in front of them like this and I think I’ll go now see them.” His face was red and his mouth hung open.

“Oh my gosh: Daniel snapped!” shrieked Kelly.

Björn vigorously shook his head: “This is his Disneyland!” Björn grabbed his friend’s shoulders. “This is, umm, his dream! He, umm, loves hot moms that get near or fully naked around their sons in a setting in which it is socially acceptable for a woman to be undressed in front of her family members!”

Daniel walked to the beach in a catatonic state.

“Hey, hold on,” said Frizzy. “We’re not done explaining.”

Daniel paused while looking out at the moms who wore thongs around their sons.

“You can give us your bags,” said Blondie. “Our staff will put it in your pre-booked hotel room.”

Regina, Tammie and Kelly handed their bags to the staff. Daniel handed his to Björn, who handed his and Daniel’s bags to the nearby attendants.

“They’ll show you to your room.” Blondie tilted her head to the left and showed them something they’d completely missed: a three-story white building that was next to several little shops and eateries.

Regina and Tammie followed Blondie and Frizzy.

“Hey, Daniel!” shouted Kelly. “Hotel?”

“He’s gone to the perverted side,” said Regina to Kelly. “Just let him go, let him get it out of his system.”

“Meaning he’ll jerk himself silly till his mind gets clear,” Tammie said bluntly.

“Eww.” Kelly disapproved but understood the logic. “Björn, come here.”

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