Sweet Sister Ch. 09

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Sheri stopped rubbing my hard-on against her hairy pussy. Instead, she pressed my cock against it. She used her fingernails to lightly scratch the underbelly and the sensitive rim of the crown. My cock felt like it got harder and lengthened at least an inch under Sheri’s mild abuse and teasing.

Kim sat quietly beside us on the bed. She watched my reactions as Sheri teased my cock and played with my nuts by lightly scratching the skin of my ball sac and rolling my nuts around with her fingers. She rubbed a thumb across my cockhead. “You’re dick is oozing pre-cum.” She licked her thumb. “You must like this. Your dick feels harder.”

“Oh, yeah, Sheri, I like that.” I thrust my hips up to press my cock harder against her pussy. “You’re a cock tease.”

She squeezed my nuts, “Thanks. You’re fun to tease.”

Kim leaned over and kissed Sheri on the lips. Her hand covered Sheri’s on my cock. She scooted around and bent down to lick the tip of the cockhead. “Yumm. Tasty.” She looked up at Sheri, “May I have more?” Sheri moved her hand.

“Ahhh.” I couldn’t help myself as Kim swirled her tongue over my cockhead then sucked it deep into her warm mouth. Sheri cupped one of her breasts with a hand. She was caressing Kim’s back with her other hand. Kim pushed herself back up. She kissed and sucked the nipple of the breast that Sheri was holding. Sheri dropped her breast and took Kim’s face in her hands. My cock throbbed in Kim’s hand as the two women kissed.

Sheri raised her ass a little ways off of my thighs. Kim moved out of her way. She held my cock upright as Sheri moved forward. Sheri put her hands on her pussy and spread her lips wide as she positioned herself over my cock. I watched with pleasure as Sheri settled her pussy down over my cock.

Sheri shook her head, “Oh, damn, that feels good.” She put her hands on my chest and slowly pumped her ass up and down. Her pussy was warm and tight and very wet. She speeded up her pumping action. We made a squishing sound when she bottomed her pussy on my cock. Sheri smiled, “It sounds like my cunt is slurping your dick.”

I reached up to her breasts and thumbed her hard nipples. “I hate to interrupt your cock ride, but I’d like to eat your hot juicy pussy. I wiggled my tongue at her. Sheri laughed. Then she crawled towards my shoulders. My cock flopped wetly against my stomach as it slipped out of her pussy. Sheri positioned herself over my face. I kissed and licked her hairy pussy.

“I’m glad you so like to eat hair pie, Brad.” She spread her lips and lowered her succulent juicy pussy to my waiting tongue and lips.

I gave her a sloppy slurpy lick from the bottom of her slot to the top. “Mmmm, gawd you’re tasty.” I put my arms around her hips. I put my hands on her ass cheeks with my fingertips in her ass crack so I could pull her pussy tight against my mouth.

Sheri shifted positions slightly. She leaned forward and braced her hands on the headboard. She also spread her thighs a little wider. This gave me some room so I could turn my head back and forth a little as I licked, kissed and tugged her lips and clit. Sheri put one hand down to touch my face. “I like a tongue in my cunt almost as much as I like a dick.”

By tipping my head back a little, I was able to wink at her. Kim’s soft lips closed over my cockhead. I wasn’t expecting her to suck me. I growled deep in my throat and sucked hard at Sheri’s clit. Kim was lying across my stomach as she sucked my cock. Her ass was right next to my shoulder. Sheri turned to see what Kim was up to.

“Hey!” She swatted Kim on the ass.


“That dick’s for me! Leave it alone!”

Kim giggled, “But it looked so lonely.” She got up on her knees and kissed Sheri. “Do you taste your pussy on my lips?”

“Yes, but I’d rather have another taste of dick. Excuse me, Brad.” Sheri turned around and got on her hands and knees over me. I buried my face in her pussy as she buried my hard-on deep in her mouth. I took a breather and slipped a finger into her pussy. As I resume eating Sheri, I rubbed the wet finger tip around her puckered butt hole.

I kept my finger wet. When I would rub her she would suck harder. I pressed her pucker and worked my finger into her tight butt hole. Sheri sucked harder still. I pushed the finger in past the first knuckle. Sheri sat up, “Oh, shit! I like that.” She squeezed my head between her thighs as she jerked my cock. The soft hair on the inside of her thighs tickled my face.

She swung her legs from over my face. She was still gripping my cock. “O.K., Mister. Enough with the foreplay.” Sheri released my cock and sprawled on her back. “Let’s fuck!” She spread her legs wide so I could kneel between them.

I crawled up close to her crotch. The skin on the inside of her thighs quivered as I stroked the downy hair on her legs. And I rubbed my cock against her pussy hair. “I like natural women.”

Sheri giggled, “And I like men who know when to stop talking and start fucking.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I held my cock in my hand as I used ataşehir escort bayan the cockhead to part her pussy lips. Sheri’s pussy was so wet it was practically drooling. I used her juices to lube my cock. She put her hands down to her pussy and guided me as I slipped into her most intimate recesses. Sheri smiled as I began to fuck her with long slow strokes.

Kim began to play with Sheri’s breasts. Soon she was sucking her nipples. As I kept up the long slow strokes, I’d rub and ‘thumb’ Sheri’s engorged clit. She began to meet my fuck strokes by humping her hips. Kim leaned over Sheri’s face. She balanced on her knees and one hand as she held a breast in her other hand. She rubbed her nipple across Sheri’s lips.

Kim’s ass was right next to me so I rubbed it. I slipped my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. She was soft and warm and wet. I slipped a finger inside Kim’s pussy. She wiggled her ass a little so I worked a second finger in. I rotated my wrist while working a third finger into Kim’s juicy pussy. She had returned to playing with Sheri’s breasts.

Kim lay her head on Sheri’s chest and looked at me as I pushed all three fingers as deep as I could. Kim grinned as I pulled the three dripping fingers out and raised them to my mouth where I sucked each one clean. She stopped her tit play and scooted down so her face was just inches from Sheri’s cunt and my cock. Sheri humped and I stroked and we continued to fuck each other.

Kim put a hand down on my cock. As I pulled back, she lifted it out of Sheri’s sopping cunt and guided it to her mouth. She tightened her lips around my cock shaft and held her head still as I continued the long slow strokes. I fucked Kim’s face for a couple of minutes. She guided my cock back into Sheri’s cunt. Sheri had never stopped humping and we quickly resumed our steady fucking.

Kim moved away a little bit and gave us some room so I picked up Sheri’s legs and put them over my shoulders. I was able to rise up on my knees and to begin to pound her with rapid deep strokes. Our skin was slapping together as the front of my legs smacked against Sheri’s ass. Sheri was beginning to make little cooing noises and I could feel the cum beginning to rise in my balls. Kim was up on her knees. She finger fucked herself as she watched.

Kim moved behind me. She leaned against me so I could feel her hot hard nipples against my back. Sheri began to moan as our fuck pace slowed down. Kim moved back a little but I wasn’t able to resume the piston fuck so I gave Sheri long deep strokes. I bumped her ass each time I bottomed my cock in her cunt. She stopped moaning and resumed making little cooing noises again.

Kim’s hand snaked between my legs and she gently squeezed my nut sac. She rubbed her hand back and forth in my ass crack. She’d touch my balls and brush a fingertip across my butt hole. She must have been wetting her fingers with her pussy juices since her hand slid smoothly.

Sheri was beginning to breathe rapidly and her cunt was gripping my cock. She arched her back and a rosy flush arose in her face and over her breasts. Kim pressed a finger against my butt hole. As I punched my cock deep into Sheri’s cunt, Kim punched her finger up my ass.

“Gahhh!” My balls erupted. My cock jerked as the cum spurted deep into Sheri’s pussy. Her cooing changed to an “Ohhh, yesss.” I kept my cock buried in Sheri’s pussy as she flexed her cunt muscles and milked it. When she stopped milking my cock, I lowered her legs and lay down on top of her. We kissed and we continued to slowly and gently fuck each other until my cock softened.

I rolled off Sheri and lay on my back. My cock, sticky with pussy juice and cum, flopped against my thigh. Sheri rolled over against me. We kissed again. Sheri slid down and began to kiss my cock. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched her. Kim lifted Sheri’s leg. Sheri rearranged herself a little as Kim began to suck her cunt. Sheri smiled up at me the slipped her lips over the cockhead.

I was feeling left out, but I was able to move around without interrupting Kim’s pussy eating or Sheri’s cocksucking. I rolled Kim onto her side, lifted her leg and buried my face in my niece’s furry crotch. I licked her pussy, sucked her juices and inhaled the essences of a natural woman.

At some point, almost by an unspoken consent, we stopped pleasuring each other. We moved up to the pillows, pulled up the sheet and the three of us fell asleep with the taste of pussy and cock on our lips.

I awakened at dawn with a piss hard-on. I must have disturbed the women’s sleep because when I returned from the bathroom, they were kissing and caressing each other. I stood beside the bed and jerked my cock as I watched them roll around on the bed and kiss, suck each other’s nipples and finger each other’s pussy.

Sheri noticed me, “Oh, let’s watch Brad jack off.”

“You ladies put on quite a show.” I moved closer to the bed and pumped my cock with slow strokes.

Both Sheri and Kim moved close to the edge of the escort kadıköy mattress. Sheri lay on her side and Kim lay on her back. Their faces were just inches from my cock. Kim leisurely finger fucked herself as she watched me jerk off. “When you cum, I want you to cum on my lips.

Sheri gently fondled my balls as I stroked away. I could feel my nuts tightening, “I’m gonna’ cum.”

Sheri moved to lay on her back with her head next to Kim’s. “I’d like some too, please.”

I aimed my cock at Kim’s face. The first squirt landed in a line next to her nose and across her lips to her chin.

“Tip your heads back towards me.”

The second squirt coated Kim’s lips and chin. I trained my cock on Sheri’s face and shot a large gob onto her upper lip. She used a finger to smear it over her lips. I alternated between their faces until I couldn’t wring another drop of cum out of my cock. Kim rolled over and kissed Sheri. I watched them smear the cum around on their faces and then I joined them in kissing and smearing the cum over each of our faces.

Afterwards, I got back into bed with them and we kissed and cuddled and dozed until mid-morning. Kim stretched like a cat as she lay beside me. First one arm, then the other, then the legs. Sheri sat up and stretched her arms over her head. “Gawd, I like watching you two stretch.” I reached up and hefted one of Sheri’s breasts.

She put her hand on mine and grinned, “I wonder if we have any melons for breakfast?”

Kim laughed, “We need to eat something more substantial than melon. We burned a lot of energy last night. Right, Brad?”

“Well, to be honest, I’d like to eat both of you for breakfast.” I rubbed my chin, “But not until after I shave. Don’t want to burn your tender thighs with my bristles.”

“Seriously, we’d better shower and fix something to eat.”

I put coffee on before I showered. I could hear the shower in the basement running and I could hear Kim and Sheri talking and giggling. I thought about joining them, but, instead, I used the master bath off the bedroom so I could also shave.

I didn’t bother to put on anything except a pair of sandals. When I got to the kitchen Sheri was juicing oranges and Kim, who was wearing just a chef’s apron, was working at the kitchen range. “We thought we’d fix a Denver omelet and have a brunch.”

“Sounds great to me. What can I do to help?”

Sheri pushed the orange rinds down the disposal, “I think everything is under control.”

I went out to the front hall, took a pair of shorts out of the closet, slipped them on and stepped outside to pick up the newspaper. I hung the shorts back on the hook in the closet and was taking the bag off the paper when Sheri called, “Brunch is on.”

I took the paper with me to the kitchen. Kim and taken off her apron and she was pouring the last cup of coffee as Sheri and I sat down. I divided up the newspaper, “Here, have something to read while we eat.” We all scanned the paper and discussed a couple of news items.

“What are your plans for today, Kim?”

I think I’ll work on a couple of papers and my all over suntan.” She stood up and ran her hands up her torso from her hips to her breasts, “I’ve almost lost the swimsuit lines.”

As Kim sat back down, Sheri blew her a kiss, “You’re looking good, Girl.” Kim did look good. She had an even golden tan and it and her auburn hair really set off her green eyes.

“What are you planning on doing today, Sheri?”

“Well, I think I’ll start work on a paper too and I should read in a couple of textbooks, but I think I may take a nap later.”

Kim grinned, “And why would you need a nap?”

“Well, I didn’t get much sleep last night,” Sheri laughed, “You were there and you were also part of the reason none of us got much sleep.”

“Well, there is a lot to do before any of us can take a nap. Let’s clean the kitchen up now.”

“You Ladies can go about whatever it is that you have to do. I’m going to have another cup of coffee and read more of the newspaper. Then I’ll clean this up.”

“Are you sure, Brad?”

“Yes. Now shoo. Run along.”

Sheri came around my chair. She leaned over my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re a sweetheart.”

Kim did the same, “That goes double for me, Uncle Brad.” I liked the way their bare breasts rubbed across my back. I noticed they were holding hands when they walked out of the kitchen.

Kim returned in a few minutes with her laptop, her books and some towels and sun block lotion. She put her stuff down and opened the bottle of lotion. “Let me help you with that. I’ll do your back.”

Kim handed me the lotion, “Do the back of my legs too, will you?”

“Sure.” I started at her shoulders and worked my way down her back. When I got to her butt, I planted a kiss on each cheek, “You have a nice ass, Kim.” I ran my tongue up her ass crack. Then I applied lotion.

She looked down at me, “Thanks, I think. Are you coming out later?”

“Yes, after I clean up in here.”

I’ll bostancı escort help now.”

“No, go get started on your papers.”

“O.K. I think I work at the table on the deck. See you soon.”

“O.K.” I looked around the kitchen then I went upstairs. I went into my bedroom and started stripping the bed. Sheri stuck her head in the door, “I thought I heard someone come upstairs. Whatcha’ doing?”

“I figured I’d put these sheets in the wash. They’re well used.”

Sheri rubbed a sheet against her face. “They smell like someone had a good time.” She took the sheets from me and rolled them into a bundle which she tossed out into the hall. She put her hand on my arm, “Last night was the best fuck that I‘ve ever had.”

“Yes, it was good, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was, Brad. I started cumming almost the minute you slipped your dick into my cunt and when you shot your wad, I almost exploded. You’re not like the college guys who just want to screw a girl so they can get their rocks off and then brag about it later. You care.”

“Well, I . . .”

“You care and you’re tender and you give as much pleasure as you get. I’d like to spend a weekend with you. Just the two of us and with nothing to do except to fuck our brains out.”

“Uh, geez, Sheri, uh, I . . .”

“Sit down on the bed, please.” I sat down and Sheri got on her knees between mine. “Your dick is cute when it’s soft.” She leaned forward and lightly kissed the cockhead.

“It won’t be soft for very long if you keep that up,” I smiled.

“I know.” She lifted my cock. “I know it won’t stay soft and it will get very long if I keep this up.” She kissed the cockhead again then sucked my now slightly less than soft cock deep into her mouth. I watched as she nestled her nose in my pubic hair. And I was thrilled when she licked my balls at the same time.

Sheri took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, “Your dick is so nice to suck. I like sucking dick almost as much as fucking.” She smiled, “Does it bother you that I use words like ‘fuck’ and ‘fucking’ and that I like to fuck and suck dick?” Sheri was pumping my now fully erect cock as she talked.

“Uh, no it doesn’t bother me.”

“Good, because some guys are bothered by a girl using ‘dirty’ words and doing ‘dirty’ deeds.” Sheri licked my cock shaft then pushed her lips over the cockhead. She pumped her head up and down. My cock came out of her mouth with a slurpy pop. “There’s just something about sucking a hard dick.”

Sheri probably wouldn’t have been too surprised to learn that I understood what she meant since I’m a cocksucker myself. I smiled as I thought about some cocks that I enjoy sucking: my best friend Ken; transsexual Mai; Rob, a business friend; my brother-in-law and nephew, Bill and Bill, Jr.; and my ‘boyfriend’, Jon.

Sheri stopped licking and kissing my cock, “I think you know what I mean.”

“Uh, I’ve got a pretty good idea.”

She stood up. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t suck and run, but I’d better get started on that paper.” She touched my hard-on. “I bet Kim and I can find a use for that some time today or tonight.” She turned as she was about to leave the room, “Oh, and I want to feel your hard dick up my ass before spring break is over.”

After Sheri left the room I sat there for a minute until my hard-on subsided. Then I made up the bed with clean sheets, gathered up the dirty sheets and took the downstairs and put them in the washer. When I got back to the kitchen I looked out the window, Kim was seated at the table with her laptop in front of her. Sheri was sitting on a chaise lounge, out on the lawn, with her laptop on her lap. It took just a few minutes to rinse the breakfast dishes and pans and to load and start the dishwasher.

I put several bottles of water in a cooler, picked up a folded blanket, a towel, lotion and lube, and a book and went out to join Kim and Sheri. I stopped by the table where Kim was typing away. “Have a bottle of water.”

“Thanks, Uncle Brad.”

“It’s just Brad. Remember? How’s the paper coming along?”

“It’s almost finished. I’m cleaning up an ‘almost final draft’ that I did before the break began.” Kim stopped typing and smiled at me, “Sheri said you were rather tongue tied when she told you that last night was the best fucking that she had ever shared with a man.

“Well, she, uh . . “

“And she said she’s like to spend a weekend with you and do nothing but fuck.”

“Uh, yes, er, ah,”

Kim stood up and laughed, “I think Sheri really, really likes you.” She hugged me. My cock twitched as her breasts pressed against my chest. She pulled my head down and kissed me. Her tongue explored my mouth. “I want to share a best ever fuck with you, too.”

These straight forward, get-right-to-the-point young women certainly didn’t mince any words about what they wanted to do.

I set down the things I was carrying and put my arms around my niece. I let my hands slip down to her butt. I put a hand on each ass cheek and pulled her against me. My cock was pressing against her lower belly, “You want me just for my body.”

Kim laughed as she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed her upper body back, “Actually, sometimes it’s just parts of your body that we want.” She slid a hand between us and gripped my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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