Sweet Lizzy

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Be gentle guys and girls. This is my first attempt at writing anything. Much less something erotic. I know it’s long and I apologize for that. Hopefully next time I can figure out a way to get to the heart of the story quicker.

I hope you enjoy it either way. Be safe and happy reading. (Hopefully)


My daughter was going to drive my wife insane and somehow I was supposed to ‘fix’ the problem. At this point I wasn’t sure she hadn’t already succeeded.

My wife, Alicia and I had our daughter way too young. We were both seniors in high school when she was born. I’ve never felt like my baby girl was a burden or resented having her so young. Alicia on the other hand, did her best, but she didn’t want to be a mom at all. The fact that I wanted our daughter, and wanted her to grow up with both her parents made me enemy number 1 since the stick turned blue.

I can admit that I had it pretty good and didn’t see it as a problem. My parents wanted to make sure we both made our education a priority so they let her move in with us and even watched the baby while we finished school. As long as we stayed in college they took care of her while we did that as well. The only stipulation was that they would only support us if we used the time and money they spent wisely. We had to stay in school. I thought it was the best gift they could have given us. I buckled down and finished school, went to the community college in the next town and was able to get my degree in business and a realtor license in one and a half years. By the time our little Elizabeth (Lizzy) was 2 years old I was working as a real estate agent and had a 5 year plan with my parents’ help to start my own agency. I managed to get it done sooner with the hours I put in. I had my business opened just after she turned 5.

Alicia had her heart set on being an actress and wanted to move to L.A. after graduation. That obviously didn’t happen with a baby, and she had to settle for a boyfriend who was never home and a career as a nurse so she could take classes locally as well. It was easy for me to adjust to being a father because I wasn’t a negative person and I’d decided that although my dreams were altered that didn’t mean I had to be miserable about it. I made the best of it and did something else that I could be proud of and still make plenty of money to support my new family. Alicia simply never got over the fact that she was stuck with a baby and once we finished our college classes, a husband she wasn’t even sure she liked anymore much less loved.

Lizzy grew up in a house where daddy was the one that did everything for her because mom wasn’t interested. I never missed her dance recitals when she was little and my mom thought she was too cute not to put in a tutu. I didn’t miss a meet when Lizzy decided that she wanted to run track when she was in Jr High, and I didn’t miss a ‘spa day’ when she decided in High School that she wanted to own her own salon one day so she started taking cosmetology her Junior year.

It was no wonder that we were closer than she was with her mother, but I couldn’t convince Alicia to give up the chip on her shoulder. So they fought. A LOT. It had become a habit at this point to see where they were when I got home from work for the day. If they were both home I knew it was too late to run interference and I’d be playing referee instead. Today was one of those days. I pulled into the garage and could already hear the yelling when I opened my car door. By the time I was walking in the house I had resigned myself to the inevitable.

“Are you out of your damn mind woman? I’m not the slut in this house.” Whoa, this was going to be a big one.

“You think I’m a slut? I didn’t get to have my slutty days because I was busy ruining my life by pushing out a 7 pound disrespectful little shit.”

“Hey, what’s going on now ladies?” I didn’t want this to get any more out of hand than it sounded like it already had.

“Daddy, thank god you’re home.” My daughter threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. I could feel her shaking in my arms so I knew she was good and pissed.

“That’s right, run to daddy to fix all your problems.”

“I don’t need daddy to fix my problems, I need daddy to fix his problem. I don’t have to deal with you once he’s here.” She turned to me and shrugged. “She’s your wife, deal with her. I didn’t get to choose my mother, you chose to marry her, that makes her your issue, not mine.”

“Thanks baby girl, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that you’d just abandon me in my hour of need.” She giggled and hugged me again whispering in my ear before she pulled away. “She’s bat shit crazy, watch your back or she’s likely to stab you in it.” With that ominous statement she went upstairs to her room and slammed the door.

“She’s so fucking spoiled Emory, it’s gotten out of control.”

“Spoiled? She’s 19, has already graduated High School, finished her college classes and is working a full time job doing what she wants to do to advance her career. I’d say she’s done a lot of things that deserve a little credit. She’s smart and driven, she isn’t spoiled, she’s appreciated.”

“Oh, so I’m the illegal bahis problem then, you don’t appreciate my contributions here huh? How about we add slut to the list of her character traits. She’s going to end up pregnant if you don’t stop her from shaking her ass at anyone with a dick between their legs”

“Hey, don’t talk about her like that.” I hated when my wife put her down like this. “She’s not a slut Alicia. Even if she was though, she’s old enough that we can’t really do a lot about it. We can ask her to keep her male friends away if she’s planning any big orgies, does that make you feel better?”

“This isn’t a joke Emory. She had a boy in her room when I got home. The door was closed and when they came down he had clearly just showered. She’s fucking around in our house.”

Well that was a punch to the gut. I hoped my daughter wasn’t really bringing boys home to have sex with. I had a feeling this was something Alicia had made out to be worse than it was. Surely Lizzy was smart enough to take any dates somewhere else for that. No, she wouldn’t, there’s too much of a chance for Alicia to run into them. Lizzy introduces her mother to as few of her friends as possible, almost never to a boyfriend. She hates her mom too much for that.

“Alicia, she’s old enough to have friends in her room. You can’t assume every boy is here for sex, you’re making it so she never wants her friends here when you accuse them of fucking every time the door closes.”

“Seriously? You think I’m the problem? If it’s so innocent why was he just out of the shower? Damn it Emory, I’m not interested in being a grandma. Fix this before I make her go in for an IUD or the pill or something. I’m not letting her fuck up my life any more than she has already.”

I just shook my head and turned around mumbling to myself. “It’s no wonder she hates you.” I walked up to Lizzy’s room and knocked on the door. “Liz, baby girl, can I come in?”

“If that psycho you married isn’t with you, then sure.” She called back.

I went in and saw that she was sitting at her desk doing something to a few photo’s she’d taken. “What are you working on honey?” I asked her while I made my way over to sit on the end of her bed.

“Justin came over and I did a cut and then a dye job on his hair. It’s for pride next weekend. Here, I’ll show you.” She was always so excited to talk about her anything spa related. It also explained why the boy had wet hair. His hair did look pretty cool, she’d cut it in a preppy boy kind of way so that when it washed out eventually he wasn’t stuck with a ridiculous cut. The dye was also pretty impressive. His blonde hair was rainbow colored on top, but it also had the words ‘Love Is Love’ wrapped around the back of his head in a bright teal color. Ok, so I really doubt Justin was here for any of my daughter’s skills other than the hair care kind. “I didn’t fuck him daddy, she’s crazy.”

“I can see that baby girl. I doubt Justin was here for his rainbow dye job and a quick fuck. You’re probably not his type.”

“Don’t be judgy daddy, it’s beneath you. Justin is bisexual, but he’s not my type so that wouldn’t happen even if he was interested. Which he’s not, he has a steady boyfriend now so he’s off the market.”

I felt myself blush a little, man I was getting old. I did just assume things about the guy. “I’m sorry honey. I’m sure your friend is a nice guy and you know I don’t care who someone is having sex with as long as everyone is safe.”

“I know daddy, so…” she sighed like every teenager facing a parent that’s just to obnoxious to live. “She’s at it again. I didn’t even talk to her until she started telling me what a slut I was. I tried to ignore her daddy, I did. She makes it hard when she follows me around the kitchen trying to make me react.”

“She was following you around?”

“Yes. I told you yesterday that I’d try to ignore her if I was home before you. I ended up getting out 2 hours early. Justin followed me home so I could do his hair without having any other clients coming in for a walk in. I didn’t even know she was here until we came downstairs. Since I had been doing his hair for about an hour and a half I was thirsty and needed to be away from the smell a little bit. I went to the kitchen and as soon as I had the fridge open she was behind me asking who that was and why was the door closed? I told her he was a friend and I was doing his hair. I tried to walk around her but she kept getting in my face every time I turned around she’d follow me and get back in my face. She’s losing her mind.”

“I’m sorry she did that. I’ll talk to her and try to make her see reason when she’s more calm.”

“Thanks daddy. You’re the best.” She hugged me tight again. I did love my baby girl more than anything.

I went back downstairs but Alicia wasn’t down here anymore. Hopefully she went to take a bath. She’s usually in there for at least an hour. Maybe she’d be more reasonable after relaxing. Ha, wishful thinking. Oh well, I turned on the basketball game and kept myself busy with sports for a while. It was a better way to end the day than an argument.

“Oh my god you fucking loonatic, get the hell out illegal bahis siteleri of here!” Well, so much for that. I jumped up and ran back upstairs while Lizzy was still shouting.

“I’m taking this door down. So knocking is a thing of the past. Get over it.”

I rounded the corner to see Alicia standing inside the door of Lizzy’s bedroom with my drill and she looked like she was seriously about to take the door off at the hinges. What the hell.

“Alicia, what the actual fuck are you doing?” Even I was stunned by this one.

“I’m taking the door off. She can’t close it when there’s boys here if she doesn’t have a door to close.”

“Are you kidding me right now? Get out of my room before I call the men with the white coats to come get your crazy ass.” Liz was pissed, I honestly couldn’t blame her this time.

“Really Alicia, leave the door alone and go relax in a bath. It’ll help after a long day.”

“So you think I’m crazy too huh? You’re both going to see how crazy I am when you’re stuck raising her kid. I’ll be on the run if it happens. I’m not staying here to be some brat’s grandma.”

“Geez you’re an idiot.” Lizzy was shaking her head like she was just not even sure what to do anymore. I wasn’t either for that matter. “I’d have to have sex to get pregnant. Justin prefers putting his dick in Hunter’s ass, not my pussy so you’re not a grandma yet. Now can you get the fuck out?”

“Come on Alicia, she’s an adult and I’m not going to let you take her door off. Go take a bath or have a glass of wine. Hell, do both, but leave her alone.”

“Why do you always defend her? She’s not some innocent little girl Emory, she’s 19 and dresses like a slut. She’s going to get knocked up. You just wait and see.” And with that she stormed out.

Liz and I both just stood staring at the empty doorway. I think we both needed a second to figure out what to say after that. “Well,” She started, “that was fun, I assume the leprechaun’s and unicorns will be here any minute right?”

My lips twitched. She was too damn cute. “Probably, but I think the Mad Hatter’ll be more fun, so I’m just gonna wait for him to get here.” After a second we both started laughing.

Since Alicia was really taking a bath this time Lizzy and I ordered takeout and put in a movie. It was nice to sit back and just enjoy the time I had with my daughter. We were a little more than halfway through the movie when Alicia came down.

“You didn’t save me anything?”

“There’s a plate in the microwave waiting for you.” I didn’t even look away from the screen, best not to poke the bear.


Liz and I were on the sofa so she came in with her plate and sat in the chair next to it. Thankfully without any further grumbling.

The next morning was quiet which was unusual, but it did give me hope that maybe Alicia realized how badly she’d treated our daughter the day before and was going to have a better day today. My business was still doing really well, so I was having a great day. Liz even came by the office instead of going straight home because she said it’s easier if I’m there to keep her mom from losing her shit. We both walked in the house, but it was quiet still. Alicia had left a note on the kitchen island that she was going out with some of the girls from work. Thank goodness. They only did it every 2 to 3 weeks, but Alicia was always in a better mood for a couple of days after. Like she remembered that she wasn’t just a wife and mom, she was still a person with her own friends. I really hoped she had a good time while she was out because I was certainly going to enjoy it while she was gone.

Liz and I ordered takeout again, 2 nights in a row was pretty uncommon, but neither of us wanted to spend out free night cooking. Once we’d eaten we decided to find another movie to watch, this time it was a horror flick that we both wanted to see but Alicia hated horror movies. We started out on separate ends of the couch, but I chucked when Liz started inching her way over. She was scared of horror movies, but she loved them. By the midway mark she was leaning against me with her face hidden behind my arm. She’d jump and scream then bury her face again every time she decided to be brave and peek.

“Are you ok in there baby girl?”

“Hush daddy, it’s getting to a good part.”

“How do you know that?”

“The music is getting creepy. Someone’s about to get the ax again?”

“Yes, but how would you know that, my arm is in your way.” I lifted my arm so she was exposed to the evil TV.

“Daddy don’t!” She yelled and pulled my arm back toward her. When she pulled my hand landed on the outside of her thigh on the opposite side from me so my arm was across her body. She held on tight and wasn’t letting it loose again.

I patted her leg like a baby and joked again. “You won’t get to see them get the ax again from back there honey. Come on, let daddy go so we can watch them get slaughtered.”

“Oh god daddy, I’m going to have to kick your ass if you move your arm. I need protection, you’re my daddy, protect me.”

I laughed, but I could also feel how hard she was breathing. My arm was canlı bahis siteleri between both of her breasts as she held me tight. I rubbed her thigh just a bit, but I was still chuckling a little too. She’s so tough most of the time that it always takes me a minute to remember that around me she’s just Lizzy, the girl who jumps at horror movies. “It’s ok baby, Daddy won’t let the big bad man murder you with an ax.”

“Funny, just remember this moment when I send you my therapy bill.”

“Aww, don’t be like that baby girl, your mom will land you in therapy a lot faster than scary movies.”

“Ha, no kidding. At least I have my daddy to protect me from the evil lurking around the house.”

Just as she finished her sentence another jump scare made her crawl right in my lap. It was always the jump scares that got her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face in my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and just held her like I always do, and always will if she needs comfort. My only wish was that she didn’t need comfort when she was only wearing tiny shorts and a tank top without a bra.

Did I mention that my daughter was sex on legs? No, well my baby girl was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen. She’s athletic and runs every morning. Her legs look a mile long, she’s 5’7″ and can’t weigh more than a hundred pounds. Her legs lead up to an ass that is a perfect heart shape and leads up to a tiny waist with abs that aren’t quite a 6 pack, but definitely toned. And just above those sexy toned abs are breasts that take my breath away. She’s a healthy 36c cup, I know this from the times her laundry has ended up mixed with ours, and with her small waist and hips they look huge on that tiny frame. Her hair is a sandy blonde color, a mixture of my dark brown and her mother’s blonde. She’s always kept it long, right at her waist, every month or so the bottom changes colors though. This month she has it dyed purple, and it makes her big emerald green eyes pop. A lot of people tell her she looks like that Notebook chick in the face, but I’ve seen The Notebook and that lady has nothing on my beautiful Lizzy. The bright green eyes she got from Alicia, it was what originally attracted me to her. I was in high school, so the eyes and the fact that she put out were her most redeeming qualities.

Alicia came in while I had this sexy girl in my lap and all hell broke loose again. “Jesus Emory,” was the first thing out of her mouth when she walked in the door. Not an unusual refrain. “Why are you letting her sit in your lap. She’s too old for that. Take your slutty ass to bed Elizabeth.” The movie had ended about half an hour before she got home so Liz and I had just sat there talking as we usually did. Just catching up on each other’s day, talking about the movie, the usual dinner table talk that we’d have every evening, on movie nights we just mostly did it with her in my lap or cuddled up under my arm with her head on my chest. We’ve always been pretty tactile with each other but it made Alicia mad every time she saw us. Even when Liz was a little girl, if I held my 6 year old daughter Alicia would tell me I was spoiling her and to make her walk to her room rather than carry her to bed at night. I really thought my wife must have been raised in a pretty terrible home as a child. She never said much about it, but clearly she wasn’t shown any affection. I tried to make up for that after we found ourselves pretty well stuck with each other. I thought if I showed her what love was, that maybe one day we’d both start falling in love with each other. That never happened, but I did show her affection because she was the mother of my child. Every time I did something nice for her she made one snide remark after another about how she could open her own door, or that she didn’t need me to rub her back, she could take a Tylenol and be fine in the morning. Eventually when you hear enough times that your attempts to make life easier are nothing but an annoyance, you just stop trying.

Liz and I both just sighed and got up to go get ready for bed. It was late, and we didn’t want to have to hear how much life sucked for Alicia one more time. Guess she didn’t have a good time with the girls this week.

On the weekends Liz and I run together, we both run every morning, but I have to be at work earlier than her so during the week my run is about 2 hours before hers. The weekends we go for a late morning run though. We usually get out the door around 9 so it’s still morning, but not super early when we don’t have to. I like the days we run together, we start out with just a jog, so we talk about anything and everything. Once we get into our running we don’t talk as much, and the cool down jog is mostly catching our breath. Then we both head in for a shower in our bathrooms. It doesn’t usually take more than 2 hours from start to finish so we still have the rest of our day to do whatever needs done around the house or whatever we’ve planned for the day. Today I asked both of the girls if they wanted to spend the day on the beach. It was about a half hour drive but it was a gorgeous day and I just had the urge to rest and read a book in the sun. Liz was excited and agreed right away. Alicia of course wouldn’t go with us, she never did. It might make her happy to be out in the sun and just let her hair down. Can’t have fun if you’re busy being miserable. Oh well, Lizzy and I would have more fun without her I’m sure.

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