Surprise Family Affair

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Bob was very much in love with Betty. They had been dating for over two years and were about to be married. Bob had a good relationship with Betty’s mother and father, Susan and Sam. He had been welcomed into their home as if he was already a member.

Bob thought sex with Betty was fantastic and believed they would have a very satisfying sex life as a married couple. Although she was not a virgin when he met her, Bob didn’t think that was a problem because he had several affairs in the past.

One day Bob received a phone call from Betty’s mother.

“Bob, this is Susan. I wanted to make a private phone call to you since I am home alone right now. You and Betty will soon be married and become a member of our family. Before that happens, I would like to get better acquainted with you.”

Susan then hesitated for a few seconds as if she wanted Bob to say something. Bob was a little confused as to what she meant. He decided to keep his mouth shut and let her continue.

Susan broke the silence, “I’ve had my eyes on you for some time. You are a very handsome guy and rather sexy looking, too. Both Betty and Sam are gone right now and won’t be home for several hours. I’ll be very blunt. I want you to come over to my house to make love to me before you are married to my daughter.”

Bob was astounded. He hardly knew what to say. His future mother-in-law was a very sexy looking lady and he often undressed her with his eyes.

“Oh…. Are you sure that’s what you want me to do. What if Sam or Betty find out about us?”

“Don’t worry about that. I want to find out if you are a good lover for my daughter. I want to make sure you can keep her happy. If you are not a good lover, maybe you should not get married.”

Bob quickly responded, “I don’t think we’ll have any problem with our sex life.”

“That’s good to know, but please come over now. I want to make sure.”

Bob felt he had no choice and he would be glad to comply.

Bob said, “I’ll be over right away.”

Bob quickly arrived at Susan’s home and knocked on the door. He had knocked on this same door to see Betty many times, but he was a little unsure what was going to happen. Was Susan just teasing him? Did she really want sex with him? What was her real intentions?

Susan open the door. Bob quickly noticed she was wearing a very sexy pink and frilly nighty.

Susan güvenilir bahis said, “Come right in. I’ve been thinking about calling you for the past several weeks to come over to see me.”

Bob was now thinking she really meant to have sex with him. However, he should be on guard in the event she had an ulterior motive.

Susan could see that Bob was a little hesitant. She said, “Come on in the bedroom with me.”

Bob followed her down the hall and into the master bedroom. As they walked along, he stared at her very shapely body. His cock became very hard just watching her butt wiggle in front of him.

“Bob, don’t be nervous. Go ahead and get undressed. I want to see what you’ve been giving my daughter. There is no doubt in my mind you’ve been fucking her.”

Bob was a little embarrassed for being accused of fucking her daughter. He wasn’t going to worry about that right now. His mind and cock was thinking about fucking this sexy lady in front of him. Bob was nearly undressed and was now dropping his shorts. His very hard erection was sticking straight out in front of him with an upward angle. He noticed Susan’s eyes had dropped down to look at it.

“Bob, I see you are well hung. That is a plus for you. Now come on over here on the bed and lie on your back. Don’t be afraid of me. You haven’t said hardly a word since you entered my door. Relax!”

Bob complied. He then watched as Susan slowly lifted her nighty up over her head to toss it aside.

Bob excitedly exclaimed, “Susan, you have a beautiful body. I didn’t realize you were this beautiful.”

“Thank you, Bob, for saying that.”

Bob watched as she crawled on bed. He noticed her eyes were staring at his cock as she moved around. Susan clasped his cock with one had and moved into a position to take it in her mouth.

After Susan deep throated him once and pulled back up to look Bob in the eyes, she said, “You have a great cock, very hard and throbbing a little as I deep throated you. Does it always throb like that when Betty goes down on you?”

Bob didn’t know if he should answer her, but he did mumble, “Uh, Huh.”

Susan responded, “I’ll take that as a, yes.”

Susan then started up and down movements on his cock causing him to say, “Not so fast, I don’t want to cum too soon.”

Susan raised up long enough to say, “Go ahead, you can fuck türkçe bahis me later.”

Bob didn’t argue with her because he was in seventh heaven with this pretty lady giving him a wonderful blow job. Bob knew he would cum right away.

Susan could feel Bob’s body begin to stiffen up each time she went down on him and she knew she would quickly have a mouth full.

Bob loudly groaned as he shot spurt after spurt in Susan’s mouth. He didn’t have time to think he was doing this to his future mother-in-law. He cock continued to spew as she frantically continued to go up and down. His cock was now beginning to soften while his body began to relax. Susan slowed her movements to continue to keep his cock in her mouth. She had a mouth full and was doing her best to slowly gulp it down.

Susan raised up, grabbed some tissues to wipe a little of Bob’s cum from her lips and chin. She looked Bob directly in the eyes. “I’ll bet you haven’t screwed my daughter lately because my mouth and throat took a big load.”

Bob found courage to say, “Guess it has been a few days.”

“OK, Bob, when you get hard again, I want you to fuck me good. You’re passing the test so far.”

Bob began to feel Susan’s ample breasts, then decided to kiss the nipples. With this new, “pussy”, in bed with him, he quickly had another erection.

Susan said, “You’re going to be good for Betty. I know you are young and can get a second erection fairly fast. Sam can make it only once each night, but he is much older. Its going to be nice to have you in the family.”

Bob wasn’t sure what she meant by that last statement, but he didn’t question it.

Susan clasped his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. Then she moved up to sit on him since he was still lying on his back.

Susan softly said, “I like to be in control, so I’m going to ride you.”

She raised her butt, clasped his cock and guided it into her hole. Bob could feel and see the head of his cock disappear in her gaping pussy lips. She eased down some more, then pulled back up a little before settling all the way down. Bob could feel the warmth of her pussy completely surrounding his cock. His cock throbbed as he could feel her pussy muscles pulsating on it.

Susan whispered, “That is really good, do you like it?”

Bob’s voice came through with a gasp, “It’s fantastic.”

Susan güvenilir bahis siteleri started up and down movements and some circular movements too. Bob reacted by slightly moving his butt in rhythm with her. Bob’s hands clasping her butt to assist in her moments. Her breasts were bouncing around. Often Bob would move a hand up to clasp one of her bouncing breasts.

Bob was thoroughly enjoying it, but he suddenly said, “Susan, this is great, but why don’t we roll over and let me on top.”

Susan didn’t say anything. She leaned forward to lay flat on his chest and clung to his body as they rolled over.

Susan said, “We did good on that. Your cock never did come out of me.”

Now Susan pulled her legs up and back toward her head. She could feel Bob’s cock fully penetrating her. Bob started fast back and forth strokes. Soon Susan’s breathing began to labor and she could feel an orgasm building in her body.

Bob pounded his cock even faster and knew Susan was going to have an orgasm. The thrill was making him feel as if he was going to cum. He did he best to hold back until Susan became very vocal. He then blasted his cum in her very receptive pussy.

Both Bob and Betty were beginning to relax. Then Bob heard a man’s voice, “What are you doing in bed with my wife?”

Bob panicked and jumped out of bed. He looked around to see Susan’s husband, Sam, standing near the foot of the bed.

Sam quickly said, “Don’t get upset. I’ve been watching you. For the last few minutes, I’ve been standing at the foot of the bed watching you pound your cock in my wife’s pussy. You are a very good stud.”

Bob was still shaking from the big surprise. He said, “What are you doing here?”

“OK, Bob, I don’t blame you for being shaken. Susan and I wanted to know if you would be a good lover to join our family. Our family shares sex.”

Susan jumped in to say, “Bob, since you plan to marry Betty, we wanted to initiate you and find out if you fit in with our family life. Betty isn’t here right now, but she knows we planned this. We know you and Betty have regular sex, but you didn’t know that Sam has sex with her too and with our other daughter, Barbara, who is away at college right now. Once you join our family by marrying Betty, you can have sex with me, Betty and Barbara. What do you think about that?”

Bob was astounded. Sex with Susan was great. He was well acquainted with the beautiful Barbara and had undressed her with his eyes. Now he would be able to see her naked and fuck her too.

Bob finally stammered, “Wow, I think this is going to be great.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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