Sun, Sand and My Cousin Abby Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

Waking up the next morning was a little odd. In a little over twenty four hours my relationship with my cousin Abby had gone from friendship to being naked together and masturbating in front of each other. My mind was reeling from the delicious memories of the night before, and the most enjoyable wank I had had in a very long time. I had woken up with morning glory and beneath the covers, I started to play with it. I decided I wanted to relive last night with a memory wank before I got out of bed. I thought about Abby’s gorgeous bottom and legs and imagined sliding my cock into her pussy from behind, wanking my hard cock slowly. I wanted to fuck her so badly. Maybe she felt the same way? Maybe.

Abby stirred and I froze instinctively. I heard her get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. Now what do I do? Can I finish my wank before she returns? What would happen is she caught me? What could she say after last night? I sat up in bed, cock like a pole.

Abby wasn’t long at all. “Did I wake you?”

“No, I was waking up anyway.”


“Yes please?”

She moved to the dresser and busied herself with the travel kettle. I admired her figure from behind and squeezed my throbbing erection under the covers. Presently, she set both steaming cups down on the little table beside my bed.

“Shift up a bit!” She commanded, making it clear she intended to snuggle in next to me.

She climbed in next to me, and I sat up to receive the coffee. This was torture. My erection was going nowhere and now she was lying right next to me and sipping coffee, completely unaware of it.

“Are you OK about what we did last night?” I ventured.

“Yes, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Are you OK?”

“Yes, it was horny as fuck.”

“Would you do it again?”

“Absolutely, you?”

“Yes, except…”

“Except what?”

“Was it enough for you? Because it left me wanting to do more…”

I knew that feeling! I wanted to do everything I could imagine and more. I wanted to fuck her again and again. I wanted to drown her with my cum and bury güvenilir bahis my face in her wet cunt.

“I think I’d like more too,” was all I actually said.

“I have a proposal to make. We’re both grown adults. We’re both free agents. What happens on holiday stays on holiday. No strings. No questions. No regrets. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, that works for me, but what happens if one of us pulls?”

“The other one has to accept it. No strings.”

“Okay, deal.”

We put our cups down and embraced to seal the deal. My hard cock flopped against her belly and she pushed back the duvet. I opened my mouth to speak and she placed a finger on my lips. She took it gently in her hand and squeezed it. Wow, that felt good. But not as good as what she did next. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and the feeling was bliss as I caressed her head in my hands. But I knew that I might cum too soon, so I decided to return the compliment. Gently, I lifted her shoulders and she didn’t resist as I turned her onto her back. As I had daydreamed about doing, I cupped a firm, pert breast in my hand and suck hard on that lovely pink nipple. She gasped approvingly. Moving down her flat belly I kissed her pubic mound and then positioned myself between her legs. Her cunt smelt warm and musky and I began to lick her labia. The taste of her quim was exquisite. I buried my face and sucked her labia and licked at her clit. Her wispy blonde hairs tickled my nose and the smell was wonderful. She began to pant so I continued to licked her clit rhythmically until she quivered and gasped. Suddenly, she decided to retake control. She pushed my back on the bed and straddled me. She used one hand to guide my cock into her hole and then took my full extent inside her. I tried to look but she pinned my shoulders to the bed and ground herself against me.

“Try not to cum,” she gasped as her worked her body against me.

She made herself cum in this way as my hard cock strained inside her. As her orgasm subsided, she release her grip and allowed my to sit up and türkçe bahis embrace her.

“Did you cum?”

“You told me not to?”

“Good, I want to see it.”

She eased herself off me and caressed my cock, now slippery with her juices. She slid one hand under to cup my balls and wanked me with the other. I caressed her back and watched her hands.

“Cum for me.”

I slid my hand under her and put two fingers in her sopping wet cunt. Then I licked the sexy juice from my fingers. Then, I put my hand over hers, controlling the pace. Still with the taste of her quim in my mouth, I let my load go. We both watched as the spunk boiled out of my cock and ran down our hands. To my utter delight, she licked some of it from her hand.

We lay in each others arms until my hard on subsided and I needed to get up and pee.

“Can I hold it?” Said Abby.

“If you want to.”

I couldn’t really see the harm in it. In practice, she held my cock and it got excited again and I was pent up and couldn’t go. So we got in the shower together instead. The shower was over the bath so there was plenty of room for us both. Abby decided she would like to wash me, which was nice but made my cock hard again.

“But I really need to pee!” I protested.

“And you can’t pee when it’s hard? That’s a bit of a design fault.”

She teased me by tickling my balls. It was torture. I thought maybe I could take my mind off it by washing her. I soaped up her body, delighting at feeling her hard nipples as I payed plenty of soapy attention to her boobs. I got down on my knees and soaped up her legs, my face close to her little thatch of blonde pubes.

“Careful, I don’t want soap up there,” she warned.

I stood up and she put her arms around me. We took the shower from the hook and washed the soap off each other. I felt my erection calm down and thought about my full bladder. Should I get out of the shower?

“I need to pee now.”

“I don’t mind if you want to pee in the shower, I often do! I won’t look.”

She looked at my face and put her arms around güvenilir bahis siteleri her neck. I looked straight back at her and relaxed. I felt my pee flow, but couldn’t see where it was going. Abby was obviously feeling where it was going though!

“Mmmm, warm! She giggled.

I was unable to stop now so I just released it all, looking down to see it was hitting the inside of her thigh.

“My turn!”

I looked down and another stream was now flowing out of Abby. I drew her closer and felt it playing on my legs. It felt rather sexy.

“Finished?” She asked, holding my now soft cock.

“Yes thanks.”

“Oh good, because I wouldn’t want a mouthful of wee!”

And with that, she knelt down and started sucking my soft cock. As you can imagine, it didn’t stay soft for long. She played around the tip with her tongue and then caressed my shaft against her cheek.

“I need this inside me again. How do you want me?”

“I want to take you from behind.”

“Okay, you got it. Where?”

I got her to stand in front of the sink counter and rest her hands on it. I loved her pert little bottom and I knelt down to finger her cunt from behind. Once again, I licked her taste from my fingers.

“I love the taste of your cunt!” I said.

“I love it when you are dirty!” She replied.

“That’s good, cos I feel like being dirty.”

“Be as dirty as you like.”

I stood behind her and guided my cock into her hole from behind, and started to fuck her firmly. I gripped her hips with my hands and made sure each thrust was deep. She moaned with each thrust.

“I love your cock deep in me.”

“I love fucking your hole.”

I was able to thrust like this for some time and her moans encouraged me to hold back my orgasm. Now she made wild noises and thrust her hips back against me. This was pure animal fucking now. Eventually, I was ready to blow my load.

“I want to cum deep inside you.”

“Do it.”

As I came I pulled her hips hard into my body so that my cock was as deep in her as it would go. She whimpered as my cock throbbed and I held her there till I was sure it was all out of me. Eventually, I slid out gently and turned her round for an embrace.

“I think we need another shower,” she giggled, “and then you’re taking me to the beach.

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