Summer Love Ch. 1

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This story is protected by (c) copyright and may not be duplicated, reprinted, copied or placed on any Internet Website without permission of the author. All rights reserved.

I’ve tried my best a making my characters sound like real southern people.

If you feel you can do better, write a story

And don’t knock mine.

Thank you.

* * * * *

It was a hot and humid South Georgia day. The sun beat on the earth with no mercy. There was no breeze and no sign of the heat wave breaking any time soon. It was the kind of day that a person could fry an egg on the road.

“Oh Lord, I’m just goin’ to die iffin’ this darn heat don’t break soon.” Ashley Crawford said fanning her thin face. She rocked back and forth in the huge porch swing with her brother Ray, “Let’s do somethin’ before we sit here and melta away.” She said looking to him.

“What ya got in mind?” he said in his deep baritone voice. He looked at the small skirt that covered her lean legs. It was high up to her thighs, just enough for him to see the edge of her panties. He started to get hard looking at her, he hadn’t been with a girl yet and he was 20 years old.

Their plantation was close to 50 miles from town. The only person they ever got to see on a regular basis was Mr. Thompson. He was the 65-year-old mailman.

“Heck, I don’t know. Maybe we could mosey back to the lake. It might be abit cooler back there.” She replied looking to his open shirt. His strong, hairy chest was in plain view. Ashley loved seeing him like this, it made her ‘tingle’ all over her body. She loved her big brother so much she hurt inside. He was the ‘perfect gentleman’ and her brother. She would give anything to have a man like him.

Ray looked into her soft, brown eyes, he could never say ‘no’ to this beautiful girl, “OK, little sister. Grab us’a 6 pack of beers and me a pack of Camels and we’ll be off.” He said with a big smile.

Ashley got up from the swing, “Thank ya big brother. I’ll get everythin’ and we’ll be off.” She leaned to him, placing a small kiss on his lips that sent a rush of blood to his all ready hard shaft.

“OK, pretty girl.” Ray said giving her legs one more good look as she walked into their plantation house. His eyes roamed up her toned legs until he saw her dainty panties. He too, loved looking at his very sexy, young sister.


They walked the small path that led to their lake. Ashley and Ray were the only ones that ever went to the lake anymore. Momma and Granny Mae were to old to walk that far. Momma was 50 and Granny Mae was closing in on 100.

It was just under a mile to the lake and the path was hard for a young person to navigate it. Large rocks and massive tree roots lay all along the narrow path along with the leaf covered tree branches, it was like being deep in the Amazon Jungle.

“Oh Lordy, I hope it’s abit cooler back there. I’m goin’ to die soon!” Ashley laughed as she hugged Ray’s strong arm. He helped her through path as he had done since they were little kids.

Ray helped Ashley over a big tree root that crossed the path and asks; “I was just wonderin’ what ya wanted for ya birthday next month?” she was going to be 19 years old.

“Heck, I don’t know Ray. Mmmm maybe a nice, sexy nighty to wear at night.” She teased him. But deep down she would have loved it if he bought her something like that. She knew it was wrong but she loved it when he looked at her.

Ray swatted her firm 34-inch ass and said, “Ya better be careful sayin’ stuff like that.” He would love to see his sexy sister in something so nice. He had seen lots of her over the years, but seeing her dressed in some frilly nighty would be great.

“Whys that big brother?” she gave him a sexy look, batting her little brown eyes at him. “Would it make ya all ‘hot in bothered’?” She ask. Making her ass wiggle just a little more than normal.

Ray just gave her a firm; ‘Stop it’ look and kept walking the path. They still had a while to go and it would be hard trying to hide a hard-on from her. Trying to hide a 10-inch penis was no easy job.

Ashley walked in front of Ray, her ass wiggled like never before. She was SO horny today she could have loved anybody or anything. Even her big, tall, sexy brother. “Ray, do ya think I’m sexy?” she ask him knowing darn well he did. His eyes were always on her and she loved it. She ALWAYS made sure to let him look down her blouse or let her already short skirts go even higher when he looked her way.

Ray looked to her ass as she wiggled it, “Ya know I do.” He replied watching the thin skirt flip up with each of her steps. Exposing the powder, blue panties that covered her tiny ass. “Why do ya ask?” he said looking at the small skirt flipping up.

“A lady likes to be told how pretty in sexy she looks.” She turned to look at him. She turned so fast Ray walked right into her, “One more thang. A lady just loves to be held.” Her arms went around his waist, pulling his hardness into her trim tummy.

His hands caressed illegal bahis her long, light, brown hair, “Ashley, I’d tell ya thangs like that all day in night, but Momma’d shoot me!” He kissed her on the top of her head, “Come on. Let’s get goin’.” He let her body pull from him, leaving him even harder than before.

She walked beside Ray, “Ya know, ya could whisper things like that to me or maybe give me a little ‘sexy’ touch here in there. Momma wouldn’t see that.” She looked up to him, “Ray, I’d love ya doin’ thangs like that to me.”

Poor Ray was in total shock. His baby sister just told him to touch her, “Um… like how do ya mean? I don’t want ya a knockin’ my head off if I went in done it wrong.” he would love having his hands on her petite body.

Ashley was getting so excited she couldn’t walk another step, “Let’s sit down on this tree stump.” Ray sat on the stump and Ashley sat on his lap. Ray reached to her blouse pocket, pulling out his Camels and matches; he lightly brushed her left breast, “Like that, Ray. That was soooo hot!” Ashley moaned and noticed her panties were beginning to get wet and she loved it.

“Like this?” Ray ask, placing the cigarettes back in her blouse. This time he made sure to let his strong hand remain on her left breast and gently cupped it. He softly squeezed it sending a spark of excitement straight between Ashley’s legs.

“Oh Ray! Yes, like that.” She said as she gasp for air. Her head lay on his strong shoulder and her fingers ran through his thick black hair. “Do ya like holdin’ my breast like this?”

Ray tenderly touched her soft breast, “Ashley, it’s just wonderful. Yes, I love it a lot.” He said as he continued touching her. His hand made it’s way under her thin blouse and now was feeling her silky bra. “This is killin’ me Ashley. Let’s get goin’, maybe we can pick this up again at the lake?” he ask his panting sister.

“Ya can bet ya butt we’ll do this again.” She said giving him a soft kiss on the lips. She stood up and started back down the path to the lake.


Once they made it to the big lake, Ashley stood facing the water, fanning her blouse, “I think it feels aheck of a lot better here. What do ya think?” she turned her head to see Ray moving in behind her.

His hands went under blouse holding both her breasts as his hips pushed into her firm behind, “Oh yes. I think it feels very good.” He moaned. His mouth went to her neck and he placed tiny kisses all around. He could feel the heat from her little body increase as he touched her. He undid the buttons on her blouse and let it fall to the green grass.

She turned in his arms, now facing him she asks; “Should we stop? This feels SO darn good.” A little smile formed on her pretty face. She loved having Ray’s hands on her body. She wanted more but she was so afraid.

“I reckon it’ll be fine iffin’ we can keep it to ourselves.” Ray said moving to his knees; he started to suck Ashley’s sensitive nipple through her bra.

Ashley bit her lower lip and let a soft moan of pleasure escaped from her thin, red lips. She pulled Ray’s mouth to her inflamed breasts, letting him enjoy all of her womanly fruits, “YES! Suck’m Ray.” She cried out with desire. She could feel her wetness running down her slender thighs. She had never been this excited in her life.

Ray pulled from his sexy little sister, “Let’s lay under the ol’ shade tree. It’ll be nice a holding ya there.” He said holding her hand, leading the way to the 500 year-old tree. “This is nice, a cool breeze, a good view and best of all, holdin’ ya in my arms.” He said looking into her eyes; he kissed her not as a sister that day, but as his newfound lover.

Ashley kissed him back, as her lover. She moved on top of him pulling off her tiny bra, “Suck’m now while I pretend I’m a riding that big thang in ya jeans.” Her breasts lowered to his mouth, her hips moved around his jeans, teasing his hardness. “OUCH! Ya jeans are a killing me.” She cried out with a little sound of pain in her voice.

Ray pulled from under her and said, “Well, I guess I better just take um off. I don’t want to be a hurtin’ my best gal.” He pulled his jeans down exposing his full 10-inches to his dear sister.

“MY GOD! Ya a goin’ to split me in two.” Ashley said as she looked at her brother’s massive shaft. It stood straight up to the clear, blue sky. “I’m goin’ to go real slow Ray. I’ve never even seen anythin’ as nice as this, let alone had one this big in me before.” She said and climbed back on top of him.

Ray reached to hold her breasts; “Ya do what ever ya want. Ya don’t even have to do that today if ya don’t want to.” His fingers played with her hard nipples; “We can come down here until ya ready. Just help me fix it if ya can’t take it.”

Her little body flopped down on his, she pulled the gigantic piece of meat between their bodies, her wet love started rubbing on his hardness, “Ray, this is so darn hot. I want to cum on ya.” She smiled up at his face. Her pussy moved up and down him, making illegal bahis siteleri sure her inflamed slit was on his shaft.

“Yes, cum all over me.” He said moving his hands down to her little butt. He caressed and helped her move around his thick shaft, “Cum baby sister. Cum on my hard thang.” He moved his hips to match her grinding on his meat.

“OH MY LORD!” Ashley screamed as the massive orgasm ran through her young body. “Ray, I love ya.” She moaned as her thin hips continued to rub against his long, thickness. The juices ran from her body covering Ray’s long pole. The fluid made riding him feel better than before.

Ray held her hips to his hardness, “Ashley keep goin’ baby. I need to do it too.” Ray said looking into her eyes. He had only done it with his hand; today he wanted to cum with his sister.

“Oh yes Ray. Do it! Cum on ya baby sister’s belly.” Ashley said in a sexy that he had never heard before.

Ray tried to cum on her but he needed more, “It aint goin’ to do it Ashley.” Ray said to her with a sound of desperation in his deep voice.

“Don’t ya worry, I’ll help ya Ray.” Ashley smiled, “I’ll do anythin’ it takes to make my big brother cum.” She sat up and moved down his legs. Her tiny hands wrapped around his long rod, she started pumping them up and down his shaft, “How’s this?” she said in her new found sexy voice.

He looked at his wonderful sister sitting on him. Her little hands wrapped around his pole so tight, her fingers were turning white. She would grab it at the base and pull up as hard as she could. Bringing so much blood to his head it almost hurt.

“Is it good? Do ya like me alovin’ ya with my hands?” Ashley said in her sexy voice, “Do ya want to cum all over me? Do ya? Hum? Ya better tell me.” Ashley teased him.

Ray couldn’t say a word; he was lost in watching his baby sister. He watched as she pumped him faster and faster.

“Ya better cum on me soon.” Ashley teased Ray. “Shoot your hot stuff all over my face. Shoot it in my mouth if ya want to.” She said licking her red lips.

“OH GOD!” was all that Ray could yell before he blew. His cum shot high in the air, splashing back down all over Ashley. In her hair, down her back and some on her face.

“Oh yes! That’s my baby. Cum on Sissy.” Ashley smiled at Ray. Her hands pumped his stiff meat faster than before, “Come on, get that ol’ stuff out.” His cum kept shooting into the air giving Ashley a ‘cum’ shower. Her mouth covered his shooting man pole; she sucked him deep into her young mouth. She wanted to taste him, her big brother. She tasted a few boys in high school but never a man. This man was her brother.

She sucked him hard. She wanted him to cum again, in her mouth. “Oh Ashley, STOP!” Ray begged her as she sucked him quicker. “I’m about to cum again.” He moaned as his hips thrust up to her sucking mouth.

Her eyes looked to his; she had an animal look on her face that Ray had never seen before. She sucked him hard and deep. Not showing that she intended to stop anytime soon. He released in her mouth, filling her so full she gagged.

“Oh Ashley!” he moaned as he used her mouth. She held her mouth still, letting him use her any way he wanted to. She sucked him as his cum shoot in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of it. “Oh sister, you’re goin’ to kill me if ya don’t stop!”

She sat up, “Wow! You were full! I’ll have to make sure it never gets like that again.” She smiled down to Ray and she saw the pleasure she had gave him. “Let’s jump in the lake. Ya made a big ol’ mess on me.” She jumped up and ran to the old boat dock that went 50 feet or so over the lake, “Come on slow poke!” she yelled and jumped into the water with her skirt and shoes.

Ray lay in shock, still thinking of how good he had cum in Ashley’s mouth. He thought of it so good, he started to get hard again. He stood up and walked to the dock, “Looky at this.” He yelled to Ashley holding his growing shaft in his hand.

She looked to him seeing that he was hard, “LORD, ya goin’ to kill me with that big ol thang.” She giggled swimming towards him, “Well, get in and I’ll try to fix it!”

Ray pulled down his jeans and jumped into the cool water, “How do ya want ta do it this time?” he ask her, but he wanted her to say, ‘Put it in me! Fuck me hard Ray.’

But she said, “Any way ya want Ray, but ya know…” she moved into his arms letting his hardness find it’s way between her legs, “Lordy, Ray. It’s so darn hard. What girl couldn’t do with this.” Her little arms wrapped around his neck while his hands guided his hardness between her legs.

“OH, Ashley, ya so darn hot down there!” he said pulling her to him. “I wish we could do it. I’d just love to take ya. Make ya my woman.” He kissed her deep, letting his tongue find it’s way in her mouth.

They kiss went on until Ashley said, “Oh Ray! I love ya so much I hurt inside.” She lay her head on his chest and started to cry.

Ray hugged her, “Oh come on sweetiepie, don’t ya cry.” He caressed her wet hair, canlı bahis siteleri “Come on, lets go a lay under the tree again.” He pulled her tiny, sobbing body into his arms and carried her to the old shade tree.

“I wanta suck ya again, then we better be gettin’ back home.” Ashley said as she moved to suck Ray’s big pole again. “Do ya awant me ta talk dirty again?” She moved her mouth to him and sucked him in hard and fast. Sucking him like a wild woman.

“Ashley! My LORD you’re goin’ to hurt me.” He said, smiling up at her as she sucked him.

She pulled from his cock and replied, She smiled, “Do ya awant me to talk dirty or not?”

“Ashley ya can talk any ways ya want to.” He caressed the side of her face. Her mouth covered him again; she sucked him like before, hard and fast.

She pulled off him, “Is it GOOD? Do ya like the way I suck ya?” she smiled and took his stiffness in her mouth.

“Oh yes, Sugarpie!” he moaned as she worked his fat head in her mouth.

“Do ya wanta cum in my mouth again like before? Do ya awant me to suck out all that yuckie cum out of this here fine thang?” she sucked him down her throat. Her pretty brown eyes watched the pleasure she was giving him. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she got her ‘prize’ for sucking him so good.

Ray’s hips matched her sucking his shaft, “OH MY GOD!” Ray screamed out when he released in Ashley’s mouth and down her throat. “Suck it darlin’. Suck my cum sweet sister.” He held her head to his hardness and began raping her mouth as fast as he could go. He used her mouth until he had finished cumming.

“Damn ya, Ray! Don’t ya ever do that again!” Ashley yelled at him. “Ya coulda killed me doin’ my mouth like that.” She slapped him on his bare ass.

Ray laughed at her and rubbed his burning ass, “Don’t ya have hessy fit. I’m sorry. Come on up and lay with me awhile.” He pulled her up on him so that she was lying on his chest.


Ashley opened her sleepy eyes seeing that the sun was low in the sky, “OH MY GOD! Ray, Mamma’s goin’ to whup us to death for bein’ so late for supper.”

He jumped up looking for his clothes that were all over the lake front, “Ya seen my pants?”

Ashley pointed to his pants under the shade tree, “Where’s my panties and bra?” she ask Ray as she pulled on her skirt and shoes

He handed her the panties and bra, “LORD, we better get goin’. Momma’s goin’ to kill us.”

The young couple ran back to the house as fast as they could go. It was a new world record for running the lake path. Just before the reached the edge of the woods Ray pulled his sister in his arms and said, “I sure do thank ya for a great afternoon.” He gently kisses her on the lips.

It warmed Ashley’s young heart hearing his sweet words, “Well, Mista Ray Crawford, I do say, it was my pleasure.” She returned his kiss and they were off again, running to the house.

As they ran to the back porch of the house, their Momma said, “I’m goin’ whup the holly shit out of them two yuonins for bein’ so dang late!” she was slamming pots and pans around the stove as she cooked supper.

Granny Mae just sat at the supper table smoking her Lucky Strikes and laughing as her little old glasses slid down her nose, “YA AINT AGONNA DO NOTHIN’ TO THEM BABIES.” Granny Mae yelled to her granddaughter. Granny Mae had been deaf for last 20 years of her life.

“Granny Mae them there are my yuonins. I’ll do what I see fit for um.” Momma said to Granny Mae as she continued cooking supper.


About that time Ashley and Ray ran into the house panting for air, “Sorry, we’s so late Momma. Dang time just passed us by.” Ray said.

Momma turned to her two children with a very mad look on her face and said, “I oughta toss Y’all’s supper to the hogs! Where in the HELL ya two younins been?”

“Sorry Momma. We were playin’ and plum forgot what time it was.” Ashley said to her fuming Momma.

“Ya two go get worshed for supper. HURRY UP!” Momma yelled at them.

Ashley didn’t listen to her Momma instead she went to hug Granny Mae, “HOW YA DOIN’ GRANNY MAE? HAS MOMMA BEEN MEAN TO YA TODAY?” Ashley yelled in Granny Mae’s deaf ear.

Granny Mae hugged Ashley back and yelled, “NO, BUT I’M ABOUT TO WHUP HER ASS SOON!” she laughed looking at Momma.

“Ashley Lynne Crawford, I told ya to get ya self worshed for supper!” Momma said in a stern voice.

Ashley pulled from Granny Mae, “Lordy Momma I was just sayin’ hey to Granny Mae.” She replied to her Momma with a dirty look.

“Ya want me to slap ya face off girl? Ya give me another look like that!” Momma snapped at Ashley, ready to use the thick wooden spoon in her hand as a weapon.

“Dang Momma, don’t ya have a hessy fit!” Ashley said leaving the room and going to the bathroom. She found Ray there all ready washing up, “Howdy handsome.” Ashley purred in her new-found sexy voice as her hands went down his pants, “Oh my! What in heck do ya got here?” she asks as she began stroking his long shaft.

Ray pulled his pants down and turned to face her, “Would ya like to play with it?” By this time he was fully erect and poking Ashley in the stomach.

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