Stupid Stuck Cabinet

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The snowflakes fell thick, to the point where Justin could only see a few dozen feet into the distance. He ran a cold, ungloved hand through his hair, brushing white powder and ice off, and tried to walk a little faster. The snow was up to his knees even on the plowed section of the sidewalk, and his feet sank into it as though it were freezing cold sand.

The day had been a long one, and Justin was tired. His school vacation had been filled with more work than play, ever since his boss at the pizzeria started relying on him to cover for an employee on a trip.

And I’m stuck back here at home, overworked and barely sleeping.

Justin’s dad was on vacation. Both of his twin sisters were on vacation. Most of his friends were on vacation. Everyone was on vacation, except for him and his mom.

“I’m home.” Justin dusted snow off his jeans the best as he could and forcefully kicked his shoes off.

“I’m so glad. I was starting to get worried.”

Emily, Justin’s mother, glided into the living room. She had medium length chestnut brown hair, and it was fluffy and loose, as though she’d taken a shower and carefully blow-dried it afterward.

The robe she was wearing supported the idea, though the red and black garment wasn’t the sort a woman would normally pick straight out of the bath. It clung to her tiny frame in interesting ways, showcasing the cleavage of her large, shapely breasts. With each step she took, her bare legs stretched out underneath the bottom hem, giving Justin tantalizing flashes of thigh.

I thought I was going to be alone for this vacation. Having Mom here is torture.

“Hey,” said Justin. “Sorry, I had to work late tonight. The pizza place was swamped with orders and one of the dishwashers didn’t show up.”

“You are covered in snow!” His mom let out a gasp and began running her hands through his hair, and along his neck. “You poor thing!”

Her hands pulled his jacket open with gentle, yet supremely confident motions, and Emily slipped both her arms around him as she pulled it off. It put her body in close contact with Justin’s, which was hard for him to ignore in a number of ways.

Emily was one of those women that most men only ever got to see through computer monitors or during wet dreams. She was in her mid-thirties, and somehow, almost magically, still growing into her beauty. Every year that went by only added to the amount of sex appeal she could muster with a simple smile or a lingering look.

Justin noticed it less through his own eyes and more through the comments and questions he’d had to endure from practically everyone in his life. His friends were always curious about her, and would ask questions ranging from her favorite type of flower to the color of her panties.

Even Justin’s boss, Michael, routinely asked him probing questions about her. Sometimes Michael would even try to invite himself over for dinner when it was just the two of them at home, as he had earlier that night.

“I’m fine, Mom,” said Justin. He flashed a smile and attempted to push forward out of the entryway and into the living room.

“You are not fine, young man.” She set her hands on his chest and flashed him a concerned frown. When she looked at him like that, Justin felt as though he had to do whatever she said. And lately, that was becoming more and more of a problem.

Why is she so touchy feely all the time? I’m 18, and I’m not a little kid anymore.

Emily ran her hands down he son’s chest slowly, dropping to her knees as she did. Justin took a step back, or rather, he tried to. The door was behind him and his back pushed up against it, leaving him no room to escape.

“Your jeans are practically caked in snow!” His mom smiled up at him innocently. “Let me brush it off for you…”

“Mom!” Justin shook his head, but she was already brushing her soft hands across his jeans. “It’s fine, really. I can do it!”

Does she even realize what she’s doing? Her hands are only inches away from my…

Justin’s jaw dropped open as he felt his mom’s hand rub across his crotch. His cock was already half erect from seeing her wardrobe choice for the night, and now it was well on its way to being a full-blown erection. He stared down at her, getting a down blouse view of her breasts that was on the verge of being indecent.

Emily didn’t seem to notice or realize what she was doing. Her hand brushed the inside of Justin’s legs, and then along his shins, and then meandered back up to his crotch. She let her fingers trace slow lines across his hard cock, and even through his jeans, it was almost enough to make Justin cum on the spot.

“There we go! All done!” She smiled up at him and hopped to her feet, rubbing her hand across her robe and fixing her hair as she did. “See, isn’t that better? Your jeans would be soaked if you didn’t get that off.”

Justin opened his mouth and then closed it. He blinked a couple of times, avoiding eye contact as best as he could as his face began illegal bahis to heat up and turn a deep scarlet.

She’s torturing me, and she has no idea that she’s doing it… does she?

“Uh… thanks.” Justin hunched over slightly in an attempt to minimize the visibility of his hard on as he walked through the living room and toward the stairs.

“Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes,” said Emily. “I’ll call you down for it.”

“Gotcha!” said Justin. He took the stairs two at a time, walked into his room, and almost slammed the door shut behind him. His cock throbbed, and he knew it was because of her, his own mother.


No amount of deep breathing was enough to calm Justin down. He paced his bedroom, biting back his frustration and arousal as much as he could. It wasn’t enough, and the painful bulge poking out against his jeans acted as though it had its own vote to cast.

It’s not my fault! She’s gorgeous! If she wasn’t my mother, I’d…

Justin shook his head, trying to dispel the line of thinking that his primal, mammalian instincts were leading him down. He sat down in front of his computer and opened up his web browser.

It was abundantly clear that if he didn’t take care of himself, the vacation was going to be long, hard, and torturous. So Justin did what any hormonal 18-year-old would, under the circumstances, and typed in the web address of his favorite porn site.

I can’t believe I’m doing this right now. Mom is still awake, and we’re eating dinner soon.

His body wasn’t on the same wavelength as his rational mind, and one hand began browsing through videos while the fingers of the other freed his cock from his jeans. Justin was young, tall for his age, and in relatively good shape. And in the back of his head, he felt slightly jilted at the fact that he had to find release at his own hands, rather than having a girlfriend to turn to.

Justin clicked through a few videos at random before one caught his eye. The woman in it was gorgeous, older than the man she was with, and reminded him of someone very close to him.

She has the same hair color and a similar body type to my mom. Does that matter?

He chewed on his lip and tried to summon the willpower to find something to watch that didn’t make him feel so guilty. His hand moved with a mind of its own, slowly stroking up and down as he watched the woman in the video taking care of the young man with her mouth.



Justin’s first reaction was to stand up, and he painfully bumped his knees on the underside of the desk. Moans were coming from the speaker, and it took him a moment to get the video muted. His hands flew down to his jeans and he managed to get them buttoned with only a split second to spare as the door opened, and his mother walked in.

“What were you watching, honey?” she asked. “I heard some weird noises from behind the door.”

“It was, uh, just a movie.” Justin was still breathing heavily. Strangely, having her in his room did almost nothing to kill his arousal. If anything, it amplified it, throwing an illicit monkey wrench in the form of his goddess of a mother into his plans to get off.

“Huh,” said Emily. “Maybe we should watch it together after dinner?”

She walked over to Justin’s desk and sat down on the edge of it, crossing her legs so that one of her feet came to rest on the inside of her son’s thigh. The smile on her face was devious, and she leaned forward in a way that unintentionally enhanced her cleavage for Justin’s benefit.

“No!” said Justin. “I don’t think you’d like it. It was long and hard to get into!”

“You’d be surprised at what I like,” said his mom. “Long and hard doesn’t sound bad at all. We could curl up together, and watch it, and just enjoy ourselves.”

She had on a pair of long, colorful socks, and let her foot slowly run up Justin’s thigh. It traced a line over his achingly hard cock and he had to stifle a moan. Sweat was beading on his forehead, and it was almost impossible for him to think, let alone talk.

“M-maybe,” he finally managed.

“You’d enjoy it, Justin,” whispered his mom. “I promise you that. We would have such a good time, watching the movie.”

Emily slipped off the desk, moving her foot back to the ground and leaning forward over her son in the chair. Her breasts practically begged to be fondled and freed, and she let them dangle right at eye level.

“What do you say, sweetie?” His mom’s hand ran up his thigh, drawing closer, and closer.

A timer went off from downstairs in the kitchen. Justin blinked, feeling like he’d just snapped out of a trance. His mom smiled at him, leaned her face in dangerously close to his, and planted a soft kiss on his cheek after a moment of consideration.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said. “I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

Emily pulled away from him and left the room. Justin took several deep breaths and just sat there, confused and aroused illegal bahis siteleri beyond reasonable measure.


Compared to the rest of the evening, dinner was a relatively calm affair. Justin let himself zone out and talk about work, and it was easy enough to stay distracted while reminiscing on the annoyances of the day out loud.

His mother worked as an administrator at the hospital, and Justin did his best to keep her share of the conversation focused on the mundane aspects of her day, as well. She smiled at him politely from across the table, but Justin could sense a hint of something hungrier and more dangerous behind it.

What the hell happened up in my room before? It’s almost as though she was trying to mess with me, or something.

“So, what did you think?” His mom flashed him a smile as she asked the question, toying with a half full wine glass beside her plate.

“Sorry, what?” asked Justin.

“Of dinner,” she said.

“It was awesome, Mom,” he said. “You’ve outdone yourself.”

She beamed at him and stood up, collecting the plates and carrying them over to the counter. Justin stood up and briefly contemplated heading back up to his room to hide out for the night. It would be the safe, sensible option.

Safe from what, though? I think I’m just imagining things.

“The snow is really coming down tonight,” said his mom. “I think we might be stuck here for the next few days.”

“That would mean I’d have to call out of work,” said Justin. “Not that I’d mind having a day off.”

“And it means that we should curl up on the couch, and watch that movie you were talking about before.” Emily took several soft, slow steps across the carpet over to where Justin stood in the living room. He didn’t turn away, though it felt as if he probably should have.

His mom opened up her arms and pulled him into a soft hug. Justin’s mouth fell open as he felt her body press against his. She was naked underneath the robe, and her soft breasts and perfect curves had the effect of an aphrodisiac on touch. For a moment, all he could think about was how good it would feel to put all of his objections to the side and grind into her.

I can’t! And she wouldn’t let me! She’s my mother.

Emily pushed her hips forward, letting one of her legs open and glide up Justin’s side in a manner that was undeniably suggestive. Her smile managed to be innocent and devilish at the same time. Justin wanted the moment to last forever, or better yet, to lead him even further down the twisted path they were flirting with.

He pushed his crotch forward, letting his hard cock push against her. Her body felt unbelievably warm, and the movement of her slow, regular breaths sent shivers of pleasure through Justin as her chest came into contact with him.

This is so wrong! She shouldn’t feel this good, and I shouldn’t even be feeling her like this!

Emily made a soft moaning noise and brought her eyes up to meet his. Her robe had slipped open a little more, exposing her breasts up to the edge of her nipples. She continued moving her leg in tiny undulating motions, as though trying to tempt Justin into taking things even further.

“Mom,” he whispered.

Part of Justin desperately wanted to set aside things like logic, reason, and the nature of their familial bonds, and just see what happened. Justin wanted to experience all of her, all of his mother, and the thought made him feel unbelievably turned on and a little disgusted with himself. He just wanted to see how far he could take it, and find out whether she would stop him or not.

“Do you want to watch the movie, sweetie?” His mom slowly let her lips draw closer to his. She ran her hands over her breasts, as though preparing to pull the robe open and reveal herself to him.

She’s my mother!

“I… uh, I have to, uh, email somebody!” It took all of Justin’s will, but he pulled himself back. He closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath.

“Okay honey,” she said. “That’s fine.”

Justin looked over at her. She was suddenly calm, composed, and looked, well, like his mother. She’d retied the robe and wore it in a way that seemed modest and appropriate. It was almost like he was staring at a different woman from the one he’d just been hugging. She turned away from him and started loading up the dishwasher, scraping off plates and kneeling down to place them in.

“Maybe tomorrow we could, though?” asked Justin. His mother looked over at her shoulder at him and smiled.

“Yes, maybe tomorrow,” she said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”


Justin slept surprisingly well that night. He managed to avoid thinking about everything that had happened until climbing into bed, and passed out fairly quickly.

Waking up was another story. He was dreaming about sex, and the subject of his dream was the most beautiful, desirable woman he’d ever seen in his life. Every time he looked at her face, however, she canlı bahis siteleri would turn away. She seemed familiar to him, but it was as though his brain intentionally short-circuited each time he tried to identify her. The name was on the tip of his tongue, and the tip of her tongue was on his…

“Honey? Are you awake?”

Justin heard his mother’s soft voice and slowly, with a great force of will, opened his eyes. He was lying on his back, and jutting up against the sheets below his stomach, like a newly formed mountain in the middle of the bed, was his aching erection. He blinked, and realized that his mom was staring at it, too.

“Mom!” Justin blushed and rolled onto his side. “Uh, good morning!”

“I just wanted to see if you were awake.” Emily glided into the room with soft steps. She’d changed into a nightgown, one that looked to be about a size too small on her, and it revealed a scandalous amount of curvaceous cleavage and naked thigh.

“I’m awake,” said Justin. “Well, I mean, I’m in the process of waking up.”

“It snowed last night,” said his mom. “A lot. I’m afraid to open the door! It’s almost up to the height of the first-floor windows.”

“Huh,” said Justin. “I guess we’ll be staying inside today, after all.”

“I guess so.” Emily smiled and sat down on his bed. One of her hands came to rest on Justin’s side, and then slowly began to glide down across his inner leg. Justin frowned.

It’s like she doesn’t even know what she’s doing. This is torture!

“Is there anything you need, sweetie, before I make breakfast?” asked his mom. “Anything at all?”

Her hand drew even closer to his cock. Justin almost couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed it. She stopped with the curve of her thumb pushed up against the base of it and began to hum a song he remembered from his childhood.

If she closed her fingers, she’d have my cock in her hand through the sheets!

“Oh…” Justin let out a soft moan and tried to think. “Mom…”

She leaned over him, letting her cleavage hang in front of his face.

“Do you need something, honey?”

One of her fingers brushed against Justin’s cock, and in his hyper aroused state, that was all it took. He let out a gasp and felt a shockwave of illicit pleasure course through him as he lost control. Cum sprayed out into his sheets in forceful, erratic spurts. The hot, stickiness of the mess he’d made immediately filled Justin with a deep sense of shame and regret.

The orgasm was powerful, but spoiled by the lack of real contact. But it was still something that had happened, something he now had to live with, and something potent enough to leave him speechless. He stared at his mom with his mouth open in a shocked, slack-jawed expression.

She didn’t even notice, or so it seemed. Emily ran a hand through her son’s hair and then stood up, walking over to the door, her hips swaying from side to side as she did.

“Breakfast will be ready soon,” she said. “We’ll have to do everything we can to enjoy the next couple of days. It will just be the two of us.”

Justin nodded slowly. His mom left, and he slammed his head back into his pillow, cringing at what he’d just done and feeling like a disgusting pervert.

“This can’t be happening…” he muttered. “What the hell is wrong with me?”

He took a shower, washing his body clean and wishing he could do the same for his mind. Justin rationalized away the incident the best he could. He’d been having a sex dream, his mom had woken him up, and it had been an accident.

It wasn’t her fault, it wasn’t my fault, it just happened. She was wearing that stupid sexy nightgown, and she was on my bed.

As he thought about how she’d looked, and how soft her hand had felt, his cock started to harden again. Justin glared down at it and began to feel the type of frustration that only a horny teenage male at the mercy of off limits temptation can truly understand.

He dried himself off, roughly scrubbing his erection in hopes that he could convince it to go back into hibernation. It didn’t, and after Justin had thrown on a t-shirt and some sweatpants, he cursed down at his conspicuous bulge.

Justin walked downstairs, hobbling over slightly in a futile attempt to reduce the visibility of his excited state. His mother was finishing up at the stove, scooping eggs and bacon onto a plate. She’d put on an apron over her nightgown, and it accentuated her already noticeable features.

“Here you go honey.” She smiled at him, dropped a slice of buttered toast on the plate to complete the arrangement, and then passed it to him. Justin smiled back at her and felt a small part of him relax inside.

She’s still my mom, and things are still normal between this. It’s me and my hormones that are making things weird, not her.

“Thanks, mom,” he said.

“Is there any hot water left? I need to take a shower, too.”

“There should be.”

His mother nodded and headed upstairs. Justin sat down at the kitchen table and ate his meal slowly. He even started to calm down a little. There was snow outside for him to shovel, which would keep him busy and out of the house, and he could play video games in his room if things started to get weird again.

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