Stuck At Home With Sis Ch. 1

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“Joe, I need some help with my homework,” my sister Missy yelled across the house.

“Can’t you ask Dad, I’ve got a date,” I yelled.

She walked in and said, “Mom and Dad are some conference for tonight, and they’ll be back late Sunday night, and we have to be back to the university by then!” She ran back to her room, “Come on!”

“Fine, hold on a sec,” I replied back, and got up from doing my homework to see what was up. She was waiting in her room and looked very distraught.

“Dude, Joe how the hell do you do this calculus shit?”

“God,” I sighed. Oh well, she always needs help every since she started college this year, I’m a junior in college at the same school but we go back to our home (about an hour drive away) every other weekend.

“It better not be too much, I have a date in about an hour,” a couple weeks ago I had met a hot blond named Cindy at a bar and we decided we would hook up sometime. We planned to meet tonight at a well known make-out spot so I figured I could get some sex, which I hadn’t for a about three months due to the excessive homework and studying of college. This Friday should be fun!

I looked down at her homework and said “oh, this is easy,” in a couple quick fluid motions I did the problem that was causing her so much trouble.

“Thanks bro!,” she exclaimed and got on her tip toes to give me a hug, she’s about 5 inches shorter than me. To my surprise she turned my head towards hers and laid a big kiss on my lips and her ample breasts illegal bahis pressed against my chest. She ended the kiss and started to put the calculus homework back in her bag. She had never kissed me like that before, but it wasn’t bad and I guessed she was just grateful or something.

“You don’t need the car do you? I’m going to a see Jeff!”, Missy exclaimed. “That’s why I’m wearing this new outfit!” And an out fit it was, my sister fit nicely into a tight pair of stone washed denim jeans, and a tight tank top that showed a fair amount of cleavage.

“Jesus sis, you shouldn’t be going out in that!”

“Do you like it?” she said and winked and turned around and bent over to pick up a pencil. Is she hitting on me? Well she does have some ass though! Ah, Joe this is your sister! She stood back up and I averted my eyes. She had totally caught me staring at her ass!

Just then the phone rang, and Missy ran to get it and I couldn’t help but notice the way her tight ass cheeks flexed and how her boobs bounced when she ran. I chastised myself for examining my sister, and pushed the thoughts out of my head.

“Its for you! It’s Cindy”

My cock rose to attention at that. The thought of getting some sex drove me to run to the phone.


“Uh, Joe I’ve got a problem! I can’t make our date tonight, maybe some other time”

We finished the conversation and went towards my room totally pissed and horny.

“Hey Joe where are you going?” Missy asked as I headed up the illegal bahis siteleri stairs. “What about your date?”

“Its Off!” I replied and went into my room. She walked away and I went to lay down and maybe take a nap.

I woke up a couple hours latter with a boner, still horny and I went to get some lube so I could jack off in my room. Just in my boxers I walked across the hall into the bathroom and found the lube. Then I walked back into my bedroom and laid down on the bed and started to lube up my erect dick. Just then my sister ran into my room teary eyed and reached to turn on the light, I covered myself under the sheets as she came to sit next to me.

“uh, what’s up?” I stammered.

“Jeff’s such a fucking bastard! He called earlier to go umm hang out at his house for awhile,” I raised my eyebrows at this but she continued. “We started making out pretty heavily, and we were about to have sex, when he started to get all rough. He pulled my hair and came in like two seconds!”

“I’m sorry,” I said and I gave her a consoling hug, making sure that she avoided my lubed and erect dick.

“Its not that I mind having sex, he was just such a bastard about it and wellÉ” she stammered.

We were always pretty open about our sex lives with each other so I probed on, “What is it, are you okay?”

“Well its just thatÉ I was, you know ready for sexÉand I didn’t really get satisfied,” with that she reached under the sheets and grabbed by dick. I was speechless, with canlı bahis siteleri my mouth gaping wide open I looked at her and felt he hand as she brushed the underside of my penis with her fingers.

“Well, what do you think Joe? Are you up to it?” she questioned sliding her body on top of me, looking straight into my eyes.

“MissyÉ your my sister, this wouldn’t be right!” I tried to convince myself of this also as she kissed my neck then my nipple, then she licked all the way down to my erect shaft sending shivers up my spine.

“You mean you don’t like it?” she then proceeded to put my throbbing penis into her mouth. She swallowed all eight inches of it whole and slowly moved her mouth up and down, her tongue coursing the underside. I was already horny enough, so there was no way I could last in my sexy sister’s mouth.

“I’m cumming!” I stammered, with that remark she picked up speed her mouth moving faster on my shaft, driving we wild. My cum came out it a steady burst and she swallowed every drop. Both of us we panting when she finished.

“Come on bro, its your turnÉ I need some fun too,” Missy said as she moved back on top of me. She was still completely clothed in her previous outfit: the tight jeans and skimpy tank top. My orgasm had sobered me up a bit and I was worried about what was going on.

“Missy, this isn’t right, I’m your brother!” She didn’t answer, she only pulled her tank top over her head exposing a pair of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I still somehow fought the urge to lick and suck them to my hearts content. I was in such inner turmoil, here was this half-naked sexy college vixen begging for me to please her, but she was also my sister! What is a guy to do?

to be continued…

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