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We are hidden somewhere within a vast moving castle, in a room that looks like a storeroom.

We merely wish to get to our destination, we are in love, we are hidden.

I whisper into your ear that I need to touch you; you are close to sleep but you moan gently to signify that you want this too. You are stretched out, you hands above your head holding one of my hands. I am lying behind you.

I move my other hand softly over your naked body until I caress only the very tips of the hair around your cunt. I begin to press, gently, closer in to your lips. My lips are at your ear. You can feel my breath.

Suddenly we become aware that two women have entered the room where we are hidden, our covering now seems to be inadequate, we both feel that we will be found.

The 2 women are laughing, they lie down together on the cushioned floor, resting their heads on your stomach which is covered by a thin fabric.

They laugh and talk loudly enough for me to whisper to you that you cannot move and that it would be best if I tie you. I quickly take a length of soft fabric and tie your hands together tightly.

Before I can move far enough to tie your ankles a man enters the room. The women stop talking and the silence that remains means I cannot whisper any longer to you.

The man stands escort ataşehir and frees his cock from his clothing, he tells the women to kiss and touch each other and he touches himself, caressing the whole length of his cock.

With the movement of the two women caressing and kissing each other, still resting their heads on your stomach, you find it hard to remain motionless. I quickly move my hand back to your cunt and start caressing your clitoris.

Very soon the man is physically lifting one of the women away from the other, he turns her over so that her face is turned towards you and starts pushing his cock into her cunt from behind.

Her face is pushed closer into you and once she is settled in this position her open mouth is almost around one of your nipples. You can feel her hot breath with every push of his cock inside her. The thin fabric covering your nipple becomes moist and if she knew you were there she would only have to close her lips to be sucking you.

The man fucks her violently for a short spell and then moves to the other woman. He takes a length of rope and he ties one leg of the woman he has just been fucking to one leg of the other woman. The back of the other woman’s head is resting still on your stomach. He ties her other leg to a chair leg, so that her legs kadıköy escort bayan are wide open. He doesn’t realise it but as he ties her leg to the chair leg he is also tying your ankle to the same chair leg. My leg is pulling your other ankle back so that your legs are wide open as well.

Now he starts to fuck this woman whose legs are tied wide open. With each stroke you can feel her head push back against you, and you also feel a vibration from where your ankle is tied to her. He is much more gentle with this woman. He fucks her gently but firmly.

All this time I am caressing your clitoris, occasionally moving my fingers to your cunt, feeling how wet you are, pushing inside you briefly before coming back to your clitoris.

Another man enters the room and at this the first man starts gently pushing his cock into the mouth of the woman he was just fucking beautifully. The other man very quickly takes out his cock and starts fucking the other woman from behind, again you become very aware of her breath around your nipple, this man is gentler than the first man.

All of the rhythms that you feel over your body, the new man fucking this woman whose moist breath reaches your nipple, the other man gently but firmly fucking the mouth of this other woman, and my fingers moving escort bostancı around your clitoris, all these rhythms start to resonate together and you are very glad that you are restrained, your hands tied and your ankles held open, because your body starts to almost dance with these rhythms.

Both of the men start to fuck cunt and mouth more vigorously. You feel me shifting behind you and as I caress your clitoris you feel the very tip of my cock start to play around the mouth of your cunt.

The lips around your nipple close ever tighter around you. Your whole body is vibrating with the different rhythms in the same way that ripples pass across the surface of a body of water.

As the fucking becomes more urgent, you feel your orgasm coming closer. My cock is still only at the very mouth of your cunt, but you know that when I feel you come I will start to fuck you as hard as I can.

There is a groan and the first man comes into the mouth of his woman. At the same time the other woman closes her mouth over your erect nipple. In a few moments the other man gasps and you realise he too has come inside her. Both men, satisfied, retreat quickly out of the room.

The woman with your nipple in her mouth starts sucking on you, the other woman tries to free herself and in the process discovers your ankle tied to her. She turns and removes the cover from your face just as you start to come. She kisses you very gently on the lips as I my hard cock pushes inside you and your orgasm runs over your whole body.

The two women agree to keep our secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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