Stormy Times Ch. 02

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Danny and Steve washed themselves and returned to the bedroom, settling down to play a car racing game. Which is where Jenny found them. She too had been sent home because of the power cuts, and was surprised to find the power on and the washing machine going. She heard the noise from upstairs and made her way up. She stopped at the door to Steve’s bedroom and was slightly taken aback to find them both naked, sprawled across the bed, playing on the computer.

Realising they had not heard her she backed away and entered her own bedroom. Not fully understanding why or what she was doing she quickly stripped off and went to the bathroom. She came back out and stood at the door again. They still hadn’t heard her. Trembling slightly she went in and knelt on the bed between them. They both jumped and turned to look at her.

“Well, this is very cosy. Can anyone join in?”

Danny was surprised to see her, but even more surprised at her being naked. Steve just gaped, open mouthed. Danny turned, sat up and kissed her.

“Hello sweetheart, sorry about this, didn’t realise the time had passed.” She kissed him back.

“Hey, no problem. It’s good to see you having some quality time with Steve.” “It’s a very nice welcome all the same. The two loves of my life home and waiting for me.” They kissed again.

Steve had turned back but she could see that he was bright red. She giggled.

“Not going to say hello to your mum then!” He muttered something back.

She winked at Danny and moved closer to her son. He flinched as she placed a hand on the back of his thigh.

“Hello young man, don’t I get a kiss then?” Her stomach was fluttering as she ran her hand up gently and rested on his buttock, feeling him tense up.

“Umm, nice and firm. Just how I like it.” Steve buried his head. Danny lay down beside him and tussled his hair.

“What you being so coy about. Give your mum a kiss.”

Steve looked at his dad and then turned to look at his mum. Taking in her breasts and long pointed nipples. Feeling his cock burst back into life. Jenny smiled and held out her hand to him.

“Come here you silly thing.” He tried to turn without showing his erection.

“What güvenilir bahis did I say earlier,” said Danny. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Mum knows what your cock looks like. You’ve seen her naked a few times. So what’s the problem.”

Steve took a deep breath and turned onto his back. His manhood solid and upright.

“There we are then,” said Jenny. “Now, do I get a kiss?” He levered himself up and as she leant forward he placed a quick kiss on her cheek.

“Oh my, we are timid today.” She leant into him and placed her mouth over his. She felt him hesitate and began to kiss him. His mind was whirling and his stomach churning. Her mouth was soft, warm and inviting. He began to kiss her back. His arm was aching and he dropped back down.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it?” He shook his head.

“No,” he whispered. “It was very nice.”

She shuffled in between them and leant down to kiss Danny. He placed his arm around her neck and they had a long, tongue entwining kiss. She eventually broke off and lay on her back between them.

“So, you two had a nice father and son bonding time.” Her hands resting gently on their stomachs. She could feel Steve fluttering like mad.

“Yes, we had a nice talk and pleasant time together, didn’t we Steve.” He turned to face them, his stirring cock up against her thigh. Steve was blushing again. He nodded. Danny raised a hand and gently ran a finger over her tit.

“He’s turned out to be a very mature lad.” Jenny lowered her hand and placed round Steve’s cock; He let out a gasp.

“He certainly is.” She slowly began to rub him. She turned and looked at him.

“You OK with this my sweet young man.” He nodded.

“Oh yes.”

“You really want to make love with your old mum.”

He let out a long breath. She could feel him shaking. “Yes please. That would be really nice.” He turned to look at Danny. His eyes were pleading.

“Of course you can.” He reached over and stroked his cheek. “Don’t rush it. There’s plenty of time. Just follow our lead.” He nodded.

“Thank you, I love you so much.” Jenny turned and they kissed. This time more confidently and longer. Danny reached türkçe bahis over and placed Steve’s hand on Jenny’s tit.

“That’s it babe, nice and gently.” “Ahh, that is nice.” Feeling her nipples begin to tingle. She lay back down. Danny cupped a tit and gently eased her nipple out. Jenny expelled her breath as Steve began to copy his father on the other tit.

“Ohh yes, it feels so good,” Jenny exclaimed; Feeling her juices starting to flow. She played with Danny’s’ cock, not daring to touch Steve’s throbbing member in case he came too quickly.

Danny bent down and placed a kiss on her nipple. She shuddered, anticipating the pleasure to come. Her nipples were sensitive and she was able to climax by tweaking and pulling on them. He ran his tongue around the protruding pleasure nub.

“Go on Steve, don’t be frightened,” he said. “You’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, haven’t you.”

He nodded. Blushing again.

“I bet you’ve been wanking with this in mind.” Danny took her nipple in-between his teeth and slowly drew them over it. Jenny let out a gasp.

“Leave him alone. Don’t spoil it for him. Or me.” She reached up and pulled Steve’s head down to her waiting tit. She gasped again as he obediently took her nipple into his mouth.

“Ohh my word, that is soooo nice,” she gasped. “Please don’t stop.” Danny dropped down and resumed sucking. They continued to pleasure her, alternating between kissing, sucking, licking and biting gently, as she began to climax. Ending up some 15 minutes later in a soft throaty protracted gasp.

Danny took hold of Steve’s hand and placed it on her mound.

“Now the real fun starts. Feel how wet she is!” Steve nodded

“Well, you are going to make her a lot wetter.” “Why don’t you show him darling?”

Jenny slid her hand down her body and rested her hand over his. She parted her legs slightly and was rewarded by his fingers slipping between her lips. “Oh yes, my darling, rub me.” She helped him to begin and as he slowly responded she let go and lay back. Danny leaned over and resumed sucking on her tit. Jenny grasped his cock and raised one leg as Steve increased the pressure on her pussy. She could güvenilir bahis siteleri feel herself starting to tingle “Oh yes my boys, that is so good.” Steve could feel her juices flowing and struggled to keep the pressure on her mound. He twisted slightly and his fingers slid further into her hole. As she squealed he stopped, thinking he had hurt her. She grabbed his hand and began rubbing again. “It’s ok, don’t stop, get your fingers in there.” He continued rubbing and hesitantly slid his fingers in. She let out a moan and parted her legs even wider.

Danny slid down and rubbed his fingers over her clit. She moaned again. “Would you like to kiss your mothers pussy?” Steve looked at him and then at his mum. “Can I?” She smiled and nodded. Danny manoeuvred him round and parted her lips. Her love spot peeked out at them. Danny explained about exciting her and moved aside. Steve slid between her legs and gently placed a kiss on her lips. Taking in her heavenly scent. Jenny laid her hands on his head and brought him in closer. He kissed her some more and slowly put his tongue into her slippery hole. She squealed and pulled him even closer. He found her clit and as she began to buck he flicked his tongue over it. She let his head go and cupped her tits, tweaking her nipples with each lick on her clit.

Danny whispered into his sons’ ear, guiding him to suck on her clit. Steve did so, hesitantly. But with each gasp and buck he increased until she gave a long scream and finally collapsed. He gently continued until she pulled him up. She cupped his head and kissed him full on the mouth, taking in her own juices.

“Oh my darling, that was so lovely. Thank you so much.” He kissed her back. “It’s for me to thank you. That was wonderful.” He was suddenly aware of a slapping sound. He looked over and saw his father wanking himself. “Hey boys, why don’t you unload yourselves over me,” said Jenny with glint in her eyes. They got to their knees and began to rub their cocks.

Jenny reached up and cupped their balls. She took their hands and placed them on each other’s cocks. They grinned and resumed their rubbing. “Yes my studs. Shoot your cum for me.” They began to increase their tempo and with a lot of grunting Steve began to shoot his semen over his mother’s tits. Quickly followed by his father. Jenny slid forward a bit and began to suck and lick on each cock. Steve eventually pulling away. Totally exhausted.

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