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We agreed to meet at the park for lunch. It was supposed to be a nice day, however when lunch rolled around thunderstorms had moved into the area. We were the only ones in the park. We sat in the back seat of your car. We talked and laughed as we sat there.

Finally, I took your hand in mine. I ran my fingers over yours; I kissed your hand as we locked eyes. I kissed your wrist and the back of your hand. Then I put your thumb into my mouth and sucked very sensually as we looked into each other’s eyes. I pulled you close and we kissed gently, softly and long.

My hand was in your hair, feeling how soft it was, I pulled your head back and kissed and sucked your neck. I heard you moan, your breathing deep…my lips moved to your ear and sucked on your ear lobe breathing into your ear. My fingers unbuttoned your blouse and I see a beautiful white lace bra. I cupped your breast and gently bit and kissed your breast. I felt your hand hold my head against you. Your other hand found my hard cock through my pants. I raised my head, we kissed….hungrily escort ataşehir and passionately.

I suggested we go to someplace more comfortable and you agreed. We drove to my house and the storm seemed to worsen. Inside I brought a big soft comforter and laid it in front of the fireplace. The fire provided the only light, rich golden light flickers over us. There was a flash and boom from the storm. We both undressed and admired each other’s bodies. Your hands caressed my hardness and balls…you tell me you love the smooth shaven feel of my cock. Leaning over you kiss and suck the head of my cock, mmmm you say, as you taste the precum that is dripped from me. I brought your head up and you shared the taste with me.

I pulled you down on the comforter and positioned myself between your legs; my hands rubbed the inside of your thighs. You looked so beautiful lying there in front of me. I licked and kissed the inside of your thighs; I could smell your delicious musk and wanted to taste you so much. I rubbed kadıköy escort bayan my cheek over your smooth mound and inhaled mmmmm babe. I slipped my tongue into your wetness. The warm juices entered my mouth.

Your hips raised to meet my mouth. Looking up I saw your body reacting to my touch. I felt your fingers in my hair pulling me closer. Licking and sucking your clit into my mouth, the softness of your skin excited me as I moved my tongue. Your muscles flexed and relaxed with waves of pleasure. Using the end of my tongue I lapped at your hard clit and then the full length of your lips sucked your juices as I went. Your moans and the sudden tensing of your body told me I had done well. You lay there breathing hard as I sucked the sweetness from your body.

You told me to lay on my back, you took my cock and sucked the dripping precum from me,,,, the feel of your mouth taking my shaft into you was so electrifying to my senses Then you straddled me and held my cock in your hands, slowly lowering your wetness down escort bostancı on to me. We looked into each other’s eyes as you teased me by letting just a little of me into you. You could see it was driving me crazy. I placed my hands on your hips and pulled you down on to me as I thrust my hips upward to go deep into you as I could.

We held each other’s hands and looked into each other’s soul as you gripped me. You were so tight as I tried to go deeper into you. Our faces lost composure as we did our mating moves. Our bodies together moved with raw lusty jerks and groans. My hands held your breasts as my hips lifted you off the floor. My whole body wanted the release that would pour into yours, mixing our cum together. Both of us were dripping with sweat by the fire as we created our own. My breaths were coming faster. Our gaze almost never broke that connected the body and spirit making us one. You leaned forward and said fill me now Anthony…. And I did.

We lay together relaxing, talking and kissing. It was as if the storm mirrored our sexual feeling for it now had become a gentle rain. We heard a car door close and the door opened. My wife looked upon us and said someone had been enjoying the storm with a smile, We made some drinks and felt that there may be another storm brewing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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