Stepdaughter’s BFF Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

“That looks like fun, but what ever happened to my ginger ale?”

My stepdaughter Amanda had stumbled drunkenly into the kitchen where I had just butt fucked her Mother after doing the same to Amanda’s BFF Kara. The two twenty year old vixens were staying with us for the holidays. Amanda’s Dad had insisted that she get to know her baby half-brother no matter how much Amanda still resented her Mom’s infidelity ending that marriage. Amanda had only met me once before – at the wedding – but seemed to view me as symbolizing all the guys Mom had fucked instead of Dad. The fact that I had proved myself incapable of not ogling the two young hotties had not helped, even though if Kara was to be believed, Amanda was as much of a slut as her Mom ever was.

Child rearing had taken the zest out of my marriage with Viola, so when I accidentally encountered Kara in the kitchen, when she came down to fetch fluids to replenish Amanda, who had barfed everything up following some New Year’s eve frolicking, lust had overcome reason.

There had been a tense moment when Viola had walked in on us, but Kara’s fascination with my wife’s pendulous lactating udders had eased things quickly, especially once Viola had admitted that she had spent time watching me make out with the youngster, and fuck her previously virgin ass. After further sex play, Viola had decided that she too wanted to feel my meat pulsing in her bowel.

“Don’t let me interrupt,” Amanda spoke again filling the stunned silence, as she walked over to the fridge to seek a soda.

“I’ve got one here already losing fizz for you, sweetie,” Kara spoke, indicating a can which by some miracle had not joined the shattered fruit bowl on the floor.

My cock softly flopped out of Viola’s rear passage with an audible “plop” that echoed in the kitchen. All three women giggled.

Amanda had stepped within a foot or so of Viola, and almost as close to me, to reach for her ginger ale. She had to notice that my eyes, as they always did, roamed up and down and around her nubile body. Her face shone clean and fresh, suggesting that she had washed up a bit before heading downstairs, but her clothing was still a dishevelled mess. Her teeny tiny too tight white school girl blouse was limp, unbuttoned, the collar yellowed with a vomit stain. Her bubblegum pink nipples strained against the lacy white push-up bra. A flat expanse of spa tanned and toned stomach flowed to where the tartan school skirt was twisted sideways at her waist. She was a perfect expensive mess.

Kara did not hand Amanda the can. Instead, with an evil chuckle, my new lover raised the pop up above head level and said, “Open wide, baby – just like you do when you suck cock.”

Amanda was too wasted, too tired, too thirsty to protest as Kara poured the liquid past Amanda’s hungry lips. Most of it surged down my stepdaughter’s swan-like throat, but ample amounts splashed on her chin and drizzled onto that valley of firm young boob flesh which was offered up perfectly to my eyes as Amanda arched her back.

Viola meanwhile was still excited, grinding her ass back against my groin, trapping my cock between her buttocks and massaging it back toward yet another erection. Without thinking, my hands reached around my wife and fondled her milk laden tits. I noticed that Kara licked her lips, her gaze torn between Viola and Amanda.

Before Kara was finished hydrating Amanda, I noticed that my hands were starting to feel wet. Viola’s milk was seeping onto my palms, threatening to flow out from my fingers. Kara was staring at my milking activity. I removed one hand from a tit and held it out to the young woman. Kara grinned, tongue flicking along her lower lip.

“Can’t do that and pour,” she sighed, raising the can of ginger ale to direct the final drops toward Amanda’s bird-like lips.

So I raised the hand to my mouth and licked.

“How does it taste?” Amanda asked, shocking all of us, I think.

“So good,” Kara and I breathed in stereo.

“Do you want to try some, sweetie?” Viola asked. “You loved it when you were a baby.”

“Yeah, because that makes this less weird,” Amanda chortled, and then burped, making the rest of us join in her laughter.

Before the guffaws abated, though, my stepdaughter lowered her head to her mother’s nipple for the first time in almost two decades. Viola placed a palm under one of her udders and lifted it up, all the better to angle her nipple up to her daughter’s thirsty mouth. Amanda did not hesitate about latching on, lips tight to her Mother’s flesh. “Don’t be so gentle, make the milk really flow. Nurse me, get it out, I’m so full,” Viola encouraged Amanda, fingers gently untangling knots in the youngster’s messy hair.

I watched Amanda’s cheek working hard, ballooning full of milk; then hollowing as she swallowed and sucked some more. I imagined her tongue flicking across the tip, white sweetness seeping from ducts all over the nubbin.

“Yes…Yes…Yessss!” Viola starting moaning breathlessly and ended up screaming as Amanda harvested her Mother’s illegal bahis sweet essence straight from the tit into her hungry thirsty mouth. I was still pressed tightly to Viola from behind and felt the excitement quake through her body as she had a minor orgasm just from this action.

Kara was not the sort to be left out for long. She stepped around right behind Amanda. First, she eased the filthy shirt off of her chum, but then she surprised me by unlatching the wispy bra, which floated to the floor. Kara reached around and began to tweak Amanda’s nipples as she pressed her body tight against Amanda from behind, all the better to lean over Amanda’s shoulder and begin to nurse on Viola’s other tit.

I felt a hand slip under Viola’s loins and reach around to where my cock had regrown to full tumescence. It just sat there for a few seconds, holding my hot hard member, but then it started to stroke my shaft. Slipping between Viola’s ass and my cock, rubbing the tip against my wife’s flesh while kneading my balls and caressing my shaft. I had no idea who it belonged to, but I was way past caring.

Viola squirmed, trapped between my body and the two youngsters feeding off of her excitedly. Later, I learned that was about the moment when Viola felt a finger slide between her labia, softly stroking her slit. She too had no idea who owned the finger, but was not about to stop when it felt so terrific.

If either of us had paused to consider carefully, it had to be Amanda’s hands at work, since Viola and Kara were both busy. At the time, the thought that my bitter little stepdaughter would be fondling my manhood would have boggled my mind – as if the tight knot of writhing four way foreplay was not weird enough.

Amanda came up for air, a dollop of breast milk dangling from her lip.

“Does the step-ogler have a cock worth the fucking?” she stage whispered, her slurring words muttered directly into Kara’s ear, using the derogatory term I had heard when they had staggered in from their party – a reference to my inability to keep my eyes off of the two young bodies that had paraded through my house during the holiday.

The question hung in the air. I knew that I was shocked. My step-daughter had no use for me – now she was expressing interest in a different sort of use.

“It is thick, and really hard. I loved how it filled my ass, and then throbbed just a bit bigger even after that,” Kara sighed in reply, her lips never really lifting from my wife’s teat. The girl really had gotten into breast milk, and from Viola’s sighs, it seemed that she had a talent for it.

“I thought you didn’t ass fuck, slut,” Amanda teased her bff.

“So drunk, so hungry,” Kara laughed, “You know how it is.”

“Hard to say no when it gets that hard?”

Both girls laughed at what was clearly a standing joke between them. Viola joined in the giggles. It was almost like I was not there, even though it was my cock they were discussing; my cock sawing along Viola’s butt cleavage; my cock that the unknown hand that we now know belonged to Amanda was exploring with increasing boldness. Her fingers travelled all the way up to the tip, nails raking the slit, giving me a jolt that ran straight up from the knot at the base of my spine to my brain, making me shiver.

“It is a great cock, isn’t it?” Viola sighed.”I had almost forgotten…”

Her voice drifted off, and then she gave out a little sequence of squeaks which slowly blended into a squeal, the sensations surrounding her sending her into another orgasm, which I guess explained why she would be saying such an inappropriate remark to her daughter – though the entire situation was pretty inappropriate, I realize now. At the time, I had too little blood in my brain to worry about such things – my engorged organ was doing all my thinking for me, and it was saying that once again my balls were full and aching for relief.

“I know that I loved it.” Kara agreed. “I hope I can have more – just wish I had found out how big and fat it is when it gets hard two weeks ago, not the same day I’m leaving.”

“I have no plans today – we can spend as much of it fucking as you want,” I heard the words coming out of my mouth without realizing that I was thinking out loud.

Amanda was still stroking the weapon in question, exploring it slowly with just the tips of her fingers, not being the greedy cock hungry slut Kara had accused her of being throughout the holiday – which Amanda had never denied. Now, she was tentative – whether because of the alcohol induced unease, or because I was her estranged Mother’s new husband, I had no idea.

Kara had resumed feeding from Viola’s seemingly inexhaustible tits while Amanda stepped back and took another gulp of ginger ale before stepping to the side of our Viola sandwich, pressing her body against all three of us in a new way. Her hand travelled down my back smoothly, caressing the curve of my ass, and her fingers started to tease my balls. I could see her other hand gripping her bff’s shoulder, pressing Kara harder against Viola, and then illegal bahis siteleri dipping downward. My contribution was my cock pressing more urgently into the valley between my wife’s buttocks, and my hand slipping into the gap between her and Kara, fingers dancing between the two gashes, teasing each throbbing clit in turn. I dropped my other hand down and went to nudge the soiled school girl skirt up, intending to stroke my stepdaughter’s cunt, but she beat me to the punch, pressing her loins against my hip so hard that there was no room, dry humping her womanhood against my hip.

“I think first you need to fuck Amanda,” Kara suggested as she switched tits, “then I can lick your cream pie out of her stinky cunt – I’m that sort of dirty girl.”

Kara and Amanda both cackled.

“But what if I want it in my ass, bitch?” Amanda responded, shocking me. I had not really thought she would fuck me, let alone give me her ass. “Why should I be the only one not to have it?”

“If she won’t swallow the flow out of your poop chute, Mommy will,” Viola shocked me by responding.

Of course, Kara could not resist taking up the dare at that stage, asserting, “She offered it to me first Mommy – but maybe I’ll leave you sloppy seconds if you eat me while I do her.”

All three women laughed lustily, the tremors flowing through the cluster of our bodies.

“Don’t I have any say in this?” I said.

“No!” three women replied in unison.

“Then I guess I had best get to it, before I pump this load all over your backside,Viola – it might take a while for me to reload again.”

I was already wondering if I might then get Amanda to give me a blow job later, or to let me stuff my meat in her steamy cunt.

“Do you need to come before he fucks your ass, sweetie?” Viola asked her daughter.

“No – I think I’m ready,” Amanda sighed. “Unlike Kara, this won’t be my first ass fucking…”

“Will it be your first ass fucking tonight?” Kara shot back.

“It’s not night – it’s a brand new day.” Amanda laughed, not really answering whether or not I was getting sloppy seconds or thirds. Though at that point, I was way beyond caring.

I eased myself out of the Viola sandwich, turning my body so that my cock stood proudly perpendicular to the floor, pointing directly at my stepdaughter, who had stepped back from my hips as I had turned. I drank in the sight of her, dishevelment making her simply that much sexier. Her hair was a rat’s nest, clumps sticking out at odd angles that made me hope that it was semen not vomit clumped among the strands. Her shirt still hung off her shoulders, but the buttons were all undone, and since Kara had removed the bra, Amanda’s tits were finally fully on display for me – full, but round, firm, standing straight up from her ribs, topped by rubbery bullets of pink nipples. I thought I saw a few bite marks already turning into bruises around the areolae. Her tummy was absolutely flat, but I had seen lots of that as she had flounced about in bikinis and tank tops during the visit. In fact, the twisted and dirty skirt probably hid her pudenda better than her bikinis had.

Amanda said nothing as she reached her arm out and grasped my cock. It was not her first touch of my manhood, but somehow doing the act while our eyes were exploring each other gave it a more serious air. Her tongue flicked out, wetting her lower lip. Her eyes were dancing wildly, reflecting the scant light in the dark kitchen, but seeming to be searching for something – answers, or maybe just a solution for her lust. At that moment, all I really wanted was to kiss her deeply, meaningfully, erasing the tension and dislike that had characterized our relationship thus far. I did not want this to be a hate fuck.

“It IS a very handsome cock,” she said as she hefted it, stepping towards me, closing the gap tighter. “I doubt I’ve had bigger up my ass.”

“Tonight or ever?” Kara joked, shattering the moment.

Amanda swivelled her head and stuck her tongue out at her bff, reminding me that though they were twenty, they still could act very juvenile.

“Oh, honey, it doesn’t matter – after I left your Dad, I had wild times too, so I bet it’s genetic,” Viola offered motherly reassurance.

“Wild Times!” Kara and Amanda blurted in unison, jumping and sticking arms out like cheerleaders.

The action caused Amanda to drop my cock, and ended with her twirling up against the island I had earlier used to fuck her bff. Her elbows rested on the marble top, and she thrust her butt back toward me, the scrap of skirt fluttering, teasing my eyes and exciting my cock even more than it already was.

My wife stopped Kara’s milking for the moment and turned to observe. She even helped the action along by flipping up her daughter’s skirt, all the better for me to see that sexy young ass that had been teasing me the entire time she was visiting. As Viola massaged her daughter’s curves, I drank in the view. Amanda’s exposed ass was perfect – as shapely as you would expect a twenty year old to be. It was not canlı bahis siteleri too tiny and not too big, just firm and round. Her dimpled cheeks flexed invitingly, displaying a tight cleavage. It was the single bubble of a butt I’d ever seen, even hotter than Kara. I just hoped that it was as tight – Amanda had made it clear that unlike her bff, her butt was very well used.

Amanda looked back at me over her shoulder, smiling teasingly as she sashayed her hips side to side. I was tempted to fall to my knees and feast on the most perfect buns I had ever seen, but that was not to be.

“Go ahead and fuck that ass, dear, you know the little bitch needs a good fucking,” Viola encouraged me, giving one butt cheek a quick slap for emphasis.

Kara had stepped over behind me and pressed her nipples into my back, bumping her loins against my ass, urging me forward. At that instant, I was really glad that the girl was not wearing a strap-on, because I would be the meat in a sandwich.

“Yeah, stuff that ass for me, Daddy,” Kara whispered into my ear, teasing that orifice with the tip of her tongue and then biting sharply on my earlobe. That proved to be a distraction so that she could shove a thumb up my butt. Apparently I WAS going to be the meat in a sort of sandwich.

I lurched forward in shocked response, driving my cock along the gap between my stepdaughter’s buttocks, the tip coming to rest in the heart shaped divot where her ass met the base of her spine. Amanda gasped, unprepared, while Viola moaned, her hand massaging my manhood where it rested on her daughter’s flesh. Amanda might have been startled, but she did not pull away at all. Instead, she pressed her butt back, pressing her flesh against my groin.

“I love your ass,” I told my stepdaughter, not caring that my wife was right there listening along with Amanda’s bff whose ass I had just fucked also.

“So happy when a guy knows what he likes.” Amanda chuckled. “I think Kara is right – it’s really too bad we wasted so much of our vacation not fucking you.”

Viola chose that moment to grab my cock and draw the tip to the gap between her daughter’s buttocks, pressing it up against the rosebud. As my wife slowly rubbed my rubbery head around to relax her daughter’s sphincter. I slid a hand under Amanda’s body, briefly tugging on her nipples until she groaned, which made her hips rotate, grinding her anus a bit harder against my cock, nudging the opening wider. I travelled down her belly quickly, and found her hairless young cunt.

“I bet she’s really wet,” Kara moaned into my ear.

“Is her ass wet enough for you to fuck, my dear?” Viola asked.

“The proof is in the pounding,” I grunted as Amanda responded to my thumb finding her clit by driving back against me extra hard so that my cock sank deep past her anal ring until it was buried to the hilt.

Viola leaned across her daughter’s back and drew our faces together, locking her lips to mine in the hottest kiss we had ever shared. Kara’s thumb surged in and out of my ass, setting a tempo for me to fuck Amanda, but we were squeezed together so tightly that I could barely move. Fortunately, those young abdominal muscles were working efficiently around my meat.

I kept working my thumb around the little pebble of my stepdaughter’s clit. Her labia were quivering against my palm as her juices spurted out all over the counter-top. While I was distracted by this activity, Kara must have grabbed a hunk of Viola’s hair because that kiss got abruptly interrupted and I could sense more than see that my stepdaughter’s bff was now kissing my wife again.

What followed was one of the best ten minutes or so of my life. Amanda’s vagina was heaving and squeezing just as violently around my touch as her asshole was kneading my throbbing cock. Her bff added a second, and then a third finger, stretching MY ass wider, and teasing my prostate. My wife was alternating between kissing the bff and me, while her hands worked both young bodies like musical instruments, strumming their nipples, drumming down their spines. The post-adolescent goddess who happened to be my stepdaughter twisted her hips around my cock while grinding her cunt around my thumb, and then a few extra fingers, until she burst into orgasm humping back against me as she came.

Kara must have felt or recognized the sound of her bff’s climax, because just as Amanda began to come, Kara stopped teasing my asshole and thrust her fingers straight to my prostate, giving it a healthy prod. Despite the multiple loads I had spilled that night, starting with masturbating earlier just imagining sex with the very young women now fucking me, great gobs of goo gushed from my balls up the tube inside my shaft, spurting out the tip into my stepdaughter’s hungry ass while her Mother swallowed her screams. I could feel her cunt convulsing with only the thin membrane separating my meat from her spasming womb.

My orgasm was strong, but brief. I stayed in place, however, as Kara pressed her body tighter to me, making a very meaty sandwich, assuring that Amanda’s climax continued unabated, while my tired tool slowly pulsed from turgidity to tumescence to tepid tube steak. Six hands were roaming over female flesh, expertly caressing sensitive spots, displaying the expertise of shared experiences.

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