Spanked Mom Ch. 3

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It was bright and pleasantly warm. The sky was clear. There was hardly a breeze and the birds and squirrels played in the branches of the large oak tree in Glenda’s back yard. They both sat quietly, sipping coffee while they basked in the mid morning sun.

“Glenda, I need ask you a question that has something to do with your past experiences as a stripper.” Alice broke the silence.

“Sure honey, what’s on your mind?”

“What do you know about a strip club called the ‘Rooster’s Nest’?”

“Oh, that dump? What I hear from my friends (you know a lot of the local dancers come to me to have their hair done) is that the ‘Nest’ is real bad news. A lot of drugs go through there. Most of the girls there work a little extra to supplement their incomes, if you know what I mean.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that.”

Glenda looked at her dear friend inquisitively. Alice wore an expression she could not quite read. “Alice, what’s the matter?”

“Oh Glenda it’s Rob,” Alice hesitated briefly, “He met this girl that works there and they have a date tonight.”

“Rob? Really? He went there?” Glenda tone was more than just concerned it also carried a hint of curiosity, “And now he has a date? Do you know her name?”

“He went there the other night with some of his friends. He didn’t mention her name. They’re going out tonight.” Alice held her coffee mug in both her hands and took a gulp. “Glenda, I am a little concerned.”

“I can see that.”

“Glenda, don’t get me wrong. You are my best friend and you should know that I don’t think badly of dancers. And Rob is generally a sensible young man. But I am his mother and I just don’t want to see him hurt or taken advantage of.”

“I don’t blame you for being concerned. I’ve heard nothing but bad news about that place and the girls that work there. Listen, do you want me to talk to him. Hell, I can even set him up with one of my nice dancer friends. Rob is a nice kid and a fox to boot.”

“I don’t think you need to take it that far. I’ll just tell him what you told me about the club and I’m sure Rob will make his own decision or at least be careful. I think he’s just thrilled about the idea of dating a dancer.”

“You can’t blame a young guy for wanting to date a dancer now. Yeah, most guys that wanted to date me hoped that they would be getting a private show every night. I’m afraid that Rob’s new friend just sees a gullible rich kid with deep pockets.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of. But my son doesn’t strike me as being gullible, and we’re certainly not rich.” Alice seemed to be less worried and more relaxed.

“You know Alice,” Glenda teased, “Us dancers can be a wild bunch. You sure you don’t want me to talk to Rob?”

“That won’t be necessary Glenda.” Alice chided, “Rob doesn’t need another corrupting force in his life just yet.” He has me, Alice added to herself, smiling and gloating inwardly.

They both sat in silence for a while. Alice again, deliberately broke the spell.

“What’s the wildest thing you’ve done as a dancer?”

“Now Alice I know how much you like to live vicariously through my sexual exploits, but I’m not sure you can handle this.” Glenda turned towards Alice and grinned impishly.

What Alice wanted to say was “If you only knew girlfriend, if you only knew.” Instead she said teasingly, “Glenda, I’m honestly hurt that you think of me as such a prude.”

“Alice you’re my best friend and I don’t keep secrets from you. But you have to promise me you won’t tell a soul.”


She had just turned eighteen and was fresh out of high school. She had plans to take classes at the local college that fall and move out of her parent’s house when the semester started. Over the summer she planned to work at a local restaurant and save up enough money so she can share an apartment with some friends.

One of the waitresses at the restaurant she was working with also had a part time job as a nude dancer at one of the local and more respectable establishments. She convinced Glenda to audition there. Glenda easily landed a job. Glenda had already been an excellent dancer and she had robust exhibitionistic tendencies. It did not take long for her to combine those two elements. Along with her young sexy look and her easy going personality she quickly became a very popular attraction at the club. Soon it became routine for her to pull in $800 to$1000 on a slow night. On better nights she easily pocketed $1500 or more dancing on stage and performing table and lap dances for her customers. Since she was still living with her parents, she only managed to work there a couple of times a weeks and still keep her new exciting job a secret.

Glenda’s parents were very conservative and they clearly would not have allowed their only daughter to work as a dancer. She loved and respected her folks and would never do anything to hurt them. She had always been a little on the wild side izmir escort bayan but had successfully kept her secrets well hidden and stayed in her parents good graces.

That summer her older brother Jim was visiting. He had just finished grad school and had been accepted to the FBI academy. He was a few years older than her. He had always fascinated Glenda, though they were never particularly close. She did regard him with awe, as an older and handsome male in her life. However, she suspected that Jim was clean cut and conservative like her parents.

It was getting late one night at the club. Glenda had one last stage dance before she could go home. The crowd was thick and rowdy in the smoke filled club. Glenda always got a charge from the drunken men watching her perform. The more they cat- called, the more they whistled the more Glenda dancing became animated. The more they threw money on the stage or placed tips in the straps of her g-string (while she still wore it) the wilder her dancing became.

Things were going well for her that night and she felt that she had full control of the horny crowd. The music was just right. She climbed onto the stage and walked briskly around its edge smiling and blowing kisses to the men seated in the ‘meat rack’ surrounding the stage. She wore a simple black g-string. Her large giggling breasts were hardly contained in her tight skimpy bikini top. The 4 inch heeled sandals that she wore accented her toned legs. Had donned a baseball cap that she stuffed her long blonde hair in. She recognized a familiar customer seated near the stage and leaned down towards him as he reached out with a ten-dollar bill in his hand. She took the money from by cupping her breasts together and pinching the bill away from him in her cleavage. She got down on her hands and knees her ass facing the crowd. She retrieved a couple of tips by reaching behind her in between her legs and taking the money inches from her pussy. She lay on the stage belly down. She writhed on the floor and bucked as if some unseen force was fucking her. She made her firm ass cheeks jiggle and dance to the music. The crowd responded with applause, hoots and tips.

She stood up and gracefully removed her top, g-string and heels and stood looking at the crowd with a well- rehearsed shy looking smile. She sauntered seductively toward a generous regular patron. She took off her baseball cap, shaking her long blond hair loose. She placed the cap on the regular’s head and blew him a kiss. Slowly, she lifted her right breast to her face and licked her nipple with her protruding tongue. She stepped back in rhythm with the music to the pole that was in the center of the stage. She wrapped her leg around the pole and twirled slowly as she held on with her free hand. She was still licking her nipple as she surveyed the excited crowd. That’s when she saw him.

Her brother Jim was standing a few rows back from the stage area. His hands were on his hips and he had an expression that Glenda could not read. She stared at him, a million thoughts flooding her head. Instinctively, she glanced at his crotch to gauge his reaction, as she had taught herself to periodically do with the men she danced for. The lighting was poor and her view obstructed. Satisfied that Jim was not about make a public scene, she decided that the show must go on. She reasoned that there may be some repercussions later, but in the meantime she had a barroom full of paying customers that she must attend to.

She hoisted her self up the pole, her legs expertly forming a pretzel as they wrapped around it. She dangled her self upside down and looked back at the scene behind her. She saw her brother watching and still could not make out any emotion in his expressionless face. She came down from her upside down perch and pranced about deftly with the music, noting that Jim still held his ground. Seemingly oblivious to his presence, she shook her charms expertly, though inside she harbored a lingering cache of worry. The song seemed to last an eternity as she danced and posed on stage. She ended her dance by performing a split and touching her forehead to her forward knee. When she stood up and bowed to the enthusiastic and loud crowd, Jim was not standing there anymore. As she picked up the tips that littered the stage and chatted with several flirting and admiring men, she caught a glimpse of Jim’s back as he was leaving the club.

She worried as she drove herself home. She was not certain what her brother’s reaction was going to be. She took some comfort in the fact that he was leaving the following day to pursue his career. But she was worried that somehow he may tell her parents. She noted with some anxiety that her mom’s car, the car that Jim had been driving was already in the driveway. She also realized that the lights downstairs were still on.

She had barely shut the door behind her when she felt him grab her by the arm. She did not have time escort izmir to protest. He look at her sternly and gestured with his finger that she should be silent and led her down to the family room located in the basement of the house. Rather than risk any commotion she silently followed, seething.

“You dirty little whore, come with me.” He whispered his tone however was stern.

When they reached the basement, Glenda shook herself free from his grip. She turned to him and shoved him. Something had taken over her. Maybe it was her feeling cornered or threatened. Possibly, she felt that Jim was being a hypocrite, judging her while he was at the club as customer. Regardless, she was charged up and it felt good to take the offensive. She hoped she could regain some control by doing so.

“You shit! You think you’re so self righteous!” She struck at him with glancing blow to his arm.

“Glenda…stop it!” He was surprised at her reaction.

“No, you’re no better than me. You went there to get your jollies, that makes you the same as me.” She renewed her attack on him and tried to strike him a few more times.

“I SAID STOP!” He was considerably bigger than her. Suddenly, she was across his knee. Her halter had fallen slightly partially exposing a breast. Her tight shorts had ridden up her crotch exposing a large portion of her ass cheeks. She struggled but Jim held tightly.

“When I say stop it I mean stop it.” He said in a firm voice.

Suddenly, several hard blows landed on her bottom. “OUCH, Nooo, Please stop.” She cried her eyes tearing up. She struggled.

“Stop you’re struggling and I’ll let you go.” He growled.

Her ass was turning red under his continued assault. His cock pressed into her squirming body. Her struggles dwindled and gradually subsided. The punishment to her tender ass continued for a bit and the slowly it stopped. Tentatively, he released his grip on her. She rolled off his lap and sat by him on the floor, wiping away her tears. The burning on her bottom unexpectedly transformed it self into warm glow in her pelvis. She was surprised how horny she was getting as she stared at the bulge in her brother’s crotch. As if still on stage, she crawled over to her brother and placed her hand on his crotch. She gave it a playful squeeze.

“Please don’t tell mom and dad about my dancing. I’ll do anything you want.” Her tearful blue eyes were imploring him but her voice was sweet and seductive.

“Take your clothes off sis. Take them all off for me.”

The spanking had made her extremely horny. She had not expected that. The fact that he was her brother was at that time immaterial to her. She got up and without any of the fanfare of her stripper repertoire she discarded the clothes she was wearing and flung her self into her brothers waiting arms. Her hands tugged at his clothing as she kissed him fully on the lips. They were both naked, on the couch. She grabbed his swollen cock and guided him into her as he rolled on top of her. She gasped audibly as he buried his large cock deep inside her wet pussy.

“Oh Jim your cock feels so good in me.” She hissed.

“Sis, your dancing was so nasty you made me so horny.” His breath was hot on neck. He was fucking her deep and hard.

” Yes, fuck your little sister with that big beautiful cock. You fill me up so good baby.” She cried as she dug her nails into his back. “I’m coming. OH MY GOD! YES.”

“That’s it sis, come good for your brother.” His body indicated that he wasn’t far behind his sister.

“Jim please don’t come inside me. I’m not on the pill.” She still had some sense about her despite the fury of her passion.

Despite his excitement Jim pulled out and positioned his cock in between Glenda’s fleshy breasts. Glenda cupped her breasts around her brother’s throbbing cock. Jim pinched her nipples as he thrust his moist member between her warm tits.

“If I’d only know what a nasty little tramp you are sis, I would have done this along time ago.” Jim face contorted as he approached orgasm.

“Give your sister your cum you horny bastard. Cum all over my face.” Glenda strained her neck forward edging her lips towards her the tip of her brother’s cock. Jim cock exploded showering Glenda neck and face with warm wads of cum.

Jim left for his new job the following day. They never had the opportunity to be together alone again. A few months later Jim married his long time girlfriend. Though they both have seen each other on holidays and other occasion neither spoke of this incident again.

Glenda had experienced many erotic spankings since then. Most certainly she had enjoyed them. Maybe it was the fear of being caught or maybe it was the naughty fact that Jim was her brother, but she never had a spanking experience as intense and pleasurable as the one with her brother.


On the drive over Glenda still had some apprehensions that gnawed on her. Despite Alice’s izmir escort assurances that she didn’t think ill of her, Glenda had second thoughts about having disclosed her incestuous ‘affair’ with her brother. Glenda had had a difficult time gauging her friend’s reaction. Alice had assured her that she harbored no negative judgments. They had even made plans about going out that evening and had even joked about all the heads they were going turn. Still, Glenda felt uneasy.

She pulled her car into Alice’s driveway on time at 630 pm sharp. Glenda was surprised that Alice’s car was not there. Rob’s pickup truck was. She wondered if Alice and Rob had traded vehicles for the evening so that Rob could go out on his date with his new dancer friend.

Rob was sitting on the couch reading a sports magazine. The stereo was playing in the background. He was dressed in a pair of shorts and tank top. Glenda couldn’t help but notice his muscled shoulders, well-defined arms and flat tummy as he stood up and greeted her. Hardly attire for a hot first date, Glenda noted. She also noted with a good measure of satisfaction Rob’s eyes looking her up and down.

“Hi Rob,” Glenda smiled, “Where’s your mom honey?”

Robs eyes were on her legs. She wore a pair of platform heeled sandals that had cloth straps wrapped around her ankles and shapely calves. Rob explained that his mom gotten called to her office. His eyes rose to her thighs and short skirt. Apparently there was some sort of leak that Alice needed to attend to emergently. Glenda’s nipples were poking through her silk bra that gingerly held her large pendulous bosom under her tight tan shirt. Rob was not very subtle in his scanning. Subtlety came with age and experience, if it came at all, Glenda thought to her self.

Rob explained that he was to keep Glenda entertained until Alice can extricate herself from the crisis at her office. Rob offered her glass of wine, which she accepted after he agreed to have one also. Rob explained that Alice said she’d call when she was returning so that she could pick up some take-out for the three of them on her way home.

“Rob I thought you had a date tonight.”

“She blew me off Glenda.” Rob looked dejected.

“Aw, sorry to hear that sweetie. What happened?”

“I guess mom told you she’s a strip…I mean dancer.” Rob was embarrassed. He sipped his wine.

“Yes, Alice told me she worked at the ‘Nest’.” Glenda tried to sound matter of fact. “That place is really bad news Rob.”

“Yeah, I figured that out the hard way. All she was interested in was how much money I was going to bring on our so-called date. When I told her I had a simple date planned, maybe a moonlight picnic in the park or something, she freaked and hung up on me.” Rob looked down and stared at the floor.

“That’s too bad honey she really missed out on a nice time with a great guy.”

“Thanks Glenda,” Rob managed a smile, “I can’t believe I was such a fool. I guess the idea of being with a strip… I mean a dancer was just too exciting it clouded my judgment.”

“You can say stripper Rob that’s not a bad word in my book. I know of a lot of strippers who would be delighted to be with a guy like you.” Glenda smiled reassuringly.

“Really? Come on your just saying that. You used to be a stripper didn’t you.” Rob inched closer to Glenda as if he were seeking comfort in her words.

“I’m serious Rob,” Glenda reached out and stroked his cheek, “I would go out with in second if you weren’t my best friends son and if I weren’t old enough to be your mom.”

“Glenda, I don’t think of you as being old like that,” Rob did not move away. “I mean you are really beautiful. And I think older women are hot” He tentatively placed his hand on her shoulder. “I wish I would have gotten a chance to see you dance.”

“Rob you’re making me blush, you sweetie you,” Glenda laughed, “You keep talking like that you just may get to see me dance sometime.” Rob’s flattery and his touch made her excited.

“You’d really dance for me? You not just saying that are you?” Rob voice conveyed a sense of urgency and naiveté that Glenda found refreshing. He hoped he hadn’t gone too far.

“Rob honey. Listen to me. I would love to dance for you,” Glenda was struggling with her excitement. Her sense of loyalty to her best friend somehow had to prevail. “But I really shouldn’t. Not now at least.” She placed her hand on his arm and felt the strength of his bicep.

“Please Glenda, mom would never know. She said she’d call when she was on her way home. Just a short dance, it would be our secret. I bet you’re an excellent dancer.” Rob persisted with a mixture of innocence and confidence that impressed Glenda. His hand slid to her waist as his eyes hungrily roamed her body.

“I may live to regret this but let this be my present to you for your upcoming birthday,” Glenda led him to the couch and motioned for him to sit. She chuckled, “That’s coming up in what four or five months from now?”

Glenda slowly moved with the music. Her eyes surveyed Rob’s crotch and noticed his obvious excitement. She undid the french-braid in her silky blonde hair and shook her mane free.

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