Spa Treatments

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Sometimes you want to know everything there is to know about a person.

That’s called love.

Sometimes you want to know nothing – absolutely nothing – except that that person is male and hard.

That’s called fucking.

Sometimes you want to be wooed – seduced slowly over dinner, with sparkling conversation and a bottle of good wine.

Sometimes you just want a hand to open the door, pull you inside and push you up against a wall. That hand is in a hurry to get to your skin. It pulls your shirt up and yanks your tits out of the cup of your bra. That hand takes a hold your hair while its twin puts your hand onhis cock.

You’re in a hurry, too. To get his belt open, get your hand inside. You’ve seen him before – briefly – and he is not a sight to be missed. Could not be missed – all 11″ of him.

He’s faster than you are. Bigger – a full foot. He spins you around so now his cock is pressing against your ass while he pulls your head back to kiss you while he hisses in your ear take your clothes off. You do. Quickly. But you’ve still got a foot in your skinny jeans when the hand is in your hair again and web tasarım pushing you down towards your knees.

You know you can do it. You’ve done it before. In the car, his access to your throat was hampered. Here it’s not and he takes full advantage. You sputter but somehow he pushes past that and you can feel the head of his cock pass your uvula. It’s a strange feeling, like the first time someone’s dick gets past the sphincter in your ass. It hurts for a moment and then it’s done.

He’s pleased. He says so – good good take it all in. We could just keep doing this. On the hallway floor of his friends’ house. Where he’s housesitting. But instead he yanks you up again and steers you towards the bedroom where he throws you face down on the bed, only to grasp your hips and pull them up. He’s sheathed in no time and then – wham! – inside you.

Wham is the right word. The only word for how this feels. His first thrust practically propels you off the other side of the bed. That yelp I hear is your cervix protesting – methinks he hath cock too much. You want to shift so it’s easier, so you can accommodate him without web tasarım ankara feeling every push as if he were coming out the back of your throat but he won’t let you. He holds you in place where he likes it – murmuring all the time

god you’re tight so wet baby come on take it you can take it take it like the fucking bitch you are. It’s strangely comforting to hear – your truth coming at you from outside. From a man you hardly know, though you’re knowing him hard now. His hand is hard, too. He slaps you while pulling your hair back as if you were some unbroken filly he wants to teach a lesson. A lesson about who’s master. Next time I’m going to put this in your ass. I’m marking the spot.

He pulls out and you feel reamed. Juiced. You am bleeding slightly – a tribute to my violated cervix. You know what he wants. You strip off the condom and he rams his dick in you mouth, all the way to his balls. You’re drooling and bleeding from you mouth a little as well – he managed to break some capillaries at the back of your palate. Or maybe he scraped his dick on your teeth, so eager was he to get the deep throat. How long this goes on you can’t say. You’re too focused on getting some kind of air around the fleshly stopper filling your face. Finally he pulls you up, strokes another rubber over the cock you have just salivated upon, sits down on the bed and pulls you back onto his dick.

Now it really feels like he’s in your throat. He’s up so far inside you you don’t know where that is. Your on your toes, unstable, crying out every time he pushes and/or pinches your nipples roughly. It’s so good you feel you’re about to lose consciousness when you say –

Come on my face.

Yeah? That’s how you want it? You nod and slide off him, get the rubber off and kneel down in front of him again. This time he’s close so he helps you, gets your mouth on him but over his hand.

When he comes it’s like a warm blizzard. It’s so much you can’t help but wonder if it will ever stop. So much you can’t even see. But no matter how much it is, your open mouth wants more; your face is so covered, so flooded with cum you’re not surprised to feel hot drips on your breasts as well.

After he cums, it’s almost as if he’s released from a trance. He looks at you with wonder: did I do that? did she want that?

He did and you did.

You look at your phone.

43 minutes.

About the same time as a spa treatment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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