Slip in the Shower Version 01

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All I heard was a thud. Faint and muffled, coming from upstairs. At first I barely registered the noise, but after a few seconds I began to wonder what it was. Sure, it was quiet, but my house was pretty sound-proof. For all I knew, that could be a pretty serious noise – maybe someone broke something.

By someone, of course, I meant my sister, Kathy. It was just me and her in the house, with dad away for the week. She’d always been kinda clumsy. She was two years older than me, and had always been teased quite a bit for her clumsiness (as had I, in fact). She was a little chubby, too, which didn’t help it. Still, she was smart and confident, and had always managed to make close friends in the right places.

I sighed, and pulled myself out of my seat, adjusting my boxer shorts inside my jeans as I did so. I wandered slowly to the door of the living room, and shouted upstairs. “You okay?”

There was no reply, but I could hear the noise of the shower, so I assumed she couldn’t hear me. I walked up the flight of stairs. The bathroom door was closed, the light was on and the shower was running. She had to be in there. I pressed the side of my face to the door, and tried again. “You okay?”

After ten seconds of silence, I yelled a third time, as loud as I could. Still no reply. I swiveled my head and squinted my eyes through the frosted glass. There was no silhouette in the shower. I was just about to call upstairs, when I saw a silhouette lying face-down on the floor. It was definitely her. I yelled her name, but she didn’t stir. I didn’t know whether to enter – she’d be pretty mad if I walked in on her – but decided I had to. I slowly opened the door, and walked in.

The mirror was cracked on one side, and she was face-down on the floor, her towel partially draped over her, not moving. There was no blood, but it didn’t take a genius to work out that she had slipped over getting out of the shower and smacked her head on the mirror. I ran over to her, and shook her gently. “Kathy?” I yelled. No reply.

I grabbed my mobile out of my pocket and dialled 911. I held for two rings, before someone picked up.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“My sister’s slipped over and smashed her head on the mirror.” My voice sounded surprisingly calm.

“Where do you live?” I gave her the address. “How is she?”

“She’s unconscious.”

“Is there any blood?”


“Right, we’ll send an ambulance right away. In the mean time-“

“No!” I yelled. I couldn’t afford an ambulance, and had no insurance to cover it. I told the woman so.

“Is she moving? Having any sort of seizure?”

I looked her over. “No, nothing,” I swallowed.

“Have you checked her pulse?”

I put my fingers to her neck. It was warm, and I felt a steady pulse. “Yes, she has a pulse.”

“Is there any risk of back injury?”

“No, she seems fine.”

“Okay then, here’s what I want you to do. Roll her over onto her side.”

I got my hands under her shoulder and waist and rolled her over onto her side. As I did, the towel fell away. I paused. She was completely naked. Her chubbiness gave her a round ass, and tits that must have been at least double-Ds. I was captivated, staring at her chest. I amatör porno felt my dick harden and press against my jeans.

“Have you done that?” I was snapped back into consciousness by the woman on the phone. “Yes, I’m here.”

“Is she breathing? And has she vomited?” I checked her mouth, but there was no vomit there, and her chest was clearly heaving as she breathed.

“She’s breathing, and there’s no vomit.”

“Okay, can you drive? Do you have a car?”

Out of shock, I nodded, before realising she couldn’t see me. “Yes, I can drive.”

“It sounds like she doesn’t need an ambulance, but you have to keep me on the line and as soon as she’s conscious you have to drive her to your nearest hospital. You got that?”

“Yes, that’s fine. What do I do in the meantime?”

“Nothing, just stay calm and keep me on the line.”

I sat back against the cupboards. I was in a state of shock, and I was genuinely worried, but I couldn’t stop staring at her chest. Her boobs were like nothing I’d ever seen.

Suddenly, her breathing stopped. Her chest no longer heaved. I went to check her pulse – it was faint, if there at all.

“She’s stopped breathing, and her pulse has slowed right down!” I started to panic.

“Okay, calm down. This may be due to the head trauma, her body is going into shut-down. Are you absolutely sure you cannot afford an ambulance?”

“I have next to no money, I’m sure. What do I do?” Somehow, the mentioning of money calmed me down and allowed me to start thinking rationally.

“You’re going to have to perform CPR and rescue breathing. Start with five pumps to the chest, using two hands. Next, cup your lips over her mouth and breath down it, to try to restart the breathing. You got that?”

“Yeah, got it.” I stared at her. I slowly put two hands on her chest, very conscious of the feel of the top of her boobs on my palms. I pumped, five times, before lowering my lips to hers and breathing into her mouth. I withdrew, and began pumping again, but within one pump she spluttered a cough and her breathing resumed. My hands could feel her strengthened heart beat through her chest. With my left hand, I picked up the phone.

“All clear.”

My right hand remained on her breast. My breathing was shallowed, my heart racing. This was wrong, so wrong! What if she woke up? Except she was out like a light, and would wake up slowly, at which point I could pretend it was all just looking after her. I lowered my left hand back down onto her chest, although this time I went a little lower, cupping her tit. My right hand slipped down to join it.

The feeling of her huge tits in my hands was heavenly. I squeezed, slowly at first, savouring it. My hard-on was raging, begging to be set free. I began to squeeze them harder, watching the nipples harden. Was she able to get aroused, while unconscious? Well, the mechanism was clearly independent from conscious thought. I felt her tits swell to full size, confirming that she was at least a double D bra size. Her rock-hard nipples were large, and a deep shade of pink.

I grabbed the towel, bunched it up and used it to smother the phone lying on the floor, with the emergency services still on line. I anal porno bent over, slowly, and lowered my mouth onto her tits. Very carefully, nervously, I began to kiss the nipples. I lightly brushed my tongue over the tip, before going back and licking again, harder. I opened my mouth further and began slowly sucking on her massive boobs, running my lips and tongue along the side. I pushed my face into the cleavage, going as far as I could before I had smothered myself, using my tongue to lick up the inner sides of her boobs. I repeated this, increasing my vigour with each suck. I felt her chest heave with unconscious pleasure.

As I ran my mouth and tongue over her, my hand went down and gently stroked her clit. Just knowing that my fingers were playing with her clit drove me crazy with arousal. I dropped my other hand down and began slowly caressing my bulge through my trousers. Undoing the zip, I dug my hand into my boxer shorts and began stroking my dick. I grunted quietly into her tits from the pleasure.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was wrong, so wrong, especially with her in such a bad state, but I was dizzy with lust and excitement. I was sucking my big sister’s tits! Just saying it in my head sent a rush of delirium running through my spine. I no longer gave any thought as to what would happen if she woke up – I was far gone from that level of rational thought.

After a few minutes of sucking, I couldn’t take it any more. My body ached to fuck her. I grabbed her and roughly flipped her over onto her back. I climbed on top of her, spreading her legs apart. I expected some difficulty, but it seemed I had got her fully wet. I thrusted downward, ramming my cock into her. The glorious, wet friction between dick and pussy sent electric sparks running through my body, and I moaned out loud. I held there, my dick embedded deep within her, before starting to slowly rock up and down, easing my dick in and out of her. I had done this before with other girls, and my moans increased ecstatically when I felt the familiar, intense pleasure build up deep within me. Soon I was ramming myself into her, slapping myself against her wet thighs and pussy. I was harder than I had ever been before.

Driven by my fervent arousal, I stuck my finger in my mouth, wet it, and reached down to her ass. My finger slid in smoothly; she had been fucked in the ass before! The hot-blooded stimulation that gave overtook me. I pulled myself out of her pussy, moaning as I left her, before pulling her legs into the air. I positioned my cock against her ass and slowly pressed forwards. She was tight, but I managed to slide myself into her ass. I let out a quiet, shaky moan as pleasure engulfed me. I began to rock to and fro, easing my cock in and out of her ass. I closed my eyes as ecstasy engulfed me. I kept at a slow pace, building up a strong pleasure deep inside of me, feeling my cock explore every corner of her ass. My moans were fragmented and breathless.

As the deep, internal pleasure became more and more acute I began to get faster and faster, my dick thrusting into her and slamming my balls against her ass. With each stroke I increased my speed, and fucked her harder too. I squeezed tightly on her left tit, which ana breakers porno was bouncing up and down in time to my thrusts, and moaned out loud. Her ass was clamped tightly around my dick, accessing pleasure spots that I didn’t even know existed.

Suddenly, she let out a moan.

I would like to say that I froze in panic; certainly, my brain did, but maybe that’s why I continued to thrust into her as she slowly gained consciousness. I couldn’t even begin to find words to say, but my moans were clearly not controlled by coherent thought, because they carried on with increased intensity. She was waking up slowly – or, she would have been had I not been thrusting in and out of her. She gave a sudden gasp and her eyes bolted open, staring at me in confusion and panic.

“Jamie?? What the fuck??” Her voice was high pitched and breathless. She realised what was going on, and tensed in shock, squeezing her ass tight on my cock. The increased pressure made her shudder with involuntary pleasure.

“I’m fucking you, that’s what,” I grunted, driving myself into her. “God you’re hot.”

I had no idea what brought that on – that was my dick talking, and it didn’t care much for my sister. I was about to stop, to pull out, to apologise, when she let out a tiny whisper.


This made me pause. I looked at her, in shock, my dick resting on the entrance to her ass. I stared deep into her eyes, and I saw the intense lust that I felt reflecting back at me. Arousal, as I had never felt it before, flooded through me.

I rammed my cock deep into her ass, and the volume of her scream of pleasure was matched only by my own. Her hands shot round and grabbed my bum, squeezing tight and pulling me into her. I held there for a second, before pulling out and slamming back in, her hands driving me into her. I began to build up momentum, fucking her hard. Feverish pleasure coiled itself deep inside me, building up at the same rate. Kathy’s whole body was flushed, lying there naked and willing. I squeezed hard on her boob and she groaned with pleasure.

She cried out as I fucked her. “Take me, little bro! Harder! Yes!” I could see she got intense excitement from calling me “little bro”, and fuck, so did I.

Wanting to maximise her pleasure, I pulled out of her ass and was back in her pussy within seconds. Her moist warm cunt was heavenly against my raging dick, and I shuddered with pleasure. I began to stroke her clit with my fingers, her moans becoming more and more urgent. My cock spasmed with sensitivity, as it was overloaded with intense pleasure. I rammed into her harder and harder, panting hard and moaning with delirium. I could feel an orgasm build up inside me, and judging by the sound of it she could too. My strokes on her clit had become vigorous rubbing, and she began to squeal with pleasure.

We seemed to climax at the same time. I gathered every last reserve of energy I had left and thrusted into her as hard as I could, which was more than enough to push us both over the edge. It was released like a wave. Thick wads of cum pumped out of me and into her, and her pussy clenched hard. Our bodies shook against each other, her tits pressing into my chest. We both gave one final simultaneous moan, riding the orgasm on for about a minute before it began to die down.

She lay there, and my arms straddled either side of her head so that I was over her, my dick still inside of her. She looked up at me. She smiled, her eyes glazed over and she passed out on the bathroom floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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