Sleeping with Mom

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It had been snowing heavily for the last few hours but now it was getting worse. We decided to pull in at a service area for a break when we saw the overhead sign saying that the motorway was closed ahead. Mum suggested we get rooms in the hotel and continue up the road tomorrow. I wasn’t too keen on the idea because I really wanted to get home that night and hated motorway hotels.

To make matters worse there was only one room still available, as it seemed we were one of the last few to have pulled over for the night. It was a double room so that put paid to my idea of watching TV till the early hours. I also had severe misgivings about sleeping in a bed with mum- that was just too weird.

We went for some food in the service area but most of it was closed so we ended up settling for some warmed up paninis and tea. Then it was up to the room and into bed. I was the first into bed and lay there watching TV while mum took off her makeup in the bathroom and got changed.

She came back into the bedroom wearing a short white nightie that ended just below her crotch. The bottom 3 inches was made of lace. I’d caught glimpses of her wearing it at home and had seen one of my first glimpses of female pubic hair through the lace hem. I guessed that she hadn’t been expecting to be sleeping in the same room as her son when she’d packed.

She got into bed beside me and watched a few minutes of TV with me before asking how I was getting on at work- I’d been promoted recently and was both pleased and stressed about it. I felt a bit uncomfortable sitting talking to my mum in bed and was glad when she said she was going to go to sleep. She leaned over to kiss me, I offered her my cheek, and then she turned over to go to sleep. I watched TV for a couple of minutes more and then turned it off before turning on my side and trying to go to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep because it felt so strange being in bed with mum. Mum had been the first naked woman that I’d seen. As I grew up these sightings became less frequent but hadn’t stopped altogether. Mum used to invite me into her room to talk to her after work while she got changed. I hadn’t seen her naked for some time but had seen her in her underwear and some of her lingerie.

She often wore black or white lace knickers with a satin back. I particularly liked the white ones because I could see her dark pubic hair through them. A particular treat was when she wore stockings and suspenders though. She would take off her blouse and put on a jersey or t-shirt and I’d get to see her lacy bra. She was well endowed, which I didn’t really like so much (I grew up to like girls with smaller, firmer breasts) but I really enjoyed catching a glimpse of her nipples through the lacy fabric all the same. Then, still standing, she would take off her skirt and start unhooking the suspender clasps from her stockings. I loved the way the straps ran down the side of her legs and the way her belly curved back between her legs and under her knickers. When I was older I wondered if she got a kick out of my reactions. I was always teen porno very careful not to seem overly interested but now I doubted I had been fooling anyone.

From about the age of 18 I had started fantasising about mum. All the other fantasies were getting old by that time. I remember feeling a bit guilty at first but after a while that disappeared and the fantasies got dirtier. By the age of 19 I frequently fantasised about having anal with mum, who would be wearing suspenders, Basques, French knickers, body suits and any other lingerie I could dream up. Naturally I was worried that I would wake up with an erection, which was a frequent occurrence, or that I would say or do something in my sleep that would give my fantasies away.

Mum couldn’t sleep either, it seemed, and got up to get her magazine from her suitcase. I turned over to see what she was doing and watched her bottom as she bent over to fish around in the bag. The hem of her nightie rode up and I could see the back of her white satin knickers. One side hooked a little round her left buttock. While I wasn’t so keen on her chest I loved her bottom.

She was a curvy woman of 39. Her torso was lovely and slim with a little, inevitable padding around her stomach and a fraction more than there used to be on her hips. Neither made any difference and the extra little bit of weight on her hips was more of a turn on for me. It turned out I sought out girlfriends who had full, curvy bottoms like mum.

On her way back to bed I asked her if she was okay and she said that she couldn’t sleep. She climbed back into bed and while her eyes were on the sheets I looked at her breasts and the lace that came down to her nipples. I could see them through the material. I didn’t look away quickly enough and mum caught me looking. Neither of us said anything and I wondered if she would be annoyed or if she’d feel uncomfortable and resentful but she leaned across and kissed me goodnight again. Feeling relieved I fell asleep while she sat and read.

At one point I woke up feeling hot. During the night I had turned over onto my back and was lying against mum’s side. It felt nice and comfortable, despite my worries about fantasising about my mum. I thought it better to put some distance between us all the same and rolled over onto my side. Mum stirred, murmured, rolled towards me and onto her side and put her arm loosely over my waist. She murmured again and fell asleep. I was much more awake now and it took me a few minutes to fall asleep again. I didn’t want to be seen to jump away from her because I thought that would make her wonder why.

I woke up again sweating and feeling a bit uncomfortable. Mum and I were now lying facing each other. We were lying on our sides and mum’s forehead had been pressed against my cheek, which was hot and sweaty. It was no wonder, as the duvet was pulled up past my chin and over most of her head. The forearms of the arms that were resting on the bed were touching. My upper hand was resting on the curve of mum’s waist and my upper (left) leg was pushed right up travesti pornp between her legs and into her crotch, so far so that my knee made a right angle. I’d have been more horrified if mum’s feet and ankles weren’t crossed and holding onto the foot and ankle of the leg that was between hers. The knuckles of her upper hand (right) were resting on my stomach just above my belly button.

It felt intensely hot lying like this but it felt really nice in a sexual way. It felt like I was lying with a girlfriend rather than my mum. At that point I realised that I had an erection and that it was pressed against mum’s hip and belly. The first thought through my head was that I had to move before mum woke up and noticed that her son’s erect penis was pushed up against her. I was too busy blaming myself to even wonder why we ended up in this position. I just thought that she probably thought she was cuddled up with Mark, her boyfriend, and would be horrified and then angry to wake up like this with her pervert son.

I pulled my crotch back a little but was still touching her in a very obvious way with my penis when she stirred. I didn’t think she’d woken up completely but, as I found out later, she had realised she was feeling a bit aroused, wondered if I could feel that she was wet, felt guilty and realised that we were lying in a very intimate position and that my erection was pressed against her. Later she told me that she’d pretended to be half asleep while she took stock and gauged my reaction, as through half closed eyes, she’d seen that I was awake.

She murmured, my heart beat overtime, and then opened her eyes a little. I thought she must have been half asleep still as she hadn’t sprung apart at the feel of my penis sticking into her. I groaned a bit and rolled over a little onto my back, which stopped my penis touching her. She murmured something and asked what time it was. Pretending to be virtually asleep I muttered that I didn’t know. To my surprise she rolled towards me and onto her side and supported herself by putting her right leg onto my lower belly, which meant it was lying right across my erection. She lay her right arm across my chest and pushed her nose and lips against the side of my cheek just below my ear. I could feel her warm breath on my ear and neck.

I thought I was busted and that it was only seconds before she realised what was going on and the outrage began. The seconds passed and there was nothing. She seemed to stretch a bit and then reached out her hand further across my chest to pull my closer in a hug. At the same time she gave me a sleepy kiss where my jaw and ear met and then she gave me another one. Then, still with her leg across my penis, she lifted her head to look at her watch and announced it was three o’clock. She put her head down on my chest and squeezed me again.

I couldn’t really comprehend what was going on. Mum was clearly awake and compos mentis and to my amazement she wasn’t angry or scrambling out of bed. Involuntarily my penis twitched and it felt like it had got harder still. Mum tricky masseur moved her leg down a little but just a fraction, as it still lay right across my erection. I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye thinking that she must be far sleepier than I realised.

She wasn’t. Her eyes were wide open and she looked straight into mine as I glanced at her. I quickly looked away. She nuzzled my neck again with her nose and lips and then asked if I was okay. Not knowing what to say I said that I was a bit hot and instantly feared that she might move off or away from me. My penis twitched again and I knew she must have felt it moving.

She agreed that it was hot and pulled the covers down to my sternum. After a second she said that it felt a little cooler now and went on to thank me for being such a support at her uncle’s funeral (the reason we had been away). I risked turning my head to look down into her face and found hers looking right up into mine. She thanked me again, squeezed me and lifted her lips up to kiss mine. It was a sisterly kiss but we hadn’t kissed on the lips for years. Gradually I began to think that mum might be enjoying this in the same way I was.

Then she arched her back and stretched. Her leg slid down to the middle of my thighs and she lifted her head and shoulders up off the bed to look at the light coming round the side of the window. Instead of getting out of bed she raised my arm, pulled it out and a little to the side and lay down on top of it. She told me she wanted me to cuddle her and I didn’t need any encouragement. She then lay her leg back across my, still erect, penis and lay back down on her side.

My arm was at a bit of an awkward angle and mum’s weight on it was sore and wouldn’t get any better. I didn’t want to complain so I pulled her closer, which pressed her breasts and crotch against my side. That was marvellous. I could feel the heat that was coming from between her legs and was at the point where I was beginning to accept that it was because she was aroused too. Getting braver I ran my hand down her side to the small of her back and where her hips began to rise. She took her hand off my chest and put it on the hand on her hip. Initially I thought I’d gone too far and she was going to move my hand back upwards but she gave it a gentle squeeze and snuggled in against me.

Encouraged I moved my hand down further onto her bottom she ran hers over my chest and stomach, stroking them in big circles and occasionally squeezing. She raised her chin to me and, realising she wanted to kiss, I lowered my head and we kissed again. This time we lingered, parted, and lingered again- nothing sisterly about it this time as she gently sucked my bottom lip between hers. My hand was now exploring her bottom freely. It glided over the silky night dress and lifted the lace hem to expose her knickers. I ran my hand over her womanly hips and then down the small of her back and down into her knickers.

I was wide awake and couldn’t believe that mum and I were lying in bed and exploring the other’s bodies. I didn’t want it to end and worried about that but, surprisingly, being in bed with mum like this felt very natural. It was exciting and new, as it is when you’re in bed with someone for the first time but it felt familiar and relaxed at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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