Sisters’ Secret Pt. 02

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Lisa began to feel a bit uncomfortable as her sisters just sat there staring at her.

Lisa: “Hey. You two said you wanted the details! Why are you looking at me that way?”

Sara and Kelly apologize.

Sara: “Lisa, that was both beautiful and… well… hot. Said Sara blushing.”

Lisa: “Really?”

Kelly: “I’m with Sara on this one. That was definitely some serious wet dream material.”

Lisa: “Oh my god you guys! Stop! You’re making me blush.”

The three of them laughed.

Sara: “Don’t be bashful. Who knew our sister could be so nasty? Being with a girl was less surprising though, given your open attitude towards trying new things.”

Lisa rolled her eyes at Sara’s remark. Kelly gave Sara a concerned, somewhat motherly look. Sara caught Kelly’s eyes and abruptly changed topic.

Sara: “So, have you kept in touch with her at all?”

Lisa: “A little bit, but I’ll admit I haven’t put much effort into it. She’s been traveling a lot, and I don’t want to chase that high if you get what I mean. Be right back, I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”

As Lisa excused herself, Kelly quickly grabbed Sara’s arm.

Kelly: “What the hell were you doing?”

Sara: “What?”

Kelly: “Don’t bullshit me Sara. I was watching you. You almost let it get the best of you.”

Sara: “Kelly, relax. I think I know how to control myself at this point.”

Kelly: “Fine, but I just want to bring it to your attention, ok? I really don’t want to open that can of worms.”

Sara: “To be honest, don’t you think she will have to find out at some point?”

Kelly: “No! Maybe… I don’t know. Mom and Dad went through a lot to keep it a secret when we were young, and you remember how much of a pain in the ass it was to hide that shit in school. It would probably be better to just let it stay hidden.”

Sara: “Look… I can understand the intention, ok. But Lisa is A, our sister, and B, insanely accepting. Just think of the burden that would be off our shoulders, at least at home anyway.”

Kelly: “Yeah, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea given the potential issues it could cause. Again, remember high school? You and I almost?”

Sara: “Whoa. First of all, that was high school. Second, I still don’t see why that would have been, or would be a problem? Aside from social norms, which we already skate around as it is, we can’t do any harm.”

Lisa comes out of the bathroom and over hears her sisters bantering back and forth with forced whispers. She quietly walks around the corner to eavesdrop.

Kelly: “Damnit Sara! Don’t you want just a bit of normalcy? Carrying this shit around is a major fucking problem for me. I’m lucky that I found Mark who was willing to deal with it, but he certainly doesn’t like it.”

Sara: “Kelly, I am sorry that you and Mark have issues, but if he was that against it from the get go, why the hell did you two get married?”

Kelly: “Are you serious right now? Who else is out there that is going to go for this?” Kelly whisper yells as she points to her crotch. “He’s a great companion but sex is practically non-existent, and masturbation can get old. You know exactly what I’m talking about too! Look at you and Justin!”

Sara: “Look, Justin thought he was cool with it, and he was in the beginning. Unfortunately, he wasn’t cool with it for the long haul… and yes, the sex sucked too. So ok, maybe you’re right, which to be honest only strengthens my original hypothesis about it being totally cool for us.”

Kelly: “Ugh. You seriously just won’t let it go. I am trying to make as much normal as I can with the abnormal I’ve been given. Having sex with my sister is not going to help that!”

At this point Lisa walks back into the room with the most bewildered look on her face.

Lisa: “What the fuck is going on? Clearly I am way out of the loop on something.”

Kelly: “Oh fucking great! Well done Sara. So much for that.”

Sara: “Oh please. Get over yourself.”

Lisa: “Hey! Anyone care to tell me what the hell is happening?”

Kelly: “Go for it Sara. It’s what you’ve been waiting for isn’t it?”

Sara sneers at Kelly and then turns her attention to Lisa.

Sara: “Well… You see… Kelly and I… Ok, this is harder than I thought it was going to be.”

Kelly: “What re the odds we can all forget this ever happened and just move on?”

Lisa: “Fat fuckin chance. Someone needs to spill it.”

Sara: “…Do you know what intersex is?”

Lisa: “I’ve heard the term, but I’d be lying if I said I knew what it meant.”

Kelly: “Sara and I have a genetic condition where we have both reproductive systems. Only ours is quite rare in that both are quite pronounced externally speaking.”

Lisa stares with a perplexed expression as she tries to wrestle with what Kelly just said to her.

Sara: “We have dicks and pussies.”

Kelly: “Jesus Christ Sara!”

Sara: “Is that not accurate? Oh, wait, they both work, just not for reproduction. So no kids for us. Better?” As she looks over at Kelly.

Kelly is shaking outdoor sex porno her head in disapproval as she drops her head into her hands.

Lisa: “Ok… So that’s the weirdest joke I think you two have ever played on me. Where the hell did you come up with that?”

Kelly: “Oh god, here we go.” She says as she buries her head in her hands again.

Sara: “I’m not going to draw this out Lisa. We have dicks, it’s not a joke.”

Lisa is now beginning to get noticeably uncomfortable as she scans her sisters for some sign that this is in fact a joke, but it is becoming obvious that there is a serious tone.

Lisa sits down in between them on the couch, looking back and forth at each of them.

“How is this possible?” Asked Lisa. “How could I not have known? We lived in the same house for almost 20 years. At some point I know that I must have seen both of you naked, and I think I would remember you having a cock.”

Sara: “Think hard Lisa. Do you ever remember seeing us naked? I agree, you would have remembered, which is why I know that you didn’t see us.”

Kelly: “Mom and Dad tried really hard to keep it hidden Lisa. Trust me. It was not easy, but it just made things easier.”

Lisa: “You two are totally serious right now…” Lisa just stares off into the distance, zoning out while she tries to absorb the information. Sara and Kelly don’t say anything as they are not really sure what to say now that this was finally out. Subsequently the awkward silence began fill the room. Kelly was feeling the tension the most as she didn’t want this to come out, but even Sara was getting a bit uncomfortable. All of a sudden, Lisa breaks the silence…

“Show me.” Says Lisa.

“What?” Kelly and Sara say in unison.

“Show me.” Lisa says again with a stern tone. “If you two are being legit, then show me.”

Kelly and Sara look at each other befuddled by Lisa’s unexpected request.

Kelly: “We’re not showing you our cocks! Why the hell would you even ask that?”

Lisa: “Because my two sisters just told me that they have dicks and I don’t believe them.”

Kelly: “Why don’t you believe us?”

Lisa: “Need I repeat my previous statement?”

Lisa and Kelly start to bicker back and forth.

“Hey!” Sara shouts in order to shut the other two up. “If you really need to see, then I’ll show you, fair enough?”

Lisa nods while Kelly is making a baffled face.

Kelly: “No! That is not ok. If she doesn’t want to believe us then fine. Fuck her. That’s her problem.”

Sara: “I’m not playing these stupid games.”

Sara stands up and pulls off her sweats to reveal a sac like contraption that is encapsulating her cock against her thigh. It resembled a holster of sorts that went all the way down to her knee. Lisa stared for a moment then blurted out “take it out.”

“Seriously?” Sara said.

“I want to see it” replied Lisa.

Sara began to undo the contraption, revealing a girthy flaccid dick that hung down to her knees. Lisa just sat there for a solid minute, her eyes locked on her sister’s giant appendage.

“Satisfied?” asked Sara.

“Ho-ly shit” replied Lisa. “How big does it get when it’s hard?” Lisa asked as she seemingly instinctively reached out and grabbed it.

“Lisa!” Kelly yelled.

“What? I’m curious” replied Lisa dismissively.

“Well if you keep touching it like that you’re going to find out” replied Sara.

Lisa looked up at Sara with a little smirk on her face. You could see the wheels turning in her head as she was thinking about where to go with this. Sara wasn’t exactly expecting this reaction from Lisa, but she also wasn’t about to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Kelly was just frozen. Her gaze locked tightly on what was transpiring right in front of her. She didn’t know what to do as she tried to dissuade the whole situation from the start, but obviously failed.

Lisa began to stroke Sara’s cock, which took no time at all to grow and harden like a rock. Sara just looked down upon her sister in wonder as she began to wrap her mouth around the tip of her dick. Lisa slowly licked the head of Sara’s cock, wetting it with her saliva. It looked as if she had unhinged her jaw as she fought to fit the girth of Sara’s shaft inside her mouth. Sara placed her hands on the back of Lisa’s head, providing a little help to stuff her mouth full of prick. Sara couldn’t help but moan with excitement and pleasure from the experience. As Lisa began to gag on her sisters’ cock, she grabbed Sara’s hips and thrust them toward her, forcing every inch of Sara’s dick in her throat. Sara was taken back by the unexpected action and the feeling of pressure on her cock as it was strangled within the confines of her sister’s throat. Sara just stood there frozen for a moment as Lisa continued to shove herself down on her cock, saliva spewing from her mouth with every thrust. Sara snapped back into what was happening with enthusiasm.

“You little fuck. You fucking like that shit don’t you? C’mon then. Take my dick.” Sara said as she grabbed the back of Lisa’s public agent porno head, shoving it all the way down on her cock.

Lisa apparently agreed with her sister as she didn’t miss a beat. She let Sara take control of her throat, thrusting harder and harder until the strokes were too fast for Lisa to catch relief. Lisa could feel the pressure build in the back of her throat as a warm sensation exploded forward, breaking the seal between her lips and Sara’s cock. Sara felt the amazingly warm sensation rush over her dick as she looked down to see a fountain of puke exploding from Lisa’s mouth, covering her pelvis and pouring down her legs. Kelly now realizing her hand had found its way to her hardening cock, couldn’t stand idle any longer. She removed her pants and made her way to her sisters. As Lisa pulled Sara’s cock from her mouth to gasp for air, she was greeted by Kelly’s even larger appendage.

“You like to puke on your sisters cock? Then come here and show me.” Kelly said as she grabbed Lisa by her now puke soaked hair and shoved her down on her cock.

Kelly’s larger cock was difficult for Lisa to fit in her mouth, but Kelly made sure she was able to squeeze it inside. Kelly was not gentle and wasted no time burying her dick down Lisa’s throat. Since Kelly’s cock was even bigger than Sara’s, it only took a few thrusts before Lisa began to puke all over Kelly’s dick, only this time Kelly wasn’t about to let Lisa stop. Just as Lisa went to pull back and remove Kelly’s cock from her throat, Kelly grabbed Lisa by the back of her head and shoved her all the way down on her dick. Lisa made a guttural choking noise as she heaved copious amounts of fluids from her mouth while her sister held her at the base of her cock.

“Oh my god, yes! Fucking choke on it!” said Sara as she watched and played with her still puke covered cock.

Kelly finally let Lisa pull back off her cock and watched as Lisa gasped for fresh air.

Kelly: “I can’t believe what a nasty little bitch you are Lisa. I haven’t been this hard since high school.”

Lisa, having finally caught her breath, makes eye contact wit Kelly then gets up, grabs her by the hair and kisses her deeply, spreading the mess of fluids all over her sister’s face. Kelly reciprocated just as passionately as the two were entwined.

Sara moves Lisa to the couch and bends her over. “Let me get a look at your pussy.” Sara said to Lisa. Sara began to lick her sister’s snatch. “You’re soaking wet” Sara exclaimed with enthusiasm as she buried her tongue deep inside Lisa.

Lisa: “Come here and give your pussy.” She said to Kelly as she motioned her towards the couch. Kelly, enraptured in lust, followed her younger sister’s command obediently. She sat on the arm of the couch and spread her legs, pulling her massive cock up and out of the way to reveal her swollen twat. Lisa immediately attended to Kelly’s cunt with her mouth while stroking her cock. Kelly moaned in pleasure.

Sara: “Let’s get you opened up for me. I want that hole.” Sara began to put her fingers in Lisa’s pussy in preparation for her cock.

Lisa pulls her face from Kelly’s pussy, turns to Sara and says, “Just give it to me. I want you to tear me open with your dick.”

Sara’s eyes widened with lust as Lisa’s words registered. She could feel the blood rushing to her cock and the warm sensation of it growing even harder. She grabbed Lisa by the hips as she guided her cock between her pussy lips. As soon as the head of Sara’s cock was secure within Lisa’s cunt hole, Sara thrust her hips as hard as she could as she held onto Lisa’s hips, driving her massively swollen cock all the way inside Lisa.

“Fuck!” Lisa screamed as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate her sister’s dick. She could barely manage to form words as the sensation was so overwhelming. All that could be heard were screams with each thrust.

“Are you ok?” asked Kelly?

“Do you want me to slow down?” replied Sara as she began to pull out.

Lisa took a moment to regain her composure and breath, then turned back to Sara and said in a spent but serious voice, “I said I want you to tear me open, so pound my fucking cunt.”

A look of pure amazement quickly came over Sara and Kelly’s faces as they processed what their sister had just said. Lisa’s words alone nearly made them cum. Sara and Kelly were both overcome with lust as they then unleashed upon Lisa.

Sara quickly heeded Lisa’s words as she jammed her engorged cock all the way back in Lisa’s hungry cunt.

“Is that what you fucking want!” yelled Sara as she violently thrust her cock in and out of her sister’s snatch.

Lisa’s only replies were screams of pleasurable pain with each of Sara’s thrusts.

“I’ve got something to shut you up” said Kelly with a nasty smirk. Kelly then managed to shove her cock in Lisa’s mouth and jam it all the way down her throat. Lisa immediately began to gag on Kelly’s dick, but Kelly offered no slack as she continued to ram every inch of her cock down Lisa’s throat.

“C’mon! Fucking take it!” Yelled reality kings porno Kelly as she brutally fucked Lisa’s throat.

Kelly began to feel Lisa’s throat give way, and sure enough a warm sensation began to make its way up Kelly’s cock as Lisa began to puke.

“Yes. Puke on my fucking dick!” yelled Kelly as she continued her assault on Lisa’s throat.

“Oh my god. You two are so fucking nasty. I want you to fuck me.” Sara said to Kelly. “I want to feel that giant puke covered cock in my fucking cunt.”

Kelly was more than happy to oblige her sister’s request. She pulled the length of her cock from Lisa’s now worn throat as Lisa heaved the remnants of her saliva and vomit. Sara also pulls out of Lisa and sits down on the couch, leans back, and holds her legs up for Kelly. Kelly takes her cock and briefly positions its head between Sara’s pussy lips before breaching her hole.

“Shove it in. Fucking slam it.” Said Sara as she grabbed Kelly’s hips and pulled her in, coaching her to batter her cunt.

Kelly takes charge and grabs hold of Sara’s legs as she slammed her cock harder and harder into her twat.

“Open your fucking legs bitch! Open your fucking legs! Open your fucking legs and let me fuck you!” yelled Kelly as Sara released her grasp on her legs due to the intensity Kelly was bringing to her hole.

Lisa, having regained herself, came over on top of Sara and began to stroke her cock.

Sara: “Yes. Jerk off my dick while she fucks my cunt.”

Lisa continued to stroke Sara’s cock, then slid her finger into Sara’s dick hole. She could see the excitement on Sara’s face so she went for two fingers as Sara let out a moan.

“You like that? Is that what you want?” asked Lisa.

“Yes. More. I want more. Give me more.” Sara replied intensely.

Lisa wasted no time as she jammed all four fingers into Sara’s urethra.

“Fuck!” Yelled Sara.

Lisa didn’t stop or slow down. She rammed her fingers in there as hard as she could while Sara continued to let out screams of pleasure.

“You fucking like it?” yelled Lisa.

“Yes. C’mon, fuck it! Fuck it harder!” yelled Sara.

Lisa folds her thumb in and manages to shove her entire fist into Sara’s dick hole. Sara let out a wild scream as her cock hole was stretched to its limits.

“How about that! How does that feel? You fucking like my fucking hand in your fucking cock?” yelled Lisa.

Sara couldn’t even reply as she could barely handle her cock hole and cunt being pummeled by her sisters.

Kelly pulled put of Sara and pushed Lisa back onto the couch.

“I want your cunt.” Kelly said to Lisa.

Lisa was eager to take Kelly’s enormous cock, but wasn’t sure it would fit.

“I don’t know if I can fit you inside of me.” Said Lisa. “Sara was almost too big, and you are even bigger.”

Kelly: “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure it fits.”

Kelly spreads Lisa’s legs and places the head of her cock against her lips. Lisa was dripping wet with anticipation as Kelly began to part her lips and enter her hole.

Lisa: (In a grunting strained voice) “Ugh. Fuck. Holy shit.”

Kelly watched Lisa’s face as she breached her pussy with her cock. It required a great deal of force, but Kelly was able to get her cock inside of her sister’s pussy.

“Are you ok?” Kelly asked Lisa.

Lisa nodded her head in approval, only able to let out strained moans.

Kelly then buried the full length of her cock in Lisa’s cunt. As it bottomed out, Lisa let out a murderous scream that shocked Kelly and Sara.

As Kelly was about to pull out, Lisa looked at her and motioned with her hand to go back in and even pulled at her hips.

“Fuck me.” Lisa managed to say with her still strained voice as she struggled with her sister’s giant dick.

Kelly pushed her cock back inside and began gently fucking Lisa. Sara watched a she stroked her cock.

“Oh my god.” Kelly said. “You are so fucking tight!”

“Harder.” Lisa replies to her sister.

Kelly moans as she begins to fuck Lisa harder, trying to control herself.

Sara, wanting in on the action, gets behind Kelly and starts rubbing the had of her cock on her ass.

“You want my ass don’t you?” said Kelly to Sara.

“Oh yes.” Said Sara as she nodded.

Kelly bent forward a bit, staying inside Lisa, and presented her asshole to Sara. Sara spit a thick wad of saliva onto Kelly’s asshole to assist. She guided her cock against Kelly’s hole and pushed hard to breach the entrance. Kelly let out a yelp as Sara’s cock stretched her asshole open.

“Holy shit. That is a lot of dick.” Said Kelly.

“Your ass is so tight, but I can feel it opening up for me.” replied Sara. “It feels so fucking good.”

“Don’t stop fucking me!” said Lisa to Kelly.

“You’re a greedy little cunt.” Replied Kelly.

“Then give me what I want and fuck my greedy fucking cunt!” snapped Lisa.

Kelly took the words to heart as she resumed her rhythm and picked up the pace, slamming her cock into Lisa.

“That’s it! There you go! Pound my cunt!” yelled Lisa.

Kelly fucked her as hard as she could, burying the length of her dick into Lisa’s hole. Sara has taken the cue and picked up the pace herself, matching Kelly’s thrusts. She grabs Kelly’s hair and pulls her close as she fucks the shit out of her asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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