Sin Pt. 04

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Since the “incident” with my mother in law, she had not been allowed back into our home. Carla seemed to be far happier by this and our relationship had been smoother than ever before. Unfortunately, I had experienced and uptick in work, when coupled with my gym regimen I was seeing far less time with my wife than I wished. This also did not help our renewed sex life, the tension between us was beginning to build again.

I had attempted to nip this in the bud and suggested we open up our relationship. This was met with immediate dismissal and did the opposite of my hopes. The irony hadn’t been lost on me with what I had asked, however we were both adults and had our needs. Part of me understood Carla’s stance completely, both of us could be jealous and possessive. Not to mention she had just a couple months earlier walked in on me fucking her mother. I had let the issue die down, while I tried to find another solution to our ongoing issue. This was when Carla caught me by surprise, one day seemingly out of nowhere she brought the subject back up. Curious I indulged her; at this point we had been three weeks without sex just due to my work schedule. She inquired did I have anyone in mind I wanted and I had to admit I didn’t. Just out of curiosity I asked her the same question, she hesitated slightly before answering.

“Honestly babe I can’t get the sight of you and my mother out of my mind. As bad as I want you, and crave to be with you. Even when we are together something seems off. I don’t want to make this about me getting even but maybe that’s just what I need.” The words truthfully weren’t unexpected though still carried the same weight to hear, I sighed and went to speak just to find myself cutoff.

“Then after you asked about opening up our relationship, I got to thinking that maybe I’m just not enough for you. But then I began to realize, maybe you aren’t enough for me. I mean I can’t stand to see you with other women and I wouldn’t ask you to see me with other men. But maybe that’s the only way we can make this feel whole again.”

This part caught me completely off guard, the fact that I wasn’t enough to satisfy her had never really crossed my mind before. Then it started to all slip into place for me, the renewed spice in our relationship, her efforts at being understanding. Her level of caring that had increased seemingly. Calming myself slightly on the inside and putting on my best poker face I casually asked.

“So, who does satisfy you?” She paused and placed her hand on mine.

“Well me and Vincent have been getting to know one another recently, honestly he reminds me so much of you. What we had and what I want us to get back too.”

I nodded keeping my poker face straight, Vincent was currently separated from his wife and my neighbor. He was a good guy through and through and at the moment an emotional wreck. I could easily see how the two could have connected as Vincent had walked in on his wife Della getting gangbanged. It had been a horrible situation; I had never honestly seen a guy so broken.

“So how far have you two gone?” I asked casually as I got up to grab a whiskey glass for my night cap.

“Well that’s just it, the poor guys kind of in no mental place for intimacy at least not physically.” I looked over and shrugged slightly my broad shoulders slumping a bit after. Honestly the thought of Vincent fucking my wife didn’t bother me, I mean the guy deserved something and if it made Carla happy that was double points for me. Not to mention it freed me up to pursue possible other interest such as one girl who seemed to mimic my gym schedule.

My mind drifted to her as I temporarily zoned out. She couldn’t have been taller than five foot two, her brown hair cut into a short pixie cut went perfect with her bright blue eyes. Her slightly upturned button nose and one dimple on the right side, just below those sat a luscious pair of full lips that just made her picture of sultry, cuteness. Her body however would have been done a disservice to be described as cute her toned legs and thighs still had a thickness to them that wasn’t over muscled. Her bubble butt was the same as her legs but just jiggly enough to bounce when she was on the treadmill. Her toned core led to perky what had to be D cup breast. I had to shake my head to clear the image yet it wouldn’t go away.

Me and Carla had been together long enough for her to know when I wasn’t paying attention and I found and ice cube down my back to the distraction.

“What are you thinking how hot it would be to watch me and Vincent together?” She said playfully as I quickly retrieved a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue label.

“No, I just couldn’t help but think what would Della think. I mean aren’t they trying to patch things up?” Carla nodded at this.

“Yes, however his lack of ability to perform is making that hard. As apparently his work schedule led to that situation to begin with.” I popped the cork from the whiskey while muttering,

“Women in this neighborhood I swear.” My wife was taken aback by this but realitykings porno I just shrugged.

“Well you were trying to fuck your masseur and Della gangbanged the lawn crew. Honestly guys can’t win for losing around here.”

I should have known better than to say that and immediately regretted it as my wife bellowed. “YOU FUCKED MY MOTHER IN THE BED WE SLEEP IN EVERY NIGHT, IN FRONT OF ME TWICE TECHNICALLY!!”

I went to argue that she did even if it was half-heartedly blow the masseur but thought better of it. Holding my hands up in surrender.

“Actually, no I need to get this off my chest.” She continued as I sipped the whiskey. “I get she came on to you, I get that you were mad at me and maybe in that moment completely done with me. I get I was in the wrong for a big part of that situation, BUT MY FUCKING MOTHER?! Who does something like that?” I calmly took another sip; this argument had happened before and I figured it would again.

“Listen you’re right. I’m not just saying that to end the argument, I went way to far. I never planned on that happening and I’m an adult and should have stopped it. I appreciate you attempting to keep this going, I really do. I appreciate your dedication to this marriage; however, I understand if this is something you can’t get by. I understand if you want to go fuck Vincent, I mean the man’s been through just as much shit as you and you both need the reprieve. I understand if you need more than me to satisfy you or if we just need to go our separate ways. But what I am going to need, other than another drink. Is us to not fake this anymore, you can’t be the perfect wife I got it. I’m far from the perfect husband I know. But we have to find something to make it work. So, we can sit here and yell all night or figure it out.”

My wife plopped next to me at our counter. “You aren’t going to leave me if I do this?” She asked, I could hear worry in her voice. I had to be honest even though I knew it wasn’t fair.

“Truthfully, who knows. I mean we already damaged the dynamic of this relationship.” My sentence trailed off as a sudden piece of brilliance hit me, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to risk it. But fuck it all the cards were on the table anyways.

I turned to my wife and looked her in the eyes. “Babe hear me out here ok, Vincent wants Della back right? Me and you want to fix what we have as well, so why not combine the causes? Vince has performance issues but I get a suspicion he’s comfortable around you, maybe even comfortable enough to perform.”

My wife raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Are you suggesting I have a threesome with our neighbors? Because just in case you haven’t noticed Della is kind of a meat only girl.” I held my hand up stopping my wife from talking, I saw the truth of my proposal hit her like a ton of bricks.

“FUCK NO! YOU JUST WANT TO FUCK DELLA THAT’S IT!” I cut my wife off saving my ear drums as well.

“No, no, no, no we would be more like cheerleaders. Like do you remember when you would be hanging with a friend and their boyfriend and there would be another guy there. The other couple would take the lead and you would sort of follow.”

My wife thought about it for a moment, I could see the wheels turning in her head. “Della’s worse than my mother you know? Also, the last thing we need is Vince watching another man fuck his wife.” I sighed pouring another drink.

“Never said it was perfect, just an idea.” I said as I downed the drink.

“Well I will say it is interesting, and may have some merit but it definitely needs to be thought out more.” My wife said as she stood and took the bottle from me replacing it on the shelf it had previously sat.

“Hey what did you do that for?” I protested as she grabbed my hand.

“Well I was thinking we could spend the rest of the night on better terms.” I finished my drink and went and retrieved the bottle.

“Oh, trust me I am this is the first true off day I’ve had in months I’m going to relax tonight.” I said with a huge grin.

“I think I know a way to relax you more than that drink.” My wife said slyly, I tossed the obvious offer around for a second before responding.

“While tempting, I’m going to have to decline. I wouldn’t want you to end up unsatisfied, that’s just not fair.” Sure, it was petty to do but, the fact that my wife had been sneaking around behind my back again. Coupled with the fact she had said I didn’t satisfy her had killed any want I had for her at that moment.

“You know that’s not how I meant it.” My wife began to protest, but the rest of this sentence fell on deaf ears I made my way into the living room.

I paused there for a moment deciding whether I should relax there or the den. I quickly choose the den realizing it was the easiest way to escape an argument.

I stepped into the dark room before flipping the switch with my free hand, it was then I realized I had forgotten my glass. Choosing to forgo the glass I slipped down into a comfy plush recliner, the soft fabric sinking into rip her up porno my back perfectly allowing a wave of pleasure to shoot up my spine as my muscles relaxed. I grabbed the remote by the chair and flipped the tv on. Flipping through the channels I quickly got bored and my mind began to wonder. I couldn’t help but think about the girl at the gym, her tight petite frame that was so well proportioned. She almost seemed unreal her body was that amazing. I was slowly convincing myself at this point that I had to talk to her at the very least when I heard the door slide open.

I looked back to see my wife in lingerie, sighing I went to move but found myself cut off.

“Since you are enjoying some time to yourself, I was thinking of maybe inviting Vincent over to see what he thought of some of the new lingerie I bought.” I raised an eyebrow at this and while I was processing what my wife had just said I concluded I was going to at least talk to the girl at the gym. I sighed leaning back in the chair turning my focus to the television. I could feel my wife’s gaze on me but I said nothing as I flipped through the channels trying to find something to watch.

“Well?” I heard her hiss behind me.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were asking permission.” I truthfully thought she had just given an ultimatum. “I wasn’t I was just letting you know we would like privacy for a couple of hours.” I waved her off muttering

“Sure, give him a show he deserves it.” I distinctly heard my wife swear as she left, realizing she left the door open I saw my chance to grab a glass.

Heading to the kitchen I got a short glass and filled it with ice. I heard the quick conversation between my wife and Vincent. I made my way back to the study stopping in the living room to grab a few things. I heard a knock on the door and my wife dashed to answer it. Vincent stepped in complimenting my wife though he looked a mess. He glanced over and saw me; I saw a glint of concern in his eye. I decided to give him a friendly wave which he gingerly returned.

“You good?” I questioned noticing the man was slightly shaking. Vince plopped down in my kitchen and put his head in his hands.

“Man I, my life is falling apart.” He said despair evident in his voice.

“Ah” I said as I tried to excuse myself from the situation. My wife looked at me desperate to stay and assuage the situation. He was my friend after all, but this was not something I wanted part of.

“Hey man we can always have a quick drink then you can help my wife out with whatever she called you for.” I said reluctantly bringing my bottle and self to the kitchen and grabbing another glass. Pouring two hefty glasses of the whiskey I began to listen to his story.

No sooner had he began than I wished I had just given in to my wife. Vincent began, in graphic detail to explain what had just happened to him that night. Apparently, Della had invited an “old friend from college” to dinner, needless to say this friend and Della had other intentions. Their flirting had led to playful touching, to more serious groping. When Vincent tried to intervene (it was his house after all) Della just laughed him off and told the man not to worry. She had dangled the fact that the only way she would stay married to him was if he watched and that this would be as close as he would get to enjoying her body ever again. Before, he could get into the actual sex part I cut him off.

“Drink, you need it and the second thing you need is a divorce attorney.”

Vincent shook his head and then took a gulp. “I don’t want her to leave though, she’s just such a great woman. Just maybe, maybe if I could figure out what I did wrong maybe I could fix it.” I stared at him in disbelief, a small anger flared up in me. This man was who could satisfy my wife? A man willing to watch other men fuck his own wife in front of him and not murder both on the spot. Maybe not even something to that extreme measure, but at the very least leave.

In my shock I forgot what I had planned to say and simply stood up. “Where are you going?” Both Vincent and my wife asked simultaneously.

“One I’m kicking that man out of your house as I assume, he’s still there. Two I’m going to have words with Della. Lastly where do you keep the good scotch again as I’m bringing us a bottle back for when I’m through.” Both looked at me with worry and Vincent blurted out

“bottom kitchen pantry, but I don’t think this is a good idea.”

I was out of the door before the rest of the sentence finished, cutting across the freshly cut grass I made my way to front door. I turned the handle without thinking and to my surprise the door was unlocked, stepping in I could hear two voices from the upper room. I made my way up the stairs taking no care to conceal my presence. I heard the two stop and then hushed words from the pair, the door at the far end of the hall squeaked open just as I mounted the top of the stairs.

“THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” me and the partially nude man in the door bellowed at rus porno each other. Forgetting he was naked the man sprang from the room. He was slightly shorter than me but well built. His face though now bearded and his hair was unkempt. He had thrown his arms around me before I could tell him to put his clothes on.

“Brotha how have you been he bellowed holding me by the shoulder.” I couldn’t help but laugh, it was like being in college again with him.

“Marcel I’ve been better, but you gotta tell me how do you know Della.” Marcel laughed running his hands through his kinky hair.

“Bruh how do I know all the ladies.” We both laughed before repeating his stupid catch phrase like 20 somethings.

“Word of mouth about down south!” We fell into a fit of laughter which had brought Della to the door.

It was hard to forget just how gorgeous Della was, yet somehow every time I laid eyes on her they were stunned by her beauty as if it were their first sighting of her. Her long blond mane though tasseled fell neatly at her waist. Her body could only be described as a wonderland. Her thin waist only made her luscious toned thighs accentuate her figure that much more. Her perky natural D cup breast were topped with light pink areola with beautiful ladybug sized nipples, one at the moment was inverted but the other stood at the ready. Her face was heart shaped with almond shaped steel blue eyes, that had flakes of grey in them. Her pouty lips were slightly parted revealing a hint of her dimples.

“Well, you’re not my husband.” She said disappointment echoing in her voice, which snapped me back to reality. Tearing my eyes from the beauty before me I started to explain. The pair look mortified when I informed them of what was ongoing. I stopped for a moment confused by their reaction.

“I feel like I’m not getting the full story here. What context am I missing here?” I said as I leaned against the wall. Della sighed and still made no effort to cover herself as Marcel dipped back into the bedroom. Brushing her hair that had fallen to cover her chest back she sighed. Her eyes caught mine and she gave her breast a small squeeze her eyes still locked on mine. I could feel myself rise and realized I still had my gym clothes on. I saw her eyes drop to my waist and small smile parted her lips. I quickly repositioned myself and pressed on.

“So, what’s the part I missed?”

“Well it’s a long story, I can give you a shortened version while we grab that bottle you came for. Marcel dear you know you’re way out I will call you later.” She called back as she strode to my side, her every step was intentional and made my heart race. Her graceful legs seemed to glide across the carpet as she pulled herself up to me. Marcel stepped out the room and shot me a grin.

“Aye hit me up tomorrow man we can shoot hoops or something like back in the day.” Marcel said as he squeezed by us, he stopped for a moment to give Della’s ass a firm squeeze as she pecked him on the cheek.

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I get off work early anyways tomorrow.” I said as I gave him a quick pat on the back. Then with his usual energy he bounded down the stairs, singing to himself.

“Shall we go get that drink you came for?” Della said as she now pressed herself against me, I could feel her smooth warm skin against my own and had to take a deep breath.

I felt Della’s hand on my stomach and instinctively I brought my hand to her toned thigh running it up over her juicy round ass. While firm her ass was still soft and squeezable, I felt her hand run under my shirt and across my abs. As I brought my hand up the cleft of her ass, I couldn’t help but spread the bubble butt a little and graze her pussy ever so slightly. I felt her shiver as he fingers found my rock-hard member. Even restricted by my shorts her light touch brought me to full rigidness in seconds, as I brought my other hand to her ass to better play with her soaking snatch. I could feel her circling her thumb around my swollen glans causing my shaft to spasm slightly.

“Wow I never expected you to be this…” Della cooed her voice trailing off as I brought my hand around to her hairless mound. Her skin was silky smooth here with no hint of stubble or razor burn. I motioned my forefinger in a slow circle around her swollen clit eliciting a gasp from her. Her eyes shot up to mine full of lust as she dropped to her knees.

“Shouldn’t we be getting that bottle?” I stammered as she pulled down my shorts.

“Sure but, you have to let me see yours first, considering you got to see mine.” I shrugged.

“Sounds fair.” I mumbled as I felt myself come free of my shorts, I felt Della run her hands up and down my length stroking me while looking at my full length greedily. She brought the head to her lips and gave it a slight kiss before running her tongue down my entire length. She licked my shaft for a moment before she engulfed the head with her warm, inviting mouth. To my surprise she worked half way down my shaft fairly quickly stroking as she sucked me off. I deftly fondled her breast, the full plump but taught smooth skin feeling wonderful to the touch. Increasing her pace Della began to moan playing with her clit as she did. Even though I rarely came from just head, the sight of Della and the skill with which she worked me had me on edge.

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