She Admits She Wants It Ch. 04

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She was his dirty girl. His hot, wanting to get spanked and then fucked in the ass, dirty girl. Far from being upset or disgusted, he was, to say the least, thrilled. Having that clarified in no uncertain terms two nights ago had emboldened her. If Chris wasn’t upset about the ultimate dirty girl act of her wanting him to fuck her ass, not just wanting but begging, then pretty much nothing was out of bounds.

Taking that and running with it is what she was doing..

She hadn’t felt so great last night and ended up falling asleep on the sofa. Today being Friday, they were both off tomorrow and Heather looked forward to a long night of fucking. Wondering if she should add another wrinkle to their sex life, then deciding yes, yes she should, she looked up the address. It felt good to make decisions about her wants and needs.

Finishing her contract work early, a trip to the adult store was in order. Not the one in the town where she lived, but the next one over just in case…

Browsing the various sections, her plan was to purchase everything she wanted right now before second guessing herself. The clerk, a young man with a ring in his lip, a green streak in his hair, and a metal disk in each ear, rang her purchases: Hot Assed Honeys V, cherry flavored lube, a pink vibrator, waterproof, with a spiraling ridge from the tip to halfway down and then rows and rows of raised bumps the rest of the way, a small paddle, leather on one side, fur on the other, padded handcuffs, anal beads, an adjustable cock ring, nipple clamps, a clitoral clip, and a buttplug.

The clerk snickered under his breath when he finished, “Looks like someone is going to be really busy tonight.”

“Are you jealous?”

“Oh, um, sorry, ma’am. I really am”

“Sorry for what,” boldly asking, looking him in the eye, “Sorry that I’m not buying all of this for you?”

Chastened, and suddenly worried for his job, he tried to cover his impropriety, “We’re not supposed to comment on customers’ purchases; discretion and all that. You just have so much stuff you don’t look like you’d buy.”

“What do I look like I’d buy?” One eyebrow up, head cocked to the side, waiting.

“Oh, well, um… I dunno, maybe the vibe. Some arousal gel. Um, not sure what else” It sounded more like a question.

“So I don’t look the type to want a… a cock in her ass?” Shocked by her own words, Heather stopped breathing, waiting for his reaction.

The young man stared at her, wondering if he’d heard her right. The look on her face, anticipation and nervousness and a hot flush of boldness told him he did. “Uh, no. I… um uh guess not.” Eyes wide, mouth working like a fish out of water just to get those few words out.

“Well, you just learned about not judging a book by its cover!” and taking her bag, Heather walked out, purposely swinging her hips.

Shocking was the only way to describe how she felt. Glad that she went one town over, she hoped she’d never see the clerk out and about. On the way home, her hand reached into the bag pulling out items at random. Inspecting each item as she drove the back way home, decisions being made as thoughts swirled in her head. Definitely the paddle tonight, the movie and the cherry lube. Everything else was being saved and meted out over time.

Home, finally, and in the sanctity of her bedroom, she was able to inspect each item fully. Opening the bag and removing the packages, laying them all out on the bed, she picked each one up. Looking at them in the store, under the glaring lights and not really able to process the thoughts behind her choices was much different than looking at them now. Now she was in her own home, on her bed. The same bed on which most of them would be utilized.

Tasting the lube, she found it to be cherry tasting enough. It wasn’t like a cherry drink, but she didn’t buy drink mix, did she? Same with the vibe. Definitely phallic, a good facsimile for what it was shaped after, but no more the real thing than the lube was Kool-Aid. Stroking it, imagining it sliding in and out of her pussy or maybe her ass, was vaguely arousing. Gripping the space between two of erotik film izle the anal beads with her thumb and forefinger and pulling against it, she imagined the beads in her tight hole but couldn’t imagine the sensation although her hole twitched at the thought.

The cock ring was rubbery and adjustable. Tightening it around her fingers, she imagined it on Chris’ cock, the bead rubbing her clit. The buttplug worried her. She’d chosen one bigger than Chris, thinking it would be good to stretch to fit his cock, but now it looked so big. The small ones just looked so tiny in the store! That one was definitely for later.

The movie went in the DVD player, set and ready to go. Waiting to be surprised, she didn’t watch any of it, rather, she would wait for them to watch it together.

“Ow!” Not thinking it would hurt like it did, she whacked the paddle across her ass. If it felt like that with her clothes on, should she worry about it on her bare ass? Doing it again only lighter until she found a happy medium, she would just have to be sure he didn’t spank her too hard. The handcuffs were already a happy medium; hard and unforgiving but covered in soft fuzz, they would definitely keep her where he put her but not leave evidence of the job they did.

Taking off her clothes, she lay back on the bed with her legs open. Stroking herself until her clit was hard and could hold the clip, she popped it on. If the clit clip was the equivalent of the cock ring, Chris was in for a treat. All her attention was suddenly focused on her throbbing clit. The clip held her nub at attention, and any stimulation was magnified. Just moving her legs was enough to make her pussy run juice. Touching it gently was all it took to begin her orgasm since the hood was completely pulled back, the skin tight, all the nerves exposed just under the surface. Restraining herself, she instead clamped her nipples. They were already hard so the clamps went on easily.

She lay on the bed spread eagle, imagining Chris watching her like she watched Claire. His eyes on her red hot cunt, his hands pulling the clamps on her nipples or flicking the clip on her clit. Imagining how she looked, ready and waiting for him to fuck her, spread out on the bed like a dirty wanton, she humped the air wishing it was him. Touching her hard, clamped nipples briefly, she reluctantly removed the clip and clamps, wanting to be ready for him when he got home, she stashed her booty.

Hurrying through a shower, wanting to get in the tub and ease some of the sexual tension she’d built in herself, she quickly washed. Her ass had a pale pink streak on it from the paddle when she’d used it too hard. It was defined enough to be visible, but light enough that she was sure it would be gone by the time he got her naked.

Jumping into the tub, Heather turned on the jets. The water bubbling over her both relaxed and aroused her further. Her legs spread, the bubbles were able to travel under her body again, reminding her of the other day. A repeat was definitely in order. Reaching down she stroked her smooth skin. Parting her lips with her fingers, she slowly circled her clit. The bubbles were now bouncing up against her slit as well as her puckered hole. “Mmm, Chris, you feel so good. I loved it when you put your cock in my ass. I want you to spank me.” Hearing herself say the words finished her. “Spank me, Chris, spank me”, as she rubbed her clitoris and came. It seemed to take less and less to get her off, and conversely, she wanted more and more. These things had a way of working out, she supposed.

Later that night in bed, after kissing and stroking her for a bit, he stopped. “Well?”

“Well, what, Chris?”

“You have some explaining to do. I want to know what got into you the other night,” grinning mischievously he added, “other than my dick.”

“I knew you’d want to know. I guess I would, too, if you did a 180 like that. So, remember the other day when I got the pastries?”

“What do pastries have to do-“

“Let me finish. I know you’re going to interrupt with a million questions, but I’d rather this not take all our time tonight. I was going film izle to the bakery and I had to park down the block. I dropped a dollar when I was coming up the side, and you know that alley behind the buildings?”

“The long one?”

“Yeah, well, I went after the dollar and there were two people in the alley. A man, a good looking man, and a woman. She was bent over in front of him and he was fucking her.”

“In the ass?”

“No, let me finish. He was fucking her, and he started spanking her. He slapped her so hard, her asscheeks got red. She liked it: that much was obvious.”

“They knew you were there?”

“No, not yet. Shh. So he spanked her and spanked her, and she started touching herself. He slapped her again, really hard, and, well, I gasped and she heard me. He didn’t, he was too worried about fucking her, but she did. She looked right at me.

She looked right at me and told him to put it in her ass.”

Heather paused. It was hard for her to tell him what she saw. Already aroused from his touch, she felt herself getting wetter. From the looks of him, the story was making him hot, too. His dick, now hard, stood out in his pants, occasionally twitching. Reaching down, he adjusted himself, stroking a bit. The movie was forgotten in the player.

“Go on.”

The words started tumbling out. “So, she watched me the whole time. He didn’t even know I was there. And she kept talking. She kept telling him to fuck her harder and how she wanted her asshole stretched. That she wanted his cum dripping from it.” Heather was looking down, not able to meet his eyes, toying with the ribbon on her nightshirt. “He spanked her the whole time. Her ass was so red and she kept begging for it.

I didn’t know what to do. She just watched me watch them. She mouthed to me that she loved it. Even turned so I could watch his big cock sliding in and out of her asshole. He just slid it right in like it belonged, I never thought anything that big would fit in a butt. I watched her play with her nipples and when she reached around and spread her asscheeks and I could see him going in and out…” Heather sat so still for so long that Chris got worried.

“What? What happened? Did he turn around and see you? Did he come after you? What?”

“No, no. None of that. I watched him going in and out, and… and… and I came.” A sudden flood of wetness was between her legs. She was back in the alley watching Marco and Claire. Her whole body tingled, she felt as if she were vibrating. Looking at Chris’ face, she saw the open lust, the beating of his heart in the pulsing vein in his neck, the flush that crept up his body. Looking down, she saw his cock bulging against his shorts, jerking on its own. Quaking, she went on.

“I watched him fuck her asshole until he came. He came in her ass. When he pulled his dick out, I could see her asshole still open from his big dick. It pulsed and started to close, and I saw his cum drip out of it and I… I came again.”

Before she realized it, Chris was on top of her, pulling at her clothes. Naked on the bed, she was thrilled by how rough he was being, not even giving her a choice about what he was doing. One hand holding her wrists above her head, the other hand between her legs, he kissed her roughly moving from her mouth to her nipples. Sucking them hard until they throbbed, pulling at them with his teeth.

“Spread your legs. Spread them wide open.” Two fingers buried in her pussy, pumping in and out, occasionally coming upward to rub her clit, he fingerfucked her until she began bucking her hips upward. “No, no; no cumming for you, yet.” Moving his fingers lower, he rubbed them against her asshole, pushing slightly, feeling how tight she was.

Writhing on the bed, heady with the roughness of him and the thought of what might happen, she asked, “Are you going to fuck my ass? Are you going to cum in my ass so I can feel it dripping out again?”

“Your ass is getting spanked first. I want your cheeks red like hers, then I’m going to fuck you. Make you beg for my cock and my hot load like you did the other night.”

Moving purposely so that her ass seks filmi izle was high in the air, she got up an reached into the nightstand. Taking out the paddle and the lube, she handed them over, her ass still up.

“I bought this for you. Cherry lube for when you lick my ass and a paddle for you to spank it. Come spank my ass, Chris, make it red.”

Burying her face in a pillow, scared, but too excited to stop him, she gripped the edge of the bed. Her wetness was all over her inner thighs, her knees apart, her pussy and ass on display. She waited, afraid to look. It seemed like forever. The bed shifted and she braced herself, biting the edge of the pillow, but nothing happened.

The crack of the paddle and the sudden pain brought tears to her eyes. Crying out, she tried to tell him to stop, but before the words were out her throat, another heated blow struck her. She could tell he wasn’t hitting her too hard, but it was more than she expected. It was pain, it hurt like nothing she’d ever felt, but she didn’t want him to stop. Wanting what Claire had steeled her. Again. Again. Her ass felt like fire.

“Now tell me what you want. Say it.”

“Fuck my ass, Chris, fuck my ass.”

“You want me to stretch that asshole, dirty girl? You want to feel my hard dick in your ass?”

“Oh, please, please, fuck my ass, fuck my asshole!”

The sensation she felt was not what she was expecting. His tongue was at her ass, prying it open, while his fingers played with her pussy. The firm, pointy tip of his tongue wormed its way into her asshole. In and out, her asshole got tonguefucked. The bed shifted again, and his tongue and fingers left her. The scent of cherry hit her nostrils at the same time his finger hit her ass. She could feel the lube as well as smell it as he buried his finger in her.

“Is your ass ready? It better be, dirty girl.”

The pain of the paddle again, so unexpected, making her shriek. The orgasm overwhelmed her, her hips bucking forward of their own accord, almost losing his finger. Another whack, another and another, then his finger gone. Feeling him move behind her, his cock touched her hole. Briefly, he worked at getting the head it, patience taking a backseat to passion. The short burn of him stretching her ass open became more when he thrust into her, burying his cock to the base in one stroke.

It hurt. She didn’t expect that, but when he stroked a few times and dribbled more lube on her, the pain became ecstasy. Not even caring that her ass was going to be so sore tomorrow, sore like Claire’s, she wanted more. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. Bucking back, she slammed her ass against him on his in stroke. Biting the pillow was the only way to keep from screaming herself hoarse from the sensation of him having heated her ass with the paddle and the fucking she was now getting. Ramming his cock in her ass then pulling out so only the head was left then ramming forward again, he thrust as hard as he could. With every in stroke, his hands pushed her cheeks as far apart as they would go, allowing the maximum amount of her tunnel to be available for his hardness.

“I’m gonna cum. Are you ready for me to cum? I’m going to shoot my load so far in your ass you’re gonna taste it. Say you want it!”

“I want your cum in my ass! I want you to shoot off in my ass! I want to feel your cum dripping from my asshole, Chris, cum in my ass!” With that, she reached down and rubbed her clit, causing her asshole to tighten even more around him. Feeling his balls with the tips of her fingers, his flesh pressed against her, he shot off inside her. It felt like fire in her bowels in contrast to her body frozen in position.

Kneeling behind her for what seemed like forever then finally pulling out and moving away she heard him say, “Oh, Heathe, your ass is open and full and red. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen”

Unable to move, she stayed on her knees until she caught her breath then stumbled into the bathroom. Passing the closet door with the full-length mirror, the urge to see her ass overcame her. Bending over, ass to the mirror, she spread her cheeks with her hands and, looking back, watched him drip out of her. Her final orgasm made her collapse on the bathroom floor, overwhelmed by the sight of her red ass and gaping hole filled with his load. Now she knew how Claire felt.

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