Seduced By My Daughter

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It was a Friday night, and I, like my students, had decided to celebrate Spring Break. I’d had a little too much to drink last evening, went to bed, and was in the middle of a vivid and erotic dream involving my graduate assistant, when it was interrupted by loud knocking. I stumbled to the front door, my pants still tented from my dream. I opened the door, only to be confronted by my eighteen year old daughter, Trina.

“Daddy!” she said jumping into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist, trapping my still rigid cock tight against her jean clad pussy. “Can I crash here? Please? That bitch kicked me out!”

“Trina baby!” I replied, my hands cupping her ass, trying to maintain my balance, ” If ‘that bitch’ refers to your mother, you need to watch what you say. It’s two o’clock in the morning. We’ll talk at breakfast. You know where the guest room is.” I let her down and she looked at my tented boxers and smiled as she sauntered down the hall.

Just then the phone rang. I picked it up, and answered. It was my ex-wife screaming up a storm. I calmly said, “Yes, she’s here. It’s late! I’m going to bed. I suggest you do the same. I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye!” I hung up and went to my room.

Just as I was drifting off, the door opened and Trina stepped in, wearing one of my old shirts. “Daddy? Can I sleep in here with you? Please? It’s been a horrible night and I don’t want to be alone”

Not thrilled with the idea, but not wanting to argue, I agreed, rolling over to make room.

“Thank you Daddy.” she said as she slid under the covers. I started to drift back to sleep, when she whispered, “Daddy? Can you give me a back rub? You know, like you did when I was a kid?”

I agreed. Rolling back over I closed my eyes and started rubbing circles on her back, starting between her shoulders and moving slowly down the middle. I could feel her relaxing as my hand reached the small of her back and I started rubbing higher. She rolled onto her back and my hand slid around her side and onto her small, but full breasts. As I was almost asleep myself, it didn’t register at first, her shallow breathing and barely audible moans seeming natural. As my hand cupped her puffy nipple, I came awake with a start, apologizing profusely as I pulled my hand from her chest. “It’s OK daddy. You don’t have to stop. It feels kind of nice.”

“Regardless, Trina. I’m your father, and that’s not right.” I said as I started to get out of bed.

“I’m sorry daddy. Please stay. I’ll be good.” she said rolling over on her side.

It took a while, but I finally got back to sleep. Both disturbed and aroused by the feel of my daughters breast in my hand, I wrestled with the feelings until exhaustion finally took over and I fell into a deep slumber. Deep enough for me to return to the erotic dream I was having before Trina showed up at my door.

The dream was even more vivid than before. Instead of me hovering over my graduate assistants prone, lush, and willing body, I was lying on my back as she slowly, sensually, brought me to full stiffness, showering my manhood with licks and kisses. It was so vivid, in fact, that I came, groaning, in her mouth. Or so I thought.

I awoke from the dream and saw my daughter, her head between my legs, licking the dregs of my orgasm from the tip of my deflating cock. Shocked, I tried to cover myself. She looked up and smiled, a drop of sperm forming masaj porno at the corner of her mouth.

“So, who’s Leah, Daddy?” She asked, matter of factly as she kissed the crown of my cock and dropped it to my belly.

“Jesus! Trina! What the fuck are you doing?” I barked, trying to tuck myself back into my boxers.

“You were having a dream, daddy! I just thought I’d help you out!” she said, rising to her hands and knees, her shirt open, breasts dangling invitingly.

“I’m your father, for Christ’s sake! You can’t be doing this kind of thing! It’s…it’s…just wrong!”

“That’s not what your cock just said!” she answered, licking her lips clean of my seed. “So. Who’s Leah?”

“She’s my graduate assistant. Why do you ask?” I replied, trying not to stare at my daughters youthful beauty.

“You called out her name as you filled my mouth with your cum, daddy. You got the hots for her, or something?” She sat down on the bed, her breasts partially hidden by the shirt, but not enough to keep me from glancing at them before averting my eyes, feeling guilty.

She noticed. Opening her shirt up, exposing herself completely to my view, cupping the small round hillocks crowned by fair sized puffy nipples, she added. “You like?” I didn’t answer. I just stared, noticing her right nipple was pierced . “Or are they too small for you.”

Before I could answer, she crawled up, practically feeding them to me. The man in me wanted to kiss and suckle them. The father in me was mortified at the thought of trying to turn on my own flesh and blood.

She pressed closer, brushing the dark pink nub against my lips. “They like being kissed, daddy!” she throatily whispered, as she brought my hand up to the other one, pressing it against my palm.

I knew if I didn’t stop this now, all would be lost. The immorality of the situation swirled through my head, fighting with my need for intimacy. I started to protest, but before any full words came out, she thrust the nipple into my mouth. She moaned as my lips contacted the dark pink nub. “Oh, daddy! I’ve dreamed of this for months!” The sex starved male took over and I swirled my tongue around the stiffening nipple, feeling the warmth, hearing the moan escape from my daughters lips. I sucked ravenously as her hands wrapped around my head, holding me to her. Then I heard her say, ” I guess they’re not to small, are they daddy?”

“Mmm Mmm” I moaned as I sucked the entire nipple into my mouth, grazing the tender flesh with my teeth, lost in the moment.

Without losing contact, she re-arranged herself on my lap, her panty clad pussy rubbing gently against my reviving manhood. Pulling my reluctant lips from her spit soaked breast, she leaned down and kissed my on the mouth, her tongue probing between my lips.

I responded in kind, my tongue sliding into her mouth. I could taste myself on her tongue. I didn’t love it, but I found it intoxicating. The kiss deepened in passion and intensity. I sucked on her tongue until I could no longer taste the bitter saltiness of my seed.

She pulled my face from hers, offering the other nipple to me. Seeing my hesitation, she whispered, “I get turned on if you pull on it gently while you nurse.”

Unable to stop myself, I hungrily enveloped the nipple, sucking like a starving baby.

“That’s it, daddy! Suck on your baby girls titties” meet suck and fuck porno she moaned triumphantly as she rocked in my lap, feeling my cock grow as it rubbed against the thin cotton fabric covering her young cunt.

She rocked and moaned as I suckled, getting harder, hornier, and less able to resist. She pulled my lips from her nipple, looked down at our crotches, smiled, and said, ” Oh look daddy! You’re such a bad boy! You have me so wet! My panties are soaked.” They were so wet that I could see her pussy lips through the drenched fabric. I stared, taking in the sight. The wet pink panties, clinging to her camel toe, made my cock twitch. “You like my wet panties, daddy?” she asked as she lifted off my painfully erect cock. She stood up, stepped forward, straddling me until the crotch of her underwear was directly in front of my nose.

The absence of her nipple in my mouth gave me a moment to think about the gravity of what we were doing. I was about to protest , when she leaned forward, her dampness rubbing the tip of my nose. Her musky scent filled the air. My thoughts immediately turned from the evilness of sex with my daughter, to the intense pleasure my body craved without regard to the social mores attached to the act. All I wanted was to smell her, taste her, fuck her.

I pressed my face into the silken wetness, inhaling deeply, moaning with lust, rubbing the dampness onto the bridge of my nose, feeling the wetness on my lips. I reached up to peel them off her hips. She stopped me by putting her hands over mine..

Looking up at her with a confused look on my face, she smiled down at me and said, ” I want you to promise me something daddy” “Anything you want, Trina!” I answered, desperate to uncover her semi-hidden treasure.

“Anything? Good!” she said, “First, while we are in bed, I want you to call me baby girl! Second, I want you to cum inside me! And last, Anything I want you to do, you will do. OK?”

I was in such a lust filled frenzy, I would have agreed to anything she wanted. “Of course, sweetheart…I mean… baby girl!”

She smiled, let go of my hands, cupped her breasts, teasingly, adding, “You want to kiss your baby girls cunt, don’t you daddy!”

I didn’t answer. I merely pulled her panties down and pressed my face into the moist cleft of her neatly trimmed pussy.

“Taste me, daddy! Eat your little girl!” she said, thrusting her hips forward, allowing my tongue to delve into the soft, wet folds of her young womanhood.

Grabbing my head, she smeared her essence all over my nose, cheeks and chin, groaning each time I thrust my tongue up inside her. “Oh God, daddy! Your tongue feels so good. I can’t wait to feel your cock filling me up!”

My answer was to grab her around the legs, wrap my lips around her hood covered clit, flick my tongue against the stiffening nub, as my fingers sought out the entrance to her sweet young pussy.

Alternating between tongue flicks and doggy kisses, I tasted her clit as two of my fingers wormed their way up inside her glistening cunt. Stabbing deep my fingers grazed her g-spot as my tongue attacked her swollen clit.

“Ohh fuck, daddy. That feels so good! You’re gonna make me cum.” she cried as her legs quivered and she fought to remain standing.

“That’s the whole point!” I replied between clit licks and finger thrusts. milf porno I want my baby girl to cum all over daddy’s face”

With one hand on my head, the other on the headboard, she rocked her hips, trying to maintain contact with my tongue. Her moans getting louder and longer as I kept up the assault on her steadily leaking cunt.

Finally, she neared the edge. “Oh fuck, daddy! … Feels so good!….gonna cum..gonna cum…Oh yesss! Ohhh fuck!” then she let out a long, loud wail as I felt her cunt contract around my fingers and copious amounts of her honey soaked my hand as it dripped from within her sweet hole.

Unable to stand on her own, I let her collapse on top of me, panting heavily, her hair plastered to her forehead. She lowered her lips to mine, and between kisses told me, “I need you to fuck me, daddy!…..Now daddy!…Fill me with your cock!….your cum.”

Before I could say yes or no, she reached down between her legs lifting my fully swollen prick and rubbing it against her pussy lips, stuffed the helmet inside.

We both moaned as my cock parted her cunt lips and disappeared slowly inside her. She felt like a warm, wet, velvet glove as I sank deeper and deeper into her.

“God, daddy you’re so big! It feels so good!” she groaned as she settled into my lap, her pussy leaking its treasured juices all over my balls. She lifted herself off my lap, looking down at where our bodies were conjoined, my glistening prick sliding out of her silken pussy until only the head was lodged inside. Then she dropped herself quickly, engulfing my manhood again. Leaning in, she offered me her breasts, which I immediately began to shower with kisses as she rose and fell, impaling herself on me.

Establishing a rhythm, my thrusts meeting her drops, our bodies slapped together, her breasts rippling and bouncing, driving me ever closer to climax.

One hand on my head, the other strumming her clit, she egged me on, whispering how much she needed my seed in her belly. My hands busy twisting and tweaking the breast that wasn’t in my mouth, I could only moan in assent as I felt the inevitable rush in my gut as my balls prepared to spill their contents deep inside my daughter. I came in a torrent of pent up emotions, feeling my sperm squirt deep in Trina’s clutching cunt, washing the walls of her womb with my potent seed. Feeling her cunt milking my cock of every ounce as she followed my orgasm with one of her own.

Collapsing on top of me, panting with the exertion of our unholy coupling, she lay still, her lips next to my ear, murmuring about how fantastic it felt to have me inside her.

“Trina.” I said, softly, “What we did is wrong. We can’t do it again.”

Sitting up, she stared into my eyes. “Daddy.” she said, “I have no intention of giving up the best cock I’ve ever had. I don’t care what anyone thinks. This cock is mine!” She dismounted and curled up in my lap. Licking the dregs of our lovemaking from my shriveled prick and my balls.

“Trina! Stop..”

“Remember daddy? Babygirl! When were in bed, call me baby girl! You promised!”

“But Tri..I mean, babygirl….we can’t do this!” I protested, aware that her attention to my cock was having an effect on me. As much as I didn’t want it to, my manhood was reacting to her attentions.

She was also aware of my predicament, and seemed to be enjoying it, lapping at my scrotum like a cat with a bowl of cream. “Yes we can , daddy! And we will….Whenever I want.” she said smiling up at me as she slowly stroked me to fullness again. “Unless, of course, you want me to tell mommy what we did.”

Knowing I was trapped, I could only answer, “Whatever my babygirl wants!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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