Sealing the Deal (Sevgi Pt. 02)

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As I wrote in Body Language, my aerobics instructor Aysegul and I had become lovers while she was helping me recover from hernia surgery. However, while we were able to get together during her lunch time when I was on medical leave, we wouldn’t be able to once I started working again. So, if we wanted to keep seeing each other, we not only needed a place to meet, she needed a way to change her work schedule so we could meet. The answer to that came in an offer from one of her coworkers, who would swap shifts once a week, and let us use her apartment. She wanted something in return of course, something that neither of us really wanted to give her. But our desire to be with each other was strong enough that we finally agreed to her terms.

The coworker, Sevgi, is bisexual although she prefers women to the point of almost being a lesbian. And, while she has a nice body, she has the personality of a hard core lesbian, meaning she acts masculine and is aggressive. That’s a big turn off for most men, including me, yet as I said, Sevgi does want a man in bed sometimes. And, her and Aysegul had been occasional lovers, which is why she made the offer in the first place. Although, Aysegul had only been a passive participant letting Sevgi lick her without returning the favor. So, what Sevgi wanted in exchange for helping us with our problem, was for us to become her lovers as well. She wanted me to make love to her twice a month, the way Aysegul and I made love. And, she wanted Aysegul to stop being a passive lover, and to actively make love to her as well.

The thing is that Aysegul had agreed to Sevgi’s conditions without ever asking me. And, she now expected me to keep my side of the bargain she had made. I was obviously a little pissed off when Aysegul told me about the deal she had made. However, since her and I were making love at the time, and there really were no other options, she was eventually able to get me to go along with it. But, not without having to agree to some additional conditions that I imposed as a revenge of sorts for making the deal behind my back. The biggest of those was that my first time with Sevgi, and her first time as an active lover, would be together as a threesome. Plus, there were some additional things I wanted Aysegul to do with Sevgi that Sevgi would not have asked for. Things that would be a little embarrassing for Aysegul, but really hot to me. And that threesome is what this story is mainly about.

Once I’d told Aysegul my conditions, and she passed them on to Sevgi, it took a little over a week for them to get everything set up. That’s because they both needed to be able to be away from the gym at the same time, and that wasn’t easy to arrange on short notice. However, they did get it arranged, and let me know when it would be so that I could take time off from work as well. Of course, it was too early for them to want to start this when I left to supposedly go to work that morning. But, Aysegul had an idea, and that was for me to come to her apartment first then go to Sevgi’s together. Not to make love to her though, because I needed to save my energy for later. No, just to get some rest in her bed, with her, until it was time to meet Sevgi. Like it would be possible for either of us to rest when we were in the same bed together! Still, we did make sure that I didn’t cum while we were there, although there was no reason that Aysegul couldn’t. And she used that advantage to have more than a couple of orgasms before we really did try to rest.

Actually, as we were walking to Sevgi’s a little before 11, I thought that the playing around Aysegul and I had done had been a good idea. By me giving her a few orgasms with my tongue and fingers, I’d helped get her in the mood and take away some of her nervousness. And, by her keeping me horny, without letting me cum, I should have no problem doing what I needed to do with Sevgi. Yes, I know that it sounds a little unfair that I’d think about fucking Sevgi as something I had to do, not something I wanted to do. But, that was the reality of the situation, that as nice as Sevgi’s body might be, I wasn’t attracted to her. The mean, almost man hating expression she always wore, typical of a bull dyke, was a definite turn off. And if she wore it for our get together, my being horny enough to fuck a light socket might come in handy.

When she answered the door, most of Sevgi’s perpetual scowl was absent from her face. However, her manner was almost business like, not sensual in any way, which was just as bad, if not worse. Then again, it was almost understandable that she would feel that way about what was going to happen. I mean, I hadn’t made a play for her, or tried to seduce her, had I? Instead, she’d had to make a deal with Aysegul in order to get me to fuck her. So, as far as she was concerned, this was a business arrangement in a way. And, there was no small talk or anything other than simple greetings before she led us to her bedroom and started taking bostancı escort bayan off her clothes.

Even as horny as I was, I couldn’t make love to her under these circumstances. So, to at least add some sensuality to the proceedings, I asked her to stop, and let me do the undressing. She balked at first, but I persisted, telling her that we were supposed to be making love here, not having cold clinical sex. And, whether she wanted us to enjoy this or not, I did, and that meant doing the things people did when they made love. Like, touching each other, kissing each other, and undressing each other. She protested again, saying that she’d prefer that Aysegul undress her then, if anyone did. And I answered her back, saying that if she wanted me to make love to her, which was supposedly why I was here, then she had to let me do it. Aysegul wouldn’t be there the other times, so she needed to get used to me taking her clothes off, and her taking mine off. Then, since we were both going to make love to Aysegul, we could take hers off together.

I went to her and slowly began opening the buttons on her shirt, but rather than start on mine, or even watch what I was doing, she just stood there like a statue. Again, this was doing nothing to make things easier, and again, I had to do something about it. So I stopped working on her buttons, and went around behind her. Then telling her I wanted her to relax before I went any further, I started softly massaging her shoulders. At this point Aysegul, who was just sitting on the bed watching, asked why I’d never given her a massage. I laughed and said that she was always in the mood, so she hadn’t needed one. But Sevgi here wasn’t in the mood, and I was going to get her there, because I didn’t want to make love alone.

Then, continuing my massage, I leaned down and kissed Sevgi’s neck, which got my first reaction from her. It was her jumping a little, not the reaction I wanted, still it was a reaction and that’s what counted. So, I did it again, and started talking to her in a half whisper. I told her again that I needed her to relax, and if she had to, think about someone else doing what I was doing to her. Because, as I kept repeating, I was here to make love to her, not to fuck her. I was going to use my hands, my fingers, my lips and my tongue, on every inch of her body. And, only when she was ready to make love to me too, would I let her have my cock.

As I was saying this, I moved my hands around, and cupped her breasts through her shirt, and gently began massaging them. Then I continued by saying that I wanted her to make love too, and I wanted her to use her hands, her lips and her tongue on me too. I was going to lick her body, suck her tits, eat her pussy, and stick my tongue deep in her ass. And I was going to put my cock in every one of her holes, her pussy, her ass, and her mouth. And, I was going to cum in every one of those holes before I left today. Would she like that, would she like me to cum in every one of her holes? That finally got a positive reaction from her, a simple whispered yes, as she pressed her body back against me. Then I told her to show me that she wanted those things, by helping me to undress while I finished undressing her.

There was a definite difference when I moved back in front of her this time. Her eyes were now smoky with desire, and she even had a slight smile on her face, which made a big difference in her looks. And, when I reached for her buttons again, she reached for mine too. She was still a little hesitant, because she’d probably never undressed a man before. But, she was at least doing it, and I gave her some more encouragement by leaning forward to kiss her lips. Again, she was hesitant to kiss me back, and it made me wonder how much real experience she had with men. No, I didn’t think she was a virgin, I doubt she would have made this deal if she was. I just thought that all her sex with men had been hurried and rough, with no tenderness at all. And, all her tenderness had been with her women lovers. If that was the case, she was going to be learning a lot of new things from me today.

When she got my shirt open, and I took it off, she commented on how much hair I had on my chest. When I asked if that was a bad thing, she said she didn’t know, then reached out to touch it all by herself. She said that it was a lot softer than she thought, but she still didn’t know if she liked it or not. Then, I guess because she felt she’d insulted me, she told me that she knew her tits were too small when I got her shirt off. They were smaller than Aysegul’s, that was sure, but they still filled my hands so they weren’t that small. And, unlike her, I did say I liked them anyway, because as the old saying goes, more than a mouthful was a waste. I showed her that I liked them too, by leaning forward to trap one of her nipples between my lips. Only for a minute, because we still had Aysegul waiting for us to undress. But, ümraniye escort I got a smile from her, when I talked to her tits and told them I was definitely coming back to see them later.

While she hadn’t hesitated when she saw my chest hair, or to take off my pants even, she did when it came time to pull down my underwear. I had to hold her hands and guide them to get her to do that. And, I had to guide her hand to my cock too, before she would touch it, reinforcing my belief that all her sex with men had been hurried. I also had to tell her not to be so rough with it, since it was just as sensitive as her pussy was. Then, as she got used to holding it in her hand, I kissed her and talked dirty to her again. I told her that the next time she took off my underwear, she should be on her knees, because I’d want her to start kissing it right away. She asked, with a shiver, if that was what I expected her to do right now. And in response, I told her she’d do that later, taking it into her mouth too, which got another shiver. Then I pulled her hand away, and knelt before her to show her how it was done.

I’d only licked her pussy, after sliding her panties off, for a few seconds before Aysegul asked if we’d forgotten about her. Actually I had, to be honest, in concentrating on getting Sevgi to enjoy what we were doing here. Now though, it was time to bring her into the game too, just not the way she expected. I told them both that I had said we’d undress Aysegul together, but I’d changed my mind about that. I was going to let Sevgi do that by herself, while I got to know her body better. First though, I wanted them to kiss each other, because that’s what lovers did before undressing. As I knew would happen, Sevgi was eager while Aysegul didn’t want to kiss another girl. So, I had to turn some of my dirty talk to her, to get her in the mood too. I told her to come to me, then I reminded her of the things we were going to be doing, especially the things she would be doing. I mean, she was going to be licking Sevgi’s pussy and her freshly fucked asshole while I fucked her ass, wasn’t she? So, why should she hesitate to kiss Sevgi’s lips now, considering where she was going to be kissing her later?

It was probably the mention of me fucking her ass that did the trick, because Aysegul lives for ass fucking. Whatever it was, she leaned forward for a first tentative kiss, then went all out after a few seconds. I left them to their kissing and went behind Sevgi to start some kissing of my own, beginning with her shoulders and working my way down. As expected from both her manner and her small tits, Sevgi had a small almost boyish ass. But, while Aysegul’s ass is by far the best one, I like any small tight asses and Sevgi’s was both of those. And, by the time my kisses reached it, Aysegul was already naked and Sevgi was urging her to lay back on the bed so she could eat her pussy.

That’s something that Aysegul didn’t balk at, because she’d let Sevgi do it before and obviously enjoyed it. And when Sevgi knelt between Aysegul’s legs, that opened her pussy and ass to my tongue as well. I concentrated my licking more on her asshole than her pussy, since that’s where I planned to cum first. But, I didn’t totally neglect her pussy with either my mouth or my fingers. And after bringing her to a couple of quick orgasms, it was her pussy that I initially slid my cock into. As I did so, I could finally see what had been making Aysegul cry out so much while I was busy licking Sevgi. Actually, all I could really see was the back of Sevgi’s head, because her face was buried in Aysegul’s pussy. But, the way her head was moving up and down and back and forth, it was easy to imagine what her tongue was doing to Aysegul. And it was easy to see what effect it was having on Aysegul, because of the look of ecstasy on her face and the constant moans she was making.

My stroking in and out of Sevgi’s pussy was having its effect too, since she was moaning almost as loud as she ate Aysegul. And those moans got louder once I started working my thumb into her asshole to open it up for my cock. Once Sevgi’s asshole loosened up, I didn’t waste much time before removing my thumb and slowly working my cock into that tight hole. That’s because between how tight Sevgi’s pussy got when she orgasmed, and watching what they were doing, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. And, as I had told Sevgi, and promised Aysegul, I intended to cum in Sevgi’s ass not her pussy. And it was a good thing I switched holes when I did, because less than 5 minutes later my balls let go and flooded Sevgi’s asshole with a gallon of hot sticky cream.

I kept stroking until my dick started going soft, to give the girls a chance to maybe have another orgasm. Then I pulled out of Sevgi’s ass and told her I wanted her to sit on Aysegul’s face so she could start licking while my sperm was still hot. Aysegul protested, saying I’d promised to fuck her ass too while she was doing that escort kartal for the first time. I told her I’d keep my promise in a few minutes, as soon as Sevgi got me hard again. However, she should have already had enough orgasms to keep her licking until then. And, she could get herself ready at the same time with her fingers, because watching that would help me get harder quicker. Of course she pouted, but her pout was soon invisible as Sevgi lowered her ass down to Aysegul’s mouth. And, she must not have been as reluctant to lick Sevgi as she said she was, because Sevgi quickly started moaning as her tongue went to work.

Sevgi though was definitely reluctant to do what I wanted her to do, which was suck the cock that had just been in her ass. But I was able to convince her by reminding her that she’d said she wanted us to do everything Aysegul and I did, and this was something Aysegul did all the time. And, by telling her that I would be doing what Aysegul was doing to her when we were alone. So, if she wanted me to lick her clean after I fucked her ass, she had to be willing to do the same for me. She was still reluctant, but she slowly took my cock between her lips anyway. I guess she loved Aysegul’s tongue in her ass, and knowing I would do the same as long as she did this was too much for her to resist.

Of course, she was too rough, again because of her obviously limited experience with doing things to men. But a gentle reminder that men were as sensitive there as women were, was enough to get her to slow down and suck a little softer. Still, while she was good enough to get my dick hard again, I knew she’d need lots of practice before she was even as good as Aysegul. And, if this worked out, I planned to give her lots of practice. Especially the way she was doing it now, right after I’d fucked her in the ass. Speaking of ass fucking, I was now hard enough to keep my promise to Aysegul, and I slowly pulled away from Sevgi’s mouth. And surprisingly, Sevgi got a disappointed look on her face when I did. So I leaned down to kiss her, and told her she could do it some more later if she wanted.

That was another thing that had changed since we started, Sevgi’s hesitance to kiss me. Because once I slid into Aysegul’s ass and starting fucking it like I said I would, Sevgi actually leaned forward so we could kiss while I was doing it. And since my hands were free, I kept another promise I had made, the one to Sevgi’s tits that I’d be back to pay more attention to them. As I did, Sevgi broke our kiss to whisper the first sexy thing she’d said to me all night. That was to tell me she loved my hands on her tits and to ask again if they weren’t too small. I whispered back to her that they were just perfect because I liked them small. Still whispering, she asked if I liked hers better than Aysegul’s and I told her that Aysegul’s were too big for me and that I didn’t play with them very much. But, before she started thinking that I’d want to give Aysegul up, I told that I wouldn’t lie to her. I liked her tits better than Aysegul’s and I liked Aysegul’s ass better than hers. So, I planned to make love to both of them as often as I could.

Even though I thought I’d said the right thing, it was sort of the wrong thing in a way. Because she immediately seized on my words and turned them against me by asking if that meant I’d see her every week just like Aysegul. Thing is, I don’t think she realized she had me between a rock and a hard place. I mean, she could easily threaten to break our deal to get me to say yes to almost anything she wanted. But either she didn’t see that, or she did and wanted me to want it myself, instead of doing it because I had to. So, I could have easily told her we’d stick to the original deal for now and talk about more later. I didn’t though, because now that the scowl was gone from her face, she was a much prettier girl. And, the way she was asking made it clear that she would do almost anything for me if I said yes.

And that’s what I whispered in her ear, that we needed to talk about some things when we were alone. But, as long as she would do all the things Aysegul did, I’d be more than willing to see her just as often. Those things we needed to talk about were the parts about not doing anything to put my marriage at risk of course. Like constant messages, late night phone calls, or doing things at the gym that would give us away. However, I was sure she’d abide by those rules if it meant having a lover who actually wanted to be in her bed. There was another reason why I felt like saying yes to her, although I didn’t realize what that feeling was until later. It was the fact that Sevgi was a lot less selfish than Aysegul was in her lovemaking. The only things Sevgi had balked at were those she wasn’t used to, not those where she’d have to give the pleasure. I mean, how long had she been eating Aysegul’s pussy with nothing in return until now? Whereas Aysegul hadn’t even offered to return the favor and even when it was part of the deal needed me to be fucking her asshole before she’d do it. And, in the month we were fucking before this, she hadn’t offered to suck my cock until she needed me to agree to the deal that would get her the ass fucking she wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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