Scorekeeper Wendy

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Coaching college club lacrosse isn’t glamorous. The pay is negligible, the hours are long and you are essentially working for your players who can turn on you and fire you. I made the best of it by creating a few unofficial perks for myself. I asked a few influential parents and alumni to start a stipend fund for me, broke the club sport guidelines and attended some of the players parties and generally tried not to take coaching the team too seriously. I like to have fun also and used to party pretty hard when I played college club lacrosse. However, the absolute best perk I have is our team scorekeeper, Wendy.

The players paid a team manager and a scorekeeper each season. By tradition, they were girls who hung out with the guys, affectionately termed lacrossetitutes. I decided that the team should advertise the scorekeeper job in the student newspaper to boost our potential pool and then I talked to two trusted players and told them that I hoped that they would select some hotties and that I wanted to meet the 4 or 5 finalists and make the final selection. As the sport has grown at the college club level in recent years, fan attendance has also grown and now our team gets hundreds if not a thousand fans out to big games. That helps create more celebrity on campus for our team and the players definitely benefit socially. In simple terms, there are a lot more hot chicks who want to get some lacrosse dick in their tight crease than when I played.

I let the two captains do all the initial scorekeeper screening. For a student, being the lacrosse team scorekeeper is a sweet gig. The scorekeeper gets a $5000 stipend and travel paid for. The captains did everything, interviewed the applicants, picked finalists and then explain to the finalists the expectations they had for the scorekeeper. All five turned out to be lax chicks, and all were pretty cute or hot. The guys gave me a list of the five, complete with rankings and Facebook head shots.

I met with all five in the rec sports center and couldn’t decide right away. The guys invited Amber, Traci and Krista over to their house for a party the next night and I decided to show up for a while. When I attended these player-hosted parties, I got there early and I usually left before it got too late and I might be a witness to late-night team rule violations or generally dumb things that college students do when drunk. As the guys finalized the party set up and tapped the keg, Amber walked in to pre-party with two of the players. She was dressed up for the party in tight-fitting skinny jeans, a one-shoulder yellow and white top and 6″ high yellow ankle boots. The guys poured her a big solo cup of donkey punch – nicknamed because it has a kick you don’t see coming until too late, and left us alone to talk.

Amber and I struck up a conversation and she quickly turned it to the score keeper position.

“I really hope you guys pick me to be scorekeeper. But they said you haven’t made a decision yet.” She said. “I really want to do it. I told the guys I would do a great job as the score girl. I did it in high school. They said you get to make the final decision and that you might need convincing.” Amber said quickly before finishing her cup of punch in gulps. “I know a lot about lacrosse, and I know how to keep score and collect all the stats.” Amber repeated as she reached for the plastic pitcher and poured herself another donkey punch.

“If I get picked, I have a friend, Megan, who wants to help too and she doesn’t expect to be paid or anything. She just likes being around the team.” Amber said as she quickly drained half of her second glass.

“How many girls is it down to?” she said as she looked at me.

“You have good odds, I think the captains narrowed it down to five.” I said. “We are meeting tomorrow, so tonight is your chance to impress us with your indispensable skills.”

“What do you mean, my indispensable skills? I want to keep score and stats for the team, so me and Megan have a reason to hang out with hot guys.”

“Do you know Kendra and Wendy? They are are coming tonight also.” I said.

“Yea, I know them. Wendy comes to all these parties. She is the brunette with the tiny lax sticks around her ankle. Someone said each one is for a lax player she’s fucked, but it’s not true because her whole calf would be covered.” Amber said with a laugh as she downed the last of her second glass and refilled her red solo cup with more.

“She has a reputation?” I said, trying to keep the conversation going. Amber took a big gulp of the punch, then leaned in close, to share a secret

“She’s a total laxtitute.” Amber declared, “A much bigger one than me.” she said into my ear

“Amber, how much do you want to score on our lacrosse team this season.” I asked.

“A lot. I could use the money and I want to be your score girl.”, she said, looking at me sincerely, “Don’t pick Wendy, she won’t do as good a job. bostancı escort bayan I’ll take it seriously. I want to do it bad.” she said.

“Let’s see just how badly you want it. If I made the final decision, would you show me your tits to get picked.” I asked.

“Sure, for $5 K. Yea, you could see my tits.”

“Would you peel off your jeans and undies?” I continued.

“Yea, for 5K. I’m not wearing undies though, these jeans show panty lines.” she said.

I took the opportunity to put an arm around her waist and feel her ass. “Nice.”

“Thanks. I like a clean look.” she said. I was buzzed from the shots I did when I first arrived so I was a little bold.

” Would you blow me Amber?” I said into her ear, “To be the score girl, would you give me head?” I said and gave her ass a firm squeeze and caressed the bottom curve in her jeans. She didn’t pull away.

“Once? Or like all the time.” She said as she looked up at me.

“All the time, Amber. Anytime I tell you to. For 5K, will you do what I tell you all season long?” I asked.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think I can do that.” she said quietly with disappointment in her voice.

“Then you probably won’t be the score girl this year, Amber.” I said and walked away. I liked to mess with the girls that hung out a lot with the team. They usually knew I was messing with them. In this case I was half serious. As a first year coach and a horny guy in his mid 30’s, I really would like to fuck Amber’s sparkling, pink-glossed lips with my cock. She had a pretty face, smallish nose and bright green eyes and kept her long hair medium blonde and lightened up with lots of highlights that gave it depth and made you want to run your fingers through it. A few of the girls that hung out around the team really were DTF with just about any of the players, others were loyal girlfriends or not really anything more than girls who liked lax. I didn’t really know where Amber fit, but I didn’t think of her as a hardcore laxtitute. I left her, with her mouth agape and walked into the kitchen.

I found the team captains talking to Kendra and Wendy and Roxy. All three were looking hot in little minidresses. Roxy looked the sexiest in a skin-tight blue dress that showed off her slim, tight body and shimmering silver, party-girl heels that must have been 6″ high with 2″ platforms. I stood up right next to her toned body Roxy looked like she was already buzzed from pre-partying with Wendy. Roxy put her hand on my shoulder, kissed my cheek.

“Hi coach!” She said. I put my hand on her ass as she kissed me and since she didn’t move away, I kept it on her slim hip.

“Have you picked a score girl yet? Is it me?” She said?

“Not yet, soon.” I said.

“Who should I blow to be picked?” Wendy joked, not aware of what I had just said to Amber.

“Wendy, you already HAVE blown everyone. If that was the way it worked, you would be score girl already.” Mike said as we laughed.

“Not true, I haven’t blown coach yet and tried blowing you but I couldn’t find your tiny dick.” Wendy said, teasing.

“Wendy, your throat was full of my cock on Tues, in the library. Remember?” Mike said, teasing her or maybe recounting a real event as we all chuckled.

Roxy took hold of my arm, lets go coach, I’ll give you a good one and be your score girl.” She teased.

“Just one? Roxy, with this team, coach is going to want regular relief of his frustration. Better plan on wearing knee pads.” Wendy said as she giggled.

“I’d offer to be your score girl, but you know you can have me anytime coach.” Wendy said and smiled. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or making fun with me so I left it there.

We fell onto other topics but it was clear that Wendy was a dirty girl and Roxy seemed pretty content to lean slightly into me as the group talked about classes, Christmas trips, our spring break games in Arizona and gossip about players not yet there.

I took a few trips back and forth to the keg during that time, and each time resumed my place next to Roxy, maybe drinking three beers while we talked. By the time I got my fourth beer, the keg in the back yard was surrounded by people, the whole house was full and the music was much louder. Four people were ahead of me waiting for the bathroom when I reached the hallway.

As I was in line for the bathroom, Amber came up to me and grabbed my arm,

“Coach, I need to talk with you, can you give me a minute?” Amber said as she tugged on my arm.

“I have to piss, then sure.” I said.

“Ok. I do too.” Amber said as the door opened and Jeff Wilkins, my starting goalie came out. Amber slipped in before I could and closed the door in my face as she smiled a big, drunk-girl smile. Minutes later she opened it and let me past her and I closed the door behind me. I pissed quickly, the light yellow color of urine filling the toilet, washed my hands and ümraniye escort then shook them dry in the sink and wiped them on my jeans. When I steoped out into the hall, Amber stood in her yellow high heeled booties, legs crossed at the ankles, as she leaned against the wall, for a little support, waiting.

“I want to talk, somewhere private.” she insisted.

“Follow me.” I said and led her out the side door and onto the cement pavers between the house and the fence.

“I’ll do it.” Amber said. “I thought about it and I’ll do it.”

“Do what Amber? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t pick Roxy, pick me. I’ll do whatever.” Amber said sincerely.

“Amber I was kidding.” I said.

“I’m not. I want to be YOUR score girl.” she said.

“And just what are you offering, Amber?”

“You know…” She said.

I assessed the situation quickly. The guys liked Amber. She was one if the hottest two candidates and she was saying she was DTF with me. I moved close and talked quietly in her ear as I caressed her lower back and felt for the top of her tight jeans.

“Are you going to be a good girl and do what I say?

“Yes coach.”

“Are you offering to blow the coach’s cock and get your pretty mouth fucked?”

“Uh huh.” She said.

“Will you take it deep and slobber all over it?”

“Yes, if you want.” she agreed.

“Are you going to swallow every load of cum I have like a good girl?” I continued

“Yes coach.” She said

“You sure you want it this way?” I said.

“Yes coach.” She said.

“Take out your phone, text me your number, mine is..” I said, “805 870 xxxx”

“But don’t you want to….?” She said, looking down.

“Do this first. Do you have a car?” I asked.

“No, just a bike. My sister took my car back home to HB.” She said.

I watched as I repeated my number and she texted me.

“Good girl. Now go to the hallway and go into the bedroom on the left and close the door. If its occupied, wait outside in the hall.”

She nodded and walked inside the house and headed through the living room full of people. I waited a minute, then slowly waded through the crowd in the house and stopping to talk to a few players. Amber wasn’t in the hallway. I opened the bedroom door and Amber was sitting on the bed, waiting for me and texting on her phone. She looked up and finished her text then put the phone in her back pocket.

I reached down and caressed Amber’s face and traced my finger along her lips, then I helped her stand up. I pulled her to me and turned her face up to mine and kissed her as I grabbed a hold of her ass and grabbed it firmly. As I slid my hands over her ass and kissed half-drunk Amber, I looked over at the small walk-in closet and decided we should go there for a bit more privacy in case someone came into the bedroom. I broke our kiss, took her hand and led her into the closet. The closet was a mess, but I pulled on the string that turned on the light, kicked a few shoes and sweatshirts aside and managed to close the door.

I kissed Amber and then pushed on both her shoulders, she knelt down and faced the bulge in my jeans. “How would you score that, Amber?”

“Long-stick player, for sure.” She said giggling.

“Is the hot goalie going to her knees early to swallow up the shot?” I said, caressing her cheek.

“Yes.” she said as she tugged on the button of my jeans, unzipped me and felt my cock through my underwear.

“Amber, anytime, anywhere, all season long?” I said, caressing her cheek then grabbing a handful of her hair and tugging her head back.

“Yes coach.” she said as she peeled my underwear down and exposed my hard cock. She moved her head forward but I pulled on her hair, keeping my cock out of her mouth.

“I’m in charge now Amber. Coach’s rules.”

“Yes sir, coach’s rules.” she repeated as I pushed her head down a little and rubbed my balls on her lips and felt her open her mouth and lick my ball sack with the tip of her tongue.

“That’s it Amber, scoop my balls up with your tongue. Feels so fucking good. Amber, how old are you?”

Amber stopped kissing my balls long enough to answer.

“Nineteen, coach. I’m a sophomore.” she said before I pushed her mouth back to my nuts and felt her lips kiss one of my balls then gently suck it into her soft mouth through her pouty, “O” shaped pucker.

“Fuck Amber, you are a good little ball-slobbering laxtitute, aren’t you?”

I didn’t let her answer, but kept her head pinned against me and felt her tongue flowing over my nuts as her lips pulled on them gently and stretched them from my shaft. She took her right hand and grabbed the base of the shaft and started stroking and twisting her hand up and down while slurping on my balls. I knew she was going to make me cum soon if I let her continue.

We both heard the door to the bedroom open and Tony’s voice, “cool, still empty. Come escort kartal on in.”

I heard short footfalls and guessed Tony was with Erica or maybe her name was Erin, a freshman chick that he was talking with when I passed by. I kept my hand on the back of Amber’s head and motioned to her to shush. She nodded and sucked quietly on my balls then let me guide her mouth to the tip of my cock and began to suck silently on the head as she looked up at me.

I heard the door open again, “Tony?” I heard a girl say, “Can I have some too?” another girl said, presumably the one at the door.

“Sure, but turn the lock on the door so we don’t have to invite the whole crowd.” Tony said and then I heard a lighter spark and the distinct sound of air bubbling through a bong.

I kept Amber busy sucking on my dick as listened to the two girls and Tony get high with the bong. I pulled Amber’s mouth off my cock and helped her up to her feet quietly. The house was shaking with music that probably masked any noises we were making.

“Go out there, get a bong hit from Tony and come back, don’t tell anyone who you are with.” I said as I saw her eyes widen in surprise. “Keep me a secret if you want to score this season.” I said in her ear. She nodded and then I stepped into the back of the closet and let Amber walk out.

“Amber! What the fuck! What are you doing in my closet?” Tony barked.

“Making out with a guy. Please don’t ask who. Can I have a bong hit?” She begged. “I want to get stoned.” She said.

“Sure.” Tony said and I heard the lighter snap and bubbles going through the bong moments later. I heard the bubbles stop and then short, staccato steps towards the closet.

“Thanks Tony, see ya.” I heard Amber say as the closet door quickly opened and closed and Amber kissed me with her pot-flavored mouth.

The girls and Tony finished smoking quickly and left, as the smell of green pot smoke seeped into the bedroom closet. Tony escorted the girls out, came back to the closet door and said, “Bye Amber, bye Coach.” and walked out and closed the bedroom door behind him.

I got back to focusing on kissing Amber and she was stoned and even more eager to kiss me as I rubbed her pussy thru her tight jeans then pushed her back to her knees. She pulled my cock to her lips and I grabbed the back of her head and steadily fucked Amber’s hot mouth. She was eager and compliant, letting me control her head and fuck her mouth at the pace and depth of my choosing as she looked up at me through drooped eyelids and tongued the underside of my veiny cock.

I turned the closet light back on so I could see her green eyes looking up at me. I also loved the way her bright yellow heels looked behind her ass as she slurped on my cock and tried to make me cum. It wasn’t long after she resumed blowing me that I was close to cumming and pulled her head back and forth on my cock. she sucked on it harder, trying to get me to nut a tangy load of ball juice into her young mouth.

“Swallow my shot, Amber, don’t give up a rebound and make a mess.” I said as I gently rocked her forehead back and forth and fed her on the crease. I felt her hand caress my nuts and that trigger got me to shoot, pulsing streams of creamy, salty juice directly onto the roof of Amber’s young palate.

“Fuck yes baby, suck it, absorb my shot, swallow it up like a good girl. Mark that as a shot on goal and a sweet, sticky save.” I said as I caressed her cheek and felt her cheeks hollow around my cock head and suck the remaining bits from my shaft.

“Congratulations score girl.” I said and pulled her up to kiss me. “How was it?”

“Hot. I am so wet now. I’m pretty high from that one bong hit and that made it so hot to suck you. I just got lost in the feelings and the task of sucking your cock. I could have sucked you for a lot longer.” she said quickly, pressing against me and running her nails over my polo shirt.

“That was just the beginning. We will be doing that a lot Amber.” I kissed her mouth and got a bit of cum flavor taste mixed with pot as we kissed. “We shouldnt leave at the same time. You first, then I will slip out in a minute or two. One more thing Amber. When you get home Amber, I want you to play with your pussy and think about me. Will you do that?”

“Uh huh.” She said

“And Amber, I want you you use your phone, take pics of you being a good girl and playing with your pussy. Are you going to be a good girl?”

“Uh huh. Yes coach.”

“Amber, Is your pussy shaved?”

“Yea, it’s shaved bald, but I have a little landing strip.” She said

“Good girl. I like it totallly bare. Shave off the little strip, ok?”. She nodded.

“When you go home, text me, play with your bare pussy, send me some pics of your pretty cunt and everything will be fine. You’ll be the next score girl.”

“Yes coach. I will.” She said.

“You will, what?” I asked.

“Play with myself, take pics, text you. I promise.” She said earnestly, “And I’ll be thinking about your long-stick cock now that I’ve seen it.”

Lacrosse season just got much, much better for me.. Over the course of the season, Amber proved herself to be my rookie of the year selection.

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