Savannah Becomes a Boy Toy Ch. 01

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I had only slept with a couple of guys by the time I turned eighteen. One was a one time deal as I just wanted to see what it was like as he would tell me how big is cock was saying I couldn’t handle it. It wasn’t all that impressive. When I turned eighteen I became a boy toy, my twenty-one year old brother’s boy toy.

I would be getting ready for a date and he would come and watch me get dressed while he sat naked in the corner of my room and he would touch himself. I saw him cum once and I told him how gross it is that he masturbates in front of me much less over me. He would hint as wanting to have sex with me but I told him that it is so wrong and stuff as I am his sister. I am 5’3, 105 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes, he was much bigger than me and his cock was unusually big.

Tonight I was going to go out and hopefully get this guy to start liking me and stuff so I got into the shower to clean myself up. I bathed my pussy well and made sure I was clean. I shut off the water and threw the towel over my head toweling my hair as I opened the shower curtain. As I took the towel off and I saw my brother sitting on the toilet naked again. He told me that I looked pretty and I smelled good. I told him whatever and asked him to leave. He told me he wants to have sex with me and I told him to keep touching himself as that is the closet he is going to get.

He czech experiment porno asked if I was going out to a party tonight and I told him yes as I slid on my lacy anklet socks. I began combing my hair and he told me that he read a note I was going to give to the guy tonight which talked about me wanting to have sex with him. My brother told me that I shouldn’t be having sex with strange guys as I am only eighteen. I said then who should I have sex with and he told me I should fuck him. I told him I wasn’t turned on by him and you can’t have sex with your brother. He told me that he was going to tell my boyfriend if I didn’t let him have sex with me. I felt my throat ball up and I felt like I was going to cry. I couldn’t even gasp a word as I didn’t know what to say. He stood up walking around behind me as I felt his bare cock press against my ass. He wrapped his arms around my stomach and whispered in my ear that it could be in my ass if that would make me feel better. I told him it wouldn’t and to please leave.

He said fine, as he started to open the bathroom door he told me that he will call my boyfriend tell him what I was going to do and told me he had my diary which talked about the sex that I have had. He said good luck in keeping my boyfriend. My lips began to tremble and my hands began to shake as I couldn’t believe what czech first porno video I was going to say. I told him to stop and asked if he was really going to do that. He said he wouldn’t if he could fuck me. I told him fine but he could only do it one time and he had to go get a condom. My brother said without a condom and one time would be it.

I turned facing the vanity grasping each side with my hands and I then slowly backed up toward him while spreading my legs. I told him fine but just remember how gross this is going to be as he is my brother. He shut the door locking it and he walked up behind me. I couldn’t look at him as it made me want to puke. I felt his hands slide up my outer thighs and then to my hips as I felt the warmth of his body against mine. I kept thinking of anyone else as I needed to get wet but it wasn’t working. He leaned over my shoulder telling me to relax and I felt the head of his cock press against my pussy opening.

His cock was the biggest I ever had and it was crazy knowing what was about to happen. As he began to slide it into me I tried to stop myself from moaning but I couldn’t stop the moan of pleasure. He began working me as he was taking nice long strokes as he shoved it into me. I hate to admit it did feel pretty good. He began fucking me so hard I was grabbing the vanity so hard my czech game porno hands began to hurt. He was moaning telling me how great I felt and that I should be thankful to have such a good brother. I told him whatever and to hurry up. He was fucking me good and hard pushing me up onto my toes to handle his full length. I asked him, you like fucking your sister? You like fucking your little sister?” He said you bet.

He suddenly started shoving himself as deep as he could go and he was moaning louder. I still couldn’t look at him as he told me to look him in his eyes so he could see the pleasure on my face. I told him to make sure he pulls out of me and he told me not to worry. He then shoved it so hard into me it made me fall onto the vanity top making my body twitch at the coolness of the counter top on my breasts. I felt his hot semen start coating the walls of my pussy. I told him to pull out and he finally did. I told him you promised not to cum inside of me. He told me that he only let two spurts go inside of me and to not worry. As I turned around he pushed me on top of my head pushing me onto my knees as I felt his semen running down my butt cheeks where he finished cumming. He then grabbed me by the cheeks as he guided his cock toward my mouth telling me to clean it off. I tried to resist but he slapped me making my mouth open allowing him to stick his cock in my mouth. He then grabbed the back of my head pulling it onto his cock. He pushed it down my throat until his balls were against my chin making me gag. He made me clean him all off before pulling himself out of his mouth.

I had to jump back in the shower and try to hurry getting ready to make it to the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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