Sara and I Ch. 02

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So there I was, jacking off as I watched Sara taking a shower in the next room. I loved the way her smooth, suppple skin glistened in the dimn light. And the way the steam from the hot water wreathed her curvy form was fantastical! She looked like a naughty water nymph magically transported to modern day New Hampshire.

Her lovely manicured hands caressed her silky flesh as she rubbed away the strain of the last few days. Her full round breasts undulated subtlely with every breath she took.

I watched in awe as she cupped them and squeezed, gently fingering the stiffening nipples and then tugging ever so slightly on the golden hoops that resided in the pink buds. The gold contrasted with the lightly tanned white skin. Her left hand continued to love her tits as the right skimned down over her flat soft belly and cupped her sweet pink pussy lips. She rubbed herself up and down softly. I had started to speed up the strokes of my hand up and down my cock when my sister began to touch herself. I consciously slowed myself down, to take the time and enjoy the show without popping too soon.

Her index finger slid up and down the now glistening outer lips of her smooth hairless cunny. Slowly and almost delicately, Sara slipped it inside herself.


Her intake of air was soft, not quite a moan of pleasure. I watched the finger slip in past the second knuckle and then her left hand came down to join the play. She took two fingers and lifted the hood out of the way for her swollen clit to peep out. It was a bright pink and about the size of a pencil eraser. Sara used her thumb to stroke it in slow circles.

Her knees seemed to almost collapse at this and she did moan, loudly. I stopped stroking my dick as hot cords in my back, shoulders and thighs pulled tightly toward my crotch. I pinched two fingers just under the large head of my penis, trying to stop the liquide flow and have a mini-orgasm at the same time. I held off, barely.

Then Sara started to furiously thrust her finger in and out of her sweet pussy as the juices began to flow. Her thumb continued it’s wonderful assault and I could see the trembling in her thighs and soft belly. He full pink lips were open wide and her long pink tongue tasting them over and over again as if imagining she were licking a cockhead.

“Ohhh, God. Matt! Please let me suck you baby…” These words shocked the hell out of me, and caused the need to pinch my cock again. I gritted my teeth and strained not to blow my load all over my bedroom wall as the sperm seemed to rush to Sara’s call.

Heat filled my body and I almost sprained every muscle in my lower half. Colors flashed and a small bit of hot white spunk leaked out of my piss hole. He held very still and let out a long quiet sigh, trying not to alert my sister that I was watching her.

I was glad I didn’t as Sara lowerd herself slowly to her hands and knees and I was treated to a view of her dilectible ass. She reached her left hand back and stroked her full, silky smooth cheeks. I just held my cock, watching in awe, what happened next. Sara began to run her fingers up and down the crack of her luscious butt, using one fingertip to caress her pink star. She rubbed it a bit and then soaped up her fingers. She placed one long finger against her asshole and rubbed it in circles, pushing deeper with each revolution, until her middle finger popped through the tight ring of muscle.

“Oooohhhh…yeahhh…” Sara moaned and slid the slick finger further inside herself.

I used my right hand to smooth the precum and bit of semen all over the length of my hard cock. I cupped my balls with my left and began to gently pull on my pubic hairs.

Sara thrust her soapy ankara escort middle finger in and out of her butt, and used the fingers of her right hand to diddle her clittoris. The first finger was joined by another and she began to make slow and firm strokes, moving her wrist in circles and I could see that she had her fingers deep inside herself. While moving them in and out deeper and deeper, she would twist her wrist a bit, adding to the sensation. My sister was leaning the side of her hot face down on the bathtub rim and arching her hips to give greater access to that tightly stretched, spasaming bunghole. I spit on my dick and encircled myself.

As Sara finger fucked her own beautiful ass, I slowly ran my fist up and down building the pleasure, but not letting my orgasm come till my sister’s did. I knew how sick and twisted this situation was. I mean, this was my SISTER! I was spying on her and invading her privacy. I was doing something only adolecents were supposed to do and I was supposed to be an adult now. This was crazy and I knew I should stop.

But I didn’t stop. I kept pleasuring myself and watching Sara do the same. What happened next made me stop what I was doing and hold very still, as if afraid what I was seeing would dissappear if I moved. The shower door opened and my sisters friend Tara was standing there. I remembered how gorgeous her body was. The smooth tanned flesh with her dark, perky nipples on the ends of full warm breasts. And the pussy fur she had shaped into an arrow pointing right down to the center of attention. She smiled to see Sara masturbating and climbed in with her. Sara had not stopped what she was doing and did not stop now, as Tara carefully stepped in and knelt down beside her.

I could not believe my sisters stamina as she kept fucking her beautiful butt. I had experiemented a little bit with shoving things up my ass. Most of us do. I remembered the feeling of burning that friction can cause up there. And Sara had been steadily thrusting two fingesr in and out of he asshole for several minute now. At a fair pace to. Either she was into a bit of pain, or she was so deep into her fantasy of me that she didn’t notice.

Tara reached down and gently pulled her fingers out. She raised them to her own lips and licked and sucked them both clean. She put her arm around Sara and gently eased the two into a spoon. I could just see Tara’s hand caressing Sara’s tits.

“Hey girl. You know you never have to do this when I’m around, right?” Her words were soft, but I could make them out. Sara still had her eyes closed, and she nodded.

Tara kissed my sisters face sweetly and then licked around her lips before bringing their mouths together, Just before the two sets of full, soft lips met, I saw Sara’s open and her pink tongue enter the fray. They kissed passionately, their mouths opening and closing.

Feminin lips caressed and sucked upon one another as wet tongues tasted all over the inside of their mouths. Their eyes were closed and their heads turned to the side to give more leverage. I could hear contented sighs and moans of lust and love.At last they parted lips withg one last loving tongue suck. Tara smile at Sara. Sara’s eyes looked wet and red, even through the water on her face from the shower spray.

“I know that it’s wrong. But I can’t help it. I love him so much. I always have. And no matter how hard I try to stop, it just gets worse.” Her voice sounded hoarse. Tara let out a heartfelt sigh and held Sara more tightly to her. I could feel that she truly loved my sister. I was glad of that. Sara was so wonderful and deserved love. Tara was a great girl. And her brother Greg was just a very nive guy. He had tried to be escort ankara friends with me right off the bat. The problem was, not only was the dude marrying my sister; but the girl I loved more than anything else in the world. Jealousy makes fools of us all…

Before you ask, no the guy who had been boffing the girls in Sara’s appartement eight months ago was not Tara’s brother Greg. That guy had been an old boyfriend. I would have killed the motherfucker if he’d been THAT guy. Back to the shower.

I stood there looking through the hole I’d drilled in my sisters and my wall when I was fourteen. Once again, I had my dick in my hand and she was naked. But this was no horny teen trying to explore the wonders of sex and hormones. This was an adult male and an adule female. And as Sara cried in Tara’s arms, I found my eyes tearing up too.

God help me, I loveed her so fucking much it hurt inside. No other woman could ever compare and I felt ruined for other women. Tara tilted Sara’s face up and pecked her on the forhead. She smiled reassuringly. “What about my brother honey? You two are getting married tomorrow. You need to be sure about it..”

Sara smiled tremulously. “Oh, sweetheart. I love Greg too. But you know what I mean. I can never love anyone like I love Matt. I feel like my heart is breaking every time I’m around him. And my body is on fire. I want him to touch me so bad…”

Tara covered her mouth with hers and reached one hand down to cover her pussy mound. I saw Tara crook a couple fingers into Sara’s hole and rub her clit with the palm of her hand. When Sara arched her back and thrust her hips up to meet the invading fingers, Tara stuck another finger up her well plunged ass. Sara moaned and gasped into her lovers mouth as Tara fucked her in both holes rapidly. My sisters hips were dancing and Tara gave no quarter. She plunged and wiggled and rubbed for all she was worth.

This was orgasm or death. Sara began to cry out but Tara muffled the screams with her own lips and tongue. Sara’s body shuddered and quaked. Tara fucked her an I watched her bring Sara to an earth shattering climax. Sara scream-squealed once, loudly and then relaxed into Tara’s embrace. Her tiuts heaved and the sounds of her panting and heaving breaths echoed in the shower stall. I was breathing right along with her.

After a few kisses and murmered endearments they stood up and turned off the shower. I saw them get out and close the door. I turned so that my sweaty back was to the wall and leaned there panting and thinking about what I just saw. More imprtantly, what I’d just heard…

Sara loved me as much as I had always loved her? How? Why? I had never gone out of my way to seduce her. I’d never been overly familiar, beyond the normal flirting that most brothers and sisters did. She had never let on that she felt anything other than sibling affection and tenderness. What the hell was wrong with us? We were sick. Perverts who wanted to not only have sex with each other, but fall in love.

I knew I was damned. I was a lost sould who didn’t want to be saved. This was my sweet sister and Goddamnit I wanted to stick my cock so far up her that my cum would shoot out of her mouth! I wanted to mark her as mine forever. I was sick…

But Sara? I knew she was kinky. She was into threesomes and was openly bisexual. She got tattoos and piercing in weird places. And she had been a drug addict and alchohalic.

I could nderstand that she had problems. But wanting her own brother? Wasn’t that a sin?

As I move over to the bed and stripped out of my dirty clothes, I could not help thinking about the things I’d witnessed. My erection never subsided and as I sat down on the soft ankara escort bayan bed in the nude, I spread my legs and took ahold of myself again. Images of Sara and Tara making love and of Sara masturbating ran through my mind as I stroked myself.

In the silence of my room I grittded my teeth.

“Sara…Sara…oh God sweet baby I love you so much!!!” The door burst open and there stood Tara as I let fly with enough spunk to fill a beer mug! I had been saying that out LOUD??? Oh shit! Was my last coherent thought. Spasming and jerking I came all over myself and just before I had a brownout I felt warm lips cover the head of my cock.

It must have been only a couple seconds before I was opening my eyes again. I looked around in confusion and then still felt the warmth and wetnes around my dick.

I lifted my head and looked down to see Tara nursing my dick like a lolly. By the small amount of jizz on me, I would guess she had goten there in time to take most of it into heer mouth and had licked the rest up. I stared at her a bit cross eyed. Some of it was confusion. Most was from the amazing cum. With a wet slurp, Tara let my cock fall from her cum covered lips. She smiled in a funny tight-lipped way. Were her cheeks bulging?

Standing, Tara grabbed my hand and pulled me up too. I did not have the energy to resist. She got me on my feet and then pulled me after her into the hall. I was completely without will or though. Luckily the three of us were the only ones in the house right then. Tara led my by the hand into Sara’s room.

My sister her gotten dressed in a loose summer dress that barely reached her knees. She was brushing her long blond hair when we walked in, both naked as jaybirds.

Her eyes widened and she just stared at us. Mostly at me I think. She said nothing.

Tara le go of my hand and walked over to my sister. She put her arms around her and drew her into a deep kiss. Sara stiffened for a moment as if surprise by something and then let out a long moan of pleasure, clasping Tara and positively raping her mouth.

The two girls kissed for long seconds and wet sloppy, nasty sounds emerged from their lips. Sara moaned and groaned and even whimpered. Tara let her head tilt back and opened her mouth wide as Sara plunged her tongue inside. It looked like she was licking her girlfriends back teeth! I stood there in stupification till they at last parted.

Tara backed away, shaking and Sara slid down the bed to sit on the floor with her legs splayed out in front of her. Tara walked trembling to the bed and sat down weakly.

Looking down I could see a dark wet stain spreading in Sara’s lap. She had cum from the kiss, it was plain to see. She sat there looking at me and then opened her moth to show me some of my own sperm on her tongue. She swirled her tongue in the cream and then swallowed. She just looked at me with dark eyes.

In the stories, the hero always knows what to do at this point. I was completely lost. Tara and my sister had just snowballed my load right in front of me. And Sara had had an orgasm from it without even being touched. I hit my knees on the ground when I lost all strength in my legs. I barely noticed the pain.

Sara was licking her lips and runing her tongue all around in side her mouth over and over, as if still tasting me. And loving it. He looked at her and eveything just hit me all at once. I am ashamed to say that at the age of eighteen, I started crying like a little baby right in front of my sister and her girlfriend. Sara rushed over to me and took me in her arms. I smelled her wonderful scent and leaned into her comforting warmth.

“Shhhh…It’s ok Matty. I love you baby, I love you so much. Everything will be fine. Please don’t cry. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.” I looked at her and notice the tears running down her face. I took a deep shuddering breath.

“Sara we have really got to talk now.”

To be continued…

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