Risking It All for Toni

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A true account of a secret 20 minute ass-fuck with my Brothers Wife!

I was at my brother-in-laws house, watching videos on his computer upstairs in his study. My Wife was down stairs watching TV and keeping an eye on their kids while Toni, his wife, was flitting around the house, hoovering and tidying up. He was sat at the computer-desk and I was leaning against the wall behind him near the open door. His Wife came out of their bedroom clutching some dirty washing in her arms and dropped some items on the floor.

As she bent down to pick them up, I caught a glimpse of red red-laced panties as her short denim skirt rode up over her ass cheeks. She spotted me looking but instead of being embarrassed, she just pulled her panties aside to give me a glimpse of her black-haired pussy! She traced her middle finger across her slit and rubbed it slightly before standing back up, blowing me a kiss and walking down the stairs smiling at me. I was shocked!

My cock was instantly aroused and I found it difficult to think of anything but fucking her. We continued to watch the videos and a couple of minutes later, Toni came back up the stairs and came into the room to chat to us. My eyes followed her actions closely as she stood behind her husband with her legs slightly parted and leaned forward on tippy-toe over the back of his swivel chair to put her arm round him and peck his cheek.

“What you to up to” she said, as with her free arm, she slowly lifted her skirt up so I could see her pussy again! She had removed her panties and she was playing with her pussy for me just a few feet in front of my face.

“Just watching some funny videos” he said, smiling back at her. While she continued to play, she chatted to us and made comments on the videos, occasionally looking round at me and glancing down at the obvious bulge in my pants. She gestured at me with her hand and I cautiously reached out to touch her bare cunt! It was soft and warm and as I spread her lips apart, I could feel it was very slippery indeed. Gaining confidence, I managed to quickly stick a finger up inside and just as I did, she let out a startled yelp erotik film izle and quickly moved away from me and said

“When are you meeting Dan?”

“Oh shit I’d better go now!” he said and grabbed his keys to go. “See you later mate” he said to me.

“Yeah, OK mate”, I said as he ran down the stairs and slammed the front door shut.

Immediately, his wife pressed herself against me and gyrated her hips against my hardness! She had a wicked grin on her face and as she reached inside the front of my trousers to stroke my cock, I reached behind to start working at her ass-cheeks and pussy. This dirty little slut – I was licking my fingers and pushing them up her arse and she said “Do you think gonna fuck me in the arse then?”. With that, she quickly led me by the cock and dragged me through to their bedroom and latched the door. She hitched her skirt up over her naked peach ass and handed me some lube from her bedside dresser. “Better be quick, he’s only gone to drop a DVD off to his mates house”.

I couldn’t quite believe what was happening, I’d never been put in this situation before and a thousand thoughts flooded my head. I never thought I’d cheat but without thinking, I pulled out my cock and lubed it up as she hopped onto her bed and pulled her skirt up higher over her waist. I poured some lube over the nub of her arse-hole and quickly spread it with my thumb. She had her ass high in the air with her head pressed low into the bed, her knees were together but her feet were spread apart. She arched her back down so her beautiful ass bulged up at me and was looking round at me with a sluttish wanton expression.

My thumb worked around her ring and I playfully pushed it in a few times to stretch her. “Fuck it then!” came her command, so I offered my cock towards her puckered hole and she reached behind to stroke it gently and traced her fingers around her hole in circles before she eased a couple inside herself and gently pumped them in and out. When she took them out, she pushed backwards to encourage me to enter her. She gasped and moaned silently as I gradually eased inside her and once I was film izle in, she picked up the intensity and rocked back and forth manically.

She was pounding against me really hard from the start and began to moan really loudly like a porn star. “Sshhh!” I said, knowing that my Wife was downstairs.

“I can’t help it!” she replied. I reached forward to cover her mouth and she made an attempt to stifle her screams. She took my fingers into her mouth and sloppily sucked on them and managed to cup her hand under my balls as I was fucking into her – it all felt amazing and she looked awesome taking my hard, glistening cock as it slid in and out of her, making clapping noises and pushing and pulling her tight ring in and out with it.

I really needed to cum quickly so I took my hand from her mouth so I could get a firm grip of her waist and then really let myself go, grunting quietly as I fucked her harder and faster. The intensity made the bed knock in time to my rhythm and I just hoped that the TV was drowning us out! She was clutching at the bed-clothes to steady her and while she was bucking around, she looked at me with cute puppy-dog-eyes and said “you can cum inside my ass”. I upped the pace and really hammered into her for all I was worth for about another minute before I blasted stream after stream of my cum into her arse-hole!

“OOOOoooooohhhh FFuuuck!” she kept screaming over and over, muffled into the pillow. Her body was shaking and quivering as she squeezed her long finger-nails hard into her ass-cheeks.

“Sshhh!” I said again to try and quiet her – I was exhausted; catching my breath, I held still for a moment with my cock pressed deep into her hole before slowly withdrawing. Her glorious arse-hole stayed gaped open for a few seconds and twitched slightly before it slowly closed over in pulses.

“I’d better put these back on now” she said as she quickly pulled on the red-laced panties from before. I quickly pulled up my pants and we headed back into the spare room to await my brother-in-laws return. I managed to bring her off while we waited by rubbing her pussy just 10 minutes before he got seks filmi izle back!! It was slightly awkward when he got back but when we went back downstairs for a cup of tea that my wife had made us, I relaxed and realized that we’d got away with it. It turns out that Toni is a right dirty little fuck-slut and regularly does things like that with her male friends and work colleagues.

She told me she’s gone home with her boss after work and told her husband that she had t work late. She even wanked another guy off while he was working at his desk because he asked her to in a series of sexy text-message dares! She’s been dogging with her boss in his Mercedes, and she even brought a black stripper to her home on her Hen’s night and got him to fuck her brains out while her husband was on his Stags do! He actually found out about the stripper and was so pissed-off that he beat her – she says now, all she cares about is getting as much cock as she can! I’m sure I can help out there!

I know I’ll get to fuck Toni again soon. She behaves real sluttish around me now, always brushing against me or touching my cock as she walks past. She shows me her cleavage and has even flashed her pussy at me a few times. All the sexual comment and innuendos are driving me crazy; I want to spend longer with her next time so I can fuck her properly, it’s just a matter of time before we can figure out a way to be alone together over-night. I’m hoping to keep her blind-folded for the whole night.

First, I’m going to drive to a location and fuck her in her car while others secretly watch us and then film her surprise as she gets gang-banged and creamed on by everyone else. Then, I’m taking her (still blind-folded) to a phone-box in a remote village so I can publicly fuck her ass while some random guy listens in on the other end of the phone, giving her instructions to follow! I’m going to film the whole night, give her a copy and also post it on the net and get the addresses of any phone-box assistants to send a copy to them too!

If anyone here would like a copy of the films I make, just leave a comment and I’ll sort something out with you. I’ve told her I’ve got a few surprises in mind for her if she can get away for the night. We’re due to meet up again soon and she’s told me she’s up for anything and hinted that she likes having two dicks inside her at once!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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