Play Time

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I park my car, turn it off and take a deep breath. You’re expecting me, but not like this. I get out of the car and head to the house. Quietly opening the door, I hear sounds coming from the kitchen. I reach the entryway of the kitchen and stop as you see me. I’m wearing a hat that shadows my face. My hair is up in it. I’m wearing an overcoat that goes down to my calves. All you see are my high-heel shoes and stocking-covered legs. You cock your brow. I smile as I untie the sash that holds my coat shut. Sliding it open, I let it drift to the floor, revealing my attire beneath. My stockings lead up to a very short, form fitting black skirt, who’s hem just barely covers any essentials. My top is tight across my chest, barely concealing the now hardened nipples of my 40D breasts, and loose everywhere else.

As you gaze up and down, taking it all in, I lift my arm and remove my hat. My curly brown locks cascade down my back, red and gold high-lights glistening from the sun that’s shining in through the window. Green eyes dancing, I turn, facing away from you, cross my ankles and bend at the waist to retrieve my coat from the floor … allowing my skirt to ride up and reveal my naked bottom. I turn my head slightly to glance at you, I see the smile on your face and the bulge in your pants. As I lift my coat, I uncross my ankles, rise and place it on the back of the couch. You come up behind me, grab my hips and then lift my skirt. Spying the garter belt holding up my stockings, you groan and feel my ass with your hand. I make to stand and turn around. You not so gently push me back so I’m bent over the back of the couch. You continue to feel me, rub me, then slip a finger into my already damp box.

Groaning, removing your finger, you speak.

“You are so bad. You did this on purpose. You’re already wet. You must be horny.”

SLAP! I jump and gasp as I feel your hand across my ass. I start to get up again, only to be held down by your other hand.

“You’ve been bad, now you need to be spanked,” you say to me in that rough voice I’ve come to love.

“Please,” I say, “can’t we play a little first?”

SLAP! I jump again, moaning as I feel it. I’m getting wetter. You know it, and you love it. This turns you on more. You love to be rough, you know how wet it makes me. You love to hear me “beg” … beg you to stop, then beg you for more. You get harder just thinking about it. You slip a finger in again, making me moan.

“You like that?” you ask.

Breathless I moan, “yes!”

You pump me a few more times, remove your finger and slap me again. You lean over and whisper in my ear, “How bad are you?”

“Very bad,” I say softly.

SLAP! I moan again. “Please!” I beg, not sure what for.

“Stay right here, DO NOT move!” You practically order me.

I nod. I know you’d never hurt me, you never have. But this is the first time I’ve taken our role playing this far. I’m nervous, but excited … and very wet!

I hear you, it sounds like you are removing your clothes, but I dare not look. I feel your hands on me again moments later. I hear your voice.

“So you want to be bad?”

“Yes,” I say softly.

SLAP! I moan again. I feel your cock slip against my slit, slide towards my clit and rub, then erotik film izle back up to my slit. I’m moaning, trying to move my hips.

“You like that? You want that cock?” Your voice sounds so rough, so demanding yet so playful.

I nod “yes”.

You slide it against my clit again, then as you bring it back to my slit, you shove it in. Just hard enough to make me moan loudly. I reach up to grab the couch, you grab my hands and place them on my ass, spreading it open. “Keep them there,” you say forcefully.

I obey, moaning as you pump your cock into my very hot, very wet pussy. You slide out all the way, I feel you stick a finger or maybe a thumb into me and pump me. You remove it and your cock returns, filling me, stretching me. I moan in pleasure. I feel your thumb rubbing around the opening of my ass. It’s so sensitive, I can’t help but moan. You use your thumb to “tickle” the opening, bringing more moans from me. You’ve slowed down and are barely moving your cock in me.

I feel your thumb ease into my ass.

“Baby please …”, I begin to beg you not to go there.

“You’re a bad girl, remember? Bad girls LOVE it in the ass!” You say, so playfully.

Once the tip of your thumb is in my ass, you start pumping your cock again in my pussy. “Oh god! That feels so good!” I moan.

“Good,” you reply. Suddenly you slip your thumb all the way in my ass.

“OH GOD! OW! BABY, PLEASE! IT HURTS!” I’m begging you to stop. You continue to use your thumb to fuck my ass, your cock now pumping my pussy faster and harder. “PLEASE! Baby, stop, OH GOD!” I feel my pussy getting wetter, I know you feel it.

“Bad Girl! You LOVE it!” You say to me wickedly. “Now use those hands to spread your ass wider!”

I do as I’m told. Your thumb in my ass, your cock in my pussy, I’m on fire. It hurts, but my pussy betrays me and gets wetter and wetter! I feel you place your other hand on my ass. OH GOD, NO! You start pushing your other thumb into me.

“PLEASE!!! NO!!!” I’m begging you. I don’t use our safety word, so you know I’m still with you. “I don’t want to be bad anymore, please!”

“Too late! You’ve already been very bad. You have my cock all hard in your pussy, and both of my thumbs in your ass.”

It’s too much. You feel the eruption of your orgasm burst from your sac into your shaft! “OH YEAH! OH FUCK YEAH!” You shoot cum deep into my pussy. I feel you erupt, stretching me. I’m moaning, my pussy pulsing as you fill me. Minutes later, you pull your driping cock from my pussy. Your thumbs still in my ass while I spread it open with my hands. “MMMmm, that ass is next on my to do list.”

“No, I’ll be good, please.” I beg you.

You remove your thumbs slowly, I’m moaning at the sensations. OH! I feel a “pop” as they are completely removed.

You head to the sink in the kitchen to wash up. I move my hands and stand. You have a smile on your face. “How’s it feel to be bad?”

“It hurts,” I reply sassily as I move to stand by you.

“Good,” you kiss me deeply, “we aren’t done!” You reply so wickedly.

My eyes widen, “Baby, please, I’ll be good!”

Once you’re cleaned up, we dress and finish what you were doing in the kitchen. A few minutes later, we head up to the bedroom. Once there, film izle door closed and locked, you remove your clothes again. You have me remove mine as well. A few long, lucious kisses later, you speak. You have new “orders” for me.

“Bad girls like to suck cock. So, are you still a bad girl?” You see me hesitate, “because, Only a bad girl gets this cock!”

Licking my lips, I stare at you, then at your cock. I see you stroke it. Oh god, I need to suck it! How bad am I willing to be? “Yes, I’ll be bad for you!” I say quickly before I can change my mind. Stroking your cock in your hand, you tell me to get on my knees and suck it. I do. On my knees before you, I use one hand to hold your sac, gently tugging now and then, and the other hand to stroke you. My mouth kisses the head, then licks it, then I slide the whole length of your cock into my mouth. You groan as you feel the warmth and wet of my mouth around your cock.

“OH Yeah, suck that cock. You know you want it!”

I moan. Yes, I want it, I need it! I suck it, swallowing precum. I love it. You groan again. “MMMmmm, you suck that cock so good! Those lucious lips, O-ohhhhhh!” I moan onto your cock.

I move one of my hands down to play with my clit. You see me do this and speak.

“Does that clit need attention?”

I moan, “mmm-hmmm”.

You pull me from your cock and have me get on the bed. I lay as you tell me, on my back, with my head hanging off the bed. You slip your cock back into my mouth. MMmmm, I can feel it slide in deeper, your sac on my nose. You start pinching my nipples, pulling them. I love it, I moan! You do it again, harder. Then you bend over me and play with my clit. You rub it, pinch it. I hear you lick your fingers and then rub my clit more. I’m moaning onto your cock, moving my hips as I feel an orgasm building. I feel you pinch, then lightly spank my clit. I jump a little, moaning louder. You bend over more and your mouth is on my clit. I’m moaning, writhing as you lick, suck and nibble my clit. OH GOD! It feels SO good. You take your fingers and slip them into my pussy, stroking again for just a minute or two.

You stop licking me. Easing up, you take my hands and once again you have me spread my ass. I try to shake my head no. You speak.

“If you want this cock, you have to give me that ass. What’s it gonna be?” You start to slide away. I shake my head “no” and keep sucking you.

“OK,” you say, “let me have it.”

I place my hands on my ass and spread it open. You return to licking, sucking and nibbling my clit. Quickly I’m writhing in pleasure. Once again you slip your fingers into my puss and stroke it a few time. They come out drenched! You ease them around my ass, “tickling” it again. I moan and wriggle even more. You stop your attentions on my clit to slip your fingers into my ass. I moan loudly onto your cock! Once they are all the way in, you begin pumping them, fucking my ass. OOOHH IT BURNS!!! I’m moaning onto your cock, vibrating it. You see my pussy glistening, you know I’m loving it! You return again to attend to my clit. All too quickly, I feel that orgasm erupt from my entire body. I’m practically screaming onto your cock as I cum! You keep licking and sucking and nibbling for another minute or two. Pulling my orgasm, seks filmi izle I’m writhing in ecstasy.

You stop. You remove your cock from my mouth and climb over me and onto the bed. Your fingers still fucking my ass, you have me turn onto my stomach and slide off the bed so I’m bent over it. I’m moaning the whole time, I still feel pulses of my orgasm shattering me from the inside out. Once I’m bent over the bed, you use your other hand to slap my ass again! I squeal and I feel my ass squeeze your fingers! You groan.

“Spread that ass for me!” You are so quietly demanding, still, I dare not disobey!

I spread. I know what’s coming. OH GOD, I’m getting wetter just thinking about it!

You use your cock to slip into my drenched pussy again. “OH GOD, YES”, I moan! You pump me a few times, I moan and beg for more!

You remove your fingers from my ass, quickly slip out of my pussy and place the head of your cock in my ass. “OH GOD!! PLEASE BABY, IT’S TOO BIG!!”

You don’t listen, you just slip it in deeper. Slowly. So torturously slowly. I moan and beg with each push for you to stop. I feel a “pop” as it reaches all the way in! “BABY, IT BURNS, PLEASE!!!”

I start to lift my self up. You push me down again. “Stay! Just relax, you know you love it!”

I do love it, once the initial pain is gone! It’s the getting through the initial pain that HURTS! My hands spread my ass, I spread my legs and lay there as you oh so slowly fuck me. The first few strokes hurt, burn. A few more and the sensations are changing. Sensitive, but not painfilled. A few more and I begin to moan in pleasure.

“Oh god, yeah baby, fuck me! fuck my ass!”

“You ARE a bad girl! Time to get rough”

You begin to fuck, faster and harder into me. I’m moaning so loud, near to screaming. I move my hands, reach and grab onto the sheets on the bed, digging my nails in.

SLAP! I yelp as I feel it! You groan as I squeeze my ass around you. A few strokes later and again … SLAP! “OH GOD!” I yell! “PLEASE! Fuck me baby! Fuck my ass!” I practically growl. You love it! Your hands on my hips holding onto me, you thrust into me, hard, fast strokes. I feel as though I’m being split from the inside out! I feel your balls slapping against my clit as you fuck deeper and deeper into my tight ass.

It feels like forever! But just minutes later, I feel you grow, I feel it stretch me. “OOOWWWW, GGAAAWWWDD!!!”

“OH FUCK, OH YEAH, OOOOOOHHHH, RRRAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!” you shout your pleasure!

“Oh God, yeah, fuck me, ow, god, FUU-UC-CCK MMEE!!!”

You pump into me hard and fast as you explode your cum deep into my ass! Your hands are on my ass, squeezing it hard. You push yourself all the way into me, as deep as possible, as you release shot after shot of cum.

You slow down, pulsing out the last few drops of cum. You slide your hands softly over my back and sides. You pump a few more times and on the last one, you slide all the way out. You slap my ass one last time and I yell and squeeze it shut. I lay there, spent, unable to move, as you head to the bath to clean up. When you come back, you help me into bed and we lay there. You cover us with the blankets and kiss me so sweetly on my lips, face and neck. You hold me and we fall asleep.

*OK, so it’s not exactly something worthy of a place in erotica, but definitely worth repeating! They say with practice comes experience. And I intend to practice, cum and experience pleasure as often as possible!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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