New Roomie Pt. 01

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This intends to be a multi part story of how my girlfriend’s friend (Rachel) turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes our roomie for six weeks. This story contains anal play, assfucking and cheating.

If you’re under 18, please close this site and leave. Note: This is my first story ever written and English is not my first language so please excuse and mistakes and let me know if you’ve enjoyed the first chapter and whether I should continue.


My girlfriend and I (both 28 years old) we’re living together for a good two years in a beautiful four-bedroom apartment. We were both working in good jobs so could afford ourselves a nice lifestyle, including traveling around the world.

That year, I had to attend my last military service for four weeks and would spend the whole time away from home except weekends. My girlfriend therefore decided to catch up with an old friend of hers by going on a three-week vacation somewhere in Latin America during my time in military.

It was at the same time when another one of her friends, Rachel, asked us if it was at all possible for her to stay at our place for 1.5 months, as her apartment was being renovated and would be uninhabitable for that time. Since we’ve known her for a long time and we’d be out of the apartment some time anyway, we kindly agreed and even told her she didn’t have to pay any rent or so, even though she offered the same.

Rachel was a beautiful nice girl of 30, about 5.2′ tall and brown long hair. Her face was cute and sexy at the same time, with big brown eyes, some freckles around the nose area and full lips. One might refer to them as ‘blowjob’ lips which I’d more than once fantasized about. She had some nice C cup breasts, not too big, not too small and was quite fit in general as she actively did gymnastics. Since being not too tall, she didn’t have those super long legs, however they were very nicely toned from the sports she did and then… the ass. Oh my… She didn’t have that typical peach bottom that turns heads when walking in public, however again due to her being very sporty, her butt was shaped gorgeously, clearly showing the trained muscles. And, to my pleasure, she loved to wear tight jeans, usually the light-colored ones which gets me crazy.

Since I’ve known her, she usually was single, with a few boyfriends in the past that didn’t last long. I always wondered why that was but we’ll catch up on that later.

So, the weekend when Rachel moved in was here, my girlfriend just left for her vacation and I was preparing the apartment for her arrival. We’d decided to give her our bedroom since I’d be off in military most of the time anyway and would crash in the guest room on weekends.

The canlı bahis doorbell rang and there she was, standing in front of me, wearing some short shorts jeans and a very revealing blouse. We exchanged the usual greetings and I helped her with all her baggage. I let her know that she could use our bedroom. She was very thankful and playfully added: “What am I going to do in this big bed all by myself?” and grinned.

The day went past without anything noticeable and in the evening, I made dinner for both of us. We sat on the couch for about an hour after and chatted about life and things. Both of us being tired we decided to go to bed early this evening. A bit later, I came out of the bathroom after my evening routine and passed by our bedroom (in which Rachel was living now). I noticed a strange noise coming from the inside and wondered what was going on. I knocked on the bedroom door and asked if Rachel was ok. She quickly responded in a very surprised voice: “Uh, ehm, yes, yes, all good thanks hihi” she replied in clear astonishment and slightly embarrassed voice. I heard a bit more rumbling which I thought was the bed and said good night and left for the guest room.

About half an hour later, lying in the guest bed, I again could hear strange subtle noises coming from the master bedroom. My dirty mind immediately started to imagine dirty things being done in there and at some point, when the noises didn’t subside, my curiosity won and I very quietly snuck out of my room. I went over to the master bedroom’s door and held my ear against it, only to hear what must have been sucking noises like in a blowjob. My penis immediately grew hard as I imagined Rachel giving head with her beautiful eyes and sexy blowjob lips. I started to stroke myself a bit as the sounds got dirtier, revealing a lot of saliva being used and her muffled moans in-between like: “mhmm, hmm, hmm, ugh, ugh…” Mi mind got crazy and I just had to know what was going on and whether she was in there with someone. So, I bent down a bit and tried to have a peak through the key hole. What came to my sight made my jaw drop!

Rachel was kneeling sexily in front of the bed head board, arching her back in a doggystyle position, exposing her ass in a very sexy thong straight to my sight. I almost came to this naughty sight that was presenting to me. My eyes we’re caught on her beautiful ass. As she was bending forward, arching her back, her ass was presented in a gorgeous shape, showing her full cheeks being spread, forming a very sexy peach! I thought I would never again see her and her ass in the same way as before when she would wear her tight jeans or short shorts again. My dick was so hard that it almost ached. Her beautiful ass in those sexy panties, covering her most bahis siteleri private parts but still showing enough to see that she was very wet.

When I calmed down a little, I again peaked through the key hole wondering where the noises were coming from, I noticed her ass and body bobbing back and forth with her face turned away from me facing the head board, the sucking noises becoming more and more obvious. I again almost came in my pants when I realized that Rachel was apparently blowing a dildo which was mounted to the beds head board. What a dirty slut, I thought, giving head to a dildo mounted to the wall. My mind was going crazy at that point in time imagining her getting off to giving head to a dildo! What a fucking whore!

After some time passed and I hardly controlled myself not to stroke my dick and cum all over the place, Rachel started to touch her pussy through her panties. Rubbing her clit through the sheer fabric making her noises even more sexual. “mhhh, ugh, ugh argh, oh god… mhmm ugh ugh” were the sounds coming from her mouth while she was throating the dildo.

My attention was now again on her ass and pussy being massaged by her fingers while she was bobbing her head around the plastic dick. When I noticed her moving her hand further up to where her asshole was. She started to push around that area looking as if she tried to push two of her fingers into her ass through the panties. This continued for a while when she grabbed the crotch of her panties and pushed it to the side. That’s when I realized why she was ‘kind of’ pushing her finger to her ass. There was a BUTTPLUG tightly sitting in her asshole. Oh my god, this was such a turn on! I always imagined involving a buttplug into sex play but this was too much for me. The end of the plug was a shiny base, having a red diamond decorating her ass. I had to force myself not to touch my dick or I would immediately cum. She now grabbed the diamond end of her plug, starting to move it around, stretching her tight anus ring every time. Still bobbing her head gracefully on the dildo, the moving intensified until the plug popped out of her ass. That’s when she stopped sucking the dildo and let out a loud moan, letting her legs shake a little and then left her panting. Did this girl just have an orgasm while sucking a dildo and moving a buttplug in and out of her ass??! I was in heaven to say the least.

After she relaxed more, the dildo found its way back to her mouth and she started to give head to it. At the same time, she took the plug again, pressing it against her tight sphincter until it popped back in. She continued to suck the dildo good, pushing it as far in her throat as possible whilst moving the plug in and then completely back out of her ass. This continued a few bahis şirketleri times until she stopped the sucking and turned around facing the door – where I was spying on her through the key hole.

I panicked and moved away from the hole and hoped she didn’t spot me. To my relief, I didn’t hear any attempts from her to stand up. I waited a few seconds and moved my eye carefully back to the hole. Rachel, now on all fours facing the door (luckily not seeing me) her face showed a mixture between arousal and discomfort her mouth showing the red diamond from earlier. Wow, that was too much for me. Apparently, she had taken out the buttplug and put it in her ass! With one hand she grabbed the dildo behind her and slowly started to push herself back onto it. First, her eyes shut close and she clearly struggled but shortly after followed by a deep moan coming from her mouth around the buttplug. This girl was something else! What a slut, I thought.

She continued to move slowly back and forth on the dildo impaling her ass, the buttplug still in her mouth. A few minutes later, she picked up the pace of her assfucking herself with the dildo, her face now showing clear signs of deep arousal. This sight made me start sweat and I had my trouble staying silent on the other side of the door. Rachel however, completely oblivious to my spying, was now in a trance like state, fucking herself furiously back and forth, causing the bed to make ‘fucking noises’ and her letting out deep moans from within, clearly edging towards another orgasm.

To my surprise, in the following minutes, Rachel furiously assfucked herself on the dildo, Buttplug still in her mouth and not touching her pussy once! The grunts started to be more and more deep and aroused until she climaxed once more, making her head turn back and letting out a final deep moan until she collapsed on the bed. By that time, I couldn’t hold back and stroked myself to what has been one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. This whore just made herself cum twice by blowing a wall mount dildo and fucking her ass furiously on it. I thought I was dreaming. I took a quick photo through the hole, showing her lying on the bed with the buttplug still in her mouth and a big black dildo dangling off the head board of the bed.

I quickly ramped myself up and left for the guest room. That night, I stroked myself a few more times in disbelief to what I just witnessed. I slept very deep and, in the morning, I had to check my phone for the pic I’ve taken to not think that was all a dream.

I got up, showered and made my way to the kitchen to get some coffee, when suddenly I hear Rachel saying “Good morning, how did you sleep?” and giving me a ‘nice girl’ smile as if nothing happened last night.

I stuttered a few words “Eh, oh hi good morning, not too bad and yourself?” not knowing where to look.

She said she slept like a log in that big bed of ours…

To be continued with more of Rachels (and mine) adventures…

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