My Internet Lover

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Date:4/22/01 12:13:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To:Diskin69, Babewithbaditude

I met her on the Internet. Lonely one night, I went into a chat room, and started talking to her. We hit it off immediately, and began chatting on a regular basis. Learning about each other was the focus, in the beginning, but mixed in with that, was a definite sexual tension. Our conversations were ripe with innuendoes and fantasies. There was even a cyber session, very erotic, and satisfying.

As time went by, what was satisfying as an online relationship, grew into a need to meet each other face to face. Part of the reason was to see if the other existed, and also, to see if that chemistry built by computer, could carry over into the real world. So, we picked a day, set up a meeting, and let imaginations run as wild and free as ever.

I had a little bit of a drive in front of me, so it provided my mind with an opportunity to run wild, which it did. Lurid fantasies worked through my thoughts. Erotic encounters, and ideas of ways to please caused the miles to melt into an enjoyable trip. After about a two hour ride, I pulled into the restaurant where we had arranged for this encounter, got out of the car, and took a deep breath.

As soon as I walked in the door, I recognized you. The beauty that showed in your eyes made the digital pictures you had sent seem not worthy. The clarity of your eyes, how they shined when you smiled, was breathtaking. They held that gleam, that combination of delicious charm, and scheming exotica. Like I was a fly trapped in your spider’s web, and you were deciding how to eat me.

We sat down, an immediate tension forming. Conversation flowed smoothly throughout the meal, yet there was a constant underlying pattern of pendik escort innuendoes that meant more than just jokes. Well planned fantasies seemed to be making their way into our banter, like the outcome of this meeting had already been determined by both of us.

Knowing this meeting had to continue, you suggested a walk at a park nearby. We took care of the check, and headed for some alone time. Sitting in the car, I was able to take in more of your gorgeous body. Long hair, full breasts, and lean, muscular legs made the package irresistible, and I wondered to what I owed my luck. Your lips were full, the kind made for long, passionate kisses and other things that ran through my mind, and created stirrings in my pants. When you moved, it was graceful and sleek, almost catlike in its beauty, and it caused me to wonder how you would be in bed.

We came to the park, and when we stepped from the car, I noticed gathering rain clouds approaching. I asked you if you wanted to go on, and you told me definitely. When you said that, I thought I noticed a hunger in your eyes, but told myself that it was my imagination. We began to walk on a secluded path, and it seemed as if no one else was there on that day. I walked behind you, enjoying the view of your luscious ass swaying with every step. Our conversation was ripe with sexuality, discussing fantasies, past experiences, and turn-ons. All of the sudden, you stopped, turned to me, and asked what I was thinking.

I blushed, but I told you the truth. I said that I was imagining what you would be like in bed. How you would feel against my skin, sweat building from intense passion. You stared into my eyes, and then down to my growing bulge, your tongue sliding out, and delicately wetting your lips. I noticed the maltepe escort telltale signs of arousal in your gaze, and visions of possible liaisons danced before my eyes. You turned back around, and began to walk again, but not before you swayed your hips in a gesture of approval.

After a while of walking, we came upon a small pond. There was a tiny shoreline there, green leaves and small twigs littering the waterline. I walked up behind you, courage and need urging me forwards. Coming close to you, I leaned my head towards your neck, inhaling your intoxicating scent. My lips were so close to that skin that I had dreamed of so many times online, feeling the heat rise from your flesh. You had not turned around yet, so, throwing caution to the wind, I allowed my lips to kiss your neck, caressing the delicate skin there.

With that move, you turned around to face me, mouth coming to meet my own, kissing with an intensity that I had never known. Your hands stroked my face, holding it steady as your tongue invaded me, licking my own, intertwining them in a wrestling match neither wanted to win. My own hands held you in an embrace, reaching down to those tight cheeks, betraying my burning needs. Your hands left my face, pulling at the back of my shirt, raising it so that your fingers could touch the bare flesh underneath.

Pushing your lips from mine, I removed your shirt, baring those beautiful breasts enclosed in a revealing bra. My lips searched out the searing flesh between your breasts, tongue tasting your sweet skin. My hands worked at the clasp of your bra, removing it, and releasing the full lushness of your tits. Nipples erect, my mouth was drawn to them, biting and sucking them, eliciting moans of approval from you. You removed my shirt, kartal escort and drew my face upwards into another passionate kiss.

Holding each other there, kissing with a need neither of us expected, your hands traveled down my chest, and over the bulge in my pants. You unzipped my fly, releasing my throbbing hardness. Stroking it so gently, the feelings were amazing. I lost all thoughts of a slow lovemaking and turned to ideas of animalistic pleasure. I tackled you down to the sand, and lifted your skirt. I tore the panties from your delicious thighs, vowing to taste them at a later time. I slid my hand over your pussy, middle finger splitting your lips, and feeling the wetness of your arousal. Staring straight into your eyes, I brought my finger to my lips, and tasted the sweet dew of your womanhood. When I withdrew my finger from my mouth, your pulled it towards your own, tongue snaking out to taste any remaining moisture.

Spurred on by that erotic image, I moved my hands between your legs, and spreading them, plunged my hard cock into the depths of your smoldering pussy. I slid in to you so deeply, and felt the muscles of your pussy gripping my shaft, not wanting to let go of it. I pulled back out, feeling the nub of your clit rubbing along the taut skin of my engorged member. Deeper and faster I entered you, the pace of our violent coupling racing towards an explosive finish. Groans of pleasure escaped your lips, as my balls slammed against your tight ass with every stroke.

Unable to hold out any longer, my cock swelled, and spurted jet after jet of my hot cum deep inside you. Upon feeling this, you exploded in screams of pleasure, your spasms of joy milking my cock of all its juices. A final thrust finished our fucking, and I leaned down to you, kissing you with abandoned passion. After the throws of our orgasms passed, I turned to you, kissed you lightly, and asked you if the wait was worth it. Definitely, you replied, telling me that you had better not have to wait that long for the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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