My Favorite Spot

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I was thinking about you so much over these last couple weeks, I had a dream about you, would you like to hear my dream…

I was in town for a visit during the spring, and since we desperately wanted to see each other after so many years, I called you to meet me at one of my favorite places from my youth. After talking again for months, we discovered just how often we had missed and searched for each other over the years. I wanted to make this day a very special one for both of us.

I gave you directions and a time to meet me at a place I had found years before, before I had to move away. I told you that I really wanted to show you my “favorite spot”! It was a perfect little outdoor setting, in an opening in the woods just outside of town. A tranquil pond, with cat-tail’s and wild flowers surrounding the pond, shrubs and plush green tree’s all around. To one side of the pond was a grassy knoll, ideal for us to lie down and visit, and maybe re-kindle something special, if not for just that moment!

I arrived first, walking down the forest path; I could see the place was as I remembered, even more beautiful actually. The wildflower were more abundant, and in full bloom due to the incredible spring afternoon. It looked like a celebration of colors, blues, yellows, and reds. Soft green’s, and pinks, and purples. The grassy knoll was a vibrant green, grass about 7″ tall, and the pond was a hypnotizing aqua blue.

I heard you come up through the path, and your sexy voice said” There you are!”

You did a little jog towards me, with your perky tits jiggling inside your dress. You had the most stunning smile I had seen in years, I think yours was the last sexy smile I had seen years before I thought. You were wearing a sweet and sexy summer dress with a flowery pattern, tightly hugging your shapely torso, the mid cut front showed off your tantalizing chest and cleavage. The thin floaty bottom half was just amazing…you were amazing looking! I couldn’t believe how quickly I was aroused, I should have known!

We threw are arms wide open as I also jogged towards you, we embraced as I always imagined old lovers should, and without thinking, we fell into the most passionate kissed I had ever been given! That kiss was so amazing; I could have kissed you for a lifetime! I instantly felt my cock growing stiff! I slowly moved my hands from are embrace, and slid my hands up the sides of your soft neck, up to your adorable cheeks, sliding my fingers into your velvety blond hair. Caressing your succulent lips with mine.

I could tell you felt chills from the kiss by the way you blissfully moaned, causing my own moans of pleasure, as I was felling the chills creep up my neck too. I was praying your pussy was as wet, as my cock was hard. After pendik escort what seemed like a for-ever heart stopping kiss, we broke for much needed air, as we opted to quit breathing for this long awaited moment! We paused for a second, gazing into each other’s eyes, silent, breathless, with two devilish grins. Not stepping back, you attempted to gain your composer, straitening your hair with your hands.

Softly clearing your throat, and then a satisfied exhale, you delightfully asked” Is, um…this the spot you wanted me to show me?!?!”, and then returning to your oh so devilish grin.

I smiled and replied” Oh no honey, I show you that soon. Let’s walk over here!” Mesmerized by your nose ring, sparkling in the spring sun, I motioned towards the knoll.

You delicately grasp my hand, and led us over to where I suggested. Once there I slowly spun you around and grasped your other hand, as we embraced into yet another passionate kiss, equally as intoxicating as the first, while we lowered ourselves in to the lush, green grass. You laid down on your back, as I lowered myself on top over you. We slowly and enthusiastically caressed each other, exploring each other’s adult bodies, discovering how much we truly missed each other’s touch. Your skin was so incredibly soft and warm. As I kissed your luscious neck, I could smell how delightful your fragrance was, it was driving absolutely wild!

As my hands explored your body, my left one found your ever so soft tits, massaging them, and softly pinching you nipple through your dress, I felt your head roll back as more sensual moans were echoed through our lips. We were in absolute heaven! We were in such a wonderful surrounding. The birds were chirping, a breeze blowing through the trees. And long lost lovers, were at last embracing each other passionately again. It was almost like a scene from “A mid Summers Night Dream.”

Massaging my way down to the bottom of your dress, I guided my hand up your smooth inner thigh, until I reached your panties’, they felt lacey and very seductive. You kissed me even more passionately as I began to massage your very warm and dripping wet pussy. You gripped my arms, and ran your delicate fingers through my hair as I slipped your panties’ down delectable hips. Smoothly, I removed them from you, freeing your legs and sweet pussy for me to fondle. You in turn, unbuttoned my shirt, and ran your hands up my chest, clinching my chest with a blind passion.

As I began to move myself down your delicious body, I pulled your dress down from your shoulders, revealing you gorgeous tits and perfect pink nipples; they seemed to be begging to be sucked! That’s when I gazed upon your deviant little tattoo of two bleeding roses.

“Oh my!” I thought. I maltepe escort paused to run my tongue across your nipples, and sucking your tits into my mouth.

Slowly I moved over and kissed the tattoo. “Nice, I like it!” I said with a grin.

You just smiled, as your eyelids closed to enjoy the passionate moment. I kissed my way down farther through the thin dress, pulling the bottom half up past your hips. My hands glided between your inner thighs, and then slid down towards your inner knees as I spread you legs and lowered my head to within inches of the most lust inducing, wet and tasty looking pussy, which I had fantasized about so much!

I could help but gaze in excitement, to as how hot and sexy your pussy looked! I was about to suck you until I gave you a crippling orgasm. You were so perfectly trimmed and shaved, exposing your tender pussy lips, and your glistening ripe clit! With one long, wet, slow lick, I slid my tongue from your ass to your clit! Your hands quickly grasped the back of my head, as your head again rolled back sinful enjoyment!

“Oh God!” is all I heard as I ran my tongue across your delicious lips, they were so warm and wet.

I just kept kissing, and sucking, and tonguing you, as your hips thrust upwards towards my mouth. I moved my hands around your hips in search of your hands. As our hands found themselves, our fingers quickly interlocked, helping me now to pull your forward to my wanting lips and tongue.

After a few moments I released your hands, and moved my right hands down towards the delightful dish I was exquisitely, tasting! I then wrapped my other arm around the outside of your dreamy thigh, and placed my thumb on your tender clit, and began gently massaging in a circular motion. This, I think just about sent you into orbit, as my hot tongue penetrated you! I could tell by the way you arched your back and clinched my hair, the sexy coos you were making, I knew you were getting close to an incredible orgasm! But, I wasn’t finished sucking on your delightful pussy by any means! As I pulled back, your sexual frustration started to show in your sensual eyes.

Panting you pleaded “No, please don’t tease me, I was so close!!” I couldn’t help but to chuckle “I would never do that to you sweety!”

I then convinced you, and then maneuvered you onto your hands and knees.

You were hesitant at first when I said “Spread your legs and lean down on your forearms!”

My God it was incredible, it look so damn sexy! There before me, was your perfectly shaped ass, high in the air, and that wet shaved pussy glowing like the sunlight! I am such a sexual deviant myself; I just had to penetrate your unbelievable ass with my tongue! I wasn’t sure if I could hold back my kartal escort own cock from exploding in my shorts!

I again guided my hands up the backs of your wonderfully spread thighs, and onto your ass cheeks, they were so soft and creamy! As I sensually groped your ass cheeks, as I lowered my face into your magnificent ass and slid my hot, wet tongue from your clit, to the sweet hole I desired so badly! “Oh God!” you gasped, as your entire body relaxed with overcoming desire, almost collapsing onto the grass. I just knew you would love my tongue in your ass, I thought to myself! As my tongue danced in and out of your ass, I slid my fingers into your hot wet pussy! I could feel your ass pushing back into my face, pleading for more pleasure!

Soon, I was licking and sucking back and forth from your ass to your sweet, sweet pussy! My cock was filling to the limit with my own cum, I focused on not having an orgasmic eruption, but I couldn’t hold it back forever! I pulled my tongue from your ass, and slipped my finger in its place, keeping your anal pleasure pumping hot! You exhaled a sexy little coo! Your ass pushed backwards, wanting more of my finger up you!

My fingers kept probing inside your pussy and ass, while I lowered my mouth down to your swollen clit. When I sucked your hot little clit in between my lips, and tickled it with my tongue; your body let me know, it could not resist the ever building orgasm growing inside you! Your reaction was amazing, when I unleashed my entire sexual deviancy on your heavenly body!

Your seductive hip were rocking wildly, your groans and moaning were getting uncontrollably louder! I could see your precious hands, gripping the grass blades tightly as I sucked and probed you to where I wanted you to be! I wanted your breathtaking pussy to gush all over my lips so I could taste you completely!

Quickly, you muffled your pleasure induced scream “Oh fuck yes!”

My fingers slid just passed the ribbed sexual zone and found…the spot! “Oh! Christ! I’m cumming, I cumming, oh yeah!” you screamed, unable to hold back the sensational feeling of the orgasm!

“Yes, Oh God, Oh Gddd!” you muttered sensually!

Your body seized momentarily, and then your hips began to thrust back and forth in a grinding circular motion! You moved a hand to the back of my head pulled closer to you heavenly crotch, pulling it closer to your orgasm! Then suddenly, with a sexy yelp, you pussy exploded! You delightful cum splashed and ran down my lips and soaking my jaw! I felt you start to quiver as the erotic orgasm subsided, leaving you drained, melting into the grass.

As you rolled over, back onto your back, I slowly crawled back up to you, to see you smiling ear to ear, your sparkling eyes staring into mine.

“Now that’s my favorite spot that I wanted to show you honey” said with a whisper.

“You continued your dreamy smile and said back to me with your irresistible voice!

“God damn that was incredible! I think it’s my turn now!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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