My Affair Pt. 03

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I tied on my running shoes and waved at my finacé before I left. Jogging wasn’t my thing but it was Ethan’s and I hadn’t seen him in almost a week. I had seen him around, of course, but while my fiancé was working in town, we kept our distance.

Knowing he would be running this evening, I told my fiancé I was going out for a quick run.

He glanced at me and took in my body, clad in tight dark blue knee-length running pants, black running shoes and a bright blue top, a totally sleeveless affair and sporting some cleavage. My hair was in a bun today and I hadn’t bothered with makeup.

My fiancé nodded appreciatively and I left the house. The kids were going to bed and he could deal with that. My mind was already working my body into a frenzy, thinking of Ethan’s hands on me, his mouth on mine and his cock inside of me.

I felt very sexy in this outfit, which left little to the imagination. It showed off all my hard work through the last months and I was particularly proud of my round, perky butt when wearing these pants.

Running down the street, I headed towards the forest path popular for runners. I kept my hands up and close to my body, my breasts bouncing pleasingly.

The trees enveloped me and I watched my step. I knew his route, he had sent it to me earlier this morning, along with the time he would be running. There weren’t many people running at this hour but a tall man did pass me with a curt ‘evening’ which I scrambled to reply.

Finally, I saw a familiar set of wide shoulders and long hair standing out of an old baseball cap. He wore black on black today, somewhat hiding his strength. He was heading off to a lesser-used trail and I increased my speed to catch up.

I passed escort ataşehir a woman heading back the way Ethan was going and I felt my excitement heighten. We might get caught and the thought was making me felt wet and naughty.

I passed Ethan with a smile and a casual ‘hi’. He caught up with me and kept my pace rather than set his own. He smiled at me and ran his eyes over me before biting his fist. I was starting to warm properly from the running but we still pushed on a bit further. Ethan’s hand touched my ass occasionally, a light caress, followed by a sigh.

We came down a short hill, meeting a pair of women running back and Ethan took my arm after they passed us. He lifted a leafy branch up and pulled me in after him. We walked off the trail for a few moments, passing three large trees before Ethan turned to me.

We were in a small spot free of trees and bushes, partly hidden from the road. His hand went around my waist and he kissed me, hard and needy.

He was already swollen inside his pants, another great thing the running gear allowed me to feel by simply pressing up against him. I didn’t want foreplay, I wanted him inside me as quickly as possible. So, I ran my hand down his firm chest, his abdomen and into his pants.

He gasped as I grabbed him, stroking his shaft and pulling down his pants. He grinned against my mouth and I started to turn away. He grabbed me and stopped me before I could finish, holding me in place and kissed me harder than before, his hand rough on my breasts and ass.

I moaned and writhed against him and he deftly turned me around, my hands flying out to find something to grab on too. I was almost giggling when I felt him pull my pants along with kadıköy escort my red panties down just enough to shove his cock into my soaking wet pussy.

I cried out as he filled me so suddenly and completely. He grunted behind me, his hands grabbing hold of my hips as I braced against a thick three in front of me. My legs were close together and along with the bunched fabric, it created a wonderful friction as he started sliding in and out of me. Feeling his length and girth had me moaning in pleasure. My finacé couldn’t fuck me like this, not ever. Ethan’s cock was simply bigger, harder and better.

“Fuck yeah,” I heard him moan behind me as he buried himself inside of me, “I’ve missed you.”

“Oh, and I you.” I managed to reply as he picked up the pace and I felt his balls slapping against me. He moved his hands, one went to the small of my back and the other caressed my breast through the fabric of my top. He was really thrusting into me now and I pushed back to meet him. This felt like heaven but I needed more to get me there.

I moved one hand between my legs and found my clit. I was so swollen, my fingers rubbing hard. Ethan’s hand moved to cover mine between my legs, pushing mine away and took over rubbing my clit. I bit my lips to not cry out again but it was incredibly difficult as my climax started to take me.

Ethan was thrusting himself into me so hard my body shook with it, yet his fingers stayed with my clit, rubbing furiously.

His other hand squeezed my ass before he grabbed my hip again to steady himself as he moaned behind me.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes,” he was close and I could barely stand it anymore. His deft fingers doing all the right things to me as I rocketed maltepe escort bayan forward. I wasn’t thinking about staying quiet and anyone passing through this part of the woods would know someone was having sex. I didn’t care.

When his hand moved from my hip towards my ass again, it barely registered. Then he pressed his finger against my ass and I moaned.

“Please,” I begged and he pressed one finger into my ass and I lost it. I came so hard around his cock and his finger, his hand had to be drenched in my juices. He hammered into me as I came, and it prolonged my orgasm.

He thrust deeper, removing his finger from my ass and his hand from my clit to grab a hold of my hips again. Driving himself into me faster. He pumped furiously and pressed deep inside of me, going rigid as he came. Warmth spread through me and I could feel the trickle down my inner thigh. I was so spent, I had trouble remaining upright as so did he. He leaned over me, kissing my shoulder, my neck, and my back.

“Let’s not wait this long between fuck again,” He begged and I smiled.

“Let’s not,” I agreed.

Slowly, we recovered and Ethan withdrew from me. As I pulled up my panties and pants, I was indeed soaking in his and my juices.

“When can I see you again?” Ethan kissed me before I could answer him, pressing me against him.

“How’s tomorrow morning?” I asked and he smirked.

“I’ll manage,” He promised.

We headed back and parted at his house as if we had just run together. We had most certainly spent some calories.

When I came inside, my fiancé was sitting on the living room sofa, and he glanced up when I walked passed, telling him I was taking a shower.

“Maybe you should leave it on,” He said with a certain smile I knew all too well. He was horny.

My heart rate spiked as I smiled.

“Let me clean up for you first,” I promised, “I have more of these outfits. Then I’m all yours.”

He nodded at me and I dashed off to the bathroom.

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