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I was out on the downstairs patio on my workout bench. The kids were in bed and you were tucking them in. I decided to do a few sets while you were busy and then shower after you came in so we could go to bed. I was in just my boxers and had already worked up a slight sweat. The cool evening breeze kept me from getting too hot and sweaty.

The girls must’ve gone right to sleep, because it didn’t seem like I had hardly started when I heard a sound at the sliding door. I looked up and my eyes went wide. It was a good thing I wasn’t lifting any of the weights right then or I would have dropped them. You were leaning against the doorframe with your hands behind your back, pushing your breasts up and out, and one ankle crossed in front of the other. It wasn’t the pose that really got my attention, although it was very sexy. It was what you were wearing. You had put on your white eyelet bra and panty set, and you had put your hair into two ponytails with a pair of the girls’ white hair-ties. And there was also the mischievous grin you were wearing.

“Ready for bed, I see.” I started to get up.

“You don’t have to stop on my account. I just thought I’d come out here and give you a little motivation. I mean, all that grunting and panting you were doing sounded sexy and I wanted to see if I could help in any way.” The grin never left your face.

Already I had started getting hard just looking at you standing there. I wanted to just get up and throw you onto the bed, but I also figured you had something fun in mind so I decided to play along.

“Well, if you want to help, you could spot for me.”

“How do I do that?”

“OK. Stand over here behind my head and as I lift my arms, you help support them so I don’t drop the weights on myself. It’s usually more important toward the end of the set when my arms are getting tired. “

You walked over behind my head as I lay back down. I picked up the weight again to do another set. As I looked up I could see you had positioned yourself right escort kartal above my head. You placed your feet far enough apart that you had separated the two halves of your crotchless panties. Seeing your sex so close only made me harder, creating a tent in the front of my boxers.

I started the set. Lifting the weights easily at first, I saw you looking toward my waist more than the weights. I also noticed your sex lips start to glisten as you became aroused. At ‘7’ I started to strain and my hard-on popped out through the fly. You reached down to support my elbows as I lifted the weights a little slower. However, you didn’t just bend over and grab my arms. You squatted. This brought your lips down within inches of my face. If it was possible, I’m sure my staff got a little harder each time you squatted. And by the time I reached ’10’ and was straining to lift the weights, I smiled at your motivation: “Come on, honey, get it up. Get it up!”

“Very good, honey.” You said. “You get a prize!” And you leaned over top of me, placing your hands on the bench on either side of my waist, until your head was over my shaft. You kissed the tip of my staff a couple times, and then I felt you lower your mouth onto me. But I wasn’t just lying there enjoying my prize. Your position had placed your panty-clad love flower nearly on my face. I raised my chin a little and stuck out my tongue. It slipped through the parted cloth of your panties and into your sex. The nectar of your flower was intoxicating. But before I could do more than just taste you, you lifted your head with a slurp and stood up.

“Ready to do another set?” You asked.

“If that’s my prize for 10, yeah, I’ll do more!”

I picked up the weights again and started another set. This time, you started helping at 6. I inhaled your woman scent with every breath. At 8, I lifted my head as you squatted down and darted my tongue to your lips.

“No. No. Not till 10.” And you quickly raised your sex out of reach of my tongue.

And maltepe escort again at 10 I got my prize. You leaned over me and kissed my still hard and exposed manhood, then took me into your mouth. And I snaked my tongue into your panties and between your sex lips. But only for a brief moment. You wouldn’t do more than two or three strokes with your mouth before you stood up.

We did this for two more sets, giggling at the fun we were having. But I couldn’t lift those weights indefinitely. So I changed exercises. I adjusted the bench so that it now looked like a high-back chair. I sat down and picked up the weights again.

“It’s basically the same thing as before, but this time I’m sitting up.”

“Where do you want me to stand?” You asked.

“Well, normally the spotter is behind the bench. But I think you’d do better standing in front.” I said with a smile.

You stepped in front of me, opening your legs to straddle my lap. But instead of standing there like I expected, you slowly sat down onto my lap. Only it wasn’t exactly my lap you sat on. You reached down and guided my shaft to touch your lips then eased yourself onto me. As you settled onto me, you smiled and said, “OK. Ready when you are.”

As I lifted the weights over my head, I felt me slide out of you an inch or two. But when the weights were lowered, the easing of the strain pushed me right back in. It was an incredible feeling, the muscle strain in my arms as I struggled to lift the weights and your hot, wet sex surrounding my manhood as I slid in and out.

I had to stop after only two sets. “I want to cum so bad but I have one more exercise to do. Then I’m all yours, if you don’t mind me sweaty.”

“If I minded you sweaty, I wouldn’t be here right now. And I do want you to finish your workout.” You slowly stood up, my staff glistening with your love fluids in the porch light.

“How can I help you with this one?”

“I don’t think you can on this one.” I stood up and pendik escort bayan stepped away from the bench.

“All I do is lift the weights up and down with my arms held out in front of me.” I did a couple lifts to show you. Keeping my arms straight, I lifted the weight in front of me until my arm was parallel with the ground then lowered it again. Alternating arms, my body would rock back and forth as my center of balance shifted when the weights were out in front.

“Oooh. I know how I can help!” You turned the bench around and bent over at the waist and placed your palms on the seat.

“Come here.”

I stepped up beside you.

“No, silly. Get behind me.”

I stepped behind you and you reached between your legs to find my manhood. Once again I felt the heat of your sex surround my shaft as I slid inside you.

“Now, go ahead and do your exercise.”

So I did. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. As my body rocked back and forth, my shaft slid in and out of your womanhood. Oh! You felt so good! I never thought lifting weights could be this much fun! You moaned every time I lowered a weight and pushed inside you.

I no longer was thinking of sets. I just kept lifting and lowering. I didn’t even know how many I had done. We were loving each other and there was nothing else. It didn’t take long. I felt the orgasm coming.

I dropped the weights to the ground and pulled out of you. A little surprised, you stood up. I picked you up, and with your legs wrapped around my waist; I carried you to the bed. I laid you down on the edge of the mattress and pushed myself back inside you. Your legs were still around my waist and you used them to pull me hard into you every time I thrust. And it didn’t take too many thrusts.

I was there! A grunt/thrust and my shaft exploded with love inside you! I slammed against you as the orgasm rocked my body. Another, and more love fluid filled your womanhood. My pelvis slapped yours. My manhood rammed in and out of you. We were one. Our love held us together as we shared this most precious moment of time.

Slowly, my body relaxed. Your hands roamed my sweat-coated body. My eyes watched yours as they followed your hands.

“I like helping you workout.” You said with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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