More Than A Mouthful

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“I know, I know, I know, ‘more than a mouthful is waste.’ But I want ’em, I want big boobies.”

She had her hands out in front of her chest like she was holding up a couple of bowling balls. It was a conversation we had all the time. Miss Tiny Tits didn’t think her Double A’s were sexy, and I got hard just thinking about them. We’d been sexing it up together for over a year and there was nothing we hadn’t done, and nothing her small breasts kept us from doing. At least, to my way of fucking. And right now, this minute, she was naked on top with my cock deep inside her and she’d just stuck her gorgeous nipple inside my mouth when she just stopped. It was always a sign she was thinking her boobs were to small.

“I want giant headlights. My nipples should be huge. Don’t you want my nipples to be huge?”

No. And that was completely ignoring the fact that her thimbles were, in fact, huge. As large as the proverbial pencil erasers. And with her size they looked even huge-er. She meant the brown parts, her aureoles, which actually were mini. Which made her rosebuds look even sexier to me. She wanted them to be the size of saucers, covering half her jugs. Admittedly, they’d look hot too, but pretty much any way she looked would be hot to me. I loved her for sure, but I loved how racy she was too, how she was up for anything all the time. It seemed like with her my erections never had a minute to soften up.

“They should be hanging down, like udders, smothering your face so you can’t even gasp. I want bazooms.”

Mind you, I love her breasts just the way they are (cue the song). They’re cute, they’re tempting, and they’re provocative. You know, sexy. One of my favorite moments is when she unbuttoning her blouse, or stripping off a T-shirt. What’s she wearing? A bra (rarely) or nothing? Will I see those mosquito bites or wait a bit more? And you know she knows I’m looking. She finds all kinds of different ways to slowly unveil the goods, only too aware that if all goes according to plan I’ll be straining in my underpants the second her chiquitas are free.

A woman kartal escort with heavy hangers takes them for granted, she doesn’t really work it to get a man excited. She carelessly undresses, knowing every male had been interested in what was underneath since they were maybe twelve, so why wouldn’t you? Oh, the burden! She dresses with cleavage, then whine that everyone was staring at her “girls.” Or she wears a thin bra with a thinner shirt and tells you to shut up if you mention her hard blinkers are showing. Once she’s nude she poses for you all sexed up if you insist, holding her pillows jutting out, but drops them down just as fast when she’s bored, and goes back to whatever she was doing. If you whisper you’re turned on by her plumpers, so let’s get down, shes strips and spreads fast enough, but with a resigned look that says “all you men are the same.”

The babes with the bee stings work it harder, work them hotter, work it out so you not only get hot, you get off.

“Today at work all the men were drooling at Marsha because she was so low cut and it pissed her off because they wouldn’t look her in the eye. I’m sick of men looking me in the eye. I want some honkin’ sweater meat.”

I don’t know, I kind of love her eyes, they’re breathtaking. I like looking at her chest too though, I have to admit. Even thought she’s “flat,” since she almost never wears a bra her chest is always rubbing up against whatever she’s wearing. I keep copping glances to see if her high beams are up. And as soon as I see those high beams come on my erection springs up and I have to her right then.

Which is alright with her, she’s well aware her points make me stiff. The other night at dinner she was horny and I caught her pinching herself to pop her thermometers, and that did it. Without a word I headed for the restrooms and she followed right behind, knowing what was happening. As I was letting myself out of my pants the door to the cramped room pushed open behind me and she’d already unbuttoned her blouse to show me her stuff and was lifting her skirt to pull off her maltepe escort bayan panties. She mumbled something about getting out of her way and bent over the sink with her ass hanging out and let me have my way with her while the other piss filled suckers were dancing up and down outside the locked door.

“You can’t titty fuck me. I want your johnson sliding between my best friends. I want bunnies big enough for you to fuck.”

She would hate that, but I kept my mouth shut. Never argue with a woman who wants you to come all over her tits. But once, at the moment of truth, she asked me to pull and spray her all over. She wanted it on her face, her hair, and of course, her cupcakes. Afterward, it struck me as an unusual request since she hated the taste of my sperm, but right at then, the millisecond when the world goes away and the greatest pain would seem like a kiss, there was no turning back. I, um, extracted myself, shimmied up a bit, and even before I had to pump my wiener let itself go. She’d been rubbing herself and exploded too at the excitement of it all, but a few seconds later she wondered why her eyes stung and she was all wet with the sticky stuff. Needless to say, she never screamed that request again.

“If I had a couple of big thangs, wouldn’t that turn you on? I want some fun bags.”

When we’re lying together trying to get naked, making out, I’ll put my hand on her tummy and slip it down her skin. Just touching her love hole outside her pants is enough to start her whimpering. lift the waistband of her underwear. When I reach the slit of her hairy pussy (she still likes her hair growing wild, and I love the feel of my fingers running through her soft curlies before I make it to the promised land) the really loud moans start and she’s always already sopping wet. But one touch is all she gets right then. I’d love to go downtown and suck her juice, she even tastes sexy, but her smell will have to do for the moment. Instead, I might start humming softly in her ear and my right, still sticky, fingertips will brush the round underside escort pendik of her mounds and her body slips down so I’ll be touching her nipples instead. They harden quickly and I catch the left one between two fingers with the right gently between my teeth. Now her body starts its little ripples and she tells me to pinch her more, bite her more. None of my big titted lovers like this, but the little nubbins always want it until it hurts. She’s no exception and she pushes me to bite until she screams, and then wants my soft tongue licking the pain away slowly. I pinch her again and kiss, pinch and kiss a few more times, and then I stop suddenly and start kissing her mouth so deeply neither of us can breathe.

She really wants to get fucked now. We’ve made love often enough, but now the nip job has made her crazy and she for some get down plain fornication. Her panties haven’t even come off yet and she’d rip a hole in them if it would get my dickhead inside her. But I won’t let her pull it in no matter how much she bucks or how blue my balls are. I keep kissing her and push up between our bodies and rub her breasts a little more while I’m sliding off her chest. Her lungs deflate with disappointment and her sounds are caught in our open mouths and we keep the tongue kissing going. Until. This time the licking goes very slowly. My tongue is getting sloppy all over her tatas and her purrs are getting longer, sounds that make the blood pump into my cock. My hands are slipping all over her now and her nips are even too wet for me to pinch them good, so my teeth will have to do. The more I munch the more her body moves, a quick chomp and her ass flies off the bed, a soft chewing and she grinds downward, a hard squeeze and anything can happen. Up and down, sideways, she’s all over the place. Bite me! she screams one last time and she starts to convulse with an orgasm so loud, so fathomless, so complete, I start feeling wetter than just my sweat. Her pussy is spraying up, out, it’s squirting a rain of girl cum juice. It’s soaking everything in sight, even me. And, in a first, my penis start spurting without touching any part of her body. My come has a life of its own. Everything’s wet, we’re sticky, and we’re holding each other, hugging and calming our shakes.

“Oh God,” she says, in between our giant tugs for air. “God, I love my little titties.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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