Mentoring Veronica Ch. 01

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Anyone who tells you that working on Wall Street is an awesome gig is a flat out liar. Wall Street is filled with overambitious, sycophantic political assholes. You have no true friends. The people you hang out with after work, at office parties, in the Caf or sometimes even on the weekends are just stepping stones. You do not take anyone seriously…unless you can sweep them out of your way while you are on a networking binge.

It’s in this environment I found myself after graduating from college. I was given the opportunity to become a management analyst in a training program with one of the world’s largest investment banks. Yeah it sounds cool, but it wasn’t. Aside from the fact that it involved the unglamorous side of banking, it seemed to me that this program was just a stable of young, nubile grads for senior management to pay with. Sounds kind of freaky, eh? Let’s see – I’ve seen women get it on in the bathrooms, men coming onto each other in the middle of meetings, young interns forced to perform tasks that they could never put on their resume… Hey, you think Enron or WorldCom was bad? Add sex and legalized prostitution on top of swindling money and you’ve got my world.

The bottom line is that in order for a young, junior executive to make a name for herself (or himself) she has to play the game. Just suck it up (ha!) and try to enjoy yourself. That’s what I did. I found a way to move up in the bank and get raises and bonuses while people were getting laid off. I went from an analyst to an Asst. Vice President in three years. Now I’m a junior Relationship Manager, posed to obtain my own book of business. However, for the last three months, I have been supporting the top dog of the sales group. He’s the senior RM. He calls the shots. He views himself as my mentor, my teacher, my political champion within the bank. He also wants a bit more than I’m willing to give him. I thought I was done playing that game. Alas, ataşehir escort bayan I was so very wrong. My name is Veronica and here’s my story…

The first few weeks were hell. Jonathan has been on my case about everything. My quarterly revenue report was incorrect; I wasn’t keeping the sales pipeline up to date, blah blah blah. Now I’ve noticed he’s started to look at my legs and ass, not straight at my face. Lately, especially on our way to client calls, he tries to brush up against me whenever possible (albeit in an “innocent” way). We’ll be on the subway and the train lurches…he brushes my breast. We sit next to each other in a meeting and his leg touches mine, or his hand “ever so slightly” touches my leg. The frightening thing is…it gives me that warm feeling down you know where.

I was thinking about this late one May evening while I was still in the office. I was about to leave my cubicle to go home when I heard a muted sound. I turned…It was coming from the corner office. “Hhmm…” I wondered as I slowly walked toward the big Managing Director’s office. The dude who occupies this office is forever traveling, except for then. The closer I got to the door I heard another moan – distinctly female. All the offices on my floor have doors and windows facing outside the building. The also have windows with blinds facing the office floor. Luckily, that night, the blinds were not all the way closed. I crept underneath the window and peeked in. “Oh my God!” I thought

The Managing Director’s head was in between the legs of one of the female managers. She was completely naked. It was strange to see her this way. Her long brown hair flowed around her shoulders. Her full breasts were heaving. Her nipples were huge! UUGH…she used to be one of my managers.

J. (that’s the Managing Director) and D. (that’s my ex-manager) looked to have been at it for quite awhile. J. had D. on his small table. escort kadıköy He seemed to be feasting on D’s vagina. He was still halfway dressed. Although as I was getting ready to leave, J. started taking his suit pants off. “Hhmmm, this is interesting,” I thought.

“Umm umm yummy, “said J. “But hold on. I’ve got something different for you.”

I ducked as J. hurried around, but then I looked back in when I noticed J. grab something off his desk. It was one of those thick Dr. Grip or XXL ballpoint pens. J. came back to the table and fondled D.’s breasts. He kissed them and came back down to D.’s snatch. He began to lick her clit…and then sucked on it. “Oooh, J. Your tongue is wonderful!” D. shouted. I smirked, “Even during foreplay she’s corny…”

J. pulls out the thick pen. He begins to plug her vagina with it. Oh my goodness! He actually penetrates her with a piece of office equipment. D. is going crazy! She’s writhering on top of the table. J. continues to suck her clit, pull the pen in and out, and play with himself. Just as I start snickering I feel that betraying wetness begin to form. My panties are getting sticky. I quickly start to un-fasten my pants and stick my hand inside my panties. My clit feels like it doubled in size; literally throbbing. I don’t want to do anything but I’m aching to. At that time, I haven’t had any sex in ages! I haven’t even been on a date in the last six months. There’s no left one left on the floor…I shouldn’t worry. I can’t wait much longer. I’m dying to touch myself. My clit seems to grab at my finger. Touch me, its saying. PLEASE touch me.

As soon as my finger guided the rest of my hand to my clit, D. gets up from the table and starts sucking J.’s very thick dick. She takes all 7 inches in and grabs his butt cheeks in the process. My finger begins to find its way to my vagina, just as D. puts hers into J.’s anus. J.’s whole body just shudders. “Yes, that’s bostancı escort it D. Push it in. Push it in.”

D. licks the tip of J.’s penis as she begins to penetrate him with two, and then three, of her fingers. “Bend down, “she growls. “Yes, D.” A little moan escaped from my lips as I see J. going into a doggie position with D. kneeling behind him. She fondles his penis with one hand and continues to plug his anus with the other. She’s got three fingers in him now as she pulls on his penis a little harder than before. Each time she pulls her hand out J. shudders and licks his lips.

I’m just about to come. My hand is all sticky and wet. I feel tingly all over. I think I messed up my pants too. I feel like I’m making too much noise. My two fingers are rapidly filling my hole. I’m licking my lips. OH GOD – the rush of doing something like this out in the open AT WORK. A security guard could stop by at any time. Oh I really can’t hold it much longer. When I look into J.’s office, D. is fucking herself with a really fat highlighter and sucking J.’s dick again. Her fingers have been replaced with the pen that was inside of her. D. is moaning louder. It sounds very persistent. Her hand is pushing the highlighter faster. J. has grabbed the back of her head; she’s getting the back of her throat slammed by his dick.

“Oh God!” I’m done. I’m shaking, spasming…like I’m having a seizure. I haven’t come in so very very long. Yeah, it feels really good.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” J. is screaming. D. looks like she’s about to choke. She must be getting a shitload of sperm down her throat. “Take it! Take it bitch!” He pulls himself out of her mouth and slaps her hand away from the highlighter. He takes over and begins ramming her with it. I’m wiping myself with tissues as I watch. It almost looks like he’s hurting her. D.’s face is contorted with a strange look. Then J. begins rubbing her clit and D. instantly begins to come.

I pull myself together and sneak away toward the receptionist’s doors, toward the elevator. It’s now a little after 8:00. I’m tired and hungry. Jonathan and I have another client call in midtown tomorrow. Maybe I’ll wear a skirt…

To Be Continued…?? 3

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