Memories of Bunk Bed Sex

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The two of us in an eight by twenty-four foot trailer, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. It such a lovely idea in theory, but work so gets in the way in actuality. I work twelve hours a day and she works twelve hours a night. At the start we take a little overlapping time morning and evenings, as we are fresh and rested from our time off. The start of a job is also fast and furious and takes its toll quickly.

Soon we find ourselves getting a quick bite to eat, a quick shower, a few quick kisses, and then it’s off to bed in exhaustion. In ten days to two weeks we collect, analyze, and evaluate ten thousand feet of twelve and a quarter inch hole drilled into the earth. All of this is accomplished among the din of diesel engines, pounding pumps, and clang banging equipment, twenty-four seven.

To make it even more fun we are cooped up in this little trailer set right on the edge of the drill site a scant fifty feet from the action. A shade less than two hundred square feet sounds fairly large but it’s not. You have the data gathering area, the sample cleaning and analysis area, the drafting table, and the kitchen in two thirds of the trail. The other third of the trailer consists of a set of bunk beds, a shower, a small closet, and a small room with a toilet.

One small sliding pocket door separates your work from your sleep. Right down the middle of this whole mess is the only walking space and it’s only as wide as a swivel chair. People wonder why mud loggers as we are called are a little crazy. It’s a white-collar job that pays well in a blue-collar mud hole. You’re your own boss but the redheaded stepchild in the pecking order of life on a location.

And then we reach a casing point. A point where we stop running our asses off and have some time to rest and recuperate. It’s now time for someone else to test the hole electronically, shove ten-inch steel casing down it’s throat and cement it in place. Other than monitoring gas a couple of times as they circulate the hole out, we are free. We can’t leave but our time is our own, more or less.


We changed shifts at seven and my wife Kitty was in bed by eight thirty. By ten we had reached the predetermined depth where we were to set the casing and an hour later my last sample showed enough shale to make a good seat for the pipe and cement to adhere to. An hour later the rig started to pull the drill pipe out of the hole.

I had the paperwork finished and shipped off to the oil company geology lab by the time they started out of the hole. I zeroed my pump stroke counters and set the alarms on my gas meters as low as possible, Any increase in background gas would set off a buzzer and flashing lights.

After a little cleanup of the work area, it was safe enough to kick back and relax. It would take them about ten hours to pull the pipe, another sixteen to eighteen hours to electronically log the hole, and eight to ten hours to trip back into the hole.

We had twenty-four hours of nothing to do except listen for the gas buzzer. I wondered if I could get a shower without waking Kitty up. If I pulled the curtain on the lower bunk that we both used and I was quiet, it was quite possible. A shower sounded great especially if I could slip into the bunk and cuddle my wife afterwards.

I had installed a second buzzer on the wall in the bunk enclosure so I switched it on. Now we were wired in to the gas panel back there just in case the gas went up. There’s nothing like being able to sleep with your wife and getting paid at the same time. Sometimes I just love my or should I say our jobs, since we both get paid.


The shower went off without a hitch but I had forgotten to lock the main door to the trailer. I slipped on my house shoes, opened the pocket door, and went to lock up. When I returned the small reading light was on behind the curtain and it was now partially open.

As I closed the pocket door I heard Kitty say, “Hey, there’s a naked man in my bedroom.”

I leaned in the curtain and smiled at her. She frowned and added, “Oh, it’s just my husband.”

“Who were you expecting?” I asked with a frown of my own.

“Well, there is this one movie star and then there was this guy I saw on the way down here but I guess I forgot to give them my new address.”


“And your point is?” She replied with a big grin.

The bottom bunk is a little over three and a half feet wide, six feet long, and has about four and a half feet of headroom. It’s a cramped space but cozy in it’s own way. I climbed in on top of her and kissed her deeply. Her arms were trapped under the sheet and blanket; only her head was showing.

She kissed me back with growing passion for several minutes and then twisted her head to break the kiss.

“Get off of me you big lug unless you want to sleep in a wet bed.”

“I love it when you get all wet.” I told her with an evil chuckle.

“Not that kind of wet, I have to pee.”

“Oh, in that case….” I whispered as I got up to my knees. “Do you want ataşehir escort me to hold your hand?’

“No, I think I can handle it all by my self.”

“You’re no fun.” I said with a laugh as I got off the bunk. “I like handling it for you.”

“I know you do dear but wait until I get back. I’m assuming we’ve reached casing point.”

“Yes we have, so we have a full day to rest.” I told her as I watched her pull back the covers.

At work my wife always wears a shift type nightgown and if I knew her as well as I thought I did, she had panties on under it. She grinned at me as she crossed the few feet to the door of the bathroom. I knew that grin also; it was her rest my ass I’ve got something better in mind grin.

As she closed the door, I pulled the curtain open, crawled into bed, and moved over until my back was against the wall. I’m six feet tall and weight close to two hundred pounds, so Kitty doesn’t like to get between that wall and me. She’s five six and one twenty, so I understand.

A moment or two later the door opened a crack and a pair of panties flew out to hit me in the face. I laughed before I held them up to my nose and inhaled. While her scent wasn’t strong it was there. I love her sweet earthy smell anytime and anyplace.

It wasn’t long after that, that the nightgown joined me on the bed. “Hmmmm, now there’s a naked lady in the bathroom if I know my wife at all.” I called out.

The door opened a crack. “You think you’re so smart don’t you. I could have hung clothes up in here.”

“But you didn’t so I’m laying here visualizing my beautiful wife sitting in there on that little pot.”

“You would, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes, I love to look at you and you know it. You love it too, now don’t you?”

The door closed and then there was the sound of the toilet flushing. A moment later the door opened and my wife moved out of the darkness to lean on the doorframe. My eyes wandered up and down her slender body, pausing at her face, her small upturned breasts, and the dark vee of hair on her mound.

The second time my eyes locked with hers, she shivered and whispered, “Yes, I love it when you look at me with that adoring look on your face. It makes me all tingly inside.”

Her eyes moved from my face to my ridged manhood pressed against my lower belly. “I see you love it to.”

I nodded and held my hand out toward her. She took it and came to bed.

I’d like to say that we spent the next twenty-four hours in one long spectacular sexual romp but sleep won out. We cuddled, kissed, and then fell asleep.


I woke up to find Kitty’s ass spooned up against me. My hard manhood was pressed tightly between the satiny cheeks of her ass and my right hand was cupping her left breast. Sleeping this way is nothing new, in fact it’s one of our favorite ways, and another is because of the narrowness of the bunk.

I wondered what time it was. I couldn’t see the face of the clock clipped to a hook in the bottom of the upper bunk and there are no windows so that didn’t help. From the sounds of the rig and the diesel engines, they were still pulling pipe. I’ve lived with these sounds for so long they are second nature.

Kitty shifted in her sleep, her ass wiggling back firmer against me as she murmured in her sleep. I wondered what she was dreaming about as I gently squeezed her breast. She muttered softly and wiggled her ass again. I caressed her left breast, the nipple hardening under my light touch.

I used my fingertips to caress her right breast. I found her nipple on that side and flicked it with my fingernail. She made a soft whimpering moan and rolled her shoulders back against me more. Now I had both breasts to play with.

I teased her nipples and the soft puffy aurora underneath until her hips moved suggestively, rubbing her ass against me. The smooth silky cleft of her heart shaped ass cupped and caressed my hard shaft. She made the soft whimpering sound again.

Her hips moved faster and then she whispered, “you’re playing with fire, I hope you brought you asbestos underwear.”

“I’ll take my chances.” I whispered back. “I might get branded or boiled but as wet as you probably are, nothing will burn.”

“Smartass, you think you know me so well.”

I didn’t say anything; I just moved my hand down over her tummy to explore the soft short hair on her mound. My fingernails combed the hair and teased the sensitive skin underneath. I felt Kitty shiver and squirm back tighter to me.

I flattened my hand and slipped my middle finger down between her closed thighs. I could feel the top of her slit and about an inch of its length. I rubbed back and forth using light pressure. I knew her clit was under there hidden in the folds at the top of her inner lips.

Kitty whimpered softly and raised her right knee allowing me easier and fuller access to her sex. I continued to lightly stroke the top of her slit and then changed the movement to a side-to-side one as my finger slipped between the folds.

Above kadıköy escort her clit, under the skin there is a ridge that leads to her clit. Over the years, I had found that rolling it back and forth gently drove my wife nuts. It took the right pressure and had to be done slowly to start but I had figured all that out from practice and experience.

With a soft moan and a whimpering shiver, Kitty moved her hips so the pressure was just right. “You are so bad and that feels so good.” She whispered.

After a minute or so her hips jerked and she pulled back from my finger, pressing her ass tight to my hips and manhood. “You are so going to make a big mess if you don’t stop.” She whispered hoarsely.

I shifted down in the bunk whispering, “I know a better way to make a mess, one we both enjoy greatly.”

Guided by the crevice of her ass, the head of my manhood found her hot slippery opening. As I pressed forward Kitty said, “No, wait.”

I paused and did as she asked; I waited with the head of my dick pressed against her branding iron heat. “Is there a problem?” I asked, slightly confused.

“I’m curious about something.” She whispered.

“Now’s a hell of a time for that ain’t it?” I asked jokingly.

“Probably but you’ve got me wondering about something.”

“Is this about that gangbang you’ve always wanted?” I asked. She had never even mentioned a gangbang, much less wanted one that I knew of.

She laughed and I felt the head of my dick move slowly into her a fraction of an inch. I pulled my hips back, the head of my dick moving away from her opening. The laugh turned to a soft moan and then to a soft gasp.

She shivered in my arms and sighed, “You are so good to me.”

“And you dear lady are a tease.” I replied and kissed her hair.

“After the last two weeks, that was kind of mean, wasn’t it.”

“For both of us.” I whispered before kissing her hair again and asking, “So what’s this thing, that has you so curious?”

“It’s about how well we know each other and the things that get us turned on. We’re both turned on right now and we could fuck our brains out with no problems but….” She paused a second looking for the words she wanted to use.

“I love your butt and you know it.” I told her.

“Yes dear and I love that you love it or is that when and how you love it.” She replied with a chuckle.

“Anyway, I was wondering just how much we could turn each other on without actually make one another come. Just how hot can we make each other before we just have to fuck our brains out.” She went on breathily.

I could tell that the thoughts about this were playing in her head and as a matter of fact, they were jumping around in mine. What an interesting idea.

“From the sound of your voice, I’d say the idea intrigues you, and is turning you on.” I whispered as I strummed my fingertips over her clit.

Kitty’s hips jerked as she gasped. She sat up and moved to the end of the bed to lean back against the wall. “No fair.” She whispered as she pulled her legs up and crossed them to sit Indian fashion.

I grinned at her as I sat up and scooted back to sit like she was. My head was just brushing the bottom of the upper bunk. “Now what? We can’t do much sitting on opposite ends of the bed.”

She grinned and scooted forward a little. “I’ll meet you in the middle.” She said with a laugh.

We moved forward until our knees touched. I put my hands on her thighs and leaned forward for a kiss. It was a stretch for both of us, just to touch lips. Leaning back, she said, “This isn’t going to work. Put your legs on each side of me and I’ll put mine over yours.”

It took a little maneuvering but we finally got in a position to kiss. There was several inches between our sexes as we kissed, our hands and arms exploring and caressing the other’s backs and shoulders. I love to kiss my wife and she loves to kiss me.

Our kisses usually start slow and soft and heat up from there. Our tongues end up dueling, as we taste each other’s mouths. One will nibble on the other’s lips and then we’ll switch. The whole time, we are touch and caressing each other’s bodies. We get lost in it.

A moaning groan from Kitty broke our kiss. She had moved forward and the bottom of my shaft was planted in the slippery folds of her sex. Her hips were working back and forth as she rubbed her clit against me. We were both breathing hard but hers was a little more labored.

“Time out.” She whispered hoarsely. “I need to catch you up to my level.”

She looked at me lovingly and then whispered, “Lean back on your hands.”

When I did as she asked, she leaned forward to lick and nibble on my left nipple. This wasn’t something she normally did and it felt so good. Her hot tongue had my nipples hard in a second and the nips from her teeth shot tingling pleasure through my system.

“Ummmm, I like that and I now see what you like about it.” I whispered between little hisses of pleasure.

She gave me a quick grin and switched nipples as bostancı escort bayan her hand gripped and gently squeezed my hard shaft. I gave out with a groan of pure pleasure as she used the fingertips of her other hand to smear the slick drop of pre-come around the head of my dick.

Between her tongue, teeth, and hands, my hips were soon jerking and twitching. She moved her head back and smiled at me as she licked her sticky fingers. I sat forward and pushed her back until she was prone on the bed. My hands were on her sensitive breasts.

I wanted to kiss and lick them but I couldn’t bend far enough. Laughing she lifted her legs and placed her feet flat on the bottom of the overhead bunk. I used both hands to caress first one leg and then the other, barely grazing her outer lips as I used my nails to tease her inner thighs.

My nails and the feathery touch of the side of my hands on her sex made her squirm and take a couple of hissing breathes. I could see and feel her wetness. I paused to lick the side of my hand and then smacked my lips. She laughed and propped her calves on my shoulders.

I kissed first one calf and then the other. I took her right foot in my hands, rubbing and massaging it. She sighed softly and closed her eyes as I did. When I kissed and then licked the bottom of her feet, her leg jerked and she made a gasping giggling sound.

“That tickles.” She whispered and then she gasped and jerked her leg again as my tongue explored between her big toe and the next one.

When I sucked on her big toe and ran my tongue around it, she moaned softly as her foot and leg quivered. She withered and moaned louder as I sucked and licked the rest of her toes, either singularly or in groups. Licking the tender curve under each toe brought the loudest responses.

By the time I released that foot, she had her hands on her breasts. When I started on the other foot she moaned and pulled on her nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. By the time I finished, her hips were jerking and she was whimpering loudly.

As I lowered her foot, she held her arms out toward me and whispered fiercely, “Come fuck me, fuck me hard and fast.”

“So you think we’re ready now huh?” I asked as I scooted back.

She nodded quickly and lifted her hips flexing them suggestively. “Oh yes, I’m going to come the second you enter me.” She whispered breathily.

I came up on my knees and then bent over to run my tongue up her left thigh. When I grinned at her, she shook her head and said, “Don’t you dare; I’ll come my brains out if you do.”

“And the problem with that is?” I asked as I slipped my hands under her ass, cupping a cheek in each hand.

She let out a long drawn out moaning groan as my tongue found her slit and I gave her a slow deliberate lick from her opening to her clit. As my tongue swirled around the bud her hips jerked upward pressing her clit tighter to my tongue, the moaning groan became a sharp yell as she came hard.

I flicked her clit back and forth a few times and then lowered my head to feast on her sweet juices. My tongue stabbed in and out of her sopping wet opening and then trailed down and then back up the cleft of her ass. Her fingers were wrapped in my hair and the yell took on a animalistic quality as I savored her musky earthy flavor.

Her hips were shivering, shaking, and jerking the whole time I licked her. I love to make my wife come this way; it’s a real power trip, not to mention a real feast of pleasure for me also. It’s a mental orgasm so to speak that gives me more pleasure than actually getting off.

As her responses lessened, I relaxed, lowered her hips, and rested my cheek against her raised inner thigh. I hadn’t realized that she had slid her feet up and spread her knees wide open. I let my eyes roam over her sex and body as I waited for her to regain her composer.

After a while, she blew out a soft breath and sighed. “I told you I was going to go off like a bomb.”

“That’s all right, it just means that I get to start over building you back up to the next orgasm.” I told her softly.

She smiled and then giggled. “Lucky me.”

“Lucky us.” I whispered before I crawled up over her body to kiss her gently on the lips.

“Ummmmm, you taste like my pussy.” She whispered, licking her lips.

I kissed her lightly again and then chewed gently on her lower lip. When I lifted my head I smiled down at her. “I love the taste of your pussy.”

She giggled and nodded. “Lucky me again, I love you tasting my pussy.”

I lowered my hips until I felt my hard shaft press against her slippery slit. I moved my hips and felt myself slid back and forth along her trench and slowly slipping between the folds. As the head of my dick brushed her clit she whimpered softly as her hips flexed in time with my movements.

“I wonder if I can get you off this way.” I whispered in her ear before I kissed her neck.

“Oh yes, you have many times, didn’t you know that?”

“I kind of thought so but I never knew for sure.”

Her answer was a soft moaning groan as her hips jerked and bucked under me. I increased the length, pressure, and force of my thrusts. The moaning groan got louder as her hips went wild, rubbing and pressing back against me in an uncoordinated way.

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