Memorable Pt. 02

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They knew they were going to sleep well that night in the large bed. They felt like they were on a raft floating in the ocean, away from the things of man. Going no where in particular. Together.

The bed was so large, they could sleep without ever touching one another. But, that was unacceptable, they needed to feel the warmth and the comfort of the other and would not allow the space. She hugged his hand to her chest as she slept. Her back rested on his chest as his body formed around hers. The feel of her skin on his and the beat of her heart on his hand comforted him.

The darkness in the room did not lend any clue as to the time he had awakened. He did not know if the night was deepening or early morning was soon to awaken the land. What he did know was, it was time to fulfill his need for her. That time was now. He felt the coolness of his wet head on her thigh as he began to harden.

She was asleep, holding his hand and breathing deeply. The thought of not taking her and allowing her to sleep passed through his mind briefly. The desire of taking her and enjoying what she had to offer him shoved the prior thought completely out of his mind. He was going to have her, she would know that the thought of her awakened him. The thought of her excited him so much that he had to be as close to her physically and emotionally as possible.

He began to make small thrusting motions with his hips. She was still wet, not only from his cum, but also because of her explosive orgasms by the fireplace. The wetness he felt assured him that he would need no lube to enter her. The soft snapping sound he heard was the kissing of her lips each time his throbbing head barely entered her pussy then pulled out.

Wet kisses that rewarded him for taking what he wanted.

Wet kisses that encouraged him to dive further inside.

Wet kisses that would soon turn to a wet flow of eagerness.

Wet kisses that proved to him that she wanted him.

His deep thrust was greeted with a long and guttural moan that roared from deep inside of her. She gripped his hand tightly as his girth stretched her then released as his head reached the opening of its sanctum. Her vocalizations intensified and encouraged him to not stop.

Harder and faster he pumped in her. Encouraged by her pleas for him to cum inside of her, he had no choice but to comply. He was unable to hold back. He could not try to save anything. She deserved everything he had and he gave it to her. With each thrust he squirted and coated her thoroughly with his heated passion.

After his last thrust, his last expression of pleasure, his final drip of seed he began to pull out.

“NO!” She exclaimed then pressed herself into him to keep him inside of her.

“I want you in me.” She whispered.

“Yes love.” He whispered back as he felt himself harden slightly.

“Thank you.” She purred as they both fell back to sleep.

He kissed her shoulder with a soft touch of his lips as he got out of bed. He body woke him between 5 and 5:30 every day. He enjoyed the morning time. That was not the case in college however, 8 am classes were the bane of his existence. As he aged, he realized that he felt energized throughout the day because of waking up earlier. He no longer felt he was ataşehir escort always running behind. Instead, he felt a step ahead.

He entered the bathroom and started the shower. He chuckled as he put toothpaste on his toothbrush. “Old habits never die.” He muttered as he held the handle of the toothbrush by his teeth and stepped into the steaming waterfall of the shower.

He turned so the water was administering its stinging blows on the nape of his neck and upper back. As he began to brush his teeth he chuckled again. “This is not a bad habit, it is just a habit from college.” He thought as if he were reasoning with himself. “I saved time by brushing my teeth in the shower. I can spit in the drain, turn and open my mouth to rinse and then clean my toothbrush off without using any extra water!” I wonder if it bothers her that I do this? He thought.

He smiled as he sat his toothbrush down and reached for his “smelly good body soap” as he liked to call it. Not too strong of a scent but not too soft.” “Maybe I should call it my baby bear body soap. Not too smelly and not too light, just right.”

After drying, he dressed in blue jeans, a t-shirt with a loose sweatshirt.

He quietly exited the bathroom then stopped at the bedroom door and glanced at her as she slept. The outline of her body was accentuated by the thin sheet he had tucked around her after he had kissed her shoulder. With a slight sigh, she had hugged the end of the sheet to her chin and began her slow and deep breathing as she relaxed once again.

He wanted to go over to her, kiss her, hold her hand, watch her sleep, wipe the strand of hair that may have fallen across her nose and tickled her. He wanted to be close to her. But, he could not take care of her if he sat and marveled at her beauty. He had to fix breakfast and give her nourishment.

Quietly, he closed the bedroom door and entered the kitchen. After starting the coffee, he walked over to the fireplace and stoked a small fire to help take a little of the chill out of the air.

Returning to the kitchen, he began to prepare breakfast by cutting some fresh fruit. The rest of the menu would consist of toasted english muffins and poached eggs.

After he finished cutting the fruit and placing it in a bowl, the coffee finished brewing. He covered the fruit bowl and placed it in the refrigerator, retrieved a coffee cup and began to pour the “wake you up juice” into his cup.

He walked over to an oversized recliner sitting in front of the large window overlooking the valley. The crackle of the fire as it began to consume a log he placed before he sat down was the only sound he heard. It was a peaceful time and he wanted to share it with her. He smiled and turned slightly when he heard her soft footsteps approach the chair.

“Hi love.” He said as she walked to the side of the chair.

She had the sheet wrapped around her and her hair was tussled and wild. He had to control his animalistic desire to rip the sheet away and allow her mane of hair to fall on him as he kissed and licked, tasted and devoured her flesh.

Instead, he placed his coffee cup down on the table and reached his hand towards her.

She reached out and softly said, “Hi” as she held his hand.

When she walked kadıköy escort in front of him to sit on his lap, the sheet opened slightly and he got a brief glimpse her naked body.

He saw the body that he thought of continuously.

The body his tongue has licked.

The body his lips have kissed.

The body his hands have held, squeezed, spanked, caressed and fondled.

Her body that she offered to him.

She sat on his lap with her legs on the arm chair and her head nuzzled on his chest.


“Yes Sir.”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Mmmhmmm” She said as she hugged into him and sighed.

He wrapped his arm around her and hugged her.

“Look outside love, look at the beauty.” He said after kissing the top of her head.

A small squeak of pleasure passed her lips as she lifted her head.

The valley appeared to have a solid white quilt laid upon its floor.

The perforated stitching created by the animal tracks were the only disturbance they could see.

They sat in silence and held one another as they marveled at the glory of nature.

She turned her body slightly and rested back into him so they could face the window together.

Not wanting to ruin the memorable moment with words, he held her tighter, kissed her cheek and sighed. They were of one thought and in their oneness, they marveled at scene before their eyes.

“Honey, I need to shower.” She said after he had finished his coffee.

“And I need to go split some firewood.” He said. “We will need some for tonight and in the morning. I have breakfast ready except for the eggs. We can eat, then I will go play lumberjack while you shower.”

She stood and walked over to the breakfast bar and sat on the stool he had pulled out for her. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and hugged. After kissing her neck and whispering, “I want you.” in her ear, he rubbed the small of her back as he entered the kitchen.

After she took her last bite, she looked at him with a sly smile.

He smiled back then muttered, “Uh oh.”

“What?” She asked with raised eyebrows and a widening grin.

“You smirked at me. Why the smirkage?” He said at he put a piece of pineapple in his mouth.

“I was just going to say.” She said as she stood. “The best part about this breakfast was…” She walked towards the bedroom door. ” I did not make it!” She dropped the sheet, stuck out her tongue then closed the door.

He felt as if his eyes had transformed into little hearts, just like the phone emoji. He loved how she was silly, fun and playful. It made him happy knowing she was so comfortable with him that she did not worry about if he thought she was being too silly. He encouraged her to be silly and goofy and fun and adventurous and anything she wanted to be. It was who she was and he wanted all of her.

He stacked the dishes in the sink and decided to wait until later to wash them. Typically remote locations do not have a lot of hot water available and he did not wish to use the water while she was showering.

Then again, he thought, the water would get cold and she would need to snuggle in order to warm up. Everyone knows that skin to skin contact is the best way to heat up the body. He smiled bostancı escort bayan and shook his head. He could be silly and tease her sometimes, but not mean. In his opinion, using all of the hot water so she would have to take a cold shower would be mean.

He could hear her humming from the shower when he entered the bedroom. He took off his sweatshirt and placed it on the bed, then put on a jacket. He knew he was going to get warm as he split the wood but he did not want to sweat. Wearing too many layers of clothing would make him sweat. The sweat would freeze then he would be the one that would be cold. No thank you.

The physical work felt good as he worked at a steady pace. He enjoyed feeling the weight of the log splitter as he swung it over his head. The sounds of the wood as it cracked echoing down the valley then back again. He would stop occasionally and look at the scenery, breathe deeply then watch his breath cloud dissipate as he exhaled.

He carried in an arm load of wood after stacking the rest he had split next to the door. He placed one log on the fire and sat the rest in the corner as he unfastened his jacket and hung it by the door. Walking past the kitchen, he noticed the dishes were still in the sink and he was grateful. He forgot to tell her he wanted to take a quick shower after splitting the wood and wanted to have a little bit of hot water left.

He noticed she had made the bed as he walked into the bedroom and wondered where she had put his sweatshirt. Thinking she had hung it in the closet, he turned the corner and saw her standing on her tip toes, holding their small suitcase above her head.

He found his sweatshirt. He was very pleased to see her wearing it with nothing else. It was very loose and big on her but when she had her arms lifted, it exposed the bottom of her butt cheeks.

He silently walked up behind her and gave her a quick pat on her right cheek as he reached up and caught the suitcase with the other.

“HEY!” She exclaimed then bumped him with her hip.

“Why are you Hey-ing me? You are the one that should be Hey-ed! You stole my sweatshirt.” He said as he sat on the corner of the bed and motioned for her to come to him.

She smiled as she walked to him and placed her forearms on his shoulders. He opened his legs as she stood between them then gripped her outer thighs with his hands and pulled her closer.

“Kiss me.” He said

She obeyed. She kissed him deeply. Their tongues began their quest of their lovers mouth. The quest to search and know every aspect of its destination. To discover the passion held by the person they shared their desires.

One of his hands had reached around and cupped her butt as the other pressed on her lips and thigh.

He pulled his lips from hers at the same time he moved his hands and once again gripped her outer thighs. Breathlessly they looked into their lovers eyes. He saw the deep fire in her eyes. The same fire he described in the story he told her the previous night. The same fire he knew shone in his. The fire that made him feel wanted.

They never broke eye contact as he stood.

“I have to go shower love.” His low voice hummed. “I will be out shortly.”

He kissed her again then walked to the bathroom.

“I will be waiting.” He heard, causing an electric surge to fill his body.

Part 3

He was thankful for the hot water, but with the temperature she had raised his body, he could have jumped into a tub of ice and it would have turned to steam instantly.

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