Mark and Tracy

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Mark pulled the rental car into the entrance of the parking garage on a gorgeous Saturday morning and instantly noticed the cold emptiness of the concrete structure. “Everyone must be having fun on such a great day; not going into the office like me!” He said to himself. He did notice a few cars here and there, but nothing like during the week. He had been in town for the past week working on a consulting project. He had been putting in long hours, but still knew that he would likely be calling the hotel room home for a bit longer. With nothing better to do, and no one to do anything with, he decided to go into the office for a bit and get some research done.

As Mark stepped from the elevator he was greeted by the sea of cubicles that made up the work floor that his interim office was located. It was silent. He had to admit he sort of liked the solitude. He flipped on the light in his office, and turned on the computer. He checked a few sites and answered a few emails. He pulled his iPod out of his briefcase and plugged the headphones into his ears. As the music pulled him into its oblivion, he sank deeper and deeper into the reports and spreadsheets that he would need for his next meeting. He forgot all about the gorgeous sunny day outside.

When he looked at his watch, over two hours had passed. He realized he was a bit hungry, and needed to stretch a bit. He set his iPod on the desk and stood up. When he got to the door, he thought he heard the faint sounds of music coming from the floor. He walked towards the sound and turned the corner into the aisle where it seemed to be coming from. There was someone else there after all. When he walked up to the desk, she just about jumped out of her skin. There before his was a very attractive woman. He had noticed her several times throughout the week. Every time he had seen her, she had been wearing a blouse and a straight skirt. Of course, heels. He loved heels. He remembered her reddish brown hair, and the way her curves filled out the blouse and skirt. From what he could tell, she had what appeared to be great legs. This time she was wearing jeans and a soft sweater, but her curves were still filling them quite nicely. Her hair was down today, and it fell in soft curls on her shoulders. He liked it a lot.

“Hi, I thought I was the only one in the office today. I’m Mark, by the way.” He said with a smile and extended his hand.

“Hi, I’m Tracy. You scared the crap out of me! I’m sorry, I didn’t disturb you did I? “She replied as she struggled to catch her breath.

“No, not at all, and I’m sorry that I startled you…” Mark said with a smile, “I was thinking about getting something to eat, are you hungry Tracy?”

“That would be great! I’m starved!” She said brightly.

They decided to get Chinese delivery. As they went down to the lobby to wait for it, and then went into Mark’s office to eat, they chatted about everything and nothing. Apparently Tracy was divorced and just slightly younger than Mark’s mid 40 years. Other than to state that yes, he was married; Mark didn’t talk about his personal life in that respect. Tracy was very animated when she spoke to him and had the most gorgeous eyes he had ever seen. When she wasn’t looking he would glance at her body. She was tall enough, but she appeared soft, gentle, and he found himself thinking about how warm she must be as well.

Before the two knew it, it was late in the afternoon, and it was time to go. Mark told Tracy he would walk her to the garage, to make sure she was okay, and she smiled and told him how much she appreciated that.

“Hey, what are doing tonight?” She asked him as they approached her car.

“Nothing, why?” he replied. Tracy explained that she was planning to go out later that evening, and would he like to go too. She told him to follow her, and he could “hangout” at her place for a bit. They could go out from there; she lived not too far from there. He agreed, and smiled as he got his car and met up with Tracy in order to follow her. It appeared his day may turn out for the better after all. At least he wouldn’t be spending his Saturday night in his hotel room, alone.

Tracy’s apartment was small, but spacious. She didn’t have a lot of furniture, but what she had was comfortable and inviting. She set her keys and purse on the counter and asked Mark if he wanted something to drink. He agreed to a beer, and Tracy turned on the stereo as she entered the living area and handed Mark his beer. She opened the sliding door, and invited him onto the balcony, to sit and enjoy their beers together. Mark thought to himself that he couldn’t remember when he had been able to talk so comfortably with anyone, let alone a woman.

A couple of hours and several beers illegal bahis later, and Tracy jumped up and said she was going to get ready to go out. She asked Mark to make himself at home while she got ready, and assured him it wouldn’t take too long. A few minutes later he heard the shower running. He got up and walked around the living room. He looked at the pictures on her tables and the walls, and the refrigerator door. Tracy appeared to be fairly active. Most of the pictures were of her with friends. She was always smiling, like she was always having a good time. The more Mark thought about it, the more fascinated he was by her. He walked around more, shaking his head from time to time, trying to shake the image of those soft curves in the shower, and was failing miserably. He felt at home in her place. It was comfortable; warm, just like Tracy.

A few minutes later, as she had predicted, Tracy came bouncing out of her bedroom, ready to go. She was wearing snug jeans, an undershirt, and a snug soft sweater. To top it off, she completed her outfit with a pair of platform shoes. Mark swallowed hard. He thought maybe it wasn’t such a good idea that he spend the evening with this woman after all, but it was too late to back out. He went into the bathroom to freshen up and then they would leave.

When he walked in to the bathroom and closed the door, he glanced around and took in all of Tracy’s things scattered about the counter. Her bathrobe hung from a hook on the back of the door, and Mark couldn’t resist pressing his nose to it and breathing deeply. GOD it smelled like her… Not that he had gotten that close to her, but his nose had received the pleasure of a glimmer of her scent as she passed him throughout the day. He let go and stepped away quickly as the notion of discovering her true “aroma” entered his head. He splashed some water on his face and took a quick mouthful of mouthwash and swished. He ran his fingers through his hair, and decided he was ready to go.

Tracy informed Mark that she would drive, if he didn’t mind, and he agreed. They traveled the mile or so to the area where the bar was located, and she parked in a parking garage. They walked a couple of blocks and Mark noticed that there were many bars lining up and down the street. It was like this area came alive at night. There were scatterings of office buildings here and there, but he had no idea that this type of nightlife existed in this city. If he had, maybe his hotel room would have been a bit less inhabited.

As they approached the bar, loud music flooded out into the street. Mark had not been in this type of establishment for quite awhile, and wasn’t sure what to expect. He stayed close behind Tracy, and they walked inside. It appeared that Tracy frequented this place on occasion, as a few of the patrons knew her. She pushed her way to the bar and ordered a couple of beers and Mark stayed to the back, near the wall. Off to the side was a DJ, and quite a few people were dancing. Tracy returned to Mark’s side and talking was extremely difficult; even yelling was a chore. Tracy was swaying and twisting to the music and Mark could tell she really wanted to dance. He told her to go right ahead, and that he would hold her beer. He got a huge grin on her face and blew him a kiss and was off. Mark simply leaned against the wall and watched the crowd.

As he scanned the crowd, he noticed more than a few attractive women, noticing HIM. When he smiled and blushed a bit, it only seemed to entice them more. The majority of them flirted openly with him, and he was enjoying himself immensely. That was when he noticed Tracy. She was dancing between three, what appeared to be younger men. Her arms were raised above her head and she had her head tilted back slightly.

She seemed totally oblivious to the three men who were doing their damnedest to get close to her. They pressed themselves to her and Mark simply watched her hips moving; her luscious round breasts and ripe ass pressing against their eager bodies. Mark realized how incredibly hard his cock had become watching this. He took a long swallow of his beer. His attention was no longer averted by the women trying to capture his attention in some way or form; it was futile. Tracy had his attention, all of it. Two more songs, and his cock was now throbbing in perfect unison with the gyration of her hips. The music stopped, and she made her way through the crowd to return to him. As she approached, Mark could see the droplets of sweat that had gathered at her hairline, and also at the swell between her breasts. He wanted very badly to place his tongue at that swell, and taste her. It must have been in his eyes, because Tracy got close to him and asked if he was okay. He nodded and smiled, illegal bahis siteleri but just then, someone swept by, and Tracy was shoved full on to Mark, her body pressed tightly to him. He was embarrassed, for surely she could feel the extent of his hard on. She was polite and didn’t seem to notice, but did ask if he wanted to go outside. He graciously agreed.

The cool night air was a refreshing change from the heat of the club. Tracy asked Mark if he wanted to stay or was he ready to go. He was content to leave the decision up to her, and she said she was ready to go. He of course, had to go back to her place, as that was where he had left his car. The two headed to the parking garage.

When they reached the floor where the car was parked, Tracy went to the edge of the garage and peered over the side. Mark stayed back a bit, puzzled, and Tracy motioned for him to come closer. She placed her finger over her lips and told his to Shhhh… when Mark got closer, conspicuously in the corner, Tracy huddled against the wall, and was looking down. When Mark got closer, she pulled him very close to her in order to fit in the space, and she pointed to a lower level, in a building across the alley. As Mark followed the direction of her pointed finger, he saw a couple, in an apartment, in what appeared to be a “compromising position”.

The man, sprawled out on what appeared to be a futon, with a blonde kneeling in front of him, sucking his cock. He had his head back, and his hand tangled in her long hair, pressing her head harder. Mark didn’t know what to say. He was mesmerized. He watched the blonde’s head rise and fall between the lucky bastard’s legs, faster and faster; and Mark’s knees all but buckled. He heard Tracy’s breathing become more and more rapid, and he didn’t dare look at her; he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Just when Mark didn’t think it could get any worse, the man on the futon pushed the blonde off of him and she got on all fours. He took his place behind her, and entered her, what appeared to be quite deeply. He watched as her breasts bounced as his body pounded her; the blonde’s fingers expertly dancing between her legs, to help him along. The groan that escaped Tracy was his undoing.

Mark turned to Tracy and kissed her, hard. She kissed him back, with just as much enthusiasm; her fingers on each side of his head, holding him there. Her tongue entered his mouth and sought his; while licking and sucking his lips. All he could think of was how badly he wanted her right then, and how hard his cock was. Tracy reached down, almost instinctively, and wrapped her hand around the bulge in his jeans. This time he groaned, when she squeezed gently. “Let’s get outta here!” she said huskily, and all Mark could do was agree; wholeheartedly.

The ride to Tracy’s apartment was the longest quick ride in history; for Mark at least. Tracy seemed to make the blocks and curves at warp speed, trying to get home faster. When she pulled up in front of her building, she looked over at Mark and glanced down at the still present bulge in his jeans, and then back into his eyes with a devouring look. He smiled at her a little, and she said, “Race ya!” and leapt out of the car. Mark jumped out of the car as well, and was right behind her. He let her win partly because he wanted to watch her ass move as her hips rolled in her attempt to get there faster while wearing those heels, and the other reason was because his cock was so hard it hurt to move.

Tracy fumbled with the keys a bit, but then finally opened the door. Mark wasn’t sure where he should go, but it was okay because Tracy took the lead. She pressed him against the door and pressed herself to him as she kissed him again very deeply. The built up desire got the better of Mark’s judgment, and he made a fist in her hair and turned her around, so that now she was pressed against the door, with one of his thighs pressed between hers.

“I want you Tracy…” he whispered throatily to her.

Her response was a deep sigh/whimper, and she said, “yess…pleaassee”

She took his hand and pulled him to the couch. She pressed his shoulders so that he was seated at which time she knelt in front of him. Dear God…she was going to recreate the scene at the garage… Mark watched her, fascinated, as she slowly unzipped his jeans. Her eyes never left his. Her warm hand slowly and expertly slid inside his boxers and gently freed his aching cock. It was then that she averted her eyes, to admire her “prize”. She wrapped first one, then the other of her warm hands around his heat, her thumbs teasing the silky and what was now, dripping, head. Her thumbs glided over the sticky substance, swirling and rubbing, and thoroughly enjoying the canlı bahis siteleri pulsing that was the reaction. A wicked smirk crossed Tracy’s lips and she bent to taste him. The wet heat of her tongue on the pounding head of his cock made him swoon. He rested his head on the back of the couch and groaned deeply.

This only served to encourage Tracy further. Her hands gripped tighter around the base of his cock, and she slid her mouth very slowly over the head and down the shaft. All Mark could do was watch. He watched her swallow him, the length of him, over and over, faster and faster. Each time it seemed to intensify. She coaxed him to lower his body a bit and she began to stroke his balls and perineum. He was becoming lightheaded. She pressed a warm finger to the tight pucker of his ass, and applied more pressure to the underside of his cock with her tongue. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He felt it coming, he wanted to stop, to wait, but part of him just didn’t want to. She knew it was coming too, and if Mark would have had the capacity to think about it just then he would have realized that it was that which made him explode. She wanted him to cum for her; in her mouth. All of the desire he felt throughout the day culminated at that very moment, pulling from his entire being, and settled in his cock. He exploded with such force, he though he would pass out. Wave upon wave struck him, pounded him, until he was completely empty.

He stopped Tracy, as he had become very sensitive and needed to stop for a moment. Tracy could see the lust in his eyes, and it was so intense it caused her to back up a bit. Mark sat upright, and pulled off the remainder of his clothes, and then set about to be certain that Tracy matched. His hands were swift as they grabbed and undressed her with such ease; she barely felt the touch as he exposed her ready flesh. When she was naked before him, she smiled at him. He looked at her hungrily, and she spread her knees wide, so that her legs fell open and she was exposed to him. He pressed her back and didn’t waste time with false pretenses. He placed his hands on her inner thighs and set about to bury his tongue into her hot wet flesh. His tongue pressed roughly to her throbbing folds, wet with her nectar. He rolled his tongue in wide circles, each stroke harder and faster, and soon, her hips rolled and pressed, urging him to go deeper. Her hands were digging and clawing into the carpet and she was breathing very rapidly. Whimpers and moans were all the sounds she could muster. Mark didn’t wager she could form words if she had to. He knew, he had been in that state, just moments before. He pressed two fingers to the softness of her core and entered her, roughly. Her flesh gripped his fingers, and he began to pump her with his fingers as his tongue relentlessly stirred all of her nerves into a crescendo. Her legs were twitching and she was trembling. All of a sudden the waves took her over, and she let out a wail as her back arched and body tensed. Her fingers tangled in his hair, and she urged him to press harder. Her sweetness intoxicated him, and her fragrance filled his senses.

When the waves subsided a bit, as she struggled to catch her breath, she sat up a bit and looked him square in the eyes. “Please fuck me…” She growled at him. With the activity that his tongue had just experienced, his cock was ready and eager for more. Tracy glanced down and noticed this. She raised her leg, moved it over his head, and took her place in front of him, with her back to him, on her knees in front of the couch. Mark got to his knees behind her and pressed her forward so that her chest was on the couch. He spread her legs a bit wider and pulled her hips outward a bit. He placed the head of his again pulsing cock at her entrance and when she felt it, slid onto him. Her velvet softness gripped and squeezed him. It rivaled her mouth, as it had been earlier. He wasted no time in thrusting into her with swift, hard movements, only to be matched by her hungry response. Soon her body seemed to be bouncing off of his thrusts. Harder and deeper he thrust into her. She straightened her back, so that she was closer to his body, and as he wrapped his hand around her throat, she slid her hand around the back of his head. He could feel it in the back of his thighs, and she could feel it on her inner thighs… What should have been no surprise definitely was as they both started to cum again, with what seemed to be both of them at one point struggling to stay upright as the intensity overtook them completely. Over and over it churned them, each keeping the momentum for the other until both were spent, and they collapsed together onto the floor.

As they lay, gasping for air, bodies moist with sweat and cum, neither one wanted to break the semi-silence. “Please spend the night Mark…” Tracy asked quietly.

“Gladly!” he replied. No words were necessary, but they both knew that what had been a good day was going to be a long but fabulous night…

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