Mallu Ch. 01

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Reshma was washing dishes, a part of her daily routine since her marriage. The television was playing some series, the kind of ones where you can safely skip a few episodes without a loss of continuity. She was in a rut that you could pick any random day in her life, and it would just be the same.

A few months back her mother-in-law had gotten ill and bedridden for all practical purposes. She could walk, but with the support of her walker. Reshma had few additional tasks to take care of her mother in law. The jam-packed schedule ensured that Reshma doesn’t get time to feel bad about her bland life. But sometimes the thought creeps in, especially when she does the dishes overlooking the street. She sees her neighbors rushing to their meetings, offices, and their busy schedules. She wonders if she had concentrated on her career, she wouldn’t be stuck in this rut.

Reshma’s husband had passed away last year. It made her existence pointless in the city. She always wondered if it is time for her to go back to her hometown, to her parents’ home. Maybe she can take care of her parents for a while. Maybe she can reconnect with her long lost friends. She has gone past the stage where she could think of the possibility of romance or an affair.

Reshma’s husband worked in the middle-east for a living. She never had a real connection with her husband. Since her marriage, she has taken care of the house. He visited once in a year. She used to feel bad about her sex life. It was mechanical, both undress, he penetrates, finishes in a couple of thrusts, and rolls off to sleep. In the starting years of her marriage, she used to cry at her sex life. She used to yearn for someone to lust after her, someone to take time, savor the moment, go down on her, make her cum. But fate had decided she was bestowed with two thrusts and come. Now, with years passing, she gave up on sexual desires.

The phone rang and he was brought back to the present. She closed the tap, dried her hand, and picked up her mobile phone. Her father was on the other end. After exchanging pleasantries, her father came to the point. Devika, her cousin, had requested that her son stays in her home to pursue his education.

Krishna moved in with his packed suitcases of books and clothes. Reshma helped him settle in the guest room. Reshma, while unpacking, looked at Krishna how much he has grown since the last time they met. Stubble in the face, broadened shoulders, chiseled jawline compared to the teenage kid she met years before. He has indeed grown into a fine young etlik escort man, she thought to herself. She let him rest and returned to her daily monotonous chores only to be a little ecstatic this time.

For the first time in tears, she was wondering what she shall cook for the evening. She cooked rice and traditional fish curry. She had no wrong intentions, but the change it brought, the presence of a man around brought her back from her years of depression. She dressed up for the dinner, the first time in years. They both ate dinner discussing his college, his interests, and so on. Post the dinner, she helped her mother in law eat dinner in her room. She remarked the food tastes better after years. Reshma blushed. Her mother in law has been urging that Reshma should move on with life rather than give up on life. But she never considered it to date. That night, she touched herself after a long time. She had to bite her fingers not to scream when she orgasmed. She relaxed and dozed off feeling happy, contended. Over the period of next year, they grew very close to each other.

It was a little over a year since Krishna came when he met with an accident. He has multiple fractures in his leg and arm. He was hospitalized for a month. Although Krishna’s mother had come, Reshma had to shuffle between hospital and home. Krishna moved home after a month and her mother had to leave. Reshma assured her that she will take care of him. Krishna had a crutch to help him walk. The cast was removed and Krishna is supposed to go through physiotherapy to gain the range of motion. Reshma felt crushed since the call came about his accident. She felt it’s her responsibility to take care of him and get him back on his feet.

The day after his mom left, Reshma and Krishna had their morning chai. She then told him that he needs a proper bath and not the sponge bath. She arranged hot water and arranged a small stool for him to sit. Krishna walked into the bathroom with a crutch. Reshma told him to drop the clothes and sit on the stool. He hesitated when Reshma told him not to worry. Krishna struggled to get off the clothes. She understood that his mom helped him don the clothes in the last month. She proceeded to help him take off the shirt.

Reshma’s heart was thumping at the sight of his broad chest. She then squatted to unbutton his pants, zip, and tug it down. Since he was standing, she was at eye level to his crotch now covered with boxers. She could smell him from down there. The manly smell was deprived of her for etlik escort bayan a very long time. She just wanted to grab his penis, to take him in her mouth, to watch him in ecstasy. She flushed at the thought. She could see his cheeks flushed and his penis tenting the boxers.

She then proceeded to grab the sides of the boxer and pull it down in one swift motion. When she removed his underwear from the floor and looked up, she realized she is just a couple of inches from his fully erect penis. The smell of his manliness made her super wet. She was so tempted to take him in her mouth and make him cum.

Krishna was so embarrassed with the erect penis that he apologized. She told him that it is perfectly normal for a young male to be erect in these situations.

She brushed aside all the thoughts to fuck him right then and proceeded to adjust the temperature of water in the bucket. She asked him to sit on the stool and proceeded to bath him. She took the soap and lathered up his upper body and his legs. She then asked him to stand up to soap his privates. She applied soap on her hands and rubbed all along the length of his shaft. His penis twitched at her touch. She then proceeded to his balls. After applying soap for longer than what would be considered normal, she asked him to turn. She then lathered his butt. She gently squeezed his butt and he turned to look at her. She then cleaned the backside including his crack and his asshole. He was rock solid at this point. She washed off the soap gently with her hand.

She towel-dried him and tied it around his waist and escorted him to the guest bedroom. She took fresh underwear and took the towel off. She was squatting with his rock hard shaft inches from her again. She was so tempted that she lost control and took his erect penis in her mouth. Her tongue played with the tip. She could taste the salty precum and his penis engorged in her mouth. She could smell his manly musk and that made her more wet.

She came back to her senses, let his penis out. Krishna was now breathing heavily. She apologized profusely at her behavior and left the room with him standing naked.

Embarrassed and horny at the same time, she rushed to her room, closed the door. Her aching clitoris took control of her and she discarded her dress in a swift motion. She touched her pussy to realize her underwear was soaking with her juices. She took it off and lied on the bed naked. Her fingers soon found her clitoris.

She was so horny that she was furiously escort etlik rubbing herself when the door flung open. She could see through the valley of her legs Krishna was standing clutching a towel around his waist. Krishna’s eyes were fixed on her open legs and her pussy.

He let the towel go and climbed on the bed naked. He approached her from her legs, stopped at her now oozing pussy, and kissed her pussy. She was never kissed down there till now and her back arched in response. The flurry of sensations his tongue brought down there took her to the peak and she climaxed with him licking her juices. She could feel her juices trickling down her asshole onto the bed.

She grabbed him by his chin and kissed him. She could smell herself in his lips and it drove her wild. She never thought someone will enjoy kissing and licking down there. She has seen in porn but she knew it was fake. All her friends drone on and on about how their husbands want a blowjob but never return the favor.

He kissed her passionately holding her cheeks. She could feel the tip of his penis touching the entry to her vagina like he is asking permission to enter. She chuckled at the thought. She grabbed his butt and pushed him deep in. She was never penetrated this deep.

They had such an intense session of lovemaking that it felt like it has been hours. He finally exploded inside her with her thighs locking him deep inside. She could feel his warm fluid deep inside her. She didn’t want to let him go out. Exhausted, spent both slept off for a while.

When she woke up, he was fast asleep. Her thighs, ass had been matted with cum oozing out. She didn’t care. She hugged him and slept.

The next day, she was bubbling with enthusiasm in the kitchen. She prepared a feast for the family. Krishna and Reshma sat opposite in the dining table with an awkward silence to have breakfast.

She could sense his confusion about their relationship. She told him not to fret about it. It wasn’t possible for them to be together forever and she also doesn’t want that for him. She told him that she would like to have sex as long as possible until he gets a girlfriend or gets married. Krishna naively remarked he will marry her. She laughed and said she is not looking to marry anyone. She is so happy about last night that she doesn’t want to change anything about it. She said she will understand if he doesn’t want to continue. He blushed and said he loved it and would want to continue forever. They held hands as a couple but with no strings attached.

When she went to serve breakfast, her mother-in-law told her that she looked really happy today and this was the best meal she had ever prepared. Reshma blushed. When Reshma was about to leave, her mother-in-law remarked, don’t forget to close the door like yesterday. Reshma went pale.

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