Making It Happen

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They’d been trying for months for a way for them to have a three way with his wife. They’d fantasized about it, they’d discussed it, but they hadn’t figured out how. Until now.

The plan was, in theory, very simple, but whether she could do it was another thing. However, the more they discussed it, the more they discussed how she’d eat, be eaten and be fingered and fucked, she got wetter and wetter, and she agreed to do it.

Plus, it would give her something just for him, and something from circumstances that were crazily hot.

The plan was for her to approach his wife alone in her house, and tell her that she was very happy with how she looked right now, because of her diet and exercise, but her husband showed less than no interest in her. She would tell her that she wanted her to take naked pictures of her, really hot ones, so she could show them to her husband. She would also try to get some of his wife, though she’d clearly have to be in charge, as his wife wasn’t as creative and practiced as she was.

Of course, she wouldn’t show them to her husband, but that wasn’t the point.

Then, when they were both really turned on, and possibly both naked, he’d surprise them, and the three way would finally happen.

They picked an afternoon. He’d managed to get all of his kids out for the day, and arranged to pick them up, so no one would be dropping by. Then he “left”.

Dina dressed sexier than usual, but not where it would be obvious.

She wore a shirt with a plunging neckline, and a black half-cup bra. Her perfect tits looked good enough to suck on. She wore a miniskirt that she knew showed off her beautiful legs and sexy round ass. Underneath, she wore very see through, very disposable lace panties.

As she admired herself in the mirror, she started getting very turned on. She could picture him standing behind her, kissing her neck, cupping her breasts and nipples, sliding her skirt up, and rubbing his hard cock up and down the crack of her ass, trailing pre-cum… All from her, all for her… she decided to play with herself a bit, and she lay on the bed.

She quickly pulled her panties to the side, and felt just how wet she was. She started rubbing her clit, and as she got wetter, she decided that she’d stop. She wanted to go there horny and wet, so his wife would smell her, and so she’d be so horny, she wouldn’t stop. Taking her fingers out, she licked them, got in her car and drove to his house.

She felt so horny driving, that when she got there, she had to take a breath and relax.

Before he’d left, he texted Dina and told her that his wife was showering. He’d taken her robe and put it in the wash, forcing her to wear his when she came out. It was big on her, and tied at the front, no zipper. If Dina timed it right, she’d be wearing nothing but a revealing robe when Dina showed up, unannounced.

She rang the bell, and heard her voice, “Who is it?”

“Hey, it’s Dina”.

The door opens, with her hidden behind it. “What’s up? Sorry, just got out of the shower, I’m in a robe.”

You smile and look at her. “Sorry if this is a bad time, but can I come in? I need to speak to you.”

She looked at Dina, and Dina could feel her eyes. A moment later the door was pulled back, and she was in.

Dina walked in, and as she proceeded to the couch, she heard “Wow, I have to say, for doing errands, you sure look good.” Dina turned to her, and used her arms to push her breasts together, jokingly leaned forward and said “What, this old thing?” while smiling and lifting the bottom of her skirt and inch or so, revealing more of her smooth, white thighs. Then she laughed. This was all very out of character for her, and it was mostly a joke, but she was so horny…

Dina placed herself on the corner of one couch so her friend would need to sit across from her, so she could look her in the eyes, and so she could make sure all of her would be seen. Plus, it gave her the option of trying to grab a look at her friend’s body, especially since her friend had a tendency to sit in a way her mother would call “improper”.

They made small talk, and after a few minutes, Dina said, “I’m sorry, you were about to get dressed. Were you going somewhere?” Her answer would determine what happened next.

“No, I’m not going anywhere. I was running, so I hopped in the shower. Ahhh, it was great. No one here, no rush, I could take my time, relax, shave, moisturize. It was heavenly.”

Dina smiled genuinely. “I love those. Too rare.” Then she’d unintentionally looked around, checking if anyone was listening and said, “I also use the time to take care of myself” and turned a little red.

Her friend laughed, surprised. “I don’t. Well, sometimes, but not today. Though I did…um…prep my…area” And she turned even redder than Dina.

Both laughed, and her friend said, “Wow, this conversation has taken a turn.” Dina agreed, and teased “I didn’t picture you as a shaver. I do it, I just keep a little strip on top…a landing strip.”

Her friend said “Me too, but today I went all the illegal bahis way. I’m so bad at getting it straight, and I screwed up, so I shaved it all off.” Dina raised her eyebrows and pretended to look down to try to catch a glimpse of her friend’s pussy.

Her friend flushed and laughed. “I need a drink” and stood up. As she did, the bottom front of her robe parted, and Dina did catch a peek. She also thought her friend might have done it on purpose. This was going well, so far.

Moments later, her friend came back with two glasses of white wine, and handed one to Dina. “I know you don’t normally drink, but just in case.”

Dina thought it might help, even as horny as she was, so she took it and drank a mouthful.

Dina took a deep breath, looked at her friend and said, “I need a favor, and I’m kind of embarrassed to talk to you about it. As you know, my husband hasn’t touched me in years. I don’t know why, but I’ve been trying to get something going, and he’s not responding to me. I’ve tried everything, except what I’m here to talk to you about.”

Her friend sympathized, and they talked about her situation for a bit. Truth be told, it did make Dina feel better.

“So, my dear, what can I do for you? Seduce him?” and then she laughed. Dina laughed too. “As if that would help…”

Dina looked at her and said “No, not that, or anything like that. I want to try one last thing to turn him on. I want to take some pictures of me, and I want to show them to him. He doesn’t see me as a sexy, horny woman, and I’m hoping that this will help. So, can you help me?”

Her friend thought about it, and looked at Dina. She took a big swallow of her wine and said “What kind of pictures? I assume you mean nude pictures.”

Dina said, “Yes, but to be honest, I’ve done a bunch of those. I have them here, on my phone. I want to show them to you, to get your opinion. But what I really want is really hot pictures. Like porn pictures. That’s why I’m dressed like this. I need someone to take them for me, and out of everyone I know, I think you’re the only friend who’d say yes. Well, the only female friend, anyway.” Then she smiled.

Her friend laughed to loud at that one. “You’re so funny! But you’re right. You’re sexy, and dressed like that, any man would. I know my husband would. He loves doing that. Pretty good at it too.” Dina’s eyes turned to saucers, and her friend smiled at her.

Her friend was clearly thinking about it, so Dina leaned forward, and turned her phone towards her friend, and said “Here, look at these, tell me what you think.” She also made sure to slide forward on the couch so her skirt would hike up, and she kept holding the phone so she’d have to lean forward.

Dina showed her pictures of herself undressing, in underwear, in lingerie and in various stages of undress. As she flipped through the pictures, her friend was quiet, but was actively looking.

“You look great. Really pretty and sexy.”

After a few minutes, her friend was clearly horny, and Dina was even hornier. Also, she was very impressed with herself. It was the first time she’d tried to seduce another woman. She felt very sexual, and very strong.

The last picture was one that Dina had taken with her legs spread. She’d intentionally screwed it up so it showed only part of her pussy. Still, her friend was staring just the same. “See what I’m mean? I need another person to help me.”

Her friend’s robe had opened, and she’d done nothing to close it. Dina could see almost all of her breasts, and they were getting flushed.

“So… will you?”

“Yes. I will”

Dina handed her friend her iPhone, and said, “Take whatever you want. I have some poses I want to do, but if you think of anything, or you need to pose me, or anything, just say so. Just go for it.”

Her friend stood up, and as she did, her robe opened completely. Dina could see her fully nude. She looked at her tits, her body, and her smooth pussy. Her lips were open, and Dina could tell she was wet. The smells of their pussies filled the air, and they both knew it.

She decided to be daring, and said, “Wow, you look hot. The running and dieting are really paying off. Plus, (and she raised her eyebrows up) you look as horny as I feel right now.”

Her friend stammered and said “Um…what… Yes” and halfheartedly closed her robe.

Dina sat there and said “Ready when you are” and took a final drink of wine. Her friend looked at her, with her neckline down, her skirt up, her legs opening and the smell of sex in the air and said “Wow. Just wow.” and started taking pictures.

They focused on her whole body, then peek-a-boo shots of her tits, with Dina pulling her top down, shots of her legs spreading, and shots of her panties. Soon her bra was photographed and removed.

When Dina opened her legs, her wetness was obvious. Her panties were wet, and even her thighs were a little wet. Her friend made sure to get shots of that. Close shots. Shots where her fingers “accidentally” brushed up against Dina’s thighs. Shots seemed to require a illegal bahis siteleri lot of “focusing” and “adjustment”.

Dina hiked her skirt around her waist, looked at her friend and said, “Here we go” and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was totally exposed. Her lips were open, and she was very wet. She slid fingers down her lips, touched her clit and exposed it, all the while her friend snapped away, and they both got hornier.

Dina bent her knees and pulled them back. Her friend tried bending forward to take the shot, but the angle was wrong. It was, however, right for her robe to fall open again.

She looked at Dina and said, “Wow, are you wet. You’re also really open…” and her voice trailed off as she snapped away. Dina looked at her friend and lustily said, “So are you.” Her friend smiled at her, put the camera by her opened knees, and took a picture of her slippery pussy. “There you go. Let’s see if he can tell us apart!” and laughed.

As Dina pulled her tits free, she spread her legs and touched her clit. A shock ran through her, and she arched her back as an orgasm hit her. She felt more than saw the flash as her friend photographed her.

“That was so hot. I hope I got it all” her friend said. Dina only kind of heard.

Dina smiled at her. “I’m losing the rest of clothes. Do you mind?” Her friend shook her head no, but said “Do it slowly, so I can get pictures while you do.”

Dina lifted her shirt slowly, unzipped her skirt slowly, and dropped her panties slowly, all the while, posing and bending and spreading.

She also kept touching herself. Her friend had dropped all pretense of trying to close her robe, and Dina kept catching her rubbing her tits or sneaking her hand onto her clit.

Dina sat on the edge of the couch, leaned back and draped her leg over the arm of the couch. She started to really masturbate. She thought about what to do next, and figured she’d try two things.

Keeping her rubbing going, Dina loudly whispered, “Um, I have a couple of things to ask you. After all of this, and I have to say this will sound weird, but I feel kind of exposed. Would it be weird if you dropped your robe? If you’re uncomfortable, I understand.”

Her friend said, “No, I don’t mind, this whole situation is crazy, and frankly, I am so turned on, I might as well.” Handing Dina the phone, she said, “Hold this” and she slid her arms back and let the robe drop.

Dina said “Stop, hold that” and before her friend could react, she took a picture of her. Her friend smiled and said, “How do I look”?

“Great, very sexy.”

“Should we do more of you?” Dina asked? She said yes, and they started snapping away. Her friend began posing, and was more adventurous then Dina thought she would have been. Her friend pulled her nipples, showed her ass and played with her pussy. Still, Dina was surprised when her friend slipped a finger feel inside her pussy and moaned.

Dina put the camera down and sat on the table. Watching her friend, she spread her legs and slid a finger inside her own pussy and pushed up against the sponginess of her G-spot. She moaned so loudly that her friend paused, looked at her and said, “You OK?” Dina said “Honestly? This is so hot. Watching you touch yourself is really turning me on. I was horny when I got here, but now I’m even more so.”

Her friend moaned in response, then looked at her and said, “Open your legs more. Play with your tits. You have amazing ones. I’m so jealous of them.” Dina did as she asked, and for a few minutes, they sat there, watching each other masturbate.

Finally, Dina said “This is better than watching a porno movie.” “Much better”, her friend agreed.

“Wait a second,” said her friend. “Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask me?”

Dina smiled. “Yes. For the pictures, do you have a toy I could use?”

“For the pictures? You can use mine for whatever you want, on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

Her friend took her fingers away from her pussy and held them out to Dina. “Help me up, and I’ll tell you” she smiled. Dina took her slippery hand with her own and helped her up.

Her friend got right into Dina, put her left hand around her back and pulled them close together, their bodies touching. She kissed her on the mouth, slipped her finger across Dina’s slit and said, “The condition is that we have to use them together.”

Dina leaned in and slid her tongue into her friend’s mouth and kissed her deeply and hard. As her friend gently slid her finger inside Dina’s pussy, Dina did the same for her. She probed her deeply and firmly, the way she fingered herself. She clenched her pussy muscles on her friend’s finger, and in response she did the same for her.

Dina was enjoying herself immensely, but wanted him too. She wanted this, more than she realized, but she wanted to fuck him too. And she knew he wanted her too.

After a few minutes of playing and kissing, her friend pulled away and said, “Do you know what we should do?” Dina looked at her quizzically, and her friend said, canlı bahis siteleri “As amazing as this is, we should get out of my living room!”

Standing there shocked, they laughed, and walked naked to her bedroom.

They got into her room and she took a box out of a drawer. In it were several vibrators, both hard and soft. “Take your pick,” said her friend.

Dina picked a gel one that vibrated inside, on her clit, and by her ass as well.

Her friend took a slim one.

She turned it on, sat on the bed, leaned back and ran it down her body, teasing her nipples with it, then worked it towards her pussy. She opened her lips and slowly ran it around her clit. Dina watched, transfixed. “I have to get my phone, don’t stop” and she ran out. Dina was looking around the living room for the phone when the door opened. She jumped, but saw that it was him. He stared at her for a moment. She looked incredible. Smart. Sexy. Hot. Beautiful. Wanton. Wanted. Ah, and those eyes. And that smile! God, she is just amazing. Amazing. No wonder she has such a hold on me.

Their eyes met, and they smiled at each other. He quietly closed the door and walked up to her and pulled her close. They looked into each other’s eyes, and he leaned in and kissed her deeply and softly, their tongues joining. While they kissed, she immediately felt his cock growing. She grasped it and smiled. “Is this for me?”

He looked down at her and said, “So, it seems to be going well.” Dina responded, “I’d say so. Right now she’s naked in your bedroom masturbating with a vibrator. I came out to get my camera.”

“Are you ready for me?” he asked. “Soon” Dina responded. “Give me a few more minutes. She’s expecting me now with the camera. Plus, I want to get some more pictures of me, and of her for us to enjoy later.”

“OK”, he replied. “Go have fun, but know that I’m coming for you. “And”, he winked, “hopefully in you.” and with that he kissed her again and slid a finger deep inside her. He pulled it out and slid it into his mouth, enjoying her.

“I’ll know you’re ready for me when you’re sitting on her face with her eating your pussy. She won’t be able to see me come in, and I’ll take it from there. What do you think?”

“What do I think? I think I’m going to get my pussy eaten. That’s what I think. See you soon.”

Dina walked back to the bedroom, and he watched her go. God, she is just gorgeous, he thought. Just look at her.

Dina paused in the bedroom doorway, watching her friend. She was lying back on the bed, rubbing her pussy with the vibrator. Dina took a few pictures of her, and lightly rubbed her own clit, keeping herself wet and ready. They were both really enjoying themselves. Soon, her friend came, and Dina watched, fascinated. It was so real.

Unable to hold back, she walked quickly to the bed and climbed on. She quickly put her face between her friend’s legs and started licking her slit. She’d never done it before, but she’d watched enough porn and fantasized enough that she knew what to do. Clearly from the noises she heard, she was doing it right.

All of a sudden, she saw the flash, and realized that her friend had grabbed the camera, and was shooting video if Dina eating her pussy. “You look SOOOOOOO hot” her friend said. Dina slid a hand under her belly and started fingering her pussy from behind. She hoped he was watching, because she was about to cum.

Moments later she did, her whole body shaking. As she came, she rolled away from her friend, and again she could feel the light of the flash as she lay on her back furiously rubbing her warm wet pussy.

Dina felt so good. Normally she wasn’t multi orgasmic, but today seemed to be a day of first for her.

As she came down, she heard her friend’s voice. “That was beautiful. I can promise you that is one image I’m keeping in my mind. Now, let’s see what you can do with the toy.”

She handed it to Dina, And Dina began to run it down her body, pausing and rubbing wherever it felt good. Soon she was rubbing her clit and slit with it, and she turned it on. Finding a speed and setting she liked, she started sliding it inside her. More pictures followed, but really, her friend was watching her. Her friend was rubbing Dina’s body, playing with her tits, and teasing her nipples. “Pull on them. I like it hard” said Dina, and her friend complied.

She felt her friend stand up and saw her move to the dresser. Several shots followed, and her friend sat back on the bed. “Where do we go from here?” she whispered to Dina.

Dina said “If you’ll do it, I’d love it if you’d eat my pussy. I love having my pussy eaten, and he won’t do it.” Her friend smiled, and slid the vibrator out of Dina’s pussy. She started to move down to Dina’s pussy, but Dina stopped her.

“No, let’s keep our whole ‘porn’ thing going. Let’s be really dirty. I’ve always wanted to sit on someone’s face as they ate me. Can we?”

With that, her friend moved up the bed, Dina smiled, and followed her. Climbing up her body, she slid her pussy across her belly and chest, kneeling be her friends mouth. Immediately, her friend’s tongue found it’s way inside and started licking her. Dina enjoyed the feeling, and started to really drip because she knew that any second he’d be coming in the room, and the real fun would start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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